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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-22 Grim Reaper Dream of My Grandmother's Death
No Picture

In early 1992, I had this dream of my maternal grandmother dying of cancer. That was the dream but in reality, in 2008 she did indeed die of cancer.-Tonya

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-22 Grim Reaper Plane Crash Dream Before September 11, 2001
No Picture

In July of 2001, I had a nightmare about a plane crashing at my Grandparent's house and two huge walls of fire moving around them. (My Grandparent's anniversary is 9-11!! Also, my husband had a dream about an earthquake. Well, this was in August of 2001--Later that day, we went to a park and we heard some people talking about the 1811 EQ that hit the New Madrid fault and shook bells in Boston, MA and made the rivers run backwards. We freaked and went home...but my husband was sure it meant the world would mourn. Then of course...9-11 happened.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-22 Grim Reaper A Collection of Baby Dreams
No Picture

Tonya's dreams of babies that have forewarned of death-

8/22/2009-I dreamed of a baby boy.
September 2009-A family friend got killed.
11/2009-I dreamed of G and C having twins and one died.
February 2010-One of G's aunts died.
April 2010-M's uncle died.
April 2010-One of my uncles died.
May 2010-Another relative of G's was murdered.
7/21/2010-I dreamed of a baby boy.
July 2010-A male relative of mine died.
August 2010-A female relative of mine died.
December 2010-G's great aunt and uncle {brother and sister} died.
December 2010-A friend of G's died.
January 2011-Another of G's great uncles died.
2/2011-I dreamed that G and I had a baby that was crawling super fast.
April 2011-A relative of G's died.
June 2011-Our friends got divorced.
6/12/2011-I dreamed of a little girl and a couple of boys.
July 2011-A photo of my husband and his sister with their mother who had passed away in 2001 fell off the wall. Within days of this, my sister in law lost her baby and a few days after this, my husband, G, fell 7 feet through a building and miraculously was able to walk away!
Also a friend of the family's cousin was abducted and murdered.
7/21/2011-I dreamed of a baby girl.
October 2011-My uncle died.

The thing is, everytime I dream of babies or children, I hear of death. Sometimes several deaths.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-22 Grim Reaper Dream of Losing my Step Dad
No Picture

I was 14 going on 15 in the summer of 1985, when I had this dream:
In this dream, I thought I saw my brother and myself standing in front of our grandparent's home and it was just about dark. Suddenly, our dad drives fast by us in his green car and he never looked at us but kept staring straight ahead. He was wearing his work uniform and had his arms rigidly straight while he drove away. Next, I thought I saw him drive off the bridge and go down in muddy water. He never re-surfaced, either.
At the time, I thought it was a warning of my great-grandmother's passing. She died on November  10, 1985.
*On November 9, 1987, Dad had a heart attack and he went with his uncle to the hospital wearing his work uniform holding his arms rigidly out in front of him. They passed under every green light but dad died in the car!*

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-22 Grim Reaper Two Men in One
No Picture

I had this dream early May of 1992. In it I was standing outside at my Grandparent's house and it was almost dark. The sky was gray as if it was about to storm and the wind was warm and blowing. Suddenly, a coroner wagon pulled into the neighbor's yard and the coroner got out and asked my Grandfather to help in removal of the body, to which he did. I thought that the husband of my Grandfather's double first cousin had died and they removed him on a gurney under a white sheet. Well, when they walked past me...his hand fell out from under the sheet. Next, it was later and dark outside. I thought I was in my Grandparent's house and I was sitting at the table and looking out the sliding glass door. Then, I saw the man who had died earlier walk slowly up the driveway with his wife behind him. They came inside and his wife was so happy to have him back that she kept saying, "Oh look! He is back!" Then, she touched his forehead and looked around in fear...and ran out the door. Then my family said, "Oh dear Lord, no!" However, the man paid them no heed...he looked at me and walked towards me. Then I noticed that it wasn't really who I thought it was but a different man. He wore black rimmed glasses and a brown flannel shirt with pants. I woke up freaked out over the dream. Later that same month the man who I thought was dead...actually died in real life! Next, in Sept. that year, my Aunt's Dad died and when I we to look at him in the casket...he had black rimmed glasses and a brown flannel shirt with pants!!!! I left the funeral home white as a sheet. I instantly thought of the dream.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-22 Grim Reaper Woman in Black
No Picture

In the summer of 1998, I had this weird, creepy dream. In it, I was standing on the right side of our local cemetery. Everything was in pitch blackness, as if it was deep in the night. Now this cemetery is divided by a road going up the mountain, the road goes up to the top. But halfway, the road goes from left to right.
I thought I saw a woman walking up the road in the darkness. I could see that she had a long black dress on and a black veil. How could I see this, you ask? Well, from under the veil was shining a bright white light. Odd, yes. But then she stopped and looked at me. I still shiver when I think about that dream!
I saw a relative of mine and she was crying her eyes out in misery. Just heartbroken.
Fast forward to March 4th 1999, My Great-Aunt died from an aneurysm she had had on Feb. 28th. Okay, this Great-Aunt was the Mother-in-Law of the woman that I had seen crying in my dream!!
But hold on, On March 17, 1999, My Great-Aunt's only son died. This
man was the husband of the woman I had seen bawling her eyes out in my dream. It still freaks me out to think of all that. Also in the dream, I was standing at the spot where both were to be buried.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-20 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Bunker Cubes & Debauchery
No Picture

5/19/2014 5:46pm Afternoon Nap

Everyone in my building is partying; we are watching the skies. I grab my animals which are starting to act up and take them down to the Cube. I tell my husband, my daughter and my daughters Fiancé' to head the cubes, but they don’t listen because they are too busy having fun. I was very serious, afraid the world was going to end. I walked down into the basement parking lot. At the back of each stall was a plastic cube. One per person.

I stepped inside of my cube; it reminded me of an office cubical in its size. The entire cube was White Plastic, with a Clear top, and Clear Pockets. The cubes were a selling point for the apartment complex and one was provided to each resident’s family. I got into the cube and shut the door. I looked at the door and there was a Clear Plastic drawer like the ones in the refrigerator except it was rounded at the bottom and swung out on a hinge. It was filled with water and medium size fish. The drawer right above that one was empty so i opened it and put two small pets inside. (I think they were mice, rats, or hamsters even though i don’t really own these pets) I looked to my right and there was a bed with another clear plastic top on the bed, and there was a second bed under the first bed so two people would lie inside of this bunker. There were also clear drawers next to the bed so i opened the top drawer and placed my cat inside, it was a long drawer and already equipped with a built in litter box, food and water dishes. Next to the stack of drawers i had just put my cat in was a "Port-a-Potty" kind of spot. I sat down on the closed lid of the toilet and leaned back since it was the only place to sit down. I realized as i was sitting there that i could still hear all the noise outside, the bunker was not secure. I felt a small breeze on the side of my neck from the corner of the bunker where the clear top met the white side wall. I went and laid down in the bed, i could feel a small breeze from there too! I thought to myself, this will not withstand a bio hazard event, nor a nuclear event and we will all drown if there is a flood.

I got out of the bunker and went to find my family. I found myself in the streets, there was a large creek that was over flowing its banks, and the water was muddy and rushing very quickly.

I ended up walking down the street to the beginning of a parade. There a woman offering to give me a free tattoo for a game show called final ink. I said okay and she asked me to take the horse she was instructed to ride on when she came out, she said the horse was very wild. I calmed the horse and we began to walk, I got distracted by a cute little kitty that looked like a wild tiger cub, but with a beautiful brassy and gold color to it, a producer from the show took the horse from me, i went to pick up the cute kitten but everyone said it was wild. I held it in my arms and played with it for a while until it jumped into a wooden baby bed that was floating down the river.

I was told by the woman if i wanted the tattoo i had to go into the building across the Wild West town and wash up in Toilet water. (There was no running water) I passed an upscale salon entrance and stage on my way to the "Locker Rooms" At this point it felt like i was in the Hunger Games! I was confused and went along with what i was told to do. two woman washed me with toilet water on my back since my tattoo was going to cover my back. Men were walking around and i was told not to cover my body or hide because it didn’t matter. There was still partying and sex everywhere you looked, voyeurism, and just lawlessness or so it appeared. I saw no one acting with morals or care for the earth nor the animals. I was very upset by this but thought it is the end anyways what does it matter.

I waiting naked for hours in this locker room, which looked more like an old run down barn. I got up and started to leave but i was trying to go through the barn since i couldn’t get out the way i came. There were security forces blocking the door from the TV producers. As i rounded a corner i was the underground garage, my family was inside the cube. My husband told me to get in there, even though he was lying in my bed. There was no room for any more people. I told him, hold on. I found my way back outside and i walked into the salon still half naked, and found the girl who said she would do the tattoo, she was now all dressed up and had her hair and make-up done and she was about to go on a date with a tall good looking young man. They brushed me away since i was so under dressed and did not fit in with their society. She told me i wasn’t getting my tattoo now because i didn’t follow her instructions.

I was ushered out of the salon by the producers back into the streets, half naked in wet rages, dirty from toilet water. I stood there feeling very sad, and thinking what have i done. I have let myself be tainted by all of these godless people, instead of trusting great mystery. I stood there ready for the end to come, i wept in my sadness as i remembered the Hopi creation story of their people coming up from the earth with the Grandmother spider and the debauchery that was taking place down below. Gambling and wickedness were all around.

Everything in this dream was about coming full circle.

I returned to all of the places i had once been in innocents to find i was the only thing that had changed.


add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-17 Fixitallguy False Flag Bomb on an Aircraft Carrier?
No Picture

I has this dream around April 30th. I was on an american aircraft carrier in the control tower somewhere in an ocean. Parked right next to us was another aircraft carrier and I had a feeling that this was the Germans. I saw someone in the control tower with a ridiculously huge pair of yellow binoculars starring right at us. Then I turned to a guy next to me and he had a pair of yellow binoculars just like them but not as big and was looking through them backwards. Then I herd somone yell "INCOMMING"". I look to my right, where the runway starts, and I see what looks like a fighter approaching. As this "plane" comes in I see that it's landing and then I can see that it's not a plane it's a bomb with a landing gear attached to it. I sense that its an americian bomb. It lands and traveles down the runway infront of me to the end of the ship. Right then there was this huge explosion and all I could see for a split second was a large fireball with some black smoke as is explodes. When the shock wave reaches me everything goes black and the dream ends.


add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-15 Elyse Attack on Louisiana
No Picture

I had this dream not long ago. It started out pleasant enough, I was gardening while my boys played in the back yard. Suddenly, I heard sirens. I looked in the sky and saw a hologram of an observatory in the NorthEast. Warnings were being blasted on a loudspeaker that everyone was to go inside and take shelter. Just moments later I saw a missle falling in the Southeast. I could see in my mind two places that were being hit. One was nearby at an overpass, and the other at Baton Rouge. I snatched my boys up and litterally THREW them into the house from the back door. I had just gotten my youngest in when I was thrown inside by a gust from the blast. I was in a great deal of pain having hit the marble counter in front of me, but my boys were huddled under a window across from me, so I crawled to them and covered them with my body. There was a bright flash of light, almost like lightening in the daytime... then just moments later there came a gradual hot, bright light. As it intensified, it got hotter and hotter. All I could do was hold the boys close to me. Seconds felt like hours and I just knew we were dying. I was waiting to die... but I was no longer hurting. I was just a little warm. Maybe I was already dead and didn't know it, or maybe we were somehow being protected.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-05-14 dl21865 Flying Missles
No Picture

I was sitting in the middle of a bar and my family was on the right side of me and customers to the left. I looked out of the window and seen two baige missles flying in the air with some kind of writing on the side of them both. 



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