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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-08-01 FallsOffBoats Old but Strange 1
No Picture
Dream occurred in 2005

Night Clouds

I was standing on a street corner on a crumbly section of sidewalk not far from where I live. It was the middle of the night, dead silent, no stars, no moon. No traffic and the only street light was the copper colored one I was standing under. Several buildings nearby seemed abandoned and weedy. The clock at the bank down the street said 1:50AM.

Across the street to my left was a drug store, across directly ahead of me was a restaurant, and my father's ghost was leaning on the crosswalk post just chilling.

Ghostdad turned to me and said "You shouldn't be out here" and pointed down the street. "Go home. Get inside". I looked down the street and in the distance was this weird greenish cloud thing. I crossed the street and went into the drug store which morphed into a restaurant. I ordered a beer and a carrot cake.

Why this bothers me:
-The street light was a white-purplish mercury lamp at the time of this dream but is now a coppery sodium lamp.
-The drugstore was a large restaurant but has since become a CVS.
-The restaurant across the street directly ahead was a Blockbuster Video. It became a small restaurant run by the same dude that ran the one that was replaced by CVS.
-The section of sidewalk I was standing on is now crumbling and usually smothered in weeds. The two houses on that corner had been abandoned and were recently demolished.
-My dad didn't finish drinking his stupid self to death until 2012. This dream happened in 2005.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-07-31 JayrenStarSeed The End Times?
No Picture
The dream started when I jumped on a large balcony and as I look around Obama is right infront of me sitting in a chair in a corner of the balcony with his head down showing no emotion at all surrounded by angry protestors babbling. That is when I started walking very fast towards Obama got right in his face and shout to him with emotion "GET OUT OF HERE" or something similar to that. The crowd heard and I they to started shouting after me to Obama "Get out of here" it seemed to have an effect because the next thing I know emotionless Obama got up with like the most robotic look on his face and just walked by everyone to go inside the building to somewhere. for some reason something felt really wrong so I left and started watching the buildings entrance from a distance. The next think I know I see like 3 people come out of the building with guns looking to harm people. I started looking for a place to hide or just not be seen by them, it looked liked they were searching for something or someone and the next thing I remember about that is somehow getting seen by them , I later escaped in a car later to find my friend CJ, in the dream he felt like he was of like vibration to me, like he was kind of like me with my thinking and so forth which in real life not even close well that I know of. My dream was a little fuzzy but when I met up with CJ we came in contact what looked like a reptilian just on the streets roaming! We took the warrior reptilian down and found a alien artifiact that fell in the sewer drain after we killed him. Once we recovered it we both said it looked like a reptilian skull, it had the horns and everything. We immediately started racing to find someone who knew about stuff like this so they could expose it to the world. It seemed like we jad a duty to make sure this information got out so the whole world could know. On our way there I had told Cj about a previous time when I had try to expose something but failed. Our search then lead us to this portal that when we went through looked like the inside of a yellow slide which took us to what looked like my old highschoool but different. It's weird because just before I even fell asleep I was thinking about my highschool0_0 We started looking for someone I dont know who then one of the princples came outside yelling at CJ telling him to get off the property because he no longer atteneds this school. He showed her some paper and said he was waiting to be picked up by someone so she would get off his back. After that Cj told me somebody we could trust to tell tat knew about this kind of stuff it was sum dude he knew but we were having trouble finding him in this crowd that was at the highschool, it was like they were all having a party outside blind to what was going on in the world, I even waved at one of my friend girls that goes there and it was like I was invisble to her, I saw alot of people who went to my highschool there to. But the dream ended when we got close to the person we were loooking for.. I got woken up by my little cousin.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-07-29 Elyse Deflating Bouncy House Christmas
No Picture
In this dream, it was Christmas time. My Christmases have been pretty cruddy the last several years because I don't really get to spend it with my family, but I make it a huge deal by throwing a giant party every year for my husband's family and our boys. I count pennies every year to put together activities for all the kids who come over and a Thanksgiving-like feast for everyone... after all, we are celebrating the birth of Christ, so I give my very best on this day, and my second best on Easter Sunday.

In the dream, my husband was forcing me to go to the mall. He wanted me to buy things for myself for a change. He's done this before to only have me come back with Christmas gifts for him, so in the dream, he had already made arrangements for me to enjoy different activities. He had brought some of my homemade medicines and canned foods with him in a bag and had planned to barter for my gifts. I thought it was so that I wouldn't feel guilty about having money spent on me.

As we walked around in the mall, I started to get a bad feeling. When you go into the mall, people are usually running around window shopping or talking to one another oblivious as to what is going on outside of their conversation... but in the dream, people were eyeing one another and there was a heavy tension in the air. It made me a bit uncomfortable, but I tried my best to ignore it. My husband had me look at jewelry and shoes, but in all honesty, I am not a jewelry or shoe girl. What I really wanted was some new software. I had studied animation and programing before I became a mother with the intent on building clean, educational games for children... but for some reason, that seemed impossible now. Computers were worthless and in the dream, what I really wanted was seeds. Lots and lots of seeds.

We went from store to store looking for seeds, but I doubted very much that a mall would have them. I wasn't upset though, to be honest, it was nice to have my husband to myself for a change and have him try so hard to make me happy. It was cute.

After running around for some time, I noticed lots of people flooding into the mall. They did not look happy. They were glaring at one another and staring hard at each other as if they were sizing one another up. Then chaos broke out as the people who looked less fortunate started to attack those who looked as if they were well off.

There were only a couple of attacks at first. I had gotten scared by this and told my husband we needed to leave ASAP. But he looked at his watch and said that he didn't want to leave just yet, he had made arrangements for me to do something fun.

We walked into some sort of room and were attacked from behind by a man who looked (and smelled) as if he were homeless, but I got the feeling he was not. Something had happened and he was down on his luck and felt like he needed to steal Christmas presents. He mistook our bag of medicines and food for presents, but once he learned what was in there, it was as if it had become even more valuable, and he wrestled my husband to the ground over it. I felt sorry for him, and asked him if he would stop if I gave him some medicine and a jar of preserves, but that was not good enough for him... he wanted it all. He was starting to hurt my husband now, so I grabbed some sort of wooden stick that was on the ground and got after him.

I felt horrible that I had to do what I did... but he left me very little choice. He was only knocked out, so I left a jar of medicine by is head (which I'm sure was now aching) and watched as my husband dusted himself off. He still did not want to go home, so I followed him through another door.

We walked outside through a heavy-duty back door. There was a HUGE adult bouncy house shaped like a ship... and it was even roughly the size of a ship! I wondered for a second why he would go through so much trouble to have me play in a bouncy house of all things... but, I mean, BOUNCY HOUSE! I could probably count the times I have ever been in a bouncy house on one hand, also, I wasn't going to waste this gift my husband had worked so hard on. He seemed awfully proud of having rented it for me, so I put on my biggest smile and climbed in bouncing my way to the top. Once at the top, I smiled and waved at him every time I bounced high enough to see over the edge of the ship. It's not everyday a husband gives his wife the feeling of being a kid again. This was a precious gift!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy this feeling for very long. A crowd of people came in from my right and started cutting the ship which caused it to deflate. It would have been unwise for me to go through the ship while it was deflating, so I had no choice but to stand at the top and avoid the pieces that were trying to fall over on top of me. I did not want to be smothered to death by tons of plastic.

Once I was low enough to the ground, I jumped ship and met my husband and we then ran inside together.

Things were now even worse inside the mall. It was like a war in there. People fighting people for Christmas presents, food, and miscellaneous things. It ruined Christmas because it defiled everything it was meant to represent. I felt like if people talked to one another and asked for help, they would get it... but the kicker was that the attackers were in a panic for some reason. They would not calm down and see reason, I knew this because I tried to talk to a few, but nothing I said seemed to matter.

I was very upset that I could not help the situation... and it didn't take long for my husband and I to be noticed and attacked. We ran room to room looking for an escape, but had a very hard time finding a way out of the mall for some reason. Eventually, we were separated and I was cornered by a very aggressive woman in one room. She tried to attack me over and over again, refusing to listen to reason. After a while, others joined her and had me pinned to a wall while they raided my pockets and stole some of my clothes. But, as luck would have it, they were caught off guard as the room started to deflate over them. As the room deflated, the ceiling caved in, knocking metal beams and lights from overhead down on us. I was able to escape, but the aggressive woman had managed to dodge everything and came after me.

I met up with my husband again outside of the room. The entire mall was deflating... and some of the crashing lights had set fire to it, so it was also burning all around us. The smoke was very chemically and was burning our eyes and noses. It was all we could do to get out of there alive... but we had somehow managed to hang onto our bag of goods.

Once outside, we could breathe, but the woman still chased after me. Now she was even threatening to kill me. As I ran, some cops caught her. They were rounding up people by the hundreds - all of the less fortunate that had been attacking people in the mall. And while the people certainly had it coming to them, I was not angry at them at all. Even as that vile woman screamed profanities at me while the cops dragged her away, I felt sorry for her. I imagined that she had children and was hungry. I thought of them not having food or clothes, let alone Christmas presents, and I wanted to cry... but she had done the wrong thing by attacking us. I would have happily shared what I could with her had she asked.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-07-28 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Sliding down Mountain - Stain Removal
7/28/2014 9:02am

I lost most of the pictures from my dream even though I tried very hard to remember them, this was a very strange set of images...

I was sliding down straw or hay that was growing on a mountain, I was between two roads, one went up on the right and down on the left. There were no trees, everything was very dry, so dry in fact that you could slide down hay.

The mountain was 90 degrees it was very steep! There was a church on the top of the mountain to my left but I could only see the top of the steeple.

In the next part of the dream I can remember showing my husband the stains on the knees of my pants and trying to get out the stains with a stain remover, I was instructing him how long to soak the items for and what products to use.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-07-28 Elisabelle Cavern
No Picture
I’m standing in a cavern, There’s a being in front of me. Because of his clothing (hood), I do not any part of his body (skin). I don’t think he’s human for some reason. His (her?) head is leaning back and he makes a sound that reminds me of the sound dolphins make. Then another being behind me says close to my ear: “You cannot hear all the sounds that he makes because the human ear cannot hear all the sounds that he makes”.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-07-28 Elisabelle Balcony
No Picture
A short dream. It's night. I'm standing on a balcony. There's a space ship in th sky. it's reaaly long. Maybe a mile. It's not that high. I can see it clearly. There are small green lights underneath the space ship. It's rectangular in shape. Very scary.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-07-28 Elisabelle Attack
No Picture
A very short dream. I'm outside. I'm with my son I think. We are under attack by what seems to be ETs. Destruction all aroundus. We're defensless.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-07-27 Kellie Dark Red Skies
No Picture
I am taking care of someone’s handicapped child. He is in a wheelchair and cannot walk. We drive to a truck stop. I know I am not in my hometown. It is night time. There is lightning storms or bombs surrounding us. The child and I are then sitting at an outdoor table with celebrity Jon Stewart. We were smoking Jamaican cigarettes and watching the skies.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-07-23 Dawn Tranced People into Alien Craft
No Picture
I dreamed I was walking into what I thought was a cave with a huge crowd of people in my mind I kept hearing words repeated over and over again, Be in the now and some other spiritual jargon I've heard in spiritual groups. Everyone else was in a trance but I was awake and noticed that it wasn't a cave at all but a giant space ship that everyone was walking into under a spell you might say. I started running through the crowd the opposite direction to get out of the ship and as I was running out I saw one of those tall greys with the huge eyes, the message was coming from the alien. I started saying to people wake up it's a trick, wake up! They weren't paying me any attention, they were deeply in trance. The alien saw me but paid me no mind even though I was not following his thought transmission I ran out of the ship. When I awoke I felt that some of this new age stuff was alien manipulation and part of an experiment.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-07-22 Tee Earth's Gravity & God Has a Sense of Humor
No Picture
This dream occurred on 7/11/14 while visiting family in Tenn. The dream begins with my old boss calling and asking if I could come consult for a few hours. When I arrived, he wanted me to go through employee files and match things up but he didn't want any current employees handling the task for confidential reasons plus he knew if he asked me not to read any that I would comply as I am honest. While matching photos in employee files to other items, I noticed an employee with the very same name as mine (which is highly unusual). This employee happened to walk in the room and I called her by name and told her my name was the same. She became a little put off and wanted to know how I knew her name. I told her I saw it in her employee file. She got upset and asked if I had read her employee file and I responded, "No, that's not why I am here". She stormed off. Later, she came up to me and told me she had something to tell me. She proceeded to tell me that she had been filming me all day on a live Twitter feed. I became upset and told her she did not have my permission. I went to my old boss and confronted him and he knew nothing of her behavior. Later she came to apologize and wanted to make it up to me by inviting me to her condo with a great pool.

I went, reluctantly, only because I wanted to forgive and keep the peace. As I was jumping off a second story dive rock area, instead of falling into the pool I started floating. I said, "Earth's gravity is all messed up". "What's going on with Earth's gravity?" I began looking in the sky to see if birds were being affected by the gravity. Suddenly I see a man in plain street clothes floating with two other beings. The man looks very confused. He starts to vaporize into pink and purple and then disappears.

It is at that moment I realize that the rapture is occurring (mind you I am a spiritual person but not religious at all). I was a little upset as I was not at home with my husband and dogs and was at a strangers house when the rapture is happening. Other people around start talking about who is going and who is not. They make comments such as, "The people involved or causing 911 won't go" "Anyone involved in the contribution of the Holocaust won't go", etc. I said, "That's not what it is about. It's about forgiveness and compassion. If you are capable of this, then you will go or be taken."

Suddenly, God comes down with his assistant. God appears as the character "Leo" on the TV Series, Charmed. God says, "You people got it all wrong, it is about forgiveness, don't you understand and see that now?" I said, "God, I have some questions" He said, "Hold on", then turned to his assistant and made a joke about my chest being like pillows"

I woke myself up from the dream laughing and saying to myself, "I knew God had a sense of humor"!

The End



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