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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2013-04-07 Philistine Giant Purple T-Rex and the Mistaken Grandma
No Picture

In this dream I am in a familiar place from my life. St. John's in North Portland. It's a funky old neighborhood with heavy industry, marine industry, and all the old houses from the factory days. 

At first I'm walking around by the bridge over the Willamette where I used to go at lunchtime every day. It's beautiful by the river despite the shipyards and rail lines. There's lots of little houses and I found myself talking with a hunched over old lady with white hair and a cane on her front porch. It was sunny and warm out.

We exchanged hellos as strangers will in Portland, we're friendly and polite here. I had stopped to chat on my walk and as we were talking I realized she was slipping into a kind of dementia. She began speaking to me as if I were her son. Calling me by name. I tried to back away and she became agitated. She couldn't understand what was going on and kept asking me why I wanted to go. 

I ran from this crazyness. Downhill towards the river and shipyards. The rusty steel buildings, no sidewalks, weeds sun and cement. Summer. In my dreams as I run I will always fall forward and do a "shoulder roll" which leaves me in the middle of streets. I could hardly go faster than the grandma as I got up, ran a few steps, tumbled forward into a shoulder roll, and sitting up on the pavement again. Panic setting in.

I found myself a short distance away up on the bluff nearby where the nicer houses are, closer to the university. I was in my front yard (not my real house, just mine in the dream) telling my wife what had just happened and suddenly a house sized blob dropped onto a house several houses down and across the street. It totally smashed the house it landed on, shook the ground with a mighty 'wham'. Everything stopped as the shape began to take the form of a giant T-rex sort of unrolling itself from a fetal ball form. It sprang to it's feet rather quickly, a giant 60 foot Tyrannosaurus, covered in mucus and a deep blood like purple color.

We ran inside to hide from it. Hiding in our living room as it stomped down the street looking from left to right into the houses through the front windows. It eventually passed and we heard it move down the street and out of our neighborhood.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2013-03-27 Philistine Waiting for the "big daddy" with other souls
No Picture

This is one of my "soulspace" dreams where I am gathered with other people in a place and interacting. Normally the people are angelic and the place is a unrealistic, like my lighthouse dream. This was more like the dream where I met for a wake in San Jose prior to knowing about it in real life. So this concerns me due to the similarity with a premonitive dream about death.

We met at an old school and gathered in the cafeteria/theater. There were large wooden beams exposed and typical old school effects like the waxed floor. There were tables like kids would eat at and we were sitting and waiting. My family was there, although I didn't really see them. 

At the entrance to the large room a teen girl was checking in the guests and giving each a bar coded sticker which was to be used as some kind of ticket. I went from the table to the ticket girl and back, talking with people. The place really started to fill up, with every seat taken. When I got back to my table there was a little league team and a group of men. The men asked me questions about my real professional life. They were pipe fitters or welders and had done work for people who know me from my CAD training I do on the side. We talked about real people and companies by name.

The conversation I had with the kids was a bit strange. They were not kids I know. They had red baseball uniforms on, no shoes, and were about 11 years old. I asked one if he was here for the basket ball tournament, he laughed at my joke and said "no we're here for the Big Daddy..". I was standing for some reason now, wanting to leave.

Just at the end of this, I looked down at the kid's red ball hat and thought "Cincinatti", but it had a NY logo on it like the Yankees. I looked all around and the men and ball team were all wearing red, white, and blue. This stuck out to me, the color pallete of the immediate crowd at the lunch table around me. I only then remember picking my way to the large open door that lead outside to the sunshine and school yard.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2013-03-15 Delta Don When pigs fly!
No Picture

Feb 2013
I was looking out a window at my backyard where there is a stream and had the thought that we are surrounded by all this beauty and we may not always see it.  Out of no where little pigs that looked like little Hippos were flying around and they were pink and purple covered in all different patterns and designs. I was like wow this is very different flying pigs romping and running around in my backyard playing.  I turned from the window and flew and came upon a person that I met the day before at a car dealership and I asked him if he needed to learn how to fly.  He floated up in front of me and I knew he could fly.  

I got in a vehicle filled with many people and we were on a road surrounded and lined by gigantic old trees.  We were moving forward and I could see everything in front of us was disintegrating and being moved out of the way.  I looked upon everyones faces and could see they were all focusing on what was coming with no fear.  In front of us I could see something appearing a sphere of nothingness but it was very intense as if everything and anything that could exist was before us.  We were all concentrating on this potential no fear just focus.  A woman on my right leaned over and looked at me very closely and she said to me "you dream of him" and I said yes.  She said, "he stands before you"  I said yes and understood she was speaking of Jesus.

Upon waking the next day I went to the store to pick up my vehicle and told the person that I had a dream about him and that he could fly.  He told me he has been trying to fly in his dreams for seven years.  I told him " You can fly you just have to remember because I saw you fly in my dreams." He was happy and surprised.  

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2013-03-15 Delta Don Jesus
No Picture

Feb  2013
I could see a massive diamond spinning in front of me fractaling  geometric energy in all directions.
From the center of the diamond appeared a being and it was Jesus floating in a lotus position with his hands laid upon his knees facing upward. I remember how surprised I was to see him in the lotus position.  He was wearing a beautiful blue and red violet robe with a small amount of white close to his neck.  I could see his very large heart beating with energy flowing outward from his body and as it did his clothing was ebbing a flowing back and forth with each beat.  His heart was surrounded by many many lines expanding outward as if rays of light from the sun. It was as an intense hum filled with love and compassion which was flowing forth from him ebbing and flowing like the tides of the sea or the breath of life flowing in and out.  His head was slightly tilted with a gentle smile..I remember gazing and looking at him feeling how fortunate and grateful I was to be experiencing this.  In the background I could here a song playing and it grew louder and I could make the words out it was a song called "How Deep is your Love?" by the Bee Gees.  When it woke me up I got up and listened to the words of the song. I was moved.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2013-02-01 Joschka Accident at secret facility
No Picture

I had a dream last night that went like this.

I was with a group of people in some kind of large institutional type building. It was supposed to be a combination of offices, housing, cafeteria, etc to service a complex immediately next to it. It was not 100% clear to me what this was, but from my understanding it was some kind of research type facility for something to do with high energy and it had some kind of nuclear reactor or something in it.

This whole thing was located up somewhere high, like on a plateau in the mountains or some kind of mesa or something like that.

When I arrived with this group of people the place was mostly deserted. We were to  sort of mothball the place because it was supposed to be temporarily shut down. I had the impression it was being shut down for a period of months, as if it was occupied seasonally or something. There were a few people left, but it certainly was not staffed up to full capacity.

So at one point we were in some kind of community room type area. I went down a long hall away from that room towards one of the exits for something.

As I was going along I was thrown up into the air and hit the ceiling. For a split second I thought there had been an explosion. But instead of immediately falling, I lingered up near the ceiling briefly. Just for a moment, but long enough to know that something was up. When I got outside it happened again and I saw several people in the parking lot also momentarily suspended in mid-air.

That was the end of it. But this seemed to be totally unanticipated by everyone involved and they all supposed that somehow the high energy facility was not shut down properly and somehow it must be the cause of this odd effect.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2012-11-02 silvermitt Day vision
No Picture

Look, I have no idea what to make of this as I've never had this happen before. I've had strange things happen to me since I was a kid, but this one was worth sending in.  Dreams are common forme, but day visions are not. I'VE NEVER HAD A DAY VISION BEFORE.

It's daytime 10-30-12, around noon I think.  I'm standing in my bathroom chatting to my 4 yr old, who's in his room across a narrow hallway when I suddenly can't see and I get a vision.  No lightning flashes or anything odd (pregnancy came with problems with eye lightning).  My first is, oddly eough, a vision of Mt. Rushmore.  The second is more tunnelike.  Like I'm on the floor of a volcano looking up and can see the sky (white instead of blue).  It changes and appears to be a floating squid with really short tentacles, or maybe a really large rock/meteor with short whisp trails after it.  Then my sight comes back and I'm fine but left with a feeling that I just had the oddest event of my life.

I often have very vivid dreams and some leave me with ideas for really good material for a fiction or at least it's title.  Like a dream I had on Halloween night:  Joe Forgery and the Medusa Mistake.  Sounds like a great gumshoe detective novel, eh? That little title showed up and I awoke and wrote it down immediately.  Is it a twist on something else? Hell if I know.  But it was neat enough to remember and write down.  But my day vision is completely a different animal.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2012-10-23 Toby Revelations / double dream within dream
No Picture

Dream began while I was walking down a blacktop highway road outside of a major metropolitan city with a number of refugees including my family and me. I immediately noticed the rolling hills of a dessert like environment but the freshly laid pavement, crisp white road lines freshly painted and pedestrian signs every 100 meters or so. A large fog horn like sounds echoes from the heavens and immediately I think of revelations from the bible as a feeling of hopelessness and armageddon takes over my consciousness. I fear for my family walking beside me my mother, father, brother and girlfriend. I remember something about seven horns before the end comes for some reason and know by some weird way that the most recent horn although the first heard in my dream was the fifth. The pace of everybody’s walk becomes faster and faster as the 6th horn sounds, echoing from the heavens with no apparent source. looking back from where we've come I see a city scape with large buildings. Bright blue skies and stratus like clouds fill the sky so vivid and surreal. Just then the seventh horn blares and I know that this is the time, if something was to happen it was surely going to happen now. With everyone sharing a mutual conscious a uncomfortable moment of silence ensues before a loud rumbling generates in the distance ahead past the horizon. The rumble becomes a loud growl and piercing whistle as if to indicate something extremely fast is approaching. looking up I see a white trailing cloud shooting across the sky above to compliment the rumble and whistling, a woman screams and creates a frenzy amongst the crowd of people now looking mesmerized by the scene above. A commotion of panic now ensues as everyone drops their belongings and begins to run franticly with their loved ones at side. As I began to run with my girlfriends hand in mine, I feel a flash of heat and my peripheral vision radiates with a bright glow. knowing in my mind it had hit miles away but indeed we were in extreme danger and the world would never be the same again. I glance at my mother, the concern in her eyes heightens my awareness and I can tell she is in dire duress. she moves her lips as if to say i love you as my father grabs her and yanks her as he runs. I glance back to see what’s happening and see a wall of bright white, dust and death screaming our way faster than I could ever imagine. As it is about to reach us I accept my inevitable death and with a moments breath both my girlfriend and I look at one another simultaneously saying "I love you" with haste, forcing it out of our mouths quickly knowing these were our dying words. We kiss. I close my eyes and the blast hits us and I feel the warmth, expecting the experience of death the warmth overwhelms and encompasses my body with what felt like an appendage going to sleep, as it awakens it begins to furiously tingle exponentiously until the blood flow returns to normal. My whole body felt like that and as the tingles peaked I feel weird because I know I’m dead but I can still think subconsciously. The voice within me quanders and I am confused, but even more so I feel scared and worried for my family and their inevitable loss, I wonder if they too can still think and feel as I can and how they must feel given their loss of loved ones as well. I then awake...

 It’s a brisk cold but fresh morning and I have awoken in a park on a bench, dew is on the grass. As I shake the sleep from my eyes I immediately become concerned given my recent dream. For some weird reason my father is at my side and we both look at one another with angst. silently communicating to one another we wonder what just happened and if perhaps we just had the same dream? Am I dead....? Are we both dead? If so, where are the others!?! Where is my mother!!? Where the hell are we?!? We don’t speak a word as we begin to walk. There is a hill atop sits a neighborhood of houses with a road that switchbacks twice to the top of the hill. We start to walk, silently not one word is spoken. I can see the breath as it comes out of my mouth in a surreal fog as we begin the climb to the top of the hill, "Am I only dreaming" I think to myself as I begin to panic and look to my side, my father gone and nowhere in sight. As the panic gets worse I try to put together the events that happened in detail and it is at this point that I awake. Thankful that my life is as it was and all of this was only a dream.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2012-10-04 ablelba Dragons in the House
No Picture

20121004- Dream-Two Gray Dragons

5:30 AM EST/DST, 9:30 GMT


I am outside on a summer night in the back yard of the 3-floor house in which I live. We are having a cookout. I am standing in a corner of the yard, drinking punch and talking with several of my friends. Even though it is late, there are still about 10 to 12 people at the party, talking with each other in low tones, and occasionally laughing.


“It's getting late,” I tell my friends, “and I think it's time for me to head for bed.” So I make my way up the hill, around the side, and into the front door of the house. The lights are still on in the ground floor, but not on the next floor up where my bedroom is located.


As I reach the foot of the stairs, I look up to see the back feet and four-foot, smooth gray tail of a giant lizard, heading up the stairs ahead of me. There is another lizard ahead of it, almost to the top landing. Somehow they have gotten into the locked house. They are planning to attack us in our sleep.


I run to the steps, and yank on the tail of the second lizard. It turns to attack, but loses its balance and falls backwards, landing hard on its head at the bottom of the stairs. The first lizard turns, and charges down the stairs to attack me. They look like large Komodo Dragon lizards, but with smooth gray scaly skin.


I am somehow standing on a chair, whacking at one lizard with a square lumber pole. The other lizard is spinning itself in a ring and thrashing in pain. If the second lizard recovers enough to join the attack, I have little chance to survive.


“DRAGONS!” I yell again and again, “There are Komodo Dragons in the house!” I expect my friends to help me soon. Oddly, I am only yelling about the dragons, not yelling for help. Telling my friends about the presence of dragons seems far more important than getting them to rescue me.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2012-09-08 Philistine The autopilot van with a portal door in it
No Picture

In this dream it's late in the afternoon or evening, the sun has gone down, but the sky is still light. It's warm and pleasant.

I find my self in a black van, 70's make, GM, kinda beat up. It's a bit rock-n-roll with hot rod rims and fat tires. Little body damage here and there and hasn't been washed or waxed in a while. There is no seat behind the driver and front passenger. So I'm standing and holding onto the seats while I watch where we are going.

The van is driving itself across town. I'm just watching and hanging on. One thing about the van- it's a pretty quick driver. No hesitation or slow anything, just sort of as efficient as a machine could drive you within operating safety. Another thing, if I stop paying attention to where we're going, the van starts to become less accurate at turns and a few times runs up onto lawns and curbs as we zoom around on residential and business occupied streets. There is nobody around in the entire dream. I am alone in this city.

After a while it becomes dark and I move about in the van looking up at some strange clouds in the sky through the back windows. The clouds are near a fullish moon and the lighting effect was beautiful. It was then I noticed the large old wooden door in the back of the van. (I know, I'm not paying any attention now to where we're going, and the van is doing fine at this point, thank goodness) The door is a familiar sight to me. I know it's a portal.

If I go through it I'll probably pass to a basement in some old house somewhere like I do in so many dreams. It's mounted inside the van cargo area to the metal side, like I could just open it and pass out of the side of the van. The door was white with a crusty old lead paint, a chain, and a window. A big old heavy wooden front door.

I decide to not enter the portal, but complete the mission with the van. We eventually get to a small business sort of mini-mall like structure, really just a building on the corner with several tenants. I get out and go into an abandoned comic store. There are a few posters hanging to tell me this. It's all messy as if the business left behind a lot of stuff and it's been ransacked by someone. I go to the office to look for money or something.

It's here that I get a strong feeling not to enter the office. The light is on and I stand outside in the dark blue carpeted hall. I know it as a spirit trap, however the spirit is not there. I quickly go in and survey the scattered remnants of the business office. Dark old ugly wood paneling. There is an open safe. A big wooden desk with it's drawers hanging out. No chair. Pens, paperclips, etc. I don't see what I'm looking for. Someone already got everything of value. I back out quickly again, still wary of the trap I was just in, go out to the van and we ride away. It's morning now.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2012-08-04 lnl911 What was that for?
No Picture

I had a dream a few months ago about being in a chair that looked to me like a dentist chair. Well any way i was smiling and their was a man sitting next to me and beside him was a bottle, a large one like the water bottle you fill at the stores or save coins in and i turned to ask him what are you doing with that its so big. The man said well how else can i get the hemoglobien. When I woke up I had to look that word up i knew it was blood but what was it s difinition.



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