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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2011-11-07 Solemn_art Reiki Blowback
No Picture

Before I begin my dream description, I would like to mention that I meditated before I went to sleep for the evening as I feel it may have had something to do with the unusual dream that followed. While my goal with the medition was clarity regarding some decisions raising my children (whether or not to expatriate, etc.), I think I may hve touched on something much deeoper in my subconcious.

My recolection of the dream begins rather near its end. I am walking through an unkown mall (weird in itself as I don't usually go to the mall unless I absolutely can't avoid it). With me is a companion with no discernable identity as the dream is in first person and I am focused only on the scene in front of me. After some time walking in this mall in limbo, I come upon an opening to my right. It is smaller than a normal store in the mall and, aside from the austere, concrete like walls, resembles the small tiendas one might find in a Mexican border town.

I enter the shop with a recolection that I used to work here (apparently only in a dream, the entire scene was alien to me in relation to RL). I approach a large door at the rear of the room with same austere appearance as everything else. Looking at the door I remember that the closet/room behind it was haunted. As I turn to leave and continue my jaunt through the mall I think twice and turn back around. I am a level II Reiki practitioner and feel I can help to relieve this spirit/negative energy.

For some reason unbeknownst to me, I don't open the door but place my hands upon it. I surround myself with protective blue tunnel of universal energy I envision when channeling and procede to direct the Reiki energy into, and through, the door. As this happens, a vibration begins...whatever is trapped in this room does not want to be removed but I know that, for some reason, it needs to be. I continue channeling Reiki and the vibration inceases. In a matter of seconds it is incomparable to anything I have ever felt in real life (the closest I can come to is a jackhammer), the vibration is shaking my very mind and soul. I continue on my mission teeling myself I am strong, a being of light and nothing can stop me but the vibration soon becomes too much. During this time the room has turned completely black and, as I remove my hands from the door I turn around to find myself in completely black void. Floor. ceiling and walls all dissapeared. My mysery companion is gone as well. I think to myself, "uh-oh was this battle too much for me?", and then I awake.

Just recalling this experience sends chills through my body. I have had many unusual dreams, some of which were blow by blow views of future events, other completely lucid...even an acid dream back in my partying days but nothing quite like this. I personally believe I came upon an old subconsious (perhaps even pre or past life) block. Or, if one is more conspiratorily minded, a negative 4d/reptilian implant.  Whatever it is is deeply ingrained in at least my body computer and does not to be removed. I will be attempting to return to this place in dreams/medition in order to attempt to discover the meaning behind this experience

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2011-11-04 Carlie Aliens chasing us
No Picture

So at first I was in a building of some kind. I think some of my kids were with me. Pretty sure my eldest was there. Seem like a school atmosphere, very modern looking. Not at all like his real early 1900's school. These two latin or hispanic women were there. A mother an older aged daughter. The daughter was a total snob and was saying all these horrible conseted rude things. I have no memory of what they were. I just smiled and shock my head and said Karma s a real B. She looked at me totally clueless to what Karma was.  We left the building and the woman was still talking rudely and they got in a black car. While on the sidewalk I was looking up into a clouded sky were a very tiny portion was glowing orange and flickerig. I wanted to ask the woman to look and see but after her horrid behavior I thought beter not to. After a bit as I walked down the street I saw a big gray shadow in the sky. By now the woman were gone and replaced by some construction workers building a house along the sidewalk I was walking down. I pointed it out to them and one of the men came to see. The LARGE object kept fading in and out behind trees and cluds. It was very hazy fr the longest time. But just as it was about to move to far out of view it became 100% visible. We were all floored. Even I at this point was having my doubts because it was really so hazy and heard to define. Then the object came down to the street a couple blocks away. When it landed it turned into a car. We freaked out and ran inside the house they were building. For some reason we believed the thing was coming for us. I hid in a basement window dig out and put a blanket over my head. Then I awoke. I was pretty scared...which isn't really like me.. I wasn't even thinking about my kids....so not like me....I was a total chicken.....so not like me. I didn't like that feeling baout myself.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2011-10-23 Delta Don A sphere in space what is it?
No Picture

October 21,2011. A.M.

I could see a body spherical in shape floating in space. It was made of many octahedrons and was a beautiful golden and subtle pale green color. It was emanating blues and purples with the golds.  The geometric shapes appeared to be crater like with edges. Suddenly a very bright white light appeared in the far distance as if I was looking at the sun floating in space.  The sphere appeared again but this time with a shadow on the upper right hand side of it cascading downward and it looked like the shadow of a hand.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2011-10-23 Delta Don Zombies
No Picture

October 22, 2011. A.M.

I was walking through a city with older buildings about six to ten stories tall.  There were people walking around in a lost state like zombies. I saw automobiles and railroad cars just randomly sitting everywhere in the streets with rubble. People were living in the rail cars and storage containers that were haphazardly placed.
It was like they were zombies but could communicate. There were bruises and sores on their skin and they were following me trying to touch me and speak to me and I could not understand them.  A very tall slim young man with blonde hair appeared with locks of hair that appeared to be like dreadlocks. He told me to follow him and we jumped into a vehicle. He then ran into a young woman with his car who was entering one of the storage containers. He said they were already dead, that it did not matter.  We exited the car and went into an older building and closed the door.  A man in his forties appeared and grabbed my arms and I pushed him away and noticed his skin was sloughing off and was bruised. He was saying something to me that I could not understand.  I turned and the younger blonde man was speaking on his phone and was just observing and would not answer me. So I decided to retreat into the building and went upstairs in the mezzanine where there was an old typewriter repair shop.  From there I could see many more people coming in who were in the state of being lost.  Many of them were older Asian women coming towards me and I wondered if I was in China Town in New York City. I started dropping pieces of the typewriters on them and they were wailing and screaming. I thought it was very strange in my dream and I remember thinking that I have never experienced zombie like humans before. I suddenly saw a wave of energy coming that was a beautiful orange followed by a wave of a pinkish violet that was followed by a wave of a beautiful orange again.  They were like curtains of energy composed of perfect cubes everywhere within the energy itself. I woke up from the beauty of the energy and feeling strange because I have never dreamed of zombies.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2011-10-10 lnl911 THEIR COMING
No Picture

last night i had a dream about aliens coming to earth to replace the humans with  robots or machines someting like that the aliens were coming to get the people to extract our blood they would put a spicket in our mouths and drain the blood from them. i thought this was  just for bad people, no it was everyone but you could run from them it was up to you to chose to leave or stay i chose to stay and run from them. This was almost like they were coming to harvest us before it was to late.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2011-10-04 Philistine Basement Portals
No Picture

The series of dreams I've had over the last two weeks has had a recurrant theme: at some point I and anyone with me goes down into the basement wherever we are and we leave through the back door or a hallway door. The doors sometime lead to another basement, or just another part of town.

The buildings and houses are all old. The basements mostly finished. Sometimes with rows of doors, sometimes with just a back door to exit by. When going out the back doors I always find I have to go "down hill" a bit, as if the house is on a slope. These basements are sometimes a couple of stories tall at the back wall. Looking up I see all the dusty timbers, joists, and flooring from below. Sometimes I look down to see trenches cut into the dirt part of the floor like there is unfinished construction to be done, or pipes to lay. Once my dog, a pug, was in the trench and looking up at me with a bundle of asparagus sticking out of her mouth, gnawing on all of the shoots ends at once.

In the past these basement areas have not been portals. For years I've had dreams of old buildings, churches, houses, all built on a slope, with larger than average spaces under, old dusty timbers and dirt. Usually I feel the presence of spirits, unfriendly ones at that. Lately there has been no evil, just pathways along my dream timeline for the night. Many of these portals just lead to completely new scenes where I go to interact with others, and then leave by entering the house, going to the basement, picking a door, and moving on. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2011-09-27 Journey Supermarket Clearout
No Picture

I'm not sure if this dream belongs in this Cat. I thought about Collapse/Crash or Calamity but niether of those were readily present.

Anyway, the dream was just this morning (9/26/11) after being up all nite reading at RMN website about the shit about to hit the fan regarding Elenin and its next alignment 26th, 27th, 28th.

I was in what looked like a mall supermarket and I was seemingly a cop or something of that sort pursuing someone who I suspected of being part of a big robbery of the market. She saw me look at her making her way to an upper level and thought she could fool me by going back downstairs, I saw her and ducked so she couldn't see me see her going back down. I continued my chase and eventually saw many people who were engaged in looting/robbing the food market. They seemed to be armed with only knives and I kept my distance and just kept watching them start to clean out the whole store. I eventually found myself wandering the aisles for something of my own to take, it was shelled salted sunflower seeds but I couldn't find them. So I asked a store stockboy and we still couldn't find them.

An aside, just the nite before I was at a supermarket asking the stockboy for sunflower seeds.

The dream continued with me watching more and more people join in at removing what they could from the store. No longer just a planned robbery but now general public taking stuff. At this point of the dream, the market started looking more like an Asian food market, not so much like a western market. I remember leaving the building at one point and was on my way back in from the parking lot and saw an Asian lady pushing a 4 wheeled dolly full of boxed foods out a double door which I re-entered the building thru.

What I saw was that the entire building had nearly been emptied of stock including the dang shelving. It looked like a large empty warehouse with only a few shelves remaing with some foodstuffs left as well. I finally remember deciding to leave but took something with me and as I left the building I was suddenly with someone I knew and he had something as well. We started walking across the parking lot trying to look casual. My friend was in front of me by 20 feet or so and we seemed to heading towards what looked like security guards but as I got closer they were armed and looked more like cops or riot squad types armed with 9mm handguns holstered. As I passed one of them he noticed something on my person, I was worried about being caught with stolen items. But he saw that I was carrying a weapon myself and I looked down on my right side and saw I was wearing a holstered 9mm as well. I had this sinking feeling that I was busted not for stealing but a weapon. I put my hands up and said oh man I forgot I had that.

The dream seemed to change at that point and don't remember much past that. But one thing hit me as I recalled the dream upon awakening was that maybe the reason I ended up having a gun was I was chasing robbers in the first place.

The thing that sticks out for me was the supermarket being emptied out and very quickly on the morning of the 26th.

It's probably nothing right ???


Journey 9/26/11

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2011-09-27 dreamdancer59 Large Flying Objects Hovering Above
No Picture


Was standing on the ground looking up at a huge otherworldly looking aircraft. It almost looked like a flying aircraft carrier, rectangular in shape. Initially the bottom side facing me looked like a convex hardened protective shell with a flat side facing up. It occasionally turning slightly to reveal a more detailed top side with a surface looking like something from Star Wars. 


Suddenly another craft appeared from above the first one - this one also rectangular but looking more uniformly flat on each side and hovering vertically. It docked in a perpendicular orientation to the first craft making a clear, crisp clicking (snicking) sound. The two became one.


Then another craft appeared which looked like the first one with the two parts already docked together. Two giant aircraft hovered above me, each seemingly made up of two components docked together.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2011-09-21 Philistine Someone Else's "I'm Naked" Dream
No Picture

During the course of last night's dreaming I found myself in one of those larger 7-11 stores. The newer style with a more open floorplan. There was a long line, 10 people or so, which extended into the aisle across from the counter.

The second person in line was a young guy, dark hair, over weight... and naked. The weird part was he just stood there trying to cover up. "I only came here for a candy bar!" he exclaimed, somewhat embarrased but not panicked. After a minute or so he approached the counter to buy his candy bar.

This seemed very much like the dreams I've had where I was naked or in my underwear in public. Embarrasing, sort of funny, and leaving me with no choice but to hang in there, stick to the plan, (sorry bout the puns) cover up a little and finish what ever I was there to do. Only this time I was watching it happen to someone else for a change!

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2011-09-06 Delta Don An Event
No Picture

 Sept 6, 2011 a.m.

 I was walking in a park and there were people everywhere. I came upon a structure that looked like a giant jungle gym. This jungle gym was giant cubes, 10 foot by 10 foot connected by spheres almost like an old toy called tinker toys.  A man was there and said one side was a positive side and the other side is negative.

  My friends Tom and Jeremy were there along with many other people that I know.. we crawled underneath and inside the structure remaining on all fours touching the Earth. Loudly everyone started chanting a sequence of words over and over again and the Earth started to bulge upward again and again. It was continually contracting and expanding up and outward as if the Earth was getting ready to give birth. I remember having to breath enabling us to focus and stay in that moment.
Suddenly people were crawling into a white membrane that was like a giant white placenta or cocoon.  I could very clearly see them in it.

  Everywhere I walked, people were getting ready to attend an event and they were continually asking what time it was going to happen. All people were dressed in an equal balance of the colors black and white. I could feel everything was expanding outward everywhere I went. I would try to sit down and everyone was being pushed with an outward momentum simultaneously together. I remember looking at a row of people sitting next to me because I was wondering what was pushing outward and I thought it was a young man with blonde hair sitting next to me.  But, as I observed I realized that there was an unseen but very powerful force and that we were all moving and expanding outward as one. As if we were all attached to a string moving us as one.

  I found myself sitting in a prone position in a chair that I have experienced in other dreams, dreams of a woman from a different world. The chair is organic in nature and interactive to touch symbiotically to the body.  I could feel it interacting with my body and hands as if it were alive. The young man with blonde hair walked up to me and stood next to me watching while a woman with black short hair and dressed in black and white approached and asked what time the event was going to happen and that she wanted to be on time for it. I got up from the chair and started walking again and people were still walking towards this event.  As I walked to a street corner I encountered a young girl with blonde hair dressed in black and white and as we passed she shared her beautiful radiant smile with me.  All of the people that I encountered were from the little town that I live in.  Everyone was headed towards a very important event.



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