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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2012-08-02 ablelba Surveillance Dreams
No Picture

4 dreams this morning.  These 2 seem related--

7/29/2012 Dream 1.5 - Night invasion

There are people in the house at night. What are they doing? Large men, dark clothes, walking around quietly in the dark. They have no flashlights, but their movements are graceful, precise and almost soundless. They appear to have night vision goggles, but much more compact than anything I have ever heard of: smaller than swimming goggles, and completely black. My body is asleep, but my psyche follows them around. They are looking carefully at everything, but do not seem to be taking anything. They seem unaware that they are being watched by me.

Dream 2 – On the watch list

My wife and I are standing outside of the garage, on the driveway. We notice that, when we get to a certain place on the driveway, we can hear the click-click-click of a camera shutter, coming from the corner eave of the driveway roof. There seems to be no camera, but when I look closely, there is a tiny pinhole in the soffit. It is a spy/surveillance camera.

Going through the house, we find subtle evidence of other cameras and microphones. We are mystified. Why would anyone go to the expense of bugging our house? We are not political, have no ties to crime or intrigue.

Next scene, I am standing in the lobby of our bank, waiting to see a teller. The external light darkens, but I find that I am able to ask questions of the secret thoughts of employees, or anyone there. My psyche is now standing behind the glass with the other tellers. An oriental man is operating a money counting machine in the corner.

“Why is my house bugged?” I ask him. His body continues to count the money, but his psyche raises its head and faces me.

“You are on a Homeland Security watch list, that's why you are being bugged.” he says, matter-of-factly. “The bank has to report all your transactions as well. Also, we can't tell you this, even if you ask us.”

“But, why me?” I protest, “I haven't done anything wrong.”

“Not wrong,” he replies, “Just suspicious. You have a bank safety deposit box. You travel to Canada regularly. You are making money on your investments when you should be losing money like everyone else. It's enough.” His psyche pulls back in, and he continues to count money.

And it suddenly makes sense. The odd looks from the tellers at the bank, being shadowed at times by police officers. Long delays with any credit or debit card use. What will they do if they find out I can now query their thoughts and intentions?


add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2012-08-01 Dr.Revelator Efficiancy
No Picture

I've had versions of this dream, or at least, there is this same element that has appeared and overtaken many of my dreams since high school.  Basically, its a variation on the classic flying dream, but its not really limited to to that.  Also, I should add that these dreams always happen when I've just fallen asleep or I've approched lucid dreaming.

Typically, I become aware that I'm dreaming and begin running, but its not normal running, its like I'm a old locomotive which spins its wheels at the initial blast of pressure from the engine, but it takes a moment to get any speed.  Then as I do begin to pick up speed, each stride becomes longer and longer, each foot touches the ground firmly, but my legs throw me forward faster with each step.  Although I'm "running", its not like I'm travelling forward in space as much as I am moving 'Dimensionally'.... everything begins to 'whir' past me very fast, but like warp, it also seems that I'm still and causing everything to move around me.

I never make it to where ever I'm "running", because I begin thinking about my movements and become consumed with the thought of being as "efficiant" as possible as I "run"....  I become so distracted with efficiant movement, that I typically wake myself up.... not before my body begins strange fits and flails that fill me with terrible anxiety as I'm coming out of sleep.  Its like I'm going from total freedom of movement to a paralized body.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2012-06-07 Philistine Ex Girlfriend and the Cupboard Portal
No Picture

Finally after a long period of non-rememberable dreams I had a striking love dream.

It had three parts: the finding, the portal, and the alternate reality.

I was in a strange house. I sensed my first real girlfriend. (It's been 20 years, I don't think about her very often and we haven't spoken in all this time). I could feel our energy touch and there was an embrace, but it was all just feelings. No visual or anything. I longed to see her.

I then heard a girl crying in a cabinet on the wall. Like a kitchen cabinet, about level with my upper body, but it was in a bedroom or laundry room. I opened the door to the cabinet and could see a figure about as big as a barbie doll hiding and crying behind some cups and office supplies. I asked her to come out of the cabinet. I considered this the portal through which she came to me after we made mind contact.

Then we were together and hugged like old friends. I could feel all my old feelings and love for her. It was emotionally painful and still is even now typing it. We talked for a while and I could feel all the what if questions about our lives just hanging in the air. 

Next she said she had to go with other people somewhere and I asked if we could meet up again later. She said sure. Some time later I found her again on the street, it was evening and in San Jose, where she still lives. She got out of a van along with some strangers who all wanted to meet me. We spoke for a few minutes alone, she left with the people. I've never dreamed of her in my love dreams, it's always a stranger when I have lost love dreams of longing for another. I felt strongly towards her in this dream, but not like my other longing dreams. We both knew there was nothing to do but say hi, embrace again, and part.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2012-03-13 Philistine Invited to my friend's soulspace reunion
No Picture

Two nights in a row now I have dreamt of seeing an old friend. Both times we are at a family reunion for his family and all of our old friends. It seems like it's his world and he's invited all the old crew, his family, and many new people I don't know. About 100 people in total of all ages. It takes place at night and mostly outside where rows of large picnic tables are filled with people. There is a large house and some of the dream happens in there.

My friend and I had a long discussion in the first dream. I wish more than anything I could remember the talks in all of my dreams. I always have a complete conversation with people I talk with in my dream, covering specific subjects and coming to agreed solutions. I never remember the words. I also spent time at the table of old friends talking about who was there and where was so-and-so. Laughing and joking with people I haven't seen in 20 years.

At one point I was urinating in a broken toilet in an earth floor basement room and in walks an older lady. No sex happened, but it was a little strange her attitude (fixated) and she made comments about my exposed self. Something about her husband isn't that large or isn't interested anymore. I finished my business and left. 

Later my wife and my youngest child and I were bedding down in another basement room, this time near a back door, much like my basement portals. Only there was a large pile of mattresses and boxes blocking the way to the area farther under the house. The back door led outside the house. We had a sleeping bag and were trying to sleep on one of the mattresses when a young boy, 10 years old or so and dressed for church, made his presence known. He just appeared and said he was sleepy and was a little angry his parents had left him there. We said we could take care of him in the morning and urged him to sleep.

Last night I returned alone and the party was still going on. Just more crowds and tables, outdoor lighting, and party.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2012-02-07 Backenstein Machine Gun Mucker
No Picture

Was in the back of a theater with actors in performance.  Some crazy, visible to the audience, shows up with a machine gun, one large actress jumped up out of his way with a short shriek.  I ran towards him, as a joker, a fool, positioning myself between the crazy and the rear where there was no one else to shoot.  He shot me many times, but I almost immediately detached my consciousness from the body.  The dream closed with his frozen in fear and shock (maybe someone shot him, then?) that I kept smiling, even shot, his bullets were worthless, and the terror he was sure of never came....

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2012-01-19 Philistine Meeting the Vampires
No Picture

[please note that I am not a fan of vampire fiction, I don't read or watch any of it]

In this dream I am younger and married with a young girl. What I remember is starting out in a city, like Portland with older buildings, two stories tall and brick that are apartments or commercial in a mixed neighborhood. Lots of trees. We were on foot.

There was a calamity in progress, some kind of zombie vampire plague which was infecting many people. We were the only ones out in the day that were normal. Presumably the other people not effected were inside. We met some "normal" folks, kind of Goth and rock n roll leather who explained it was vampirism that infected the people. They said that not everyone was effected to the same degree, and in fact they were vampires too, but with special powers, not like the zombies who were shuffling up and trying to bite us.

They took us to a safe place, their head quarters. They told us not to worry and that only people who wanted to be vampires were made into vampires. We could stay for the night and were given blankets and a spot on the floor.

The building was one of the two story brick, block sized commercial buildings and we were upstairs in the office area. As it got later and later the vampires began to take a greater interest in me. They didn't want my wife and said that taking kids was off limits according to their leader: Atticus was his name. I only glimpsed him as he came through with his entourage and nodded approval at the situation. All the vampires were young healthy adults and he was a bit more leather and chains than the rest.

The vampires couldn't help themselves. They wanted to taste my "pure" blood. Not to kill, just taste. I could feel their desires and could tell which ones were getting "blood lust" to come and pester me. I would get the attention of the ones that were helping me and they'd help get the lustful vampires to leave me alone. It was all a bit sensual with evil overtones. I was never panicked.

We left at dawn on foot. Some of the vampires followed us to help get out of the neighborhood. At one point a zombie girl in a white night gown grabbed me and I was told to smash her. I picked up the ghoulish child and threw her to the ground, breaking her bones and ending the attack. I was sickened.

Much later in the dream I was driving an RV that was towing a pop up camper. On top of the flat camper I had put a couch without tying it down, just balanced there. It was a nice white canvas couch, brand new. I drove carefully to the vampire HQ and up a back ramp to the roof top parking and told one of them I had brought them their couch.


add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2011-12-06 Guineith Dolphin Dreaming II (Sonar)
No Picture

I dreamt that I was with my dolphin friends and we were swimming, but we were swimming in the air. We were swimming through a shopping mall full of Christmas and shopping, then I heard my dolphin friend say, "This is amazing!" I saw through his eyes that everything had turned to distorted psychedelic waves. I knew that this was due to his sonar becoming confused by the rebounding echoes of sound within the mall. I understood then that when cetaceans such as dolphins use their sonar, the audio signal travels through the vision centre of their brain. They don't hear like you and I hear, when they hear sounds, their brain creates a "hallucinogenic" overlay that is a visual representation of the audio signal. It is as if they live in two worlds, the visual and the hallucinogenic auditory. However, for them, the hallucinogenic auditory world is the more real. Other animals have this ability as well and it works through a similar mechanism, especially bats and elephants. Elephants have a vlf sonar that works like an over the horizon radar. Once again, they see the sounds as a hallucinogenic overlay to their regular vision. Elephants have their "normal" hearing as well, but I now doubt that bats and cetaceans do.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2011-11-18 planetgazer Galaxy Collision
No Picture

Last Saturday night, I dreamt that I was looking at the moon through a hole it the clouds. Not so weird. It looked just like a photo I took and was looking at the previous day. However, I looked to the left and saw an entire galaxy in the sky, as though it has just risen over the horizon. (This part appears to have been a premonition. I went to see "The Immortals" on Sunday and the logo of one of the film studios is a stylized galaxy. It is oriented in the position as I had seen in my dream.) The real weirdness began when I realized that another galaxy was colliding with the earth as though it were an earth-sized pinwheel, making vertical, propellor-like slices through the planet. This was occurring just to the left of the still peaceful looking galaxy in the sky and coming my way. (I realize that a real galaxy would dwarf the earth and that galaxy "collisions" don't actually result in stars colliding with one another because of the relative distances between stars but hey, it was a dream.)

As the pinwheel arms of the intruding galaxy were slicing through the crust, they began throwing up both chucks of solid rock (big chunks) and magma from beneath the crust. It was coming my way and began to fall all around me. I decided that I was probably going to die and I remember wondering if it would hurt. Suddenly, I had a feeling that I had passed on. I felt quite serene. I also recall seeing others with me, who were apparently also in the spirit world. It seemed like there were five as that number seemed to be stuck in my head afterwards.I then woke up.

Seeing the galaxy logo at the movie later that day was a serious wujo moment for me. I find that more of my dreams appear to presage some event in the waking world much more often these days.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2011-11-08 Delta Don Correction to Nov 8, 2011 dream.
No Picture

The last time I saw the orange was my vision of a volcano and deep in the volcano I could see the orange color which was very intense coming from within the earth. The orange from the night of Nov, 8, 2011 was not from within the earth but was part of a grid or matrix of energy.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2011-11-08 Delta Don Sphere shaped body coming towards us.
No Picture

Nov 8, 2011 A.M.

A large sphere made of an intense glowing orange color came floating towards me. Within it I could see perfect squares or cubes as if looking at a matrix of perfect equidistant squares. The last time I saw this color it was coming from the center of volcano shaped tube that also looked like nuclear reactors cooling towers. This vision was prior to the Japanese Earthquake and tsunami March 11, 2011.



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