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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-08-27 BlueMagneticEagle Man-Made Solar Shield
No Picture
This dream happened a long time ago. I don't remember how long, because it's been so long. But, it sticks in my brain like it happened yesterday. I don't remember how the dream starts, and I don't recall any specific dates in the dream. I will try to recall all of the dream, despite the lack of dates.
Here we go:
I was living in a HOT Earth. There was severe heat that was plaguing the entire planet. The heat had become so intense, that people all over the planet were dying at a rapid rate. They were dying so rapidly, that a specific burial had become the norm. People were placed in black body bags, and loaded onto rafts, which were floated down major rivers and waterways, into the ocean. These rafts would hold about 5-10 body bags, each. Death was EVERYWHERE. I remember awakening on one of these rafts, but I was not in a body bag. I removed myself from the raft, somehow, and found myself in a slum-type portion of a city. I remember being with someone, I don't know who, and asking them how we were supposed to fix the over-heating Earth problem. The person I was with told me that we needed to speak to this old Chinese guy that lived deep in the slums, and he would hold the secret. I made my way to this Chinese elder. As I spoke with this elder, he told me that there was a man-made shield that had been constructed around the planet, to reflect solar energy that was causing global warming. However, this shield technology had backfired, and was causing the planet to actually heat up faster and more intensely than it had been without the shield. The only way to save the planet, and all of it's people, was to get Hulk Hogan's son to go into orbit, and physically bring down the shield. (why Hulk Hogan's son, I will never freaking know.) So, I left the elder's shop, and sought down the Hogan family. Once I found them, I convinced Hogan's son that he needed to board a space shuttle, enter the ISS, and do a spacewalk to dismantle the shield. Once he agreed to it, I saw him start his spacewalk. The shield around the planet was made of some super-light material, that kinda resembled an ultra-thin plastic, or like...bubbles. Hogan's son floated toward the shield, and simply popped it, just like a bubble. Once he penetrated it, the whole thing collapsed, thus saving the planet.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-08-15 Loulou Aliens and elvis the return of the king
No Picture
This is my second dream about hiding in a tower and alien visitation. This time the tower was architecturally beautiful - glass and chrome in the shape of a dome on a pedestal . I was standing by a glass door and saw lots of shocked people rushing by . I opened the door and asked what was happening . Someone told me that lots of light beings had arrived and that Elvis was with them , he had the most beautiful blue eyes and was singing.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-08-10 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Layered Lucid - Oil Field Reserves
8/10/2014 8:26am

I get off of work at the mall, I am ready to go home, and I am trying to get my daughter to go back to school. My daughter was just at the mall when I took my break and is supposes to meet me; I go looking for her, I see her and try to follow her, she is walking fast and I cannot keep up with her. I follow her and end up in a field.

The field has small man made hills between each white round tank, with small trails going from tank to tank with fences in between. They are large Oil & Water gas reserve tanks. This is a field of them, some smaller than others, as if I can see them from the sky, I get an Arial view of the field like seeing a map from above, but it is not flat terrain as I would expect.

I think to myself my daughter wants to be a Biologist as her second choice, would it be in this field that she should study?

It is dark and I finally find my daughter at the top of a hill, with a deep slope in the oil reserve field, I got her and her fiancé to come inside of the apartment which was at the bottom of the slope.

These pathways remind me of a race tracks for motocross bikes. They are thin paths but all dark wet muddy dirt, the dirt around the path is light in color so the brown in a light powdery brown, with a light green layer of short grass around the outside edges.

I hear a voice that says to me “The act of going to college is the dark wet muddy path that is difficult to walk on, but easier to ride a motocross bike on, how you approach the journey, and what equipment you have going into it, is equally as important to determine the successful outcome of the endeavor.”

LAYER 2: There is a paradigm shift as I move out of the above dream and into a new area of the mind.

I am inside a tiny apartment; there is a single board across the bedroom window. I hear my daughter and other people outside. She is yelling for me to come out there because she sees a space ship looking vehicle in the sky that she calls a UFO, I yell at her to get back in the house, because if she doesn’t bad things will happen to her that she will never be able to take back.

I am moving from the small living room to the small bedroom to try to look out the windows, I lean across the small twin bed as she yells out there is a space ship and I had to see this. I catch a glimpse of the space ship, from between the boards in the bedroom window. It is in the shape of the under belly of a giant lobster with lights on it.

I realize I have seen this UFO on TV last night during a commercial for the SYFY Channel. I go about my studies until I do not hear my daughter any more outside. In fact I do not hear anyone.

I go outside, to look for my daughter again, but I am alone, there are a few vagrants outside, and a few students walking the pathways, but most of the people I heard earlier are gone.

I am not outside of my apartment when I do walk outside, I am back in the oil reserve field, and I am at a fence and there is something or someone scary blocking the open cut in the chain link fence, I feel a sense of dread as I approach the fence. I know I need to step through it to search for my daughter but I am afraid to cross.

I see a few college students walking on the pathway close by, I ask them if they will help me. They agree and they make a distraction so that I can cross the fence without being harmed.

When I get to the other side there is an old black man sitting in a chair guarding the fence, he reminds me of the Injured old Lion that mommy fortune has made people believe is a monster; a Manticore: a man’s head, lions body and the tail of a scorpion.
(This is from the movie the last unicorn.)

This man is an old bathroom waiter, but he is posing as a guard for the oil fields. I make friendly conversation with him. ****I realize this is a dream. I realize I have been afraid of going back to college because of the injured lion that I thought was a big monster. This old man is a symbol for the old way of thinking which has left me in fear of moving forward in my life.

Instead living vicariously through my daughter and pushing her to get herself a bachelor’s degree since I did not get that far in college.

I feel clear like I am seeing things in a way that I never have before. Everything around me becomes crisp, like a person who has vision problems putting on a pair of glasses for the first time and realizing that they have been blind. I feel a sense of Relief.

LAYER 3: There is another paradigm shift as I move out of the above dream and into a new area of the mind.

I feel like I am progressing in the challenges I have been given and able to move onto the next lesson. There is a deep sense of wonder and amazement as I realize the type of work I am doing internally and the clarity at which this is coming about. I realize I have had all of these dreams before, but did not write them down. My spirit is calling on me for see them, but I ignored them instead and therefore there was no progress in my personal life. The journey is becoming more difficult the older I get.

I thought this was supposed to be easier, but now I realize that I only get more wisdom in order to work with the dealings of my own mind. That is the only thing that makes it easier, but my own fears and preconceived notions are making life harder to deal with. I have to let go.

I get the sensation that I am floating on the top of pool of beautiful turquoise water, there is a blue sky above me, and I can hear everything in a muffle as I lay in the water. The sounds distort the reality around me, splashing sounds like bombs dropping. I feel a sense of peace as one of my senses is cut off and I cannot rely on it any more. A challenge; to experience the world in a different way; this brings me hope, to know that I can change so much, because by changing my mind, I am changing my world.

LAYER 4: There is another paradigm shift as I move out of the above dream and into a new area of the mind.

This section of the dream is very difficult to recall, I believe because it felt so mundane, it was day to day life stuff, nothing profound about it. I got the above message which is the message that I feel was most important.

*****I realize when typing this up that I have the most profound dreams around 8am regardless of how much or how little sleep I get; and I take naps at night and there is another time in which I have the most profound dreams which is around 8pm. This time frame is my hour of power. The deepest level of self-exploring dream work and precognitive dreams happen at this time for me each day.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-08-10 harmonicconfluence My 3 false front teeth
No Picture
I have removable three front teeth. The flipper started dissolving.
I knew I would be able to grow teeth in the place but what would I do until they grew back.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-08-09 Elyse Super Random Dream
No Picture
Since my husband was off work yesterday, I was able to catch a nap around 1pm and had this dream.
I had gone to visit my parent's old house. It was burnt and gutted and there was stuff stacked out outside. I even noticed several small fish tanks and wondered why they would have those since they never much cared for fish. My father came out from behind and seemed almost happy to see me. He told me he had accidentally killed a "16 point buck" which I knew meant he had killed a deer, but never really understood how they measured them. (After the dream, my husband explained that the points were for the antlers... and I felt pretty ignorant.) Anyway, in the dream, the deer was HUGE, but I was thinking about making a shelter in their back yard for some reason and wanted to move it, so I tried to drag the deer to a burnt, ashy bald spot under a large oak tree for my father. I didn't really want to be close to it when he did his thing, because I have never been one who likes to hunt. I would only do it if I had to.
My dad came back and talked to me for a while before saying he had to go, and then he invited me to his new home. I told him I would meet him there later and he left. Before I left, I looked at his old barn. The old red walls were gone and it was made of glass now. I could see inside that the floor was uneven and there was a huge dip in the concrete that matched a dip in the ground. I wondered how I had never noticed that in all the years I had lived there. Also, I wondered why they had all of their things out in the yard when they could have stored them in their glass barn... but I guess that was none of my business. I decided to go ahead and make the trip to visit them in their new home.
I walked through a city to get to their new home. The journey felt like it took hours. When I got there, I was surprised to see that they were actually living in an apartment. I walked up to their home and was invited inside by my father. After welcoming me, my father walked into the kitchen and started cooking. He had poured in some kind of canned tomato sauce with noodles in it and was adding more noodles and some nuts to it. I asked what he was making and he gave me a name for it that I forgot. I told him hed have to give me the recipe so I could make it at home, and he got VERY upset and started yelling at me. I told him that I had not meant to offend him and that I thought he was kinda being a jerk, then went to sit down. My mother said something to him and he muttered "I'm sorry, cricket" under his breath.
I was surprised because my father never called me that. That was something only my grandparent's would call me. I was called "cricket" by them because of all the bug-hunting I would do as a child. I told my father it was ok, and he started telling me that I should get horse-riding lessons. I was a bit shocked by this because he made it a point never to let me ride horses growing up. My older half-sister did, and my aunt did, but my parents wouldn't allow me to in spite of my fascination with horses. I told him that I wish I could but I just didn't have the money to. He asked if I would if he did, and I told him I still didn't have the money to. In the dream, my husband was going back to college and we just didn't have the money for me to do that sort of thing right now. He then went on to ask me if there was anything I would want to do with him because he felt bad for not spending time with me as a kid. He also asked if there was anything he had done that had hurt or offended me, and I told him that, he had in fact upset me as a child.
He mainly only took my brother fishing the few times that he went, which hurt my feelings... but one of the last times he took me fishing, he got upset that I chose to collect rocks and moss and things on our fishing trip because I was not catching fish. It didn't help that I was a little girl and did not understand fishing without a bobber. He swore to never take me on another fishing trip after that one... and I think he only took me fishing twice after that. After telling him how I felt, he got angry and left saying he had to take a shower and couldn't talk to me anymore. He had a male nurse with him that helped him with his shower.
I was upset that he had gotten so angry, but also relieved to get that off of my chest. I wasn't being mean or anything, but he did ask, so I assumed he wanted the answer. I wanted to go fishing with him. My mother told me not to worry about him because he had violent mood swings from time to time. I assumed I wore out my welcome and was getting ready to leave when I saw my oldest son come around the corner to hug me. In this dream, he was a bit younger and living with my parents for some reason. I asked if she would mind if I took my son for the weekend to play with his brothers. (I have no idea why I had to ask, but when I realized that I had to ask, I got very irritated...) She said she didn't mind, and I promised to have him back by Monday. My son was running around in a diaper, so I got him dressed and was getting ready to leave when my father came out of the shower to say goodbye.
When we left the apartment, I had a hard time remembering which way I had come, and wandered around the parking lo lot until I saw some blue dumpsters. They seemed familiar so I figured I had come in from there. We left out that way and it started to get dark. I felt like we might have a very long way to travel, so my son and I stopped at a retro-looking fast food restaurant. It looked like people parked off to the side and came up to order and ate their food at little booths and tables outside. I thought this was pretty cool It was empty when we first got there, and when I went up to order, there were about five waiters just standing around next to the spot where you order, holding silver trays with condiments. I ordered two large orders of fries and a medium and large coke for me and my son. The total was around five dollars and some change. While waiting on my order, some guy who acted like a game show host asked me if I wanted to spin for a prize. I asked how much it cost, and he told me it would cost ten cents. I agreed and gave him some change, and on a huge tv behind him, squares started to light up and spin. It stopped on a "Sorry, try again." I shrugged and got our food.
The large french fries I had ordered were actually little cups of mashed potatoes with cheese on top, and a single cherry on top of the cheese... in fact, they looked as if they had been made to look like cupcakes. I thought this was kinda awesome. As my son and I sat down to eat, an older woman climbed up on top of a sort of stage and started singing "Sexy and I know It". She didn't seem shy at all and was singing at the top of her lungs. She didn't mind shaking it either. I thought this was spectacular and laughed until my ribs hurt as I cheered her on. You couldn't ask for better entertainment! Her fun energy just seemed to brighten everyone's day. She was with a group of other elderly women who whistled and cheered for her as they helped her climb off the stage. My son had been gobbling down those potatoes, and I was finished as well... and while I wanted to see if anyone else would come up and sing, we just didn't have time. I cleaned up my area, and as I cleaned, I noticed some Optimus Prime glow-in-the-dark sunglasses. This made no sense, but I decided I wanted to keep them. Then I saw some sort of children's toothbrush, it looked unused so I decided to take that too. Then I saw another children's toothbrush. It was still in the box so I took it too. The toothbrush in this one was shaped like Daffy Duck and had a little black chunk of fuzz on top of his head. I thought this was stinkin' adorable.
As we walked, it was getting darker and darker. It felt like it was around 12 or 1 am. I was walking a brick road and there was a guy walking ahead of me with sagging pants and a hoodie with his hood up over his head. I got a bit nervous, because it was late and I assumed there might be some creepy people out, so I pulled my son closer to me as we walked. We ended up walking behind the guy all the way into what looked like an old museum, and as we walked, the guy ahead of us started singing the opening base to a song I knew. It wasn't one of my favorite songs, in fact, I usually skip over this particular song... as we walked, other guys started coming in from nowhere, each singing a different part of the song. At first, they were not in rhythm together, but it did not take long for them to get in sync and the result was incredible. I thought it was so amazing that these strangers could just group up and start singing a song together perfectly. I wanted to sing too... but I couldn't remember any of the lyrics or whether or not there were any female vocals in the song. Also, I was pretty sure that I would somehow end up messing up what they were doing. I enjoyed listening to them, and decided that just listening would be best. When they finished with this song, they went on to sing another. I don't remember what the next song was, just that I didn't like it, and anyway, I was at the exit and needed to leave the building.
As I walked outside, I could tell that I had been walking for hours because the sun was rising. I thought that at this rate, by the time I got home, it would already be time to bring my son back to my parent's house. I should have had a cab drive us... but to be honest, I don't know anything about cabs or what kind of rate they normally charge... I thought maybe I should stop and order one now, but all I had was $66 and I wasn't sure that was enough. I was trying to think of other ways to get home more quickly when I woke up.
After waking up, it was bugging me to know the name of the song the guys were singing in that museum. I knew it was an Enigma song, so I broke out my kindle and started digging through my albums. That particular song is called "Incognito". I listened to it and read the lyrics and it kind of gave me the creeps. That's probably why I always skip over that song. lol
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-08-08 Marilynt Aug 7 Dream
No Picture
Sketchy description - In a building - it feels like it's San Francisco. Searching wildly for a form I need to fill out to take some drugs out legally. Found the form, filled it out which allowed me to take out 11 drugs. Then I ran out of the building to another one. Accidentally wound up in a room with a lot of executives involved in a heated meeting. One really overweight exec got mad and walked out. Then I remember - I think I was on a train, I watched this young guy with hair to his shoulders go to another train car, put a paper bag over his head, then shoots himself in the head.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-08-05 eagleyes2643 Evacuations from military base in Europe
No Picture
Its late at night American troops are walking out of the back of a C130 onto a runway full of American woman with children, As the troops walk out the women and children are walking in, you cold hear someone shouting move to the back of the plane which interior is powered by red lights. alot of equipment being quickly unloaded onto the runway, an American soldier is arguing with his wife who refuses to go "GET THE F&^%* ON THAT PLANE!
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-08-02 yoda deicing
No Picture
Dream from 21. July

I was member of a military group. We wore dark, olive uniform and we were carried by lorries to our operational area.
This area was a sharply limited part of a road in a big European city.
Left and right of the road were the buildings 4...6 stories high.
Classical architecture, not modern. Maybe 19th century.

Our order from Mrs. Merkel (yes, I'm sure) was to deice the road with french champaign!
Every member of our group got one bottle and held it bottom up and sprayed the road with champaign.

Exactly in the middle of the part of the road that we had to deice was an entrance to one of the buildings.

Nobody aside us was to see. It seems we had to prepare the road for the case someone would get out or in.

In the dream I wondered about the usage of champaign for deicing. I thought to myself: The alcohol will accelerate the frost! But we got strong order to use the champaign and somehow it seemed to work.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-08-01 Elizabeth 8/1/2014
No Picture
Lots of weirdness in this dream so I'll just do the things that seemed important.
- I got home and was very tired, I laid down to take a nap at 4pm and I woke up and looked at the clock, it was 7pm.
- There were lots of children coming into my room and I was trying to make beds for them, than also there were sick cats coming in and I was worried about contagion.
- I was in a large warehouse, I was with a boy who was being sponsored by, I think Tropicana, in an all star baseball game. They decided to stop sponsoring him because he didn't believe in gay marriage. I was traveling with him to take him back home. I had all kinds of stuff in the warehouse that had to be loaded onto a passenger liner. I wasn't going to board until it was all loaded. I finally got it all on and had to run. The boy was waiting for me and also there was an elderly lady that had something to do with starting the controversy. Then we were told to run to "Tunnel 1". We made our way up through the bowels of the ship and were told to sit in "aisle 41". I found the row, it said "4L" on the row and I was to sit in seat 15. Then I woke up.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-08-01 FallsOffBoats Coolest Death EVAR
No Picture
A huge mob of people stood on a hill overlooking a river drinking and partying and blasting the radio and stuff. I recognized the place as very close to where I live. I stood there facing east and looked out over the river too. There was a huge angry red fireball in the sky and we were about to be cooked. We all just sorta stood there and died in the blast because it LOOKED. SO. COOL. This was the happiest sudden horrible death dream I've ever had.



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