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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2012-11-25 Delta Don This is not a dream it just happened, it disappeared and reappeared in my home.
No Picture
Yesterday my family and friends went out to dinner here in Crestone Colorado. We had a great time and then went home late in the evening. My daughter had forgotten her purse at the restaurant and we could not go back to get it as it was closed. So the next day we ran into some people who work there and told them we would be in later to get it. She informed us that she did not see it. So we went in later today, Saturday to get it and it was not there. But when I walked in the door I saw a purse that looked just like hers and the young woman told me she found it at the free box a place we have here in Crestone. I took a picture of it and sent it to my daughter and she told me it was just like hers.
So I posted it on Facebook asking people to return her id and personal items if they found them.
I ran a short errand into town and came home walked past the dining room table which had nothing on it or near it. I entered my office to post a quote about stealing from the Dalai Lama.
I finished and felt as I had let it go. I turned around to head back into the dining room and a chair was turned with its back facing me and in my way so I could not miss it and hanging right in front of me was the purse, right in front of me and there was nothing there before and the chair was not turned out before either as I would have had to move it out of my way to walk past the table. The purse is back intact with everything in it. I felt strange, weird and a little nauseous. This really happened just this evening here in my home. I don't know what else to say.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2012-11-04 pepperedpopcorn Assistants
No Picture
This dream was was about this evil guy. He put me and some other people on climbing ropes high up in the air. He said he was going to kill our assistants, but then I thought, "I don't have an assistant." So, I just pretended to be sad and fake cried. I am not sure but Sonic the Hedgehog may have been on the rope. (October 23, 2007)
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2012-11-04 pepperedpopcorn Creepy Psyduck
On a wall I saw a poster of a Psyduck that had 3 eyes. (October 12, 2012)
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2012-09-18 olga anderson alien wars
No Picture
Sorry George my thumb hit the validation ok. Anyway I went into talk to the wife and mentioned Cliff's comment about the alien war in the Pacific Basin. She then told me about a short dream she had during an afternoon nap two Sundays ago. She said in her dream she woke up to a weird buzzing, vibrating noise and went to the window. Outside was a craft that was up against the 2nd floor roof with an alien just exiting. She ran to her closet to try to hide and the thing materialized inside the room. She could hear it moving toward the closet door when she woke up. Thing is I've never told her about the farmers shooting at aliens and she doesn't read yours or cliff's site. Damn strange is all I can say
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2012-09-18 olga anderson aliens
No Picture
George I just read cliffs comments about the alien wars out in the Pacific Basin and went in to talk to the wife
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2012-08-27 Delta Don August 25, 2012. Dreams of a childhood parent the same parent in my dreams of California is gone.
No Picture
I was flying through the air and it was evening. There were three strange devices flying around observing below. They were black and had a strange ring type of attachment like the star-ship Enterprise on Star Trek, yet they were empty or hollow looking. There was a darkness about them and I knew they did not belong there. Two of the devices were a bit smaller and the rings were about 10 inches across. Both were destroyed when a beam of white light appeared in the center between the two of them and both fell to the ground. There was a larger black device still flying with a larger ring about a foot and a half across it was somehow flying and powering itself and I knew they did not belong in my dreamworld. So I destroyed it and threw it between the trunks of a very large old tree. I had a realization that it was observing what was going on in the ether or the field and did not belong as if it was a dark disease.
Shortly after flying around I came upon some of my family members still rehashing some old and familiar family patterns with much anger. They kept coming forward and up a hill towards me and every time they became angry they slid downward towards the bottom on a sheet of ice. They were trapped in their anger.
I decided to fly again and as I did I came upon three of my childhood neighbors and friends mother she was afraid and searching through her belongings and speaking to me yet she was afraid of me. I realized she was ill and I picked up one her belongings and gave to her a small little statue that she told me she always treasured. She told me she was startled at first because I looked very different to her as if I was a mermaid or merman.
She was climbing up a tower, a tower of her life; she was going through all of her memories. They were on a very large and very tall narrow bookshelf in the shape of a spiral. I gently paused and looked into her eyes and realized she was preparing to go on a journey and that this was symbol or a marker for me to remember my dream that I had last year in which they told me "California is gone."
In that dream that California was gone, I was told that if I wrote about it, it could change things. It would give people the chance to make a choice. Even though in my first near death experience as a nineteen year old I was shown that many are like Lemmings to the sea. That on a subconscious level they choose to be next to the sea.
My Mother has come to me in many dreams and one in particular she has shown me San Francisco. In this particular vision my mother is there and there are two young identical twin girls who look very white as if Albinos, but much whiter. Both girls are holding my hands and my mother points to the ocean as says to me "Donny look, look you must look" and in the distance I see an enormous wave coming. As I am looking the twins start pointing too. I can see the Victorian homes of San Francisco in a row on the hill and I am behind them in awe of this gigantic wall of water coming dwarfing all in its path. In a moment I am standing with my Mother and she is packing and the twins are standing next to me.
She says to me "Donny they must be given the chance to pack and leave, you must tell them they must have this chance."
I also had a vision of a great hand reaching and covering the earth the morning of the 20th of August and along with that I could see a new energy coming rows and rows of diamonds and if you were to look very closely within the diamonds there were strands of DNA horizontally packed very closely. They were vibrating and resonating so intensely that I thought I was going to vomit. I could barely contain the energy. I had to get up several times to accommodate this energy to not vomit.
Last night I saw this energy again and it is being stretched and the diamonds are becoming very narrow. There is something shifting and coming.
I am sharing this because that last time I felt this type of energy in my dreams was the night before the Northridge quake on January 14, 1994.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2012-08-14 Nicoll Jesus gives me a message
No Picture
Ok, so I wasn't going to post this dream, but I just read someone elses recent post. First, I'm not religious. Second, I'm not athiest either. Had this dream a month or two ago.

I find myself in a very bright, thick, foggy area and I can see a figure in the distance coming towards me. As this figure comes closer they start coming into focus and it's Jesus. I didn't react with any surprise; like he's my neighbor I see every other day.

He says, "When you are the last one that is when the magic begins. You must survive for the sake of the SCUTT family". He pronounces it "scott", but literally waves one of his hands through the air in front and the letters of the name materialize. SCUTT, but the "U" has two lines, equal signs (=
=) crossing both sides near the top.

And that was it. I didn't speak a word.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2012-07-27 oldhobe Jesus returns
No Picture
I was picnicking with many friends in a clearing of a deep woods. It was a sunny day with lots of good cheer and fellowship. Slowly the sun began to dim much like a dimmer switch for a light bulb. When it was pitch black we all began to wonder not only what was happening but how we could make it back to our vehicles. Slowly a circle of light appeared off in the distance and as it became larger, brghter and closer; Jesus was centered in it. As he started to speak I woke up, darn it. However what was amazing to me was the fact that none of us had any fear about what was happening. It seemed as though we were relieved that the darkness had ended and all was right with us and the world.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2012-07-27 captain_obvious My cat joins in
No Picture
I remember the start of a vaguely unpleasant dream conversation, when my cat comes out of nowhere with a "wrr" sound, jumps on top of me and I wake up with her staring intently out the window at something I cannot see.

She stays that way for about 30 seconds and then decides whatever it was has moved on and then walks off of me back onto the bed.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2012-06-12 captain_obvious Who you are is not who you will be
No Picture
A message came through right before I woke up. It went something like the physical rules are changing, you will be able to fly.

And the last statement before I woke up was "who you are is not who you will be"



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