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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2011-08-10 JK Startled by my Presence
No Picture
Asleep on the couch, I'm awakened by a strange noise. I don't experience this as a dream, rather that I have just awakened in real time with the TV newscaster discussing the stockmarket.

Ten feet across the room, a woman is kneeling with her back to me. She has a beige jumpsuit on and has some partial cover on her head similar to a bicycle helmet but it has a metal band. Upset with her intrusion in my living room, I yell at her, saying, "Who gave you permission to come into my house. And, why didn't you knock on the door?" The woman slowly turns towards me, as if she heard something. She has blue eyes and ash blond hair. I notice that she has a lamp light on head as well a strange digging device in her hand that has a light beam. Below her is a twelve inch circular hole that she's been digging.

She is startled by my voice and presence. And the expression on her face is etched in my mind.

Immediately, I regret shouting at her. I realize tht she is startled to see and hear me and appears confused that I can see her digging in a cave, but it's my first floor condo, and she is having to dig through the carpet and concrete slab. There are pieces of concrete and dirt piled next to her with bits of torn carpet.

With my gaze fixated on the dirt pile, I awake from this dream and immediately look at the carpeted floor where the woman had been kneeling. recalling every detail of this dream experience. This dream felt like an overlap in time.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2011-07-18 Philistine Back to the Future Past- '60s Chemical Salesman
No Picture
I had a long vivid dream a couple days ago. My family was spending some time at our beach condo, which used to be a honeymoon hotel from the 50's to the 90's. Apparently some of this energy got into my head.

In this dream I was an outside salesman for a chemical firm. I was new in town and was going from client to client introducing myself. These were industrial and educational clients. The meetings were in lab rooms (classrooms?) and meeting rooms with charts and periodic tables.

I was driving a metallic gold colored Plymouth Valiant, '60-'62 model. I thought about how the car was still a good car, even though it was not a current model, but it looked nice and ran well and would serve me in my job. Very vivid scenes of a bright sunny day driving about, the metal dash, the seats, the sound, the windows rolling up and down, traffic.

So this was the mid '60s and it was Summertime.

I had met a gal. She worked at one of the schools I had as a client. Here I am not sure if it went from just one day's events to a highlight of several days. There were a bunch of scenes in and around the school. She lived in dorms in the back with the other staff that stayed on year round.

We were madly in love and kept kissing when we could. Innocent stolen kisses. I thought she was younger than I, but not too young. She was a working girl who just met her future husband who would take her out of this place.

At one point we went to an older lady (a nun?) and met in the school library. The look and feel of outdated metal chairs, upholstery, shelves, wood, fire sprinkler pipes. The smell of books.

The older lady gave her blessing to our plans. Later (that night?) as dusk was falling, I was picking my gal up for a date, she wore a blue spaghetti strap glittery number that fit her figure nicely. We must have been going somewhere really nice. We kissed, the dream ended.

I woke up realizing that the entire time I didn't feel as if I was in the past, it was very much the present during the dream.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2011-07-15 dreamdancer59 Energy Device
No Picture
It seemed to be some time in the future. Was touring a large old home with the intention of possibly renting a portion of it as a residence. While viewing one of the kitchens (which was a smaller secondary kitchen for the portion of the home I might be renting) I was shown an alternative energy device that powered the house. It was the size of an average sized gasoline generator that you commonly see today in a hardware store. It was totally silent running indoors. It provided enough energy to power, heat and air condition the entire house. I wanted to live there.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2011-07-13 tom grave yard chase
No Picture
this is not what it seems

i had a dream walking though a grave yard looking for something i had no idea what before i found it i was being chased in the grave yard and i ended up in a fenced in area and i was climbing fences and going in and out of private yards this dream took place in a real life location

real life events

somebody had a strange conversation over a cell phone in front of my house talking about fema coffins and gave a location i traveled down to this location i found a grave yard and it had a fenced in area just like in the dream i did not approach that area i talked to a few workers nobody knew anything about the coffins being moved in i did some traveling in the area i found a area owned by the state health department it had a small mantle hospital on it and a large track of land and a no tress passing sign no fences and some guy drinking bear in the middle of this open field so i took my bike over to him he knew of these coffins and replied oh crap you mean those things are coming hear i said you do not like make sure all the neighbors know about it and take lots of photos and publicize it

worth noting the events were changed because i knew down to the foot were i could not travel and i even saw the guy who would have set this chase in motion by simply approaching him from the public side of the fence inside the grave yard

i knew i got no info out of this chase just allot of running and would lose my bike so i avoided it i achieved the desired out come though other means no fema coffins being stored in this location and on the way back i talked to more workers in this grave yard and they told me they were asked if they could bury bodies 3-4 bodies to a grave or even a dozen cremated remains per grave site and he told me this guy was a gov agent i told him about the fema coffins that i hoped was not coming

we knew what was about to happen

well this dream was of the future and involved person parking in front of my house and talking loudly on a cell phone and took the effort to roll down a window on a hot summer day as the black suv rolled away i saw gov plates on it i knew i had to take a look into this he leaked me information i took this a duty to be looked at

i can not give info on the exact were about of this or exact time frame it happened as the job or life of the good person who gave me this info may be at risk but i will say it needed to be dealt with

this is one of my few dreams that does not involve trans location
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2011-07-13 tom the drive to another planet
No Picture
yep yet again i am being chased i am traveling by car i in the passenger seat the driver asks me to think of a place were they could not find us he states any place will do further away the better most likely

we are driving down a well kept vacant highway at this point

my thoughts turn to an alien planet with intelligent life on

we here radio traffic from a scanner that states we could be any ware on the planet by now as if they know what magic this road has

my unknown buddy states we may not be safe for long once we get their i replied trust me they will not be following i have gotten the feeling the people chasing us will not use this road for some reason

my buddy asks were are we going and i said you better just wait and see

the road starts to sink in a few spots here and there and at one point its all water around us with the road still intact we slip off the road and into the water its not cold worth noting

then we get out of the car and get back onto the road witch is more like a bridge in this area and keep walking forward about one mile down the road we find our selves in a large city and my buddy states he wants to go back home and i ask why i am pretty sure we are safe here and he states the portal is likely closed i state that is a good thing right we can be followed he replied we are stuck here worth noting no visible portal is ever seen in my dreams

i feel no need or desire to go back

we live for some time in this city and all seems good almost a picture perfect story book type ending
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2011-07-13 tom hiden wormholes
No Picture
this is a regular thing with my dreams these events i am almost always being chased

in one case i was roaming around a mall i open some door in the bathroom and i find my self in a Catholic school i take the stairs to the attic and i find another stair case that goes back down at every floor well each floor is about 100 feet apart i there is a door and if i open it i will lead to a different place like Italy or some farm in god knows ware or in the jungle

this is an almost constant theme in all my dreams

of being transliterated
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2011-07-11 Philistine Met in a Dream Prior to Real World Meeting
No Picture
This has never happened to me before, and has changed everything I think about dreams.

About three weeks ago I had one of my, of late, very vivid and short dream sequences. It was one of the first in this "series".

I was standing outside a house in a California valley town with estate type properties around. There must have been some kind of party since there were other folks and we all knew each other.

Out of the dark walks a figure, seemingly female, with long straight dirty blond hair and female attire. Looking at this person was a strange experience that went on for what seemed like a couple minutes. The face was shifting around a bit, like some horror movie transformation, and finally settled on being a mans face, with all the same hair and clothing.

My job in waking life is a technical software job that has me going out to visit clients. About two weeks after this dream I walked into the client's office and came face to face with the man/girl. Only this time it was all man, and very much exactly the face that my dream showed me.

Not sure what to think of all this now.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2011-07-06 rwhite Alternate Futures
No Picture
This one is very short. It was mainly in the form of a scene and not a full story.

I was talking to a woman about what I had just done. I had used a sort of reset button that had changed the path of the future. I do not know the specifics of the change that I had made only that it had avoided some terrible consequences. She told me to remember that I could only use the button a few times or I would face some even greater consequences. End of dream

I got the impression that we all have the ability to change our futures, but, use of the reset button was a drastic measure with consequences.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2011-07-04 ablelba Bicycling Back from Baltimore-2
No Picture
continued from part 1

“Maybe I could ride on that train for a while, and get off when I get near Columbia,” I said, pointing at a train. “It seems to be pointed in the right direction.”

“Oh no, no,” she laughed, “we have only slow trains for old people who must ride. You will get there on your bicycle much faster—If you know where to go.”

And looking at the train and the engine, it was true. The train cars were made out of the bodies of old short school busses. They were coated with the same thick black flat paint, and were mounted on flanged wheels and strung together behind the engine. The engine itself looked like it was built of scraps. It seemed to be some sort of steam engine, but with no coal car. It went very slowly, probably 5 miles per hour. I wondered how it went anywhere at all.
The train was out. I was not even sure it was headed in the right direction.

A young Norwegian family, a man and wife with their daughter, took me home with them, since night was coming on. They were farming a few acres outside of the Norwegian settlement, a few miles from the train station. Their fields were lush, green and well-tended.

We talked into the night about how to get me back to Columbia, and where it was. The husband finally got an ancient roadmap out of storage in another room. It was well-weathered, and falling apart along the fold lines. This map showed Columbia, about 10 miles to the West of the settlement. The husband and wife glanced at each other with raised eyebrows, but kept their thoughts and comments for later.

Night had fallen, and there was no question of traveling to Columbia after dark. I would stay the night, and head for home the next morning. I knew my wife would be worried about me, but there seemed to be no telephones or any other way to contact her. It never crossed anyone's mind to think of using a phone.

The next day, I got on my bike and found the concrete ramp up to the highway that would take me home. As I went up the ramp, I had a strange parallel view of the road above. At the same time, I saw it new, with cars from the 1950's driving on it, but also filled with traffic from successive modern eras, and at the same time, empty with people walking or on bicycles. Dream ends as I approach the highway.

Possibly, this is a dream of the future. I remember other fragments of it, but can't fit them together;
I took shelter in one of the traincars from a sudden lightning storm. This was when I noticed that the traincars were made out of old school busses.

Another fragment; I was standing next to the train, talking with the engineer and several other people. For some reason, they were asking me about the machinery of their train. Apparently, whatever I said helped them...

Where did all the Americans go? The area was sparsely populated, with a sense of dangerous wild animals after dark.
What happened to the suburbs?
Why was there a Norwegian settlement? No one seemed to think it strange at all that Norwegians came over and built a farming community in wilderness that used to be suburbs.

The place had a feel like the 1810's or maybe 1830's, only with concrete highways left from a previous era. It was as if a plague or some other disaster had killed off most of the USA-Americans, but left the plants and animals intact. At the time of the dream, the rest of the world's population, likewise decimated, was just getting around to resettling distant America, and recycled building- and car-parts to help them get by.

That era apparently had experience with visitors passing through, displaced from their own timelines. The time travelers are not dangerous. Just send them on their way...
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2011-07-04 ablelba Bicycling Back from Baltimore-1
No Picture
0:00 LST

Bicycling Back from Baltimore

I dreamed that I had business in Baltimore, so as usual, I rode my bicycle there.
It was meant to be a long day trip, but didn't turn out that way.

I don't remember what the business was. The dream really starts with me riding back on the concrete highways. Curiously there were very few cars, and few people around. Evening was coming on as I pedaled South. I knew I was going South, since the setting sun was on my right, but somehow the roads were becoming more and more confusing as I went.

Plants were growing up to the edge of the highway, and some had started to grow from cracks in the middle. There were no cars on the road now—very strange for Route 95. Also, there were no road signs. Of course not! As twilight fell, I was navigating by landmarks, as usual. I needed to watch for an advertising sign on a very tall pole [like a Cracker Barrel sign]. It was a white oval with a cursive capital 'W' in it.

It should have come up on the right. Instead, I could see it in the distance, far to my left. Somehow, I was lost. I thought about pedaling over to the sign, but that would mean getting on Route 40, and I knew I did not want to go there when it was nearly dark. I would press on to the South and hope for familiar territory.

In a hollow among some rolling hills, I came upon a settlement of Norwegians. At the edge of it, there was a small-gauge railroad station, built out of scraps of other buildings. Everything was painted with a thick coat of flat black paint.

An elderly lady behind an iron-barred window was selling tickets for the train, alternately shouting the train announcements in Norwegian and English.

“Does this train go to Columbia?” I asked.

“Yah, I suppose so,” she said. “It gets to most places, eventually. Where is Columbia?”

I told her it was somewhere to the West and South. She got out her train schedule, but could not figure out where Columbia was, or how to get there.

“Maybe I could ride on that train for a while, and get off when I get near Columbia,” I said, pointing at a train. “It seems to be pointed in the right direction.”

“Oh no, no,” she laughed, “we have only slow trains for old people who must ride. You will get there on your bicycle much faster—If you know where to go.”




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