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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-11-17 anncats windswept
No Picture

I am standing on the edge of a windswept beach, with white barrack type buildings in the background.  It is very lonely and cold, I'm wearing a soft shawl pulled around me to keep the biting wind at bay.  When I turn to go inside the building, I ams truck by how isolated and lonely it is - where there should be families and children and plenty of action , there is no one outside. When I go into the building, it is warm, but echoingly empty - there are some people but not many, it is as if we've been decimated by something and oly a few of us are left at this site.  I am supposed to be teaching survival skills, how to grind the wheat to make bread and how to use the supplies that we have to survive.  I know I can do it, but it is going to be hard and not everyone is going to make it - there aren't enough supplies and not enough antibiotics.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-11-04 Marcus UFO Space Battle; Who are the Good Guys??
No Picture

I had this dream the morning of November 4th, 2010. It started out with me and my GF driving in my car at night, and we where going to get dinner. However, we saw a 13 year old boy who needed a ride. Normally, I don't pick up hitchikers, but I figured the kid needed a ride. We drove by the Hospital, and my GF had to use the bathroom so I parked outside the hospital and let her out. About a minute later, the kid and I looked to our right to see the clear night sky, and we saw a huge cherry red meteor crash into the desert way out into the distance. The sky exploded in white light, and I knew something was wrong. There was no destruction; just light. Suddenly, I looked out my moonroof and I saw three blue and yellow orbs with narrow cones sticking out from the front flying from where the meteor crashed (they remind me of a painting of the Virgin Mother and the Baby Jesus, and in the painting in the corner is a UFO). The UFOs' size in the sky was like a marble that kids play with. The three UFO made a circle around, and started shooting orange lasers at, what seemed to be thin air. Suddenly, I saw red lasers firing back at the orbs. I realized that the red lasers where coming from smaller UFOs colored dark orange in the shape of bottle caps. The Blue/ Yellow UFOs won, and the other UFOs exploded. The Blue/Yellow UFO moved to another section of the sky and did the exact same thing, circling and firing orange lasers at invisible UFOs shooting red lasers. Each time this happened the blue/yellow UFOs won. I wanted to go into the hosptial to get my girl friend, but I was so scared that I could not move; I could only watch in horror. In the back of my mind I was wondering "Who is winning? The good guys, or the bad guys?" I woke up startled a few seconds before my alarm woke me up.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-11-01 Swann BIG BAD IDEA
No Picture

Driving through an area undergoing development that is suppose to be like the New York of the South,  

only, no progress has been made in the development.  Rising from the street level, here and there, are

half-built shells of unusually shaped office buildings, high rises, apartments, skyscrapers and now they

appear as abandoned constructions.  Not a soul to be seen in the area… the half-builts are scattered all

over the place, shells, half-completed, and vacant.  The impression is that this was a big, bad idea

that got out of control.  Much money was spent and nothing came of it.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-10-25 mford Bears
No Picture


I am in a forest and a very large bear begins to chase me.  I am scared and begin to run in the opposite direction.  Then 3 more bears appear in the opposing direction and begin to charge me.  I am trapped.  (at which point I woke up).

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-10-23 Grace Flippin Over and Out
No Picture
10/21/2010 I was dreaming of seeing a rare group of birds, they looked like a cross between miniature puffins and parrot's, very colorful birds and they were in a body of water. Half of them floating on top, half of them underwater, which I thought was strange, but didn't know what their behavior actually was because they were not normally in this section of the country. So I wanted to report the sighting on the bird forum I belong to and wondered where I was and if there would be interest. I determined I was in the mid section of the country around Omaha and that yes, I should report the bird sighting, when I realized I had left my key locked in the hotel room. So I went through the lobby to request another key, realized I already had the key in my hand, but had already asked the desk clerk for another and let it go at that because I was entitled to 2 keys (?)
After obtaining the second key I noticed that there were continual news flashes running on the T V sets in the lobby. The news kept updating some sort of world event that was happening, it seemed to be like the world flipping over or something of that magnitude, and that this crisis wasn't over yet. It kept running percentages across the screen, like "it's only 89% complete, we still have another 11% to go...and it's not over yet, we are not out of this yet, we still have a way to go...then more percentages" on and on and I woke up.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-10-19 Finite Statist Machine Sarkozy as the agent of the TPTB
No Picture

I dreamed of the French general strike protesting the changes Sarkozy is attempting to put into place to make the public pay the costs of the excesses of the French Banksters.  

The image was one of thousands of people in a large open town square, a mass of humanity in anger.   Super-imposed over the people were "V" shaped space vehicles (man-made) like those seen in night vision goggles.  The "V"s were like cursors on a video screen pointing to people or groups or somehow attempting to affect their behavior or level of anger - as in diffusing it or surpressing it.   It was like I was looking down upon it all from outside the earth.

Then a warning panel came up, kind of like a cigarette cancer healthwarning, in that same kind of font with the box around it, the words were "Sarkozy is the opposite of Edith Pilaf to the French people".   Then I got the sense of this being the death of the French national motto, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity".

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-10-08 westcountry Four Planets
No Picture

This is a dream I had a few days ago.  In the dream, I was looking off of our back balcony to the south, but instead of the rural country landscape we have, I saw a rainy city scene looking towards the south.  It was past dusk and I was standing on the balcony with a man (not sure who).  We were looking at "the planets", 4 of them, that were rotating along the southern horizion in a quick kind of time-lapse, over the city below, which was moving regular speed.  One of these planets was quite large... massive!  There were three other smaller planets, and all of these were moving together.  After they set to the south-west... we just waited not very long for them to circle around again and rise in the south-east.  There was a radio playing music in the background behind us (I never listen to radio), and someone else was talking in the background, female voice.  People already knew about these planets and it was all over the news.  I was taking a video of the planets and city scene before us to put on youtube (I don't own a video camera and have never posted anything to youtube but that's what was happening in the dream).

After the planets cycled through their rotation again, we could see off in the distance a cluster of storm clouds hovering to the south-west.  Then a giant lightning strike flashed above the clouds instead of below them, and all of the clouds were quickly "sucked" into the lightning. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-10-03 Cat The Fall of the Illusion
No Picture

I'm not sure this is the right category, but I chose to put it here.

In my wakeful state I have moments of clarity and knowing, typically when I'm doing tasks by myself.  I sort of go into a semi-trance like state.  I would call them wakeful dream moments.

In one of them today, I was told this would be known as "the fall of the illusion".  I was given permission to release the task of holding the energy of the ignorant on the planet.  It is a relief, as it has taken it's toll on me.  It gave me joy for a moment, but with that some sadness, as I realize that as the illusion dissappears and many many more souls here on earth finally see what they've been creating, it will cause them much sorrow and pain.  Thankfully for them, as they begin to understand what they've allowed for so long, they will start to understand it is their responsibility to learn to become better creators and take responsibility for the future.  No longer will they go blindly along with what they are being told.  Many of us already have been doing this, but not enough mass consciousness had yet occurred.  Once the illusion falls, it will not be long before things turn for the better.  I've been holding the energy of hurt and sadness for humanity and Mother Earth for over 10 years, so I will gladly give up that burden.


add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-10-03 saskafrass separation from family
No Picture

This dream happened to me last week,  I dreamed that there was some kind of catastrophe in a nearby city, I could see that the interior of it was ruined in such a way that it was impossible to go downtown and for several miles into the suburbs.

My wife and I were driving in my pickup truck through fields getting supplies that we needed because the roads were blocked.

When we got back into town there was a woman begging for help from us, she offered herself but we gave her two pounds of flour and a handfull of raisons and wished her luck.  There was also 2 men and one woman standing by the town bulletin board.

My wife asked me to see what they were doing because they were not from around here.  I walked over and the one man and woman walked away nervously while one man stood there.  I asked him what he was doing and he showed me the board.  They were putting pictures of themselves up, one drivers licence, one work ID card and one photo that a guy had and little letters saying who they were and where they were staying.  This struck me as odd because most people when doing a memorial board leave pictures of loved ones they have lost or are looking for.  But these people were separated from there families and could not go back to find them.

It was the kind of situation that the dead far out numbered the living so space was only granted to those who survived.

Once I understood this I woke up.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2010-09-30 muad dib shards from the shadows
No Picture

these were experienced within the last 6 months...

....hiding/being pursued by an armed force...i was armed and atop a hill looking down as some type of soldiers (for some reason they seemed chinese) in dark uniforms were hunting/searching the lowlands for i dont know what but it felt like they were hunting the last holdouts of free men....the soldiers were heavily armed...

....found myself sitting on my recliner feeling very, very hungry...i wondered why i hadn't eaten, then i looked at my legs (i had some type of shorts on) and they were thin as bone...


......it is winter...i am in the woods with a dog and perhaps 2 or 3 other people who i assume are friendly to me....we are being pursued by men and soldiers again in black uniforms...they are on sno-machines and horseback with tracking dogs...again it was very, very clear i/we were being chased pursued...we ran along a railroad line for how long i can't speculate, then turned down a steep enbankment and slipped into the woods below.....last was the sound of barking dogs....




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