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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-08-19 Zorro5573 Elton John
No Picture

     I submit this with some hesitation because I'm not sure if I actually dreamed it.

     When I awoke for the last time this morning I was lying still and started to go through

the imagery and images I could recall for the first review before verbalizing. Suddenly this

verbal thought popped into my head - "I dreamed that Elton John got stabbed."

     I hadn't recalled any imagery so far regarding Elton John nor could I remember waking

in the night after such a dream. I definitely would have remembered that. It was totally

spontaneous. I think it knocked everything else out of my head because when I went

back to my reviewing it was all gone from memory.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-08-18 Harry Headline: Epidemic & Tainted Food Scare
No Picture

Meditative Vision: 8/16/2014

This vision was rather short. It involves a headline that first grips the Northeast US. A mother and her child are blamed for possibly starting and epidemic. They are contained/quarantined with a positive diagnosis upon entry to the US that they had an extremely virulent, deadly disease. Furthermore, the possibility, rather probability that they had come in contact with hundreds of people created an investigative nightmare. While in quarantine, initially she and her child were in public view, divided only by a glass window. Her other children who were already in the US were there to meet them and the mother became hysterical when she was told she would not be allowed to see her children. She threatened to kill her baby if they didn't let her go. All of the onlookers were aghast in horror. The outcome was not revealed. The report appeared to be live video feed.

The date of the news was October 3, 2014. Also in the vision was a report of jars of contaminated canned cheese. They showed a jar with the label and one could see the blue-green mold in the jar, but it was unclear if that was supposed to be there. The label name started with a very fancy script; with a capital “L” or capital “W” followed by “i-e-b-e-r.”

It was unclear if the date of the news was for the epidemic scare or the contaminated cheese or both.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-08-18 Harry Headline: Public Safety Scandal/Cover-up
No Picture

Meditative Vision: 8/17/2014


[Preamble: I have only just begun to have this phenomenon and believe it should be included here. I have checked and it is connected to a bona fide condition I have. I had viewed it as a curse in the past, but I believe I'm now seeing it may have a purpose. This one and the other previous ones were spontaneous and received no preparations other than those associated with normal meditation. I've only had a couple of them in conjunction with meditation and I will so label them thus.]


I saw headline details surrounding a scandal surrounding a young black female trooper. The black female was trim, well proportioned, very attractive and had bright eyes that conveyed alert intelligence. She was dressed in her blues in the photo, with a black tie, tie bar, cross-shoulder belt support, black leather holster, with a protective cover over her weapon. I do not know what the scandal involved, whether she was missing or being blamed for something that couldn't have been her fault is the feeling I got; however, there was a witness to the incident, who was a very young child, about the age or four or five. She was put into protective custody with her father who may or may not have also been a witness. The little girl came into question when she was drawing a street scene and drew the building in question and cut out red and yellow strips of paper to create what looked like a fire.

A reporter discovered the drawing while discussing the case with the father before they went into protective custody. The father was a shorter, stockier man, very muscular, about 5'4”-5'6” and about 180 lbs, early 30s. He had very thin blonde hair, cropped closely on the sides, almost military style, and casually dressed. When the reporter, a thin, average-sized man with glasses and brown shaggy hair, late 30s-early 40s, out of shape. The little girl was a daddy's girl and clung close to him. The reporter took them and arranged protective custody at the expense of the news agency.

The reporter had already uncovered several bits of information that had been covered up in the police investigation; i.e. the badge numbers of several public safety officers, who were supposed to be questioned. The numbers went by so quickly I could not get them all or remember them, but I tried to remember one of the first numbers that was the biggest & the boldest; Badge 135. There were virtually 100s of badge numbers that flew by in the vision. Two uniforms with white collars and collar pins bore the numbers 24, and 147. I have absolutely zero experience with public safety, so I don't know what the numbers mean, but hopefully it will become apparent later.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-08-15 Windstalker Small Nuke in Italy
No Picture

This takes place in what appears to be a conference hall or abandoned theater. The architecture is decidedly Italian. (I used to live in Italy).

It appears that there were about 7 collaborators, all caucasian and speaking english. There were 2 women, one a red head, and one man was balding middle aged with a little extra weight who liked wearing blue?.

They were waiting on delivery of a component material by a courrier. My point of view was from the couriers perspective. What was delivered was about 2 kilo's of a paste or gel like substance, possibly the detonation charge. There was a discussion among the members as whether to use all of the fissile material or a reduced yield. It was decided to use a reduced yiels as large numbers of casualties was not the intended goal. The goal was to be a wakeup call to ????. I never saw the device but was aware of the division of the fissile material for the reduced yield. The perps were intending a suicide event and would remain with the device. They wanted the courrier to remain with them. There was a long sequence of escape efforts on the part of the courrier which was successful. I was aware of the detonation from some distance away near a river bank that had a waist high wall....
Then the dream went into unintelligible activities after which I awakened.

The date of the dream is 08/15/2014

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-08-10 Dean Storn of tornadoes
No Picture

I had a very vivid tornado dream, there has not been a lot of tornado stories in the news lately and I do not live in a area known for tornado activity the Northwest,  so not sure what may have "caused" it. I do however have some experience with tornadoes, the area I live the Northwest is not known for tornadoes however the county I live in a local metereologist called tornado alley of the Northwest due to some odd geography and weather. As a small child in the 70's we had a large one 3-4 (they are rated I think on a 0-5 scale) it killed a couple people and did a lot of damage and I remember clearly my mom saying this would be tornado weather in Kansas it then hit, I heard it but did not see it, then again about 6 years ago we had a 1-2 that did some serious damage and hit my property as it was dying out, only taking down a tree. So maybe my tornado experiences caused this dream or maybe not.

In the dream I was outside a house not mine and looked up and saw  black skies and funnel clouds forming all over, like that scene in "the day after tomorrow" movie but they did not look big, I had to drag inside my daughters very old stubborn lab and once I got inside the only person there was my ex but it was not her house either. I watched a small tornado as it approached then found a safe place away from windows, it hit but only shook the house bad, no biggie, no major damage. I turned on the TV and saw a picture of the downtown area of Portland Oregon viewed from a NE direction with a well known local weather man reporting and then saw on TV a massive black funnel cloud plus smaller ones, the big one had to be a 4-5 major tornado. The tornado hit the area the TV was showing doing extensive damage then it approached the area the reporter was and hit, the camera was still working filming the scene as part of the big building was torn away and the reporter hanging on for dear life still describing what was happening although you could barely hear him over the noise then his legs were airborn while he held onto pipes or something and then it was over. I rarely remember dreams but clear dreans I remember have become more common for me since about May.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-08-09 Elyse Black and Silver Helicopters
No Picture

This is another long dream. I actually woke up and reentered this creepy dream world twice- which is something I hardly ever do. I have been intending to see the world Koo has warned me about for the past several dreams, but never intended to re-enter this dream, because my first view, I thought, was enough.


I dreamt that I was in my grandparent's yard, under their huge pecan tree. I was thinking about picking up pecans and using some of them to grow new trees and others to make pecan pies. There was a box near the tree filled with some of the toys they left behind when they passed away. They never bought new toys, even when I lived there... instead, I grew up there playing with the toys my father had as a child and small toys they had collected from cereal boxes. I was feeling very nostalgic as I dug through the box looking at everything, but mixed with everything were these clay animal figurines. They had been crafted around different nuts, many were pecans. They were so beautiful, and also had an Indian feel to them. I felt like these were meant to be buried and would help the trees grow bigger and stronger. They felt like they were very special, but I wanted to share them with others. I thought that I needed to plant them very soon, but I'm not exactly sure as to why.


Anyway, my boys were required by law to take some sort of test to enter school. I decided to pack up the clay animal seeds and take them with us. I didn't think the test would last long, but I thought I might meet someone along the way who I might like to give an animal to. We eventually made it to the testing area, and I was surprised to find that it was in the middle of a forest inside of a HUGE tree that had been hollowed out. There was a woman we had to talk to in order to enter. She seemed like she didn't want to let us in, but she was very kind. She seemed worried about us, and I thought that was odd, but sweet. Eventually, she let us in and I walked with my boys to take the test.


Now we were being told that parents had to take the test too. I was given a test that sort of reminded me of an SAT, only it was on a sort of flip pad with very flimsy papers. When I started reading over the questions, I got very upset. Nothing in this test had anything to do with education, rather, they were questions about political affiliation and religious beliefs. There were also many questions that revolved around your individual opinion of Obama and those he worked with. I couldn't quite figure out just what this had to do with anything... and the questions were written in a way that would sort of guide you into answering the way whoever had written it wanted you to answer it. One of the questions were asking about America being a democracy, and I made a note in there next to the question saying that it is NOT a democracy, it is a Republic. I went through the questions either correcting them or answering them honestly until I was finished. I was very agitated, not only by the questions, but the expectation of small kids to answer the questions. I turned my paper into the woman who had greeted me. She seemed reluctant to take my paper and she looked sad even. Across from her was a wall with two doors on it. People were being divided up and sent into one door or the other. She directed me to the door on the left. Immediately I knew something horrible was happening. We were being divided up by how we answered the test!


I ran to find my husband who had already turned in his test. I knew he had probably answered something similar to me, so it was too late to warn him, so I ran to my oldest son who was maybe about 6 or 7 in the dream. I told him that it was bad to lie, but sometimes in life, you have to lie about things for the greater good. I told him that everything I taught him before was truth, but that now he had to pretend that everything mommy had told him was a lie. He needed to remember everything mommy told him, but pretend like he had forgotten, because bad people wanted to kill the truth. People would need to be reminded, one day, of the truth... but until then, he had to play pretend. He nodded like he knew what I was saying and took his test. My other boys who were unable to test had already been sorted. I knew they would be safe for now, so my husband and I had to run. Before leaving, I gave the woman who had taken our test a clay figurine and snuck back out the way we came in.


We ran and ran until we came to a place that looked like my parent's old house. There were many air crafts in the sky. They were flying very low and would flash a bright white or deep red light over the entire area. I felt like they were hunting people who had not taken the test. Most of the air crafts were either black or silvery white helicopters, though I did see one HEAVILY armed black military airplane of some sort too. It was flying very low and just looked absolutely freaky. It was just covered in missiles Another craft I saw had the helicopter blades, but no body... just some sort of metal frame with a few men on it. They had on some weird binoculars and were armed with huge guns. I felt like they were using some sort of heat seeking technology to try and find us... but in the dream, the garage was keeping them from finding us.


There were many people that had gathered at my parent's old home. Many were outside in the garage watching the sky and the woods surrounding us, while others were inside trying to rest or scrounge for food. My husband went to dig for necessities and I kept my eyes on the sky. One of the huge silvery-white helicopters flew over us and stopped. It started to bring itself down, parking in the garage and for some reason, everyone gathered around it. A woman in a dress suit stepped out. She sneered as she looked down her nose at us and told us that we were "pests" of society. She went into detail of how she would kill every last one of us... and did this with a smile on her vile face. Well... I got angry and decided that I couldn't stand by and let this happen. I jumped at her, but some of the people behind me held me back saying that I should not. I would only make matters worse, so I stood there with my fists clenched as she went on and on about how they would train our kids and give life to this new world, free from religion. Then, again, about how she would sit back and enjoy watching everyone who would try to stop it being killed in some of the most gruesome ways imaginable. Then she took out a gun and said that she was going to start eradicating us right here right now. I jumped at her again. This time, no one could stop me and I knocked her to the ground.. I was going to punch her in the face, but noticed that her gun was just above her head, so I had to get that before she did and shot someone, so I grabbed it and jumped to my feet. She got up and smiled at me calling me a b-word then reached into her dress coat to pull out a small gun, so I shot her.


My heart sank when I shot her. I didn't want to shoot anyone, but she was clearly evil. Some of the people around me cheered, some were quiet, and some started to yell and throw things at me because I had killed her. They were angry that I didn't try to make peace with her and talk her out of killing us... as if they thought I or anyone could. I got angry with them because I had most likely saved everyone's life! Not one of them had stood up to her in so much as an attempt to disarm her! Then I had to go on to say that as much as I or anyone wants peace, there are those out there who do not, and actually relied on us being "peaceful" so that they could kill us all! Peace is what the world needs most, but there has to be some people out there willing to defend it or it will be killed along with everyone who wants it. Not everyone was happy with my little speech... but we didn't have time to sit around and debate because I felt like if that woman's helicopter stayed down too long, those that were flying over us might get suspicious. I don't know anything about helicopters... but no one else seemed willing to help, so I climbed into it to take a look at the controls. They looked WAY too advanced for me. Too many dials and knobs... the last thing I wanted was to blow everyone up... so I suggested that we run into the woods and scatter. My husband confronted me and told me that he thought that would be the worst thing to do because we would be leaving the only shelter we had, we might have to face wild animals, and we would have a harder time, if we were separated, trying to keep watch all around us. But I felt like if we all stayed there, it would only be a matter of time before the helicopter was found and someone could take us ALL out at once by blowing up the house... but my husband refused to leave and I couldn't just leave him... although I was agitated because I thought since he had military training he should have been able to come up with something better. I didn't feel like I could rely on him to protect me or anyone for that matter, which was stressful since I'm not exactly built or trained to fight off bad guys.


Just as I predicted, we were found and the military-like force that found us built a sort of circus thing around us. They came in with guns and everyone just threw their hands up. There was nothing I could do because there were so many men everywhere and they were all much bigger than me. I was irritated that no one had taken me seriously though. The leaders of the military-type group that had us was using us for entertainment. They would play games with us, and those who lost would die. In one of the games, groups of us were chosen and we would have to face another group and hurl insults at one another. They would tally up the points at the end, and the winning group would live to fight another round, and the losers were killed. Some were killed by being shot in the head, but most were killed by this glue-gun looking thing. It had some sort of prongs at the end of it and it would be pressed against the back of the neck against the spine and shoot out electricity. I guess it worked kinda like a Taser, only it was meant to kill a person quickly and not be messy. I watched one of the groups lose and be killed. It was horrific. They stacked the bodies up on a trailer as if they were nothing and the leaders started picking out a new group to fight the one that had just won. My husband and I were in this group... and I thought I saw my oldest son and began to freak out a bit. We had to win.. but to be honest, I'm just not one who was skilled at this kind of thing. I sat down and listened to everyone else go down the line insulting those in the other group... when it came to be my turn, I really had nothing... they guy I was supposed to insult had two turtles, one on each shoulder, and I had conjured up a joke about them eating skittles... but as the joke came out of my mouth, it just sounded so bad. Crickets were chirping... it was just so , SO BAD! I really just wanted to go hide under my chair because THAT was the worst 'joke' ever told and I was going to get us all killed! The leader who had picked our group began to complain because we were losing so bad and he was losing his bet. He added another woman to the group. She was a very lovely black woman with big blonde curls in her hair. She was sassy and I learned that she was the owner of a radio show. She was quick and witty and was pretty much our only hope at winning against the other team. Unfortunately, we were so far behind, there was no guarantee that she could save us. After a while... one guy had done so poorly that the leader of our group got tired of him and did the taser thing in his neck... we all started to freak out but were commanded to stay seated or we would be next. There was some sort of explosion which caused the leaders to get up and run off to check on things, and a middle-aged black man in a business suit came in to help us. He gave us each little pieces of paper with signatures on there giving us permission to leave. Everyone else grabbed their papers and ran, but I stopped to hug the man. I was crying as I thanked him, and he looked like he was going to start crying too, but told me I needed to hurry, so I ran into the woods with everyone else before the leaders could return.


While running through the woods, I had some sort of vision where I could see in the trees and bushes where people and animals were. The people appeared to me as little pink heart icons, and the animals looked like little pink stars. I didn't want to gather where many other people were, I thought it would be harder for us all to be caught if we were separated. I found an old abandoned house in the woods. I knew better than to hide inside of it, but it had been built slightly over the ground, so I thought I would hide under it since no one else was. It was cool under there... but a bit muddy. I felt like I might be safe for a minute until I heard men on the other side of the house. They were laying bricks down to keep people from taking cover under the house, so I had to crawl backwards back the way I came and sneak around the men to run back into the woods.


I woke up at this point, got a glass of water and made a few notes about my dream and went back to sleep.


When I started to dream again, I was in the same world. I was under my grandparent's old pecan tree, but this time all the land around me looked dried up and almost desert-like. There were just a few people under the tree with me and we were trying to lie against one another to keep warm because it was cold and it seemed like it was only going to get colder as night fell over us. I had some sort of bean blanket over me. (Yes... I know that sounds weird... but I had a blanket made out of beans lying over me. Seemed normal in the dream...) I was lying back-to-back with some guy I didn't know... but immediately didn't like. Not far from me, Ron Swanson was lying by himself, and I had developed this HUGE crush on him... so I tried, very poorly, to flirt with him and hint that I wanted him to lie with me. Either he didn't take the hint, or didn't want to be my body-warmth partner. I got my feelings poked out and grabbed my bean blanket and went to the opposite side of the tree to sulk and sleep alone. I watched the silver helicopters fly over us for a while and wondered when they would find us.


I woke up again, a bit surprised the I had visited the same dream world. Usually my dreams are completely different "worlds" I shrugged it off, and went back to sleep.


I was in the same world again. I remembered everything from before and it seemed the same thing was going on in this dream. This time, though, I was in a small house with my husband. I was getting aggravated with him in the dream because he had been staying up all night doing something, so I stayed up with him. In the morning, we needed to pack up and leave quickly, but he didn't want to, he wanted to sleep. I felt like it was dangerous to stay where we were for whatever reason, and was just really freaking out. He had led me to believe that if he stayed up all night, he would push himself to keep going during the daytime. We really needed the daylight. I fought with him as he slipped on some penguin pajamas... something he would NEVER do in real life. I started digging in a chest he had full of what he said was important stuff. It was full of thick church related workbooks and packed envelopes that he was supposed to send off. No stamps. It seemed like the envelopes were work related and urgent! I was aggravated that he hadn't been doing his job. I asked what he planned to do and how he would mail the envelopes. His big plan was for us to blend in with whoever was attacking us and that they would probably have stamps. WHAT?! I started losing it! What in the world made him think that the people who were attacking us would assume we were one of them and then just hand us a fistful of stamps on top of that!? I pitched a fit and insisted that we leave immediately. My husband griped and moaned as he got dressed then he started packing up things. I had already packed the chest, but he was packing stuff we didn't need or have time to bring with us... like blankets, decorations, extra clothes... after pacing back and forth griping at him some more, he said he was ready to go. he had a large briefcase in his arms full of random stuff, and I was forced to drag the huge chest full of books and letters behind me. It was very heavy, but I was just so relieved that we were leaving now that I didn't have anything to say about it. I was, however, really disappointed in him because I had always thought I could rely on him but he kept making some of the worst decisions ever! Or at least I thought they were horrible decisions.


As I dragged that huge chest behind me outside the house, I watched the sky to see those creepy black and silvery-white helicopters again. I was worried they would spot us, but we had a great deal of tree coverage. We walked until we came to a fork in the road. Each side led into some forests and there was a man there at the fork who asked us where we were trying to go. I told him that I thought we needed to find some sort of small cave of hole to hide in, and he pointed us to the left, but warned us not to stay there too long or we would be found. We were not to stay in any one place for any longer than two days. This really upset my husband, but it seemed about right to me, so I thanked the man and we made our way into the woods. It was very hard to carry my husband's chest, especially since it kept getting caught up in branches, leaves and tree trunks. I just kept getting more and more irritated at him, especially since I was doing everything I could to help him get his job done, and he completely ignored my struggle. He bounced along only carrying that briefcase completely oblivious to how hard I was struggling. Every part of me wanted to just leave that chest behind, but I felt like it was important that I make sure we had it. After walking for quite some time, I found a small cave-like hole in the ground. I told my husband that I thought we should run all of the animals out of it and that it might be necessary to kill one for food. He sat down on the trunk and told me he would wait for me to get done. I just can't even put to words how irritating he was in this dream. But I woke up after that eager to tell my husband how he had acted in the dream. He thought it was funny and promised not to be so irresponsible and annoying in real life.


add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-08-07 Elyse Many Different Attacks
No Picture

I dreamt I was in a big building with my son. The walls were thick and looked like they might be made of concrete. There were concrete stairs I had walked up with a metal pipe railing to hold onto. It seemed like the building might have once been important, but it was abandoned now. There was no electricity, just dim light that came in through a few small windows with old, torn curtains over them.


Walking down the hall, I came to face an older man. He looked as if he might have been in his 60s or 70s. He was hunched over a bit and had a wrinkly face and thin, stringy white hair on his head. When I looked at him, he looked empty. His eyes were empty and he had an empty expression on his face. He slowly started walking towards me and my son, and for some reason, he terrified me! I pushed my son behind me, and backed away from the man, but then the man charged me and knocked me to the ground. I yelled for my son to run while I tried to wrestle the man off of me. He was trying to push something into my forehead but I didn't get a good look as to what it was. I felt like he might be trying to rape me. I was finally able to wiggle my way up enough to kick him off of me and then ran back to the stairs to escape with my son. When I got to the stairs, however, I was met by a little girl. She looked to be between the ages of 10-14. She was carrying something, but I cant remember what it was. She was a very pretty little girl, but she looked empty too. She had a blank face and hollow eyes.


She started walking towards the man, and I tried to stop her by screaming at her that he was bad and that he would try to hurt her. I tried to pull her back, but she just could not be stopped. The nasty, old man pointed at an empty room, and the girl started to walk towards it. I tried screaming even louder for her not to, but she looked over her shoulder and gave me this weird face as if she didn't understand what my problem was. My problem was that I just knew this nasty old man was going to molest her or worse! But the look she gave me made me believe that this was normal to her. This was nothing new. As she walked into the room, I tried to run and tackle the old man before he could go in behind her. Some invisible force was keeping me from it, and as I struggled to get to him and save her, I watched him go into the room and shut a big, metal door behind him.


When the door shut, I was released and I ran to the door pulling on the handle and scratching at it until my fingernails bled in a desperate attempt to get inside and stop what I thought was happening. No luck. Feeling defeated and helpless, I left to find my son and someone who might do something about this man, though by the time they got to him, it would be too late.


Once out of the building, I was captured with my son and taken to some other building. This building was a big concrete one as well, but had electricity and many middle eastern men in it. I was brought to a guy wearing a white robe over some sort of black gown. He had a great big white turban on his head. He seemed to be one of the leaders of this group of men. He grabbed my face and started to look me over as someone would do when buying a horse. He made rude comments about the color of my skin, hair and eyes, then pried open my mouth to get a good look at my teeth. I wanted to bite the crap outta him, but I could see my son standing by some other man with a gun, and I was scared of what might happen with him if I did. The guy checking me out told me that I was too pretty to put to waste and that he would marry me. I was upset for a second, but thought that I could make this work out to my advantage, and was very nice to him and told him that I would be the best wife ever, I only asked that he spare my children. He smiled and agreed. He had to work out arrangements, but until then, I sat by my son and plotted how I would escape... I had hoped I wouldn't have to hurt anyone to get out of there, but I figured it might be inevitable.


Fortunately, that place was bombed, and concrete went everywhere causing a distraction. I took my son and ran out of there. I had to find someone to help us! While running around to find someone to help us, there was some sort of attack going on. A building not far ahead of me had exploded and people were running everywhere. I assumed that maybe this was some sort of terrorist attack. Men with guns were marching up and down streets while civilians were running in every direction. My vision was cloudy because there was so much smoke in the air, but I could hear guns going off. Wherever I was, there was a big building with a sort of basement area. There was a tiny little door built into the bottom side of the building, and I opened it and squeezed inside to find that it was some sort of basement barn. It was pretty empty except for a few donkeys. One of the donkeys looked as if it had been hung and had it's throat slit, but there wasn't an ounce of blood on the ground. This was so weird. I was going to go investigate this, but then I heard someone come in. There was some sort of hanging trough full of hay, so I dove into the hay and peeked out between the straws to see an Asian woman dressed in military gear come in. I At first I thought she might be there to help me... maybe an Asian country was coming to our defense... but then it became clear that she was hunting me down to kill me. She had some sort of weapon that looked like a sword on the end of a chain... she used it as both a sword and a sort of whip... but right now, she had the sword by the handle and started chopping the hay I was hiding in. I wormed my way backwards in the hay as she chopped at it in an attempt to not be hit... but then she started chopping the hay and pushing it out of the trough leaving me nowhere to hide... eventually, I had no choice but to pop out of there and run.


I ran into some woods and came across a huge, crystal clear pond. She was catching up with me fast, and I knew she could throw that weird sword-chain at me at any time, so I dove into the water and started to swim. When I dove in, mud from the bottom of the lake started clouding my view. All I could see of that woman was a silver flash of light from wherever she was. As I swam, I thought to myself that I hoped she was color blind. For some reason, I thought/knew all she could see from me was a bright gold flash of light... but maybe she saw it and didn't know it was really me. I swam to the other end of the pond and climbed out. There was some sort of cliff overlooking the pond, so I ran up and watched her trying to find me in the pond. Eventually, she looked up to see me watching her from above, and started to come after me, and some man appeared out of nowhere behind me and told her that she was making a very unwise decision. She stood still in shock, and I was in shock with her. This man was wearing a long blue robe and had a long white beard and tiny silver glasses. He warned her that I could take her out whenever I wanted. I turned my head slowly to look at him as if he were crazy... I had NO weapons and nothing that would protect me from her weird sword! This guy was nuts! Then down below, on top of the water, several other men in blue robes appeared. One had the water come up to his hand and start spinning in a circle. Then another did the same thing with the circle spinning another way. Then another with the circle spinning at a different angle... soon, there were about seven men down there who had formed some sort of spinning water ball of death. It was one of the strangest things I have ever seen! The man warned that anything that got caught up in that ball would not only drown, but be shredded to pieces... then commented that while it took many men to do that down there, I was capable of doing it all by myself and with one hand even. I thought to myself "I wish!" But the guy seemed to believe what he was saying. I wondered if he had me confused with someone else for a minute.. then thought it didn't matter if I could do it of not, because his word had been enough to scare off the woman trying to kill me.


add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-08-04 Graystar Second Russia-USA war dream
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Dreamed of Russian-US war again today, Aug 1st

In dream I was visiting my sister in Georgia in her new home. We were discussing family matters and enjoying seeing each other. Her husband was in South America on a job. Her son was trying to decide to become a pilot in AF, because of the war more pilots were needed. In the dream I was lucid a bit and asked What war? The response was the war with Russia. Oh shit! My sister turned on the "vid" ???? and news filled the space with map and interviewer and video of fighting and graph of expenses and ticker graph of number of people enlisting.

The "vid" gave a ton of viewable info and sound based on where you focused your eyes. Look at the chart and it expanded and popped out like a 3d scene and the sound was in me, in my ears more than in the room. There was no tv, no box, no screen device. The vid just materialized. Wicked! Cool!

I didn't even have time in dream to ask my sister about it.

There was a map of the countries Russia occupied. I didn't get a date but it was late spring or early summer.

I woke up.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-08-04 Graystar War on Feb 15, 2015
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I was a mother with three children. I left them home and went to the store. I know the date was the day after Valentine's day, Feb 15, 2015. I bought some groceries and added day old on sale valentines cookies to my cart. Money was very tight. I was very worried about world events, jobs, money, not having things we were used to. I got home and my kids rushed outside shouting about breaking news Russia had bombed somewhere, Alaska or west coast??, a formation of USA Air Force planes, 8-12, flew over head right then and my oldest boy, 14, said Mom does this mean we are at war? I said yes son I'm afraid it does.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. 2014-08-03 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Shooting at Drew Barrymore’s House
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8/2/2014 11:20pm Nap Time Dream

I am at a bar in Hollywood; Ca. this bar is actually where the Hollywood sign is. I am not drinking. I am there with a female friend who is, and she is trying to get one of her boyfriends to have sex with me. He is a good looking yet stupid man, I am more turned off every time he opens his mouth to speak. I decide I want to go outside to smoke I am blocked at the front door by five male celebrities one was as Vince Neal, a second was Robert De Niro, I am used to seeing the celebrities here so I pay no attention to the others. I go to the back of the bar but that too has been blocked off, I so walk back to the front and have to push my way through them to get outside. As I am walking through them they are deep in discussion about something happening, and they are all very upset.

I walk manage to walk out the front door, and there is a natural crevasse in the side of the Hollywood hill, I go to walk down it to the smoking area where there are other people standing around trying to look across the valley at the hill where everyone seems to live. This crevasse is flooded, I end up walking through the water, arms in the air but my smokes are in my top right pajama pocked and end up all wet. Damn I think to myself, I really need a smoke right now. I wrap myself in a beach towel and I am sitting next to my friend’s boyfriend and trying to keep him warm when I see a familiar face come into the bar and sit next to me. At first I don’t recognize him because his face keeps changing, then I see it is Samuel L Jackson. While he is talking I notice he doesn’t have any teeth!

I have actually met him at this bar before so I say “Well hello there stranger” as he turns his head towards me, he looks like LL Cool J for a moment then back into himself. He has a very worried look on his face and I ask him, “Are you okay” he reply’s “No man, someone was just shot up the place at Drew Barrymore’s house, there is a police chase right now and we don’t know if drew has been shot or not and I am really worried about her.

When I went to press him for more information I woke up and really wanted a smoke!



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