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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-14 Elyse Americans Attacked
No Picture

I found myself working alongside thousands of other hardworking Americans in a huge open area surrounded by lush forests. The government had demanded that every river be turned into one large river and the people were working feverishly to make it happen. I noticed that many men and woman were dripping with sweat and looked to be thirsty, but it was against the law to drink from the rivers. The government issued water, and those who ran out or didn't get any, well, they died. Those who tried to drink from the river were shot and killed.

After a long, hard day, everyone returned to their little houses right at the edge of the forests. Most of the homes were little run down trailors. As I went to my trailor home, I looked at the sky and could see it getting dark and cloudy. I thought nothing of it until I was getting ready for bed and began to hear a loud howling and the trailor began to shake. I looked outside to see a HUGE funnel cloud touch the earth. Quickly, I told my husband to gather the children and seek cover. I was gathering water and blankets when I noticed that there were three tiny kittens on the porch. I couldn't leave them there, the tornado was heading right at us! So I scooped the kittens up in my arms and ran to the nearest closet and crouched with my back against the door and my body shielding the kittens as the trailor was torn apart all around me. Luckily, everyone survived the night.

The next moring, I looked out to see that nearly every trailor had been destroyed by the tornado. People were wringing out their wet clothes and blankets and hanging them on lines, but just as every morning, when it was time, they all marched to work. Today we had a new project - we were to build new government buildings... lots of them. I was confused by the fact that no one seemed to notice or care about the HUGE amount of damage the tornado had done or the fact that the government didn't seem to care... instead of helping after the crisis, the government increased our work load. I refused to work and instead wandered around watching everyone. The government already had one great, big glass building. It was supposed to be clear so that you could see the work the government did within. I walked there first. I was appaled to find that it was full of mirrors and designed so that it LOOKED like you could see inside. Those within were well hidden... but at the time, it was empty. In the middle of my exploration, I heard the thunderous sound of helicopters. I looked outside to see them flying and firing at some of the workers! Suddenly, armed forces came out of nowhere as well. In spite of this, most of the people kept working as if nothing were happening. Some of them were easily shot and killed by the ground troops. Some ran to seek shelter from the helicopters in the woods and were followed. A few of them didnt make it, but many did and found shelter in the forest. Once it dawned on me what was happening, I began to panic. On a VERY fancy desk in the office I happened to be in, I found a wierd tool. I took it and began to run, making my own way into the forest while being chased and shot at.

When I was sure I was no longer being followed, I took a closer look at the tool I took. Imagine a monster swiss army knife, roughly the size of a body builders forearm. It was complete with saw, firestarter, clippers... just about any tool you would want if you were stranded in a forest. It was made out of the weirdest looking, almost baby blue metal. I was certainly glad to have it as it would help me significantly in constructing a shelter.

As I wandered the forst, I came across a very poorly constructed, yet HUGE shelter. I was so excited that I had found other people and had hoped that maybe I could join them. I walked in as a meeting was going on. Everyone was standing, hand to heart, saying the pledge of Alligence to a very battered flag. After which, they all sat and listened to several speakers. After the meeting was over, I asked to join them and I was directed to the leader of the group. I went to him, and he questioned my motives then my loyalty, so I presented him with the tool I had been carrying. I told him that with it, we could construct a better, more hidden shelter and use it for protection. He seemed more interested in using it in a counter attack, but he agreed and I was accepted into the group and instructed to be in charge of the tool.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-14 Lucky_japi_Go Sick violence on dog
No Picture

Dream date/time : Tues. 05.13.14. 830AM CDT


I am walking up to a modest home somewhere in the local area. I know it

is associated w/ the area I currently am  as I don't particularly like the entire

region  where I am in waking life..and I knew it was this area.

As I am near the front of the house, a younger male joins me on the right (a

new/future indicator). We continue to walk and he says he lives in this

house w/ another young man both in early 30's by appearance/speech. He

tells me he will introduce me to his friend inside.

The 3 of us exchange small/talk greetings--the feeling of the exchange and

the atmosphere is kind of icky and coarse- poverty or some kind of

chaotic feeling to it. The #2 guy shows me he has a young dog- not a

young puppy- but not yet 1yr old, either. It's a short-haired mutt-mix , white

and tan and very friendly and animanted.  I pet the dog and greet it- it is a

female about 40-45 pounds , long legs and looks healthy. I notice no collar

on her--but that is common in this nasty region where I am.

Then  I go on through the backyard and I am in an ally or dirt road w/

buildings arround it-same kind of "poverty" feeling to it. I meet a woman w

dark hair in her late 50's whom I seem to have met before.  This is their

neighborhood- all 3 of them appear to know eachother. We are small-

talking when the #2 guy comes up to us and he sticks his face into mine

and I get a very clear image of his face-  I can see his eyes VERY clearly.

They are green/hazel, and he is nice-looking.

All of the sudden, from the left, which is where I came from (past indicator),

#1 guy appears and is carrying the dog by it's forepaws- as in she is

dangling, her belly to me. She is limp and appaers to be unconscious , but

I know she is not dead. She has been beaten.  The 2 guys tell me that #2

beat her... and I am breathless with shock and horror over this sickening

sight. Guy#1 lays her limp body down on her back. The dog is splayed out

belly up , unconscious- the belly is reddish brown now - was pink before- ,

and her fur looks roughed up but I see no blood.  

I can't get my head around how these 2 "okay looking" men could do this

to this dog and seemingly had no qualms- in fact were bragging about it by

presenting her to me and the other lady.

I become enraged- RAGE- runs through me , like massive adrenaline jolts.

I want to physically harm guy#2 who is sticking his face again in mine- his

face I coud pick out  easily if I ever saw it in waking life.  I consciously feel

myself leave my body and my raging spirit is racing all around this man's

head , and I hear in my mind " you must not react with violence- do not

react, do no harm". And I feel so frustrated , but I do not harm him in


I start to feel sick and I am crying for this viscious act on this poor creature.

The senseless , sickening , extreme violence- seemingly  for entertainment

purposes on her.  It was as if they thought it was just fine- and, even though

there are now a few more anonymous people around us,  no one really

cared about what had just happened. In fact , it did appear that guy#2 was

almost provoking me to violence in some way--as in daring me to do

something to him.


Woke up- noticed that a tear fell when I sat up.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-13 George Jones Nuclear attack
No Picture

Let me preface this by saying I am very at odds with dreaming. I fought in Afghanistan and dream replayed experiences of the war in a very vivid manner. I have always dreamed about events that I went through. my dreams are exactly accurate to the event including emotions, sights, sounds, smells, even sweat, and dust on my teeth or the feel of coagulating blood on my hands. 

A few months ago I dreamt I was driving a white ford pickup down I80 west home from Davis CA. I'm guessing it was springtime because the field around me were green and it was overcast. Looking back I remember not seeing any other cars on the road.  All of a sudden there was this loud roar and my truck was blown off the freeway down a steep embankment where the nose of my truck was horribly smashed into the ground at around a 45 degree angle. I woke up to what looked like flakes of snow falling from the sky. It wasn't cold. I was sluggish and disoriented. As I attempted egress I noticed that I was weak and had a distinct lack of fine motor control. I got out of the vehicle and fell to the ground; that is when It occurred to me that the snowflakes were fallout. There was a house that had a private road leading up to the freeway. And I staggered towards it. I had to find my wife and in order to do that I needed help. I didn't knock and as I burst into the family room I saw an elderly man and his wife dead on a seventies puke green and orange plaid couch. It became a different situation I needed a car and a gun. The walls of the house hade fake wood trim and there was a hunting trophy on the wall behind the couch. As I staggered past the television I turned it on. I listened to a young man talk about a possible nuclear attack on the Bay Area. While I was rifling through stuff looking for keys and a gun it occurred to me that radiation probably killed the couple on the couch and I would have certainly received a lethal dose myself. Then I came to the realization that I was deteriorating. I thought to myself that my natural toughness would see me through as it always had and I didn't give a damn if I died but I couldn't do it until I made sure my wife was okay. I had keys and a winchester 30-30 and as I fought for every step to the old couple's Buick I thought that if I lived through this I would go back to the army and punish whoever had done this. The dream ended there. 

Since then I have identified the embankment, and the house they exist exactly as in my dream. I can't think whether I had seen them before my dream or not. This dream woke me with an overwhelming sense of dread which returns when I think about it. It was as if it had already happened.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-13 Latitude39 Chemical Attack
No Picture

Several days ago I had a short dream that began as my wife and I were in a building in the Melbourne CBD. We were startled by a huge explosion outside the building which was followed by more. We noticed white smoke appearing where the explosions took place.

Numerous explosions were happening all over the city followed by more clouds of white smoke which we then were aware of being Chemical shells being fired from an unknown location. I remember looking in a mirror as I was trying to wrap my head in clothing to allow us to breath if we had to go outside.

This is where the dream ended.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-13 gruvmaster Large Dam Ready To Burst
No Picture

- In my dream I am in a house that seems to be where I live. The house does not resemble anything specific, juat that I reside there. It felt as though the house was in northern New England (was born in New Hampshire) but the feeling was vague, so it could have been anywhere.

- I recall looking out the window of my house and seeing in the near distace a super large dam extending up into the sky (think of the Hoover dam kind of shaped) but dark (looked black or dark wet) and kind of bulging (kind of like if it was made of wood). It looked like it was ready to burst any moment. It surely would flood and drown every bit of life within it's proximity, I was instantly gripped with fear as I realized that I had to evacuate before the dam burst. Could I gather my essentials in time?? I recall scrambling for my stuff in a panic. Talk about playing "beat the clock". It was very gripping and tense. Then I woke up.

- I then turned on the radio to coast-to-coast am where George Noory was interviewing you from the dream center. That's exactly how i discovered this site. Such a coincidence... or is it fate? Quite possibly the latter, I suspect.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-13 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Black Horse Ghost
No Picture

5/29/2012 6:20am

A black horse ghost comes and leads my daughter and I out of an Icy Frozen landscape next to a creek to a militay bunker. The black horse locked us in to sufficate as, but water started coming in, the black horse was trying to drowned us.

I looked around and realized that the bunkers are not the safe place to be, in the face of the natural disasters to come. I woke before the dream finished.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-13 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Dreaming of a Dream
No Picture

9/7/2011 2:06am

Inside of the dream, I am seeing an earlier dream on TV in a store front from "2006". The streets are filled with people who dont care about the TV's because it is a war zone, people are running from gun fire.

On the TV they are counting down a limited number, (I am still watching to find out what it is they are counting down) 6 items are left of this series. Item is 200 series. NEWS FLASH: counting down six disasters, 200 people dead. Momar Gadafi is laughing and happy as the death toll raises. Everyone around the store front of TV's Boo's as they walk by (but not about whats on TV), Povery, death, sick, starving, they dont care about the TV.

I can hear Momar Gadafi counting coop, laughing 2. 0. 0. 6.

Review of the dream: Feeling like the count down started as a game or something good or fun, but ends up evil, many people die or are hurt. It is a trick, propaganda of something good, evil men of power. I was dreaming of watching the deaths on TV so i was far enough away and would be safe.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-08 Maggie Moo Snakes
No Picture

Dreaming about snakes in the water. I am walking and dad is behind me over the low water bridge that the water is coming over. I am hopping on rocks trying not to get my feet wet and I see snakes in between the rocks. I am counting them 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14?? I think I stop at 14.My dad decides to play with them or something and is touching them. I am asking him to stop touching the snakes, but he isn’t listening. I walk all the way across the bridge and back and I see my dad and he says something like ugh. I look at him and his lip/tongue/mouth area is bleeding. I ask him if he got bit by one of the snakes and he says yes. I ask him if it was the copperhead and he just asks me if I know where the jumper cables are. I know what he is going to do (An old remedy for snake bites, he is somehow going to hook up the battery with the cables and touch the cables to the snake bite to neutralize the venom with a shock from the battery. I ask him if that is his only plan and he says yes. I am telling him that he can do what he is planning on but that we HAVE to leave and go to the emergency room just in case it doesn’t work. I tell him that we have to have a backup plan. “You can’t just do that and wait. You have to at least start heading in the right direction just in case.” (Direction of the hospital). 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-04-23 Jan in Md. Battle at Costco
No Picture

Most of my dreams are just muddle and rehash of daily activity, but once and a while I get something that’s got some adventure and plot to it. Last night, I dreamed I was with a few people, dressed in ordinary clothing, but with guns of various sorts — mostly shotguns. We were in what appeared to be a massive Costco-like building with stairwells and entrances and high fences around it. In the dream we were being tracked by similarly dressed people also with guns, but who one of the people in my dream called “Russians.” The person said they didn’t really want to kill us as individuals per se (in other words it “wasn’t personal”), but they just wanted the building, the space we were in. We were defending it, but it seemed a larger territory was at issue. Chances were, though, that they would kill us as they took the building. I remember making it to the roof (it was a bright and sunny day, blue sky, but cold, and we were wearing jackets) and waiting with others (they seemed like friends) for these other people to find us and we were hoping to surrender. At one point in the dream I threw (or maybe dropped) my wallet down a long stairwell, and then keep thinking I needed to go to the bottom to get it back, but couldn’t because we were running and hiding in the building. I was glad to wake up.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-04-22 Maggie Moo Mafia
No Picture


I had an amazing dream last night that was so action packed that I woke up feeling that I hadn’t slept at all but the only thing that I can remember from it is the word Mafia. I know that we were trying to get out of a building or something where the Mafia was but other than that, just the word “Mafia” is all I got from it.



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