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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-09-02 Philistine Empty Vegas Series
No Picture

About a year ago I started having a series of dreams, 3 in all, regarding the future.  They were set in Las Vegas and were essentially repeats or variations on a theme.

I find myself in a mostly empty casino. The large central areas of the place are dimly lit and are empty. All the slot machines are gone. The roulette and card tables stand unused. The place is still operating but only around the periphery with just a few workers behind counters and all is gloomy and quiet. The floors are vacuumed, the place is clean because the workers seem to have nowhere else to go. I doubt they are being paid at this point.

As I slowly walk through the casino I notice a brighter and noisier corner. A single bar is still open for business. There are dozens of people there, drinking, dancing a little, but not gambling. These people don't seem to think there is anything wrong, they just drink and talk and do bar stuff. I go to the bar and order up a whiskey. The gruff barman and I have a discussion about how it used to be so grand there. Looking out the windows, Las Vegas is much like this casino, a few bright spots, neat and clean, but mostly empty of people and activity.

In one of the three dreams I am actually in the airport instead of a casino by the time I get my drink, but all else is essentially the same. I haven't had one of these dreams for several months now.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-09-01 missminxy Crowded town
No Picture

Dream on 30/08/2010. The beginning of the dream is unclear. Eventually, I end up in my hometown with my husband and we're at the video store. The video store is crowded and they have put up these turntable devices to wait in line to go pay. You are unable to pass the barrier until the cashier allows you to do so.

We go onto the street which is also just filled with people. The layout now resembles that in Europe, with coffee tables and chairs and people spilling out in the street. I can't remember seeing any cars and I wonder where they are. This is a very lucid dream. I kept wondering where all these people had come from. I'm in Canada and it seems there was a whole lot of Americans now in town.

As we walk down the street, we come up to a coffe shop/restaurant but see a so-called friend of my husband who politely asks us to sit down at the table on the street to catch-up. We say we cannot stay, and then he proceeds to show us a gun and tells us to sit down, always in a very calm manner. Although there are hundreds of people around, nobody seems to notice or care. We begin polite conversation with him.

In the meantime, I'm scrambling on my options of what to do to get out of the situation. The friend's cell phone rings and he invites more of his buddies to come over. Nobody approaches him to steal his phone. In the dream, I fear of disappearing, being sold to a prostitution ring, being sold for organs ... it seems as if these were all valid possibilities, as if it were Mexico city. I cannot talk to anyone else. I cannot attack this man either. My husband seems compliant and tries to talk his way out of this situation.

I somehow get away under the guise of having to go to the bathroom and have my cell phone hidden. The restaurant is just so packed, there are so many people everywhere. I manage to shut myself in a stall and call my mother to call someone to come and get us. That we are held hostage and we will be killed or sold. And I specifically mention make sure you do not call the police. I fear for my life that someone is hearing me speak on the phone in the restaurant and I quickly close it and hide it again. It seems that cell phones were rare in this reality and that just about anyone would kill me to have it.

That's when I woke up and needed a couple of minutes to realize it wasn't real. Although there were many people in this town, and the streets shut down, the people were behaving camly. An eery calm that could errupt in death in an instant ... and everyone would find it normal to kill or be killed.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-08-27 Philistine Charles Manson, Handy Man
No Picture

Last night dream at one point had me at what was supposed to be my old factory building. Only it looked more like a large high school building and campus. The place was abandoned with various small groups of contractors doing their jobs around the place, seemingly dismantling the systems such as electrical or HVAC. I don't remember much except that one team was headed by a Charlie Manson meets Matrix-Neo looking dude with very thick black hair and beard. He had white stripes in his beard which was trimmed neatly but very thick and brushy, about 3 inches of it. He had on black leather clothing and was using a chop saw to make long boards he was taking shorter and putting them into a truck. He had helpers that were like nymph versions of the same. This was going on in the back ground the entire time while I walked around observing, but Charlie was always right over *there*.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-08-22 Forge Military Shortage
No Picture

Sat 8/21/2010

I was taken to the White House because of a shortage of troops and asked to join.  I met the President and stayed in a guest area.  I got the impression that I was being observed to decide my level of trustworthiness.

A friend and I then join the military.  For some reason, they are very short on people. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-08-22 Forge Fallout Map
No Picture


I remember walking into a small country store to buy some food, and as I was checking out, I saw an old fallout map pinned up behind the cash register.  The map was of a major city on the East coast in the southern region, and it was entirely covered in red.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-08-16 Katrina Desolate Indiana Countryside
No Picture

In my dream from last night (08/15/10), I was driving an old pick-up truck through a very desolate Indiana countryside. The look and feel was very much like the pictures from the "dustbowl" era. The corn and soybean fields were all scraggly and dry and a solid wind was blowing dust and field debris through the air. I was driving around looking for people. If I saw a vehicle parked by a house or barn I would stop and look to see if there were people there or if the vehicle had been abandoned, etc.

I stopped by a large white farmhouse with multiple, run-down barns and outbuildings. I found an old man at this property. He was very happy to see me and took me on a tour. He had chickens and guinea fowl running loose on the property and had a flock of geese that was primarily living in a large, delapitated barn at the back of the farm. He explained that it wasn't his farm, but he had been "wandering around" looking for a place and had found the animals on this one. No one was around, so he stayed. He had been here for a couple of months and had not seen any other people. He wasn't sure about how to take care of the different birds, so he had let them all out so that the could find their own food. He had found an old hand pump and was able to give them water everyday, but didn't really have any feed or grain to give them.

We finally got to the last barn where the geese had made their nests and one of the geese had eggs that were hatching. The old man and I were very excited because this would mean more food, more eggs, etc. There was a total of six eggs. We sat and watched the first egg hatch and then the other five. We were very disappointed after the eggs had all hatched because instead of goslings, they had all contained kittens.

This is where the dream faded out.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-08-14 mystery Seed Police
No Picture

Dream 8/13/2010. 

May just be paranoid but here is the dream. 8/13/2010 - Reposted to include the date of the dream.

 I was at home with my husband when there was a knock at the door. My husband grabbed his shotgun and went into the other room, pointing the gun at the door through the wall.  “SSDA”  “Tell your husband to put down the gun and join you in the living room”.  A countdown of "3…2…" and my husband was with me in the living room.  A lady and a guard come in and they tell us both to sit down.  She pulls out a pamphlet with plants and says “You are in violation" "You are aware you are only able to grow these plants correct”?  Another guard type enters from the back door carrying my seed pouch and hands it to the lady.  She takes the pouch and places 3 seeds on each picture of the plant and hands the pouch back to the guard.  I yelled at her “That is enough to grow one plant each if we’re lucky”!  She said “You are lucky that I’m not taking you to the culdesac for this, you can keep the seeds you harvest” "If we live that long" I yelled back at her.  She picked up her stuff and left.


I then find myself with my husband and sons and we are in a suburban neighborhood, with nice homes only they are run down.  I am then in a kitchen area with my family and I am looking through a pantry.  My husband whispers for us to get down and he stands at the side of the kitchen door, shotgun in hand.  He then says “Linda” (Linda is our neighbor) “It’s me Mike” she is pointing a pistol in his direction and she says “What are doing here”…I woke up.  Needless to say I was ticked when I woke up because I wanted to know what we were doing there, what was this culdesac, and what the hell is SSDA?

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-08-09 Kimama The Collapsed Tree / Sat. July 31, 2010
No Picture

Someone was talking to me about a tree that collapsed.  It was a very significant thing that this tree collapsed.  It was very large and old.  I was then shown the tree.  It was laying over a good portion of Earth.  I could not see the top or the roots of the tree.  It was so large only the middle was I able to view.  The tree had a gray tone to it and there was a large cement-like structure- a building on the tree but it is part of the tree. 

The building is crumbling. I look at it knowing that this isn't a tree from the Earth,  it didn't belong anyway.  I am aware of feeling calm as I wonder what lies on the other side of the collapsed tree.

I see myself on the other side of the tree.  There is an orange glow on the horizion and I feel a refreshing breeze.  I feel almost elated, free.  I look over my left shoulder waiting for others to follow me, to come to the other side of the collapsed tree.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-08-07 AnnM Imminent Nuclear War
No Picture

I had this dream early this morning (8/7/2010).  I don't remember all of it, but the following parts were clear.  Nuclear war was imminent, but no bombs had gone off yet. 

In the first part of the dream I was in an office building and the people in charge were going floor by floor and making everyone go down to the basement.  They even forced open the door to a bathroom where a young man had locked himself in to make him come along.  He was wearing camouflage, but I don't think he was in the military - it was more of a fashion statement.

The scene changed and I was outside on the street.  I wasn't in a large city with tall buildings, more like the suburbs.  Most of the people had already left.  Full trash cans lined the street and there were piles of things that people had abandoned as they left.  Five abandoned children, none of them more than five years old, argued in shrill voices as they scavenged through a trashcan.  A dead dog lay nearby, probably a black lab, but it was starting to bloat and decompose so it was hard to tell.

I was still with the young man from the office building and we drove to a shelter that had been set up in a building that had a large open room about the size of a high school gym.  I don't know how much protection it would give since it didn't seem to be underground, but at least there weren't any windows.  The people running the shelter were all wearing orange tshirts.  They were very busy, but seemed to be well organized and not at all frantic.  There were people of all ages collecting at the shelter.  There was a row of beds set up in a large alcove off the main room.  We were going to have to sleep in shifts because there weren't enough beds for everyone.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-07-31 shepherd broken buildings
No Picture

      Hello, this is the first dream I have posted. It is, or at least what I remember about ithis dream is very short.

      I can remember walking around the ruins of a major city, possibly Los Angeles. The streets are covered with debries. The skyscrapers have all fallen. All I can see is the aftermath of some major calamity. It must have been a great earthquake, but there's no way to be sure. Nobody other person is to be found. Then I said,"I was right to fear this times", right before I woke up.



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