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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2012-03-17 mcfarlandfamily3 SARS was brought to the future
No Picture

The dream I had early this morning was jumping around in time, from the distant past (within the past few years) up to 10 years into the future.

When jumping time it looks like I'm walking through a slight distortion of the scene before me & once I am through the distortion, I see a pin hole of light burst behind me.

There are americans, mexicans & others involved in time jumping. The man from Mexico is from the future.

There is a fellow from the past, further back in the past then myself, he jumped through time while he had SARS. It becomes a devasation.

They find out which individual brought it, send someone to warn him, so that he will go back in time for the cure/antidote/vaccine.

I am stuck in the future as I have contracted something....maybe SARS. The mexican from the future is trying to help relieve some of my respitory issues. His techniques seem odd to me, but if it helps, I'm for it.

I don't know the outcome of the dream. Whether the infected man makes it back in time to save the future people...I guess we'll see.

(I assume the future didn't have the cure/antidote/vaccine to a particular strain, or maybe SARS was genetically changed & sent forward for some reason. I can only speculate.)
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2012-02-06 Krys How many You's Are There?
No Picture
Lincoln NE

I had this dream 1-15-12 before I woke up. I wasn't going to submit it but agter reading Clif High's "26 Days to Live..." today I feel impelled to offer it.
I dreamed I heard mysefl say in my own voice, verly calm and matter-of-factly, March 2nd, 2012 is the day I will die. Tuesday, March 2nd." That's it. Well, a little commentary. The last March 2nd that was a Tuesday was in 2010. The next one is in 2020. I've also dreamed that I would die July 7th, 2026. It makes me wonder if I am getting bleed through from my other selves in alternate universes. If so, then life really doesn't end and there is no such thing as death.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2012-01-16 Sol My dream about the future
No Picture
I saw the future in this dream, of that I'm sure.

The dream began as I was floating in the air among blossoming cherry trees. Mybe it was sakura, I don't know. I also don't know what country it was.

There was lush greenery, trees all around me. I was floating in the air, turning and spinning, not too fast and not too slowly. In a graceful manner, I'd say.

There seemed to be a lot of space around me, and I was actually in some kind of city. I could see glass buildings around me.

I was overwhelmed with feelings of joy, happiness, love and serenity. I was simply enjoying my flight.

Then I saw some people in the street. They also looked happy. It appeared to me that the whole city was cleaning up. The glass structures were all clean. Two people were dusting a rug or a carpet in the street, to make it clean.

I remember thinking that my parents were somewhere amoung those people.

I don't remember what happened next.

I saw this dream in 2006, if I remember correctly.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2012-01-05 metadreamer Large Hadron Collider
No Picture
The Large Hadron Collider had finally found the Higgs Boson particle, and this somehow allowed discovery of time travel as well. But that caused things to get very weird. For instance, people researching or writing about the Higgs Boson would experience time warps and reality instabilities.

Somehow this discovery, or the application of time travel, had caused a wrinkle or rip in time, and it became a quantum mechanical maelstrom of sorts that, for anyone who associated themselves with it, brought on the quantum weirdness for them.

This next part is hazy, but in the dream this event caused aliens to show up or reveal themselves, either because we had reached a stage they deemed worthy of contact, or because it was a disaster about to get out of control needing their intervention.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2011-11-18 Finite Statist Machine Teleporting From a Minneapolis Bar
No Picture
Had a wild dream last night. I dreamed I was in an urban part of Minneapolis, seemed to be a bar or cafe in the mid morning time frame near the Metrodome area. I was wearing a t-shirt, two more football type jersey shirts over that, and then a brown pullover wool sweater.

I was sitting behind this man who went into this telly-evangelist histrionics about being saved and judgement of God, he was wheezying and gasping about "gawd" and I remember being so disgusted at how this man was scaring this woman, who was a bit of a party girl. He was making her feel lower than a worm and making God out to be this monster who demanded vengeance.

I got so upset about it, I instantaneously "popped" outside of the building like that kid in the movie Jumpers. My body was all there and traffic was going by. However it was I teleported physical location.I was stunned at where I ended up, I did it so fast that I left my shirts in the bar.

I jumped position without all my clothes. I was outside shivering in downtown Minneapolis because I had no top on. I'm a guy so it wasn't so much embarrassing as it was cold. Minneapolis is windy and cold in the winter.

I went back into this bar, to get my shirts and sweater, and this guy was totally freaked to see me walking back in, and he started saying I was of the devil etc, which I just said "oh please... give me a break..." and left. His narrow mindedness was just unbelievable. I remember walking around wondering how I did that disappearing act and whether I could do it again. I thought what a cool thing! It was a sudden and unexpected as a sneeze.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2011-11-04 Delta Don A large spinning sphere.
No Picture
Nov 4, 2011 A.M.

I was observing a sphere comprised of twelve equal sections which was spinning counter clockwise. Within that sphere was a single sphere moving independently on it's own. The smaller sphere was about 5 percent the size of the larger sphere.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2011-11-04 Delta Don Alien news reporter?
No Picture
Nov 3, 2011 A.M.

I was in a building full of people like a dormitory it was dark inside. There was much confusion emotionally with everyone and lots of movement back and forth. Anger, love, leaving and coming back again. A screen came on and a man who did not look totally human with golden hair and a very angular face was reporting something. I could see in the background there was a red color and chaos in the background with movement that I could not understand. He was looking at me and reading something which I had a hard time deciphering and understanding. He was very intent and looking right into my eyes. All of a sudden I could see a skull of purple light floating in front of me and understood that the next evolution would be the awakening of the human race and that we are connected to 12 sections of beings.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2011-11-04 Delta Don New doorways all attached to an upward spiraling construct
No Picture
Oct 31, 2011 A.M.

I was standing in a void and walked toward a spiral shaped form. I looked at my feet and I could see we are three steps away from a doorway which was closed. I looked upward and could see many, many doorways thousands of them all moving upwards.
Spiraling upward from the first doorway as if it were connected to a spiral staircase or an aspect of DNA. We are about to enter a new period.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2011-09-19 Philistine Future Powers of Humans Revealed
No Picture
I've been struggling to remember my dreams lately. Last night came through a couple of distinct and memorable visions. Both part of a night long narrative I simply cannot remember, as usual of late. Here they are out of context:

I was a middle to upper class traveler/business man. I had a paper invoice for some kind of transaction and was making a change to the line items. The setting was busy like an airport or mall, people were dressed in mod-style futuristic garb. I got the impression it was the near future, in only 20 years or so.

The cool part was the clerk who was helping me. She scanned the line items on my invoice with her fingertip. There was text and symbols and barcodes all mixed up in it. Her finger emitted light as she did this. Next, on the next row of the invoice, she wiped her finger across again, and printed a new line of text, symbols and barcodes. I thanked her and went about my business.

The other segment of my futuristic dream was set in a sunny back yard or park. I lay on a blanket with my wife and we were talking as we do when alone and the kids and pets are all busy. (or in this case perhaps grown?) As we talked, I was looking into the perfectly blue sky and here floated a strange object. Smooth, grayish, organic and hourglass shaped, with holes in the bulbous parts that made it look like an "8". I exclaimed "Look a UFO!!"

The object proceded to float down, like a sheet of paper. Wafting too and fro until it reached the ground and in the end it was a blow up plastic figure like you'd have in your yard at Christmas! Only with the features I described.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo 2011-08-29 The Anchorite A dream on bending/warping time
No Picture
A week ago after having surgery I had the most amazing dream.

I can't seem to put all the connections together but the basis was about time travel or warping time. I was shown that
by using powerful magnets in the center of an hour glass shaped vacuum structure that space/time could be warped just enough to alter larger events, much like the wings of a butterfly creating a hurricane.

This was currently being done by the Hadron Collider (LHC) and would one day be used by everyone on a small scale. Now the interesting part to me was how this process was explained using the human body. The heart is used as the powerful magnet and when strong enough can be used along with focused intention to alter time. By changing small things on our time-line one can alter major events overall. For example if you have an empty glass you can use your magnetic heart (sun/wormhole) with a strong intention to shift time to where the glass was full of liquid, you would have altered time enough to enact a large change in the greater world time-line. By doing this we become much like the elusive higgs-bosun which is being sought after by the LHC physicists, shattering a shared time-line into an infinite multi-dimensional time-line.

Start practicing and create your own time-line!



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