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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-08-02 Linjo Ebola
No Picture

On 7/31/14 I dreamt that Ebola was beginning a slow burn through major U.S. Cities. I was trying to convince my family to flee with me to a more rural area with less chance of coming into contact with the virus but they didn't want to leave. There was panic and chaos all around as the virus spread.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-08-01 piceanjoy War
No Picture

I drempt last night that I was at home with my family, and then I became aware the United States had come under attack by another country (country of origin unknown). Nuclear war was beginning, as one blast had already occurred elsewhere as we heard the blast off in the distance, and I recall feeling the fear of knowing what was heading our way.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-08-01 1d1a1n1 Flight from Detroit to Dublin crash lands.
No Picture

I was a passenger sitting to the rear of a very large passenger plane. It was very dreary and foggy out. As we take off, passengers notice that the plane is not climbing as fast as it should. We look out the window and see buildings or the control tower then we start dropping.  Everybody starts to panic and just as we are certain we are going to crash we land very hard on a highway. 

The plane comes to a stop and we exit out an emergency hatch. I stand there helping others through that hatch and it is lightly raining. I then get back into the plane to get a rain poncho that I had in my carry-on. Then the dream ends. It was very detailed of a dream. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-07-31 J Awake Terrorist found at LaGuardia
No Picture


I am a foreman of a construction team working at LaGuardia Airport. Its fall, we had just returned from lunch break.

I am stirring paint in a 5gal bucket and I am checking the crew as they return on site to be sure they all have their hard hats on so we don’t get a fine. I look up as they are going by and I notice one of the guys don’t have a hard hat on. I stop what I am doing so I can tell him to get his hard hat on and when I look back up at him I recognizes him as one of the most wanted on a list of terrorist. I then woke up. When I woke up I was feeling the need to stop this person. Felt like a doomsday was coming.


I went and researched and in fact they do have a construction project they started in 2013 to be completed in 2021. http://www.airport-technology.com/projects/laguardia-international-airport-redevelopment-project-new-york/


add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-07-30 Gbopp Robot in the park
No Picture

This dream happened after I slipped back into sleep after my alarm went off I was probably asleep 10-15 minutes .

It starts in a park on the Main Street of a medium/small town . My dad is driving my moms Prius in a the park with me and my sister and our dog squeegee and we pulled over probably to eat or park. There was a hill behind to the right of us and my dad said "looks likes that mans doing something" I look over excepting to see someone at work on construction and see people walking up over the hill . One guy looking like he has a black thing rising that looked like big black shoulder pads or something. Then It keeps coming over the hill and I see it's a big red and black metal robot that is almost like out of Lego world, very simple. I say " that looks like a big machine or something! " and we start pulling away out of the park, away from it as I watch behind us there are police cars gathering around it. The robot is as tall as a house and stands on the top of the hill in the park. We are driving very fast now straight away from the park on a highway. Everybody is driving the same way as us and driving very fast to get away from the robot. We are going something like 100 mph when my dad yells , we have to get away from the eye!! . Then the ground shakes as a blue dome comes rushing out from the city and grows as my mom screams and we are enveloped in blackness. Then I just have a really curious moment of wondering what happens after death , do I just disappear or can consciousness keep going? how am I thinking right now if I'm dead? Then I woke up 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-07-30 Dazette EMP
No Picture

I am driving on a familiar busy boulevard at dusk. I get the feeling of a flash of light behind me (south, Detroit area but could have been further away than that because the light was not very noticeable since I was focused on driving) and my car rolls to a stop - no power. I begin feeling a "vibration" coming over me and become dizzy and slightly disoriented. Then I suddenly am aware of my situation and feel that I'd better get my car off the road for safety reasons when I notice all the other cars have stopped in their tracks too, so I am in no danger of a car hitting me. It is still light enough that electric light is not needed but I am aware that the lights have gone off from store signs and street lights. Some people are getting out of their cars but many are not and it is eerily calm. I feel myself passing out from the dizzy feeling but I am not panicked...even though I feel that the power will not be coming back on. I know I am just a mile from home so I can walk there from where I am once I wake up from passing out...it's as if I know it will be fleeting. I am calm as I let myself pass out--then I wake up from the dream. It felt so real via all my senses and has stuck with me for almost a year.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-07-29 Jan in Md. Missiles
No Picture

A dream that came in on May 19. This one is short.

I dreamed of standing in a street looking up at an apartment building made of brick and concrete and glass. A residence with several floors. It is dusk, almost night, and lights are on. It seems to be an urban area, and I'm standing on a hill next to the building. Suddenly the building explodes, blowing out rooms, doors, windows, and people. I see a little girl, looking like a doll, flying by. Someone tells me to look up and I see hundreds of black dots flying in the sky, way up high. I ask what are those and the person near me says “missiles.”  My dream ends.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-07-29 Jan in Md. Explosion at oil refinery
No Picture

(I had this dream May 17, typed it up meaning to send, but just found it again.)

My body is flying over an urban area, near an oil refinery, but houses and neighborhoods around it too. Then suddenly, I’m at a church nearby, white walls, lots of people, people getting out of cars going into church for church service, maybe it’s a Sunday. I am inside the church, which has a basement with extensive series of rooms and storage. Food storage, freezers, water. I’m in the basement hallway looking out a double glass door at the end of it, next to the parking lot.

Then suddenly, I see a nuclear explosion near the refinery, mushroom cloud, flash of light, the whole works, then the shock wave sweeps away everything outside, I see cars and people tumble and crushed and blow away, the people already in the church and most especially in the basement survive. Moving to the basement, I take stock of what is there, advise people to stay away from going outside. People do it anyway. Some people are in a panic. There’s no way to tell how much radiation contamination is outside and coming in. The doors are not secure, opening and shutting as people go out and back in. I talk with one lady emptying a freezer, sliding out trays of meat, we discuss how to preserve the thawing meat, racks of bacon. Maybe cook them? I’m thinking of dehydrating the meat.

Then I’m outside with several people, the sky is overcast, one man has a motorcycle and insists on leaving, he is distraught.  No one can stop him. It begins to sprinkle, and I tell people to get inside as the rain will carry radiation particles in the clouds to the surface. I come to the conclusion that we can’t stay there, we’re going to have to leave the shelter very soon because of the radiation and I keep telling people that, but we will have to walk as there is no vehicle to take us anywhere. I don’t want to leave, but keep thinking we only have a few days to live. The desire to stay is quite powerful. The dream ends.

In the real world, there is a nuclear power plant in New Jersey across the river from an oil refinery in Delaware that I pass on my way to work every day. Maybe I’ve been thinking about it too much.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-07-27 Dean Major Quake
No Picture

I rarely remember my dreams, the last ones were in late May? but this dream which happened in stages last night/early this morning 8/27/14 was very very clear, especially the first parts. It was a hot summer day, I think maybe a relaxed weekend, I was at the Target shopping complex on the Western edge of Hillsboro, Oregon (near Portland). Hillsboro is the home of a huge Intel factory and other high tech firms in the so called "Silicon Forest" it is also near Nike HQ. I "knew" it was that particular Target even though the complex was a bit different than in reality. It was hot as I said so I decided to go down to the river with my dog while I waited for my daughter to arrive, just wanted to waste time. In reality there is no river that close, the river I went down to in reality is near where I grew up on my family ranch in Southern Oregon. It was quite low which is normal for late July, August and September so it was somewhere in that time frame, we have late hot summers in the Northwest. We hopped from one exposed bedrock piece to another until we were in the middle of the river, it was then I noticed a familiar rock feature was under water and thought "thats not normal this time of year" then I realized it appeared the river was rising quickly, possible flash flood upstream maybe (no dams except on tributaries), we did not make it before we had to start swimming to make it back, it rose very high, I almost made it and realized I could not see my dog, I had to swim back towards the middle to coax him he was either losing sight of me or getting carried away in the strong current even though he is big, eventually we both made it to so I went back to my truck to get dry clothes before going back in the store to meet my daughter.

I never made it to my truck when a huge earthquake hit, I was thrown to the ground and I grabbed my dog to shelter him from any debris, he is very important since he is one of the few search and rescue dogs in the area trained for collapsed structure rescue. I thought "oh no why now, I am not prepared anymore for this kind of thing", due to financial emergencies I have not been able to adequately replace emergency supplies like months worth of dog food etc, we all know in major disasters stores will be closed for weeks. The image of the quake was odd, it was huge, a massive split in the ground happened between Target and another store across the driveway and stopped maybe 100 yards from me, it was so big both buildings tilted toward the crevice. It was very odd in the way I viewed it as if time was speeded up, the quaking was very severe but very short and instantly Firefighters were there which puzzled me how they got their so quick (I am a Firefighter/EMT myself and I know we cannot teleport). Then the building opposite Target burst into flames. I had the impression we maybe had a few small little quakes before as a warning, I felt stupid and unprepared as well as worried.

The dream faded and eventually part three started, I was magically home and worried about the situation when my ex called and said my daughter had been in the store, Lowes waiting for me (there is no Lowes there in that complex) and was hurt and in the hospital, I asked where and she told me and I was puzzled because I know all the hospitals in the area and did not recognize the name, I got directions and arrived, I dont remember a drive there but had the impression it was a rough trip, the hospital was packed, and she had been taken out of the area because they all were packed in the area, she was not hurt too bad so they were releasing her to make room for others more hurt. I was obviously thankful she was not hurt bad, but felt guilty I was not there immediately with her and I was really stressed and worried what was going to happen to us, my home was damaged, I was unprepared etc. That is when it began to fade and although I know more stuff happened later I cannot really remember it, except the number 24, now idea if that means in 24 hours, in 24 days, on the 24th, etc. As I said it was a hot summer day, it felt like a weekend and August 24th is a Sunday this year. I am unsure if the Quake caused the flash flood in some way. Thats all I remember at the moment.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-07-23 Dawn Hilary Clinton starts War
No Picture

Had this dream before Hilary Clinton ran for President against Obama it came as a surprise to me because I wasn't thinking about her and not really into politics. I had a dream that she initiated war on a big scale it was WW3 and it had to do with her perception of the situation that started the war she was very angry and reactive. Her personality was a problem in the negotiations. Ever since then I cringe when I see her face on the news and hope she never becomes president. 



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