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  Category Created Owner Title of the Dream Picture 1
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-07-22 alwaysdreaming811 recurring dream
No Picture
I have a dream about every month or so for about a year now. I am in Germany and to me it looks I am on top of rubble from bombs from a war. and I see people i have not seen in forever. and they are showing me around (showing me the damage of the war) I have it alot. I havent ever finished the dream so thats all I have. I hope someone can help me as to why I would have this dream.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-07-22 Bonnie Bleed the sky
No Picture
I had a really strange dream where I was outside in an area that looked desolate but at one time was an arena? There was a woman there and she was asking me questions but was on the ground crying. Suddenly I stood up and started screaming "bleed the sky, bleed the sky" until I woke up.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-07-22 quemo EMP and Nuclear bomb dream
No Picture
I should have posted this dream here instead of the comments. I apologize:

The first dream I had was about 6/15/14. I was in a house and in the bathtub there was a partially built nuclear bomb. It was being put together with Vacuum parts. I don't remember much more about this dream.. Nothing else happened.

Then at about 6/25/14, I dreamed that I was going down the freeway in a wooden motorhome. We were going down the freeway downhill. There was a wooden transmission and we were trying to slow down. The transmission stick broke and we were going downhill out of control..

I then looked behind us (south?) and there were 7 or so bright white orbs. These orbs seemed to float then they each got brighter until there were a flash. There was no noise and the flashes were up high in the atmosphere. They each went off one by one. Each time there was a shockwave. I looked forward (North?) and there were 7 or so white orbs in front of us that did the same.

Nothing else happened and the dream ended.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-07-21 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Warning - Umbilical Cord Bonding, soul stealing.
No Picture
7/20/14 9:00am

I Have soul knowledge which make me successful in business, I want the man I am with to be at my level in his business successfulness, so I share a part of my soul using umbilical cord bonding. He becomes successful and then uses the gift to woo another woman. He also uses the gift to erase what happened to me, why I am no longer successful. I am left with no gifts, become poor, and when he leaves me for this other woman I become homeless. I still have the taste of that success but don’t know how to get it back because this man has stolen a part of my soul, using my own gifts against me, I’ve been BLIND-SIDED.

Conclusion: Don’t give away your gifts even for the betterment of others, this is a dark magic that can leave you with nothing.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-07-16 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Soul Retrieval
7/16/2014 10:27am

Many, Many, Many, Many lives ago. I am holding a deformed child in my arms, I am a healer/shaman. I take the child to a gateway which looks like a sinkhole filled with water, a cenote, or maybe even an old dormant volcano.

I call in the spirits from this dark place, I try to capture a spirit into this child's body, in hopes of healing the child, so the child may live.

Instead the child dies and the dark forces steal the child's soul. My medicine did not work and now I blame myself.

In each life after that one, I have enticed the dark forces to take me as well. Once committing suicide as a short cut to the dark places below.

I do everything I can to try to find this lost soul and retrieve it. I am standing in my present body, I am wearing all white and I am contemplating that maybe this soul is forever lost to me. Will I ever find this lost soul, and does this lost soul ever want to be apart of the light again.

I hang my head in sorrow, because I can not figure out what I did wrong to lose this soul so quickly, nor how to get it back, it has been so many lives and yet I have not given up hope.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-07-07 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver The other woman
No Picture
7/6/14 10:12am

I am with a man, I cannot see his face, he will not come to bed with me, he is taking out the trash and watching me, when his back is turned I walk through his house, there is another room identical to mine, but a different color, he is making love to the woman in this purple and cream colored room.

I remember feeling like I was the other woman, and he was cheating on her with me. I felt very alone but thought, this is better than nothing at all.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-07-05 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Changing Places
Happy 4th of July!

No mediation before dreaming

7/5/2014 9:12am

I am homeless with my three children, there is chaos everywhere and everything is a struggle.

I am starting over; I have three small children. I found a job at the postal service in Sacramento, Ca. so I move to be closer to my job.

Others around me are not happy that I am moving, I take a lot of photos of my kids so there are memories of the past I can show them later on when they are older.

I can not afford a house near my work, so I am in an old country house an hour outside of town. I have to get clothes washed for work but I have no quarters for laundry, only dollar bills. My friend Eva and my Friend Annette come out to see my new place.

The kids are still in bed sleeping and I ask them if they have any quarters, Annette says no but you can get some by driving an hour into town and laughs.

I pick out some dirty clothes that are still fairly clean and I start to get ready for work. There are three giants outside of the house which start out as my guardians but soon turn into the prison guards, and warden.

The isolation of this home which is suppose to be sanctuary quickly turns into a prison, every task becomes difficult, but this is my new life. This was my choice so I must deal with it.

Suddenly every man around me wants to be with me, I just want to be left alone. I don't want a man, I want to be with my children and watch them grow up.

The men are getting mad that I am not picking any of them, and they begin to harass me and my children. I can see right through each man and I know his intention and I chose not to be used by them. I wish they would just go the hell away.

Conclusion of the dream: even if I change places my personal feelings and problems will still follow me where ever I go, therefore the only right way to truly change is from within. Change my mind, change my world. Heal myself on the inside and situations I am dealing with will become easier to deal with.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-07-01 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Confusion
No Picture
This dream was very confusing, I did more watching other people in the dream, there were many people in the dream, some I knew and others I did not, the general trend was watching how other people were trying to protect themselves and their property. There was a lot more but I didn't feel like writing it all down when I woke up, all I wanted this morning was a cup of coffee! So I lost most of it.

7/1/2014 9:45am

I am walking around the outside of a shopping center, I have a new cell phone but I put it into my mouth and it fits like dentures so that all of my contacts, emails, calendar and apps are a part of my physical body so my cell phone can not get stolen.

It takes me a while to adjust to the cell phone in my mouth, at first it is big and bulky, but soon form fits my mouth and I hardly notice at all that it is there.

Around the mall are mobsters, gang bangers. There is a lot of crime so the new cell phone is to try to protect people.

I am watching crime climb everywhere. It is very hot and I stand under a tree next to a large shipping container. I am almost to the side walk, at the end of the parking lot before the street.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-06-26 4400 Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370
No Picture
WED JUN 25, 2014 - I just remember that I have had many dreams of a large airplane landing on regular roadway out on the country side with two large buildings on both sides. In some dreams, this plane have to take off in a short roadside that really amazed me as this is a huge airplane. Could this be the missing plane that had gone missing?
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-06-25 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver I AM THE ACCOUNTANT
*Pretext, I watched a movie late last night before bed - It didn't end the way I was expecting it too, so I think my mind ended it in a better way! LOL*

6/25/2014 6:15am

The scene open like a normal dream but half way through becomes like a movie.

I am at home, my daughter has just died, and I am heading out to go to her funeral. I feel so numb and cold inside from hours and days of crying. Two federal agents come up to me as I am getting into my car in my apartment complex, they tell me they need to speak with me, there is a man with me and I believe his my Ex Fiancé from years ago, so we will call my Ex “E” for this dream.

E tells the agents my daughter has just died and we are heading to the funeral maybe another time. The federal agents threaten to take me in for questioning by force if I don’t talk to them now; they said if you have nothing to hide then you won’t mind talking with us.

I am shocked at how insensitive these Jack Asses are, they begin to ask me questions out in the open, and for each question I tell them I don’t know, at the end they threaten to take me in anyways for being uncooperative. I tell them, if you make me miss my daughter funeral because I am too grief stricken to answer your questions I will see to it my layer does everything in his power to own you both for harassment! The two agents back off and tell me not to leave town.

After the funeral, I go back home and I sit there, I have a glass of water in front of me, there is a ton of people in my apartment for the after service and the two federal agents show up again, I come outside to talk to them because I don’t want them in my house. They ask me if I own any object like (XX) I said no, and they point to the front porch and say you mean to tell me in any of this stuff out here we will not find anything to link you to this crime, I look at them with distain and inform them “I just moved in here and none of this stuff on the porch is mine, it is from my messy ass neighbor who thinks she owns everything and never picks up after her children” I say this loud enough the neighbor to hear me and she gets upset at my statement and slams her door closed. Again the two agents back off.

The two agents ask me if I have plans for later on that day, and I tell them I may go find myself at the bottom of a bottle with my attorney to deal with my daughter’s final affairs, but that is about it. They inform me that they know the meeting between me and a known criminal is going down tonight and tell me not to leave my house. I ask them, why in the hell are you harassing me? I am not the person you think I am, is it because I am an accountant? Should I quit my job and live under a fucking rock so you people will leave me alone to grieve my daughter?

(This is where the dream turns into a movie scene)

I call my attorney and he picks me up in a limo and takes me out to a restaurant, we slip out of an exit from a secret wall in the kitchen and down into some tunnels, the feds are still sitting in their car outside of the restaurant.

We show up at another restaurant, I am wearing a red wig, and dressed like an accountant. The restaurant is packed with people, which is abnormal so I know there is a sting going on, we notice by the owner’s eyes that this is a setup.
The woman I am meeting looks like little Kim in a racy outfit and a short blond wig.

I grab my gun out of my back and shoot at the man behind me at the door blocking us in. Only half of the people hit the floor so I know this place is flooded with feds. I climb onto the Bar and jump over to a glass shelf and lift myself up through the ceiling tile and I am out of site. I am on the edge of the roof and the feds that were harassing me earlier have just climbed up to the roof.

I am now wearing a little leather get up and a ski mask, I look around the top of the roof, there is a full farm behind the one story building that was once a house converted to a business. From behind a tree limb, the fed sees me and shoots in my direction. While he is looking right I look left and sneak over to the fire place chimney, I slide down the chimney, and in the room and I shoot up into the ceiling and I shoot the fed in his balls. The feds though that I was the accountant for the bad guy, not realizing I was the bad guy all along. Finally I make my escape.

I return to the restaurant with my attorney and we sit and eat, he owns this restaurant with his brother which gives me an alibi for my whereabouts. I have already received from the woman I went to meet a small USB drive which I check on a special device as I am sitting at the table. I pass the USB drive to my attorney and he puts it into the fondue. The fed storm the restaurant and try to arrest me claiming I was just in another place. There is a news reporter there that is married to my attorney’s brother, doing a report on the restaurant and she films the whole thing, she is also a part of the Alibi scheme and has fake time stamped footage of me sitting in the restaurant during the time the shooting took place at the other restaurant. She gives a copy to the feds, upon their request. When we get to court the next morning the case is thrown out that this is clearly mistaken identity and harassment charges are brought up and the agents are instructed by the courts to stop investigating me.

I go back to my mansion and leave my fake apartment and life behind me; I am a double agent criminal mastermind. I AM THE ACCOUNTANT



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