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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-05-20 Save Life Death of Bin Ladden
No Picture

June 25th 2005

In this dream i was a US secret ops soldier.  My assigned mission was to assasinate Bin Ladden.   

I recieved information on his location, not sure how, but he was inside a bunker near the Eastern coastline....closer to the boarders of mexico, by puerto Ricco.

Once inside, I represented myself as a "call girl" and sent his army outside.  I was able to get up close and personal enough to complete my assignment.

Once completed...I woke up

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-05-19 Albert Flasher Flying in a blue dream
No Picture

Flying in a blue dream ( kudos to Joe Satriani)

My most vivid and also perhaps most pleasant dream was of flying high over a forest, about a year and a half ago. For all my life whenever I had flying dreams, I would barely be able to float, possibly sometimes as high as a room ceiling, avoiding people who were trying to catch me. Sometimes ( most often) it would be like just picking up my feet and floating just above the ground, but going anywhere I might normally walk. Sometimes it was just floating down a set of stairs by picking my feet up.

This time however, I was able to immediately and for the first time fly high over the land. I remember very clearly, it was over patches of forest, early evening, nearing dark. I could smell the freshness of the air so clearly, like it had just rained ( I have not been able to smell anything at all in real life for more than seven years due to a severe ear infection that spread). I could see eveing mist floating above the trees, vividly, and recall how beautiful it all was. I wanted it to go on forever, feeling the peace and tranquility. However, shortly after I awoke, without the dream really progressing anywhere.

The strange thing was, a few months later, we were driving on vacation somewhere in Massachusetts ( we are from Illinois, the flatlands, not very pretty at all) and all of a sudden we were on a road far above a wide-spreading valley, and in the valley, as far as eyes could see, were large clumps of forest, far below. It was evening, and patches of mist or fog were rising above the trees just like in my dream. It was of course, somewhat different, but the similarity was startling. I don’t know if it was precognitive or coincidental, but the memory sticks with me, which usually does not happen, as I do not have very good long term memory any more. At least I got to fly once before I die ( other than in a plane LOL).

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-05-16 leodrummer bombs drop
No Picture

I was underground with some friends and when I came above ground I saw a plane drop three bombs. I ducked for cover. Some how even though the bombs dropped straight above me I survived.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-05-15 Hawk1111 Whisky Bar
No Picture

Words and numbers are important:

Whisky Bar was there but BUY it . 78,000 was number. 

Then was chasing someone with a gun. I had a gun. it jammed. Was on rooftop

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-05-13 Radmanroad Not the shooter
No Picture

     Black woman in her fifties wearing a white jacket and white paints with short black kinky hair is walking a 25lb gold dog. She is walking in the day time on the side walk with a chain on her dog. My body or mind is in a house that is located on a corner, the house is of the ground and stairs are made out of concrete, may be 6 or 7 steps up to the door of the house, I do not believe that is the front door because the door opens up to a bed room. The room has two sets of windows on one wall and I am look out the window and I see her walking by, at that time her dog gets away from her and runs up the stairs and pushes open the door and enters the room, the dog runs through the bed room and enters a bathroom where there is a larger back dog female. I do not know why the black dog is in the bathroom could be hiding. The smaller gold dog begins to not fight with the other dog but both of them become intertwined with each other. The black woman enter the home and see her dog kind of locked in with the other dog, but the dogs are not really fighting or biting each other. She tries to pull them apart but can’t, some how I am there now trying to help separate the two dogs, and we are able to pull them apart. I now starting talking with the woman and she said that she noticed a bullet hole through the wall and said that it went through the face of a man who may have been sleeping on his bed. I asked her if she was scared and she said no that she had a gun and she showed me her gun. The gun was a five shot revolver with the hand grips broken; the gun looked like it was in bad shape. I opened up the gun and it had no bullets in it and I asked her why she has it? She said the gun did not work but she has it to intimidate any one who threatens her, just for show. The woman takes her dog and leaves the home. I did not see the man she was talking about but I believe that there was a shooting at that home and one shot went through the wall from the out side and hit the man in the face as he was sleeping. The black woman with the gold dog is not the shooter.

    When I woke up from this dream a funny thing is that a song is playing in my head.

A song from Billy Joel, the tune keep repeating it self in my head. I believe the words are “we got to get out of this town but with no place to go.” I will look it up on the internet, I am not a Billy Joel fan but I have heard his music before. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-05-06 Crystal J nine
No Picture

This dream was very short.  In the dream, I was on my hands and knees in the middle of a field of dirt.  I could not see any trees or plants from where I was, only dark brown loose soil.  About three inches deep.  At first, there were other people around, but as the dream progressed they faded away. It was a very overcast day as everthing felt shadowy.  I kept running my hands over and through the dirt.  I was looking for something.  I was looking for 'nine'.  Not the numberal 9, but the word 'nine'.  It wasn't etched in the harder dirt underneath, but maybe printed on a small transluscent piece of plastic.  I don't know for sure,  but I never did find 'nine' and I finally woke up for a bathroom visit.  

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-05-04 Maggie Moo 3:33 AM
No Picture

I had a dream early this morning that I woke up and time was 3:33 AM and then the following dream took place. When I wake up in real-life after this dream, I look over at the clock, it was 3:33 AM. WOWW.

Lying in bed asleep and I keep pseudo hearing the phone ring. I finally wake myself up and I think I hear the phone ring. I get up out of bed and walk into the living room but the phone isn’t ringing afterall. The time is 3:33 AM and it’s still dark outside. My oldest daughter is sitting on the couch with a shake and my husband walks in with a shake that he’s just made for me. Instead of thanking him for doing something so nice, I say something that is supposed to be funny but it accidently comes out snarky; like, “well, thank you, it’s nice to finally get a shake this morning,” “thanks for taking so long,” or “it’s about time” (something like that) and then my daughter repeats it and it sounds even snarkier. Instead of realizing that I was the one who needed to take responsibility, apologize, and be reprimanded for the behavior, I tell my daughter to be respectful and take responsibility for her actions by apologizing to her father. My husband walks past me with his shake to go to the bathroom. The phone rings and it’s my brother. My parents are at his house and he asks me in a solemn voice if we can come to his house right away. I ask him why. He tells me we just need to come. I say, “right now?” He replies with yes, now. I ask again why? And he says, “can we talk about it when you get here?” I prod again and he is talking back and forth with mom and dad and he says that the IRS just paid him a visit and he thinks that they are going to be in this area and will probably wind up at my house next.  I wasn’t afraid or anything because I hadn’t done anything wrong and so I say “why would I need to avoid the IRS if they paid me a visit?” and he says “well, it was the IRS or another government entity.” I’m confused and I say something like, isn’t it better if we just stay here and talk to them about whatever it is they want to talk to me about because I haven’t done anything wrong. My husband is part of the conversation and is telling me how stupid it is that they are asking us to go that there is no reason for us to leave and go anywhere.


All of a sudden, I am in the garden watering the plants having this conversation. The garden is pristine and perfectly designed. The plants are surrounded by Circles of beautifully laid stone/river rocks that had some amazing eye-popping colors like turquoise blue mixed in with it. It looked like circles of mosaic tiles made out of river rock with a perfectly pruned plant in the middle of each one. The water was running out of the faucet and falling right in the center of the mosaic circles onto the plant and splashing onto the surrounding tiles cleaning them off and making the colors extremely vibrant (like when you put any stone or river rock in the water).  I don’t know how the dirt wasn’t splashing up onto the tiles because the water was not filtered out of the hose with any kind of attachment so it was coming out of the faucet in a large stream hitting the ground really hard. In real life if this were to happen, the dirt would have been displaced and it would have splashed all over the plant and rock and made everything dirty. Then my brother talks to my mom and dad again and says something about there being a tornado watch or warning for Fayetteville, Arkansas and surrounding counties again and so he actually doubted that anyone was going to pay me a visit after all today and I can hear in his voice that he is just frustrated at trying to get me to listen and do what he asks. I tell him that I’ll go get the kids in the car and we’ll head over to his house even though I don’t understand just because he asked me to.


All of a sudden, I am back in the living room with my husband and daughter and I ask my husband to get the kids out of bed and pack them up in the car so we can go. I explain that even though there isn’t a reason for us to leave that we need to go if it makes my brother more comfortable.  My husband is not happy with my decision. I don’t know if we actually go or not because I wake up.

When I wake up again (in real life this time) and look at the clock, it’s 3:33 AM.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-03-27 RoxieR Spider Webs
No Picture

Two nights ago I dreamt I was in a park at night with some friends further along.  I found myself surrounded by thousands of very large spider webs.  They were everywhere.  there were no spiders on the webs however, they were hiding and I could sense it.  I was completely freaked out because it was night time and I had only a faint torch that didn't give me sufficient reflexion of the surrounding and distant spider webs, only those that were the closest to me.  

I also remember that at some other point in the dream I had panicked and my arm or hand got caught in one of the threads and it was impossible to break. The thread at that point in the dream was as thick as rope and I didn't have any tools to cut it.  Somehow I must have freed myself.

I remember turning this way and that in order to find a way out through the maze of webs.  The first time I turned around because one of my friends yelled "look out!" and behind me, about 1 inch from my back there was a huge web fully formed, no spider on it, though I distinctly sensed that it was there, but I couldn't see it. I slid past the web only to encounter another, once again, closeto my body (about 1 - 2 inches from my face).  

Finally I stopped still and observedthe whole scene to the best of my ability and with the use of my tiny torch.  I saw that there was indeed a path free of the webs and if I followed it carefully I would find my way out of the park.  I knew that if I swayed as I walked , I would brush against a web.

I know what this dream means to me.  The night before I had come to a realisation that I spend too much time on the internet and that my worldview is being formed by all the data that I subconsiously collect.  I've been slowly releasing the hold that the internet has on me and I've found my old beliefs are resurfacing.  These old beliefs are for me, the clearest path to follow.  The dream reflected it all beautifully.  

However I felt compelled to share this on this site because I believe that strong dreams might also be messages for others. Perhaps someone will benefit from this dream, somehow.  Well being to you all.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2013-04-16 redspiralhand Dream of browsing through a book of "Truths"
No Picture

Okay, so in a dream last night I was flipping through a book called, "We Hold These Truths to be Self Evident." It had perhaps 150 pages and was taller than it was wide...heavy hardbound cover and pages were gilt/gold edged. There were some interesting "truths" in there...one was about people collecting their personal bacilli (and other critters) from villi to use as a cure for others. Interesting!

I had been in more "classes" last night which happen frequently...I am in small groups and receive instruction and information on a number of subjects...  I am also in "meetings" a lot during those times with lots of human and non-human beings...

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2013-04-07 Philistine Giant Purple T-Rex and the Mistaken Grandma
No Picture

In this dream I am in a familiar place from my life. St. John's in North Portland. It's a funky old neighborhood with heavy industry, marine industry, and all the old houses from the factory days. 

At first I'm walking around by the bridge over the Willamette where I used to go at lunchtime every day. It's beautiful by the river despite the shipyards and rail lines. There's lots of little houses and I found myself talking with a hunched over old lady with white hair and a cane on her front porch. It was sunny and warm out.

We exchanged hellos as strangers will in Portland, we're friendly and polite here. I had stopped to chat on my walk and as we were talking I realized she was slipping into a kind of dementia. She began speaking to me as if I were her son. Calling me by name. I tried to back away and she became agitated. She couldn't understand what was going on and kept asking me why I wanted to go. 

I ran from this crazyness. Downhill towards the river and shipyards. The rusty steel buildings, no sidewalks, weeds sun and cement. Summer. In my dreams as I run I will always fall forward and do a "shoulder roll" which leaves me in the middle of streets. I could hardly go faster than the grandma as I got up, ran a few steps, tumbled forward into a shoulder roll, and sitting up on the pavement again. Panic setting in.

I found myself a short distance away up on the bluff nearby where the nicer houses are, closer to the university. I was in my front yard (not my real house, just mine in the dream) telling my wife what had just happened and suddenly a house sized blob dropped onto a house several houses down and across the street. It totally smashed the house it landed on, shook the ground with a mighty 'wham'. Everything stopped as the shape began to take the form of a giant T-rex sort of unrolling itself from a fetal ball form. It sprang to it's feet rather quickly, a giant 60 foot Tyrannosaurus, covered in mucus and a deep blood like purple color.

We ran inside to hide from it. Hiding in our living room as it stomped down the street looking from left to right into the houses through the front windows. It eventually passed and we heard it move down the street and out of our neighborhood.



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