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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-04-20 Alaira1 Rome heads the new world order
No Picture

At first this dream was very realistic. Everyday situations, kids going to school, but then I noticed that there was no seperation of people & countries. There were two classes of people, those who have & those who have not. I remember seeing a large screen tv in the sky or a hologram that gave the news. There were elections going on in Rome. Time was moving very fast in my dream. What seemed like minutes was really years. Election after election was taking place. Two times there was an up rising due to americans being elected to lead Rome. The dream did not seem as though people understood the changes that took place, but once the New World Order took over the people who HAVE didn't mind. Those of us that did not have, went on surviving as we were used to, but things were getting tougher & tougher for us. We were about to be pushed out of schools & learning.

Pray this doesn't happen.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-03-25 Finite Statist Machine Parapraxis
No Picture


I had this dream about 10 days ago. It was a time of turmoil and there were politicians feverishly trying to look like they were in control when they everything about them said otherwise.  During the dream I kept hearing the word "PARAPRAXIS", and it was said like 3 or 4 times like I was meant to take notice of it.

After I awoke, I did remember it, then later forgot it.  But it came back this afternoon.  I had no idea if there was a word "PARAPRAXIS", but a search on Google confirms it does exist.  It is the psychologist version of the phrase "FREUDIAN SLIP".

Apparently something very important will become known from a leader who has a problem repeating "PARAPRAXIS".   The truth will be in the Freudian slip, and it will affect many people.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-03-16 jfteer Violene in the streets choas
No Picture

I have had more than one very real flash of being on a city street with people all around who in an instant go from their daily routine to what seems to be be random physical violent outbreaks.  Think a hundred people who spontaneously decide to beat on each other without any apparent provocation. These flashes wake me up - started about two weeks ago and have stopped for now.  Have never had such dreams before. Note this is a metropolitan city - lots of people from different places - modern western city.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-03-12 Guineith The Night is Coming
No Picture
I dreamt that I had fallen asleep at a desk inside Bunnings (Aussie version of Big Box) and I awoke to find the store had closed and it was almost dark. I was supposed to be home by nightfall and so I found the exit and left. On my way, I met my former employer, and he said something like, "You didn't buy anything today", to which I replied, "Well, I don't have as much money coming in as I once did, when I had a job..." He was kind of embarrassed by this, but I hadn't meant to be nasty about this, just honest. I had a kid's bicycle that I was riding, and as I rode home I turned a corner and saw a demonstration by some primary (grade) school children holding banners and protesting outside their school. One of these children asked me if I would like some eclairs (they had a box of chocolate eclairs and plain cream eclairs). I was going to take two chocolate ones but she said, "One cream and one chocolate", so that was that. I still had to get home, so I tried riding and eating, but very nearly fell off my bike. As far as I can tell, this dream is a dream of instruction. I have been prepping for years and a lot of my supplies have come from Bunnings. This dream is saying that night is rapidly approaching, the time for gathering supplies is almost gone, it is time to go home, not be distracted by demonstations or temptations to splurge, because such distractions will unbalance you.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-03-11 Alaira1 Science & Missles
No Picture

I'm going to type this as I remember it, so the first event will be the last thing I drempt.

I am in an underground silo. I am a scientist & I am working on something with several other scientists. At on point I thought or I heard Super Hadron Collider, but I knew that was not what we were working on, this huge machine had something to do with space, but not like what the SHC does. 

Next I am in water with land on both sides of me. The water is dark where I stand, but becomes clear as it reaches the shore line. I look up at the land & hear a voice say Australia. Suddenly I hear what sounds like a missle wizzing through the water. I look up to the land and while I never see the missles, I see the path they leave in the water & the land & the vapor or mist that lingers in the air as it came out of the water. I hear an exposion far in on the land. There are many missles coming out of the water both on my left & my right, but my attention is mostly attuned to what is on my left. Another missle comes on land behind me on my left side, a large modern looking city appears, but instead of hearing the missle expode a shield or force field covers this city. (The city was very bright & when the force field came over it, it was orange. Not sure if the force field was already over the city & only became visible when the missle hit, or if it was a different type of missle.) My sense of the land is that the my front left side was Australia, the back left side was another country (even though in the dream the land was connected it didn't feel like the same country) & my front right side was Africa.  

Next, our world has changed. (Many of my dreams lately are of survival after some sort of disaster) We (all people) are living in old abandoned homes & buildings. The feel is we're now nomadic. I am with my husband & other people are around as well. Suddenly there is a baby in my arms, I sense she is hungry & go to find a quiet place to feed her. She turns into 2 babies. I don't seem too interested in the fact that one baby turned to two. I am more confused as to why she or they are not the age of my 4 year old. I find some bottles of formula since I no longer can nurse them. As I feed the first baby she morphs into a 4 year old child. The other baby disappears. The baby that is with me is the second child, not the first one that showed up in my arms. This is all I remember.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-03-05 Grimbaldus When you see this, You know it's time to leave
No Picture

Two dreams, actually. Mine, and my fiance's... same night.




Driving down a state road in town, no cars. In the median, and on both sides of the four-lane highway, are tons of military equipment. Hummers, Tanks, Jeeps, 50 cals, and all types I'd never seen before. One gun looked like it was for carving up the damn moon or summat, it was way too big, and had multiple cylinders, like a huge gatlin gun.

Someone behind me (we're driving in a truck or van?) says, "When you see this, You know it's time to leave". I'm very curious about all of the equipment because there's not one person anywhere around, and no cars on the road except for ours. As if it had all been abandoned, or the people just 'dissappeared'. I want to get out and start collecting, but the driver vehemently disagrees and keeps driving.

The whole town was this way, everywhere we passed and went, no one. no cars on the road, or on the sides of the road, just military equipment and a deserted town.


I awake and think about this all day. I get up, take a shower, go to work. As usual, she's still asleep, so I'll tell her when I get home.

She tells me hers first, and afterwards have a very interesting night of conversation while watching 2012.


She's in a science lab of some sort with a group of people she doesn't know, and they're searching for food and the like. One guy ventures outside and finds a lady dying of some sort of sickness. There's a key around her neck, so he takes it, and keeps walking. He comes to a freezer-like mechanism, and thinks there's food in it, but it's locked. He uses the key he found to unlock it, and upon opening it, sees not food, but medicines of all sorts and starts grabbing everything he can carry. Upon his venture back, he's being followed by a group of people, and accost him outside of where everyone else was holed up at (the science lab-type-building). The followers start demanding what he took from the chest, and one man says his name is King.

She woke up. We talked that night for a few hours. I'm not one to believe in coincidences, and neither is she. We're going to ramp up our preps, needless to say.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-03-03 ck state of emergency
No Picture

it was the second night in a row when I woke at 4:38 - this time I had a dream that lingered on which I "lived" vividely before and still after - here it goes:

it started with me riding a bus in my home towm (I don't live there anylonger) and suddenly there was a message coming through via the radio and tv screen in the bus that declared a state of emergency and that everyone should go home - no details can be told so far, but will be in due course. upon hearing this I looked outside the window of the bus and saw that the snow caps on top of the mountains were melting - rapidly - it was like waterfalls coming down from the top, massive waterfalls and my first thought was it's all gonna get flooded...then I was home at my parents house and my grandmother (who no longer is with us - actually for 20 years not) was brought into the house next door - she looked weak but we did not go to see her. we tried to figure out what was going on, looking at the mountains where water was still gushing down and heading outside to look at the waterlevel of the river close to the house. it was not rising though. it all made no sense - we thought it will come and started to barricade stuff around the lower floors and cellar of the house to keep out the water and mud once it would rise and hit the house. it was very warm albeit it was not spring or summer yet. then suddenly we were standing in the living room and my mum was there and pointing out of the window screaming "here it comes" - i looked out and saw a "fire ball" and thought that this is it, a meteor gonna hit our house and this will be it - the "fire ball" came through the window without destroying it and turned into a red/pinkish balloon. we looked outside and could see more and more of these. they all had "weather balloon" written on them...suddenly my Dad and my brother had a fight and my Dad kicked my brother out of the house, my mum was gone as well - not sure where to. and I was back in the town I live now - but not in my flat but in a house with big windows and pigdeon gathering underneath the roof - loads of them, being pretty excited they were. I looked outside and saw people on the streets, ginger haired people and they all were bleeding from their skin and they saw me looking and they yelled at me "it all starts with blood" and "keep out of the sun". I called my family and told them to stay at home and not to get out of the house. I still did not know where my brother was although I spoke to him and was feeling very anxious and the feeling was still there that my grandma was around...all in all there was a feeling of being along and then not...hard to explain...

And then I slowly got out of the dream - it was 4:38 - I did not wake with a bang but slowly and more "living" it all - I wrote down what I could remember but there was much more, this time there was a lot of talking and discussing going on, I can remember that it was but I can't remember the exact words...

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-02-21 El Coyote Brace Yourself
No Picture

Had this dream the other night.  Thought it very interesting in light of the state of things.  I worked for FEMA for 17 years, but have not been with them for a decade. This is pasted from an e-mail I wrote a friend and just realized you might find it of interest.

Despite the lack of sleeping and no use of spikenard, I had a really crazy dream.  I haven't worked for FEMA for ten years, but in my dream they called me up.  I had no idea where I was being sent.  I hadn't heard of any particular disaster and wasn't told where I would be going, that I would find out when I picked up my ticket.  At the airport I bumped into an old FEMA friend who was headed to San Francisco, so I figured that was where the action was.  When I went to get my ticket I was surprised to learn I was going to St. Louis.  Now is when things got interesting.  A good bye ceremony was held, which basically told us we would not be returning from this mission.  I was assigned to a group wherein I was the only male.  I had worked with all the women in my group before, they were incredibly competent and compassionate people.  Our mission was to go forth and basically tell the public "We are fucked, brace yourselves."  Wow!!!!!!!!!!

Of course I doubt the government would ever get real with the people.  Perhaps if they did we could find a way through this.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-01-28 AnnM Multigenerational Multifamily household
No Picture

1/28/2011 Second dream of the night.  It's rare for me to remember more than one.

I'm living in a house with my mother, another woman, and her daughter who's about 10.  There may be other people living there as well.  I think my mother owns the house.  The daughter wants to take her puppy for a last walk before bedtime.  Her mother doesn't want her to go out alone at night, so I say I'll go with her but she has to put something on over her skimpy nightwear even though it's warm out.  I say I may as well take one of the other dogs on the walk.  The dream turns into almost a comedy as the mother keeps bringing more and more dogs for me to walk.

What struck me about this dream is that in almost all of my dreams of the future I'm living in multigenerational and/or multifamily households.  I'm 50, so in this dream we're talking at least 2 families spanning 4 generations.  My husband and I are very private people, so we would not live with other people if we could avoid it.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-01-25 mystery China bought and paid for
No Picture

Dream occured on 1-16-11. Very strange and very detailed. 

I was watching a TV news channel and they were talking about how the US had made a deal with China to take over all of our debt.  They said that they were expecting the President to give some details as he and his family leaves the white house.  The news reporters were following him (Our current president) to a huge line of cars and they asked "Sir What about our constituion and what our founding fathers envisioned?"  He looked at the camera and said "You have a new father now" and then he said "This is still America the difference is you don't own it anymore the Chinese have taken over our debt and we will work together".  He said "They will forgive our debt but we had to eliminate congress and their salaries, we will be able to elect a President every 4 years.  The American people know that this is a small price to pay to keep our freedom, prevent collapse and avoid war.  Please excuse me as my family and I have to vacate the premisis."  I started crying and found myself in a car with my kids and my husband. We were driving by shopping centers and everyone was staring at TV sets.  People kept saying "OK".  A lady speaking to a crowd said "We are all gonna be ok, at least we wont loose our money and our homes, and they are even saying the price of food is going to come down now, it's all going to be ok".

I woke up pissed off and literally started crying. 



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