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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH - Earthquake 2013-04-25 idream Call from beyond - earthquake warning
No Picture

On Wednesday, April 17, 2013, I had a dream where I was in my home here in the Portland area.  The phone rang, and it was my mother who died 9 years ago.  When I answered the phone, she said, "I heard from Erin (my son's home health aide - he has a disability) that you had an earthquake."  She then said, "it was the Juan de Fuca plate.  Be very careful.  You are still in danger."  The call then disconnected.

There was no damage or feeling of destruction in the dream prior to the phone call.  We didn't feel anything more than a minor tremor. I remember the feeling after the phone call  that we needed to stay on high ground and that the threat was water, not another earthquake. I also saw that there was major, catastrophic damage north of us, near the Seattle area.

In the last 9 years since my mother's death, I have only had 3 dreams where she was present.  In the other 2, she was present but didn't speak. This dream seemed very important, and she certainly spoke with a great deal of urgency.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH - Earthquake 2013-04-16 redspiralhand Huge Northwest Coast Earthquake
No Picture

I had this dream in 2010 while camping in a yurt with one of my best friends, who is also very intuitive and frequent lucid/prophetic dreamer.  We were experimenting with intentional group dreaming (since we were sleeping just a few feet away in the small state park yurt) and having success.  one of the nights i had this dream, though, and it was so powerful i told her about it right away when we woke up.  i also shared the dream with many close friends.


UPDATE: part of the dream has already come true...the house on the hill with blue carpet, a fireplace and big window in the front is the house that was purchased by friends, renovated and now i live in it with housemates.  i had never seen the house or this land prior to the dream...and it looked different anyway, after the renovations, than it did before my friends purchased.  the huge sliding glass doors were put in...but the blue carpet and large fireplace and open kitchen area remained.  i could not figure out why, after the earthquake, i was having a "meeting" with these two friends and others...didn't make much sense.  now it does, they are my main clients, landlords AND i caretake their land now.  i had no idea that was going to happen back in 2010.



I'm on the side of a hill with a view...there are evergreen trees on the slope and clear expanses of grass in between.  (the grass is not too tall yet and the sky is clear and it's not cold out so i am guessing spring or early summer. )  suddenly, there is a violent ground shaking...it's so strong that i have trouble keeping my footing.  some of the trees look like they may fall.  some stones are coming down from farther up the hill and seem to be thrown through the air, hurtling downhill. (?) I am okay though and pick myself up and dust myself off.


The nest scene takes place shortly afterwards:

I see the outside of a house on the hilltop...deck out front and it's low and open (now i realize this is the two sliding glass doors and all the windows that overlook the Nehalem River Valley.)  I walk in and people are gathered...I recognize two as my married friends (now my landlords and main clients) and there are a few others I understand "live" there but I don't know them.  We are having a meeting about what "to do" and to talk about what we know about the quake.  (no mention of tsunami here.)


I was told, "Well, there is a lot of damage but they got hit really bad up north."


(This frequently happens in these sorts of dreams...)
Then I was shown a map...it looked like one of the USGS or IRIS quake maps of the US...but it was zoomed in on the part of Pugent Sound out in the water NW of Port Townsend....there was a HUGE red ring around that area as if it was a very large quake.)


When I awoke I asked my "guidance" when this would happen and finally got the message, "Dark of the moon, good time to be on high ground."  Since then I am on alert at times when we have extreme lunar perigee that coincides with a new moon (dark of the moon) as that was my "hit" on it.


I had already given this dream a lot of credit for being a real premonition but then more than a year after I had the dream I woke up one night and realized that the new place I had moved into (and currently live in) was the one in the dream...


The reason I did not recognize other people that lived there too and were "meeting" with us was because most of the housemates who've now lived here are people I did not know prior to them moving here.  I seem to remember a child being there....so perhaps it's notable that a few months ago we had a young family with a toddler move in.


I think this earthquake may happen this spring...

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH - Earthquake 2013-02-05 NatureDakini Broken ring
No Picture

A ring that I inherited (from whom I wasn't shown) suddenly broke.  It was a rutilated quartz with gold banding and broke into 3 pieces.  I hoped that the goldwork might be enough to manage to piece it back together.  I took the day off with my grandmother(long dead and amazingly happy in this dream) to get the ring fixed...we were on our way to a jeweler's when my alrm (reminding  me that I didn't really have the day off!) woke me.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH - Earthquake 2013-01-22 Becbeq High desert quake
No Picture

I'm standing in the second story of a two story house I've never seen before. I'm with several other people, they feel like family, but I can't identify who. Walls are white, tan furniture, white cube end tables. Seems like a social gathering and a few people are holding drinks. As we're talking, there is a loud noise and it feels as if the house had been picked up and dropped. People are stumbling and falling on the floor and over the furniture.

 I'm the first down the stairs with the rest following me. Stair railing is white. I come to a stop on the wooden floor and stare out a large bay window. The outside view looks almost like high desert – dirt, scrub bushes, low vegetation, small hillocks. Farther out, the ground is collapsing in the center and coming together. Closer in, vibrations start, get bigger and suddenly the house is tilting 45 degrees right. End of dream. I wake up thinking “Cascadia” with no clue where that thought came from.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH - Earthquake 2012-12-02 Bryan East Coast Earthquake
No Picture

On the early morning of 12/2/12 (around 3:30 am EST), I had a dream in which I was in my bathroom brushing my teeth when my house started to shake. I came walking out to see my wife standing in the hallway. She asked," Do you feel that? Is it an earthquake?" Both of us looked out a second story window of my house and saw buildings and the streets shaking in a wave like motion.  I watched as a skyscraper off in a distance exploded into fire at the top. "The tv says it's a 3.8 earthquake but I know they are lieing. It's a lot worse." I said to my wife. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH - Earthquake 2012-11-08 lddrake Earthquake on Top of the World
No Picture

With all this talk of Patrick "Geryl's Batting Average", I felt the need to share.

Earlier this year I had 3 earthquake dreams. When I'm having these dreams, I usually see a map that looks similar to the map you find on the USGS site (same colors). Anyways, my first dream (7 months ago) showed a map of the Adriatic Sea with a large red square just off the coast of Italy.  The second dream, same scenario (red square) but this time I'm looking at Hawaii. Now this last one in June was different, same scenario as before. I see the map and now I'm looking at Canada just north of the Hudson Bay (it might of been farther North). I definitely felt it was around the top of the world. The red square was much much larger then before. It took me by surprise. The difference between the Canada dream and the others was later in the week I had another dream watching our local weather person on TV talking about an earthquake. She said "It was a 12". Now I don't know if the two are related but it sure seemed coincidental. And finally, last week, I had this  dream I was awake lying in my bed, at night (could see the moon out the window). All of a sudden, imagine lying in a bed in a cabin on a cruise ship and the ship suddenly leans hard to one side and you start to slowly slide off the bed (covers and all) onto the floor. This was the experience occurring in my bedroom. The strange thing was, as I hit the floor and slid to the wall, there seemed to be an increasing force pinning me against the wall to which I couldn't move or standup. It was freaky.  If your thinking Pole Shift, that's what crossed my mind when I woke up. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH - Earthquake 2012-09-05 unknownperson 10.4-10.7
No Picture

All I can tell you is that I had a dream of a 10.4-10.7 earthquake last night.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH - Earthquake 2012-02-07 vonrosen san francisco
No Picture

i live in san francisco

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH - Earthquake 2012-01-02 DukeAlaska Earthquake in Kansas City???
No Picture

I had a VERY vivid dream last night.  I was in a park area near a 6 story hotel with a lake or marina area near it.  It seemed like a type of vacation resort style location.  However in my mind I kept thinking it was in Kansas City.  That point kept coming to the surface, Kansas City, although the area looked nothing like Kansas City and more like a lake resort or park.  The earthquake was almost an instantaneous event, i.e. very little shaking.  There was however severe land subsidence with a rupture in the ground surface that was 6-8 feet deep and split off about 1/3 of the hotel and ran into the nearby lake causing boats to wash up on shore and the lake to partially drain.  

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH - Earthquake 2012-01-01 Ayahleen EQ in Seattle
No Picture

I live in the boonies in WA. For New Year's party I visited friends in Seattle and stayed overnight.

My only dream was very lucid. I physically felt it. I dreamt, that as I was lying in bed, the ceiling started breaking up and getting pulverized while I was actually feeling a violent shake of an earthquake. In my dream I was trying to roll over to the side of the bed, but found myself immobilized. I then woke up to a calm room. it was quite eerie.



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