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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-09-28 Finella Spies in our midst
No Picture

My boss had purchased a ranch in a remote location in the mountains and I went to work there.  Thought in my dream that it was located in Montana.  The ranch was remote enough that supplies were brought in by airplane.  The same gentleman who called himself a "bush pilot" delivered supplies a couple of times a week.  This same pilot often flew me to town for appointments and so on.  On one such occasion a blizzard prevented us from getting back to the ranch.  As a favor he flew to his own home and offered lodging for the night.  At some point I was awakened for no real reason.  As I was walking from the guest room toward the kitchen, I saw a passage way in the hall.  It appeared a wall panel was slid back.  Peeking in, I saw a small room where there was clearing a lot of radio equipment.  Although I could not see the pilot, I could hear him speaking -- he seemed to be relaying critical weapons and strategic information about the residents of the area over the radio.  He suddenly appeared and caught me peeking.  He explained to me that he worked for the government and had been stationed in the area for over 20 years.  His job was to report on the residents, weapons, defensive positions, organizations and so on.  He said that the only time he had actually ever had to report detailed information was during the last three years.      This dream was perhaps one of the most lucid I have ever had. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-09-21 LetsGoViking Earthquake Weirdness
No Picture

In the dream, which was extremely vivid, I was standing in my bedroom.  It seemed early morning, with light coming from the east window. There was a sudden shaking and the floors buckled, walls cracked.  I was then driving in my car (not really sure how that happened!) heading east down a major southside street when I noticed that all the power poles were laying accross the street.  The sky was an odd color of pale purple/red with shades of pale green streaked through it, like when a major storm is coming.


It was a short dream, but I awoke shaking.  This was very odd as I don't normally remember my dreams at all, and there is still a sense of dread when I recall this dream.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-09-04 wendlo chaos and order
No Picture

The first thing I see is the capital building in this dream it has cracks all over it.. when I walk inside I see congressmen all sitting looking at their wallets and talking about gibberish like it makes sense... things are so weird that I go outside here is long lines of mothers and fathers and children starving and cold standing by tash cans with fires in them to stay warm.. there is a riot down the street.. and people throwing rocks at a granpa with a walker.. in the doorway of an apartment building there is a grandma in a wheel chair starving with tears flowing down her face.. She looks so sad ans sick.. it is sad.. Then an old time car drives up inside it is a mob boss. or he looks like a mob boss from an old time movie.. he sees the rioters tossing stones at grandpa and grandma crying.. he yells at the crowd you must have respect.. they yell give us a job and food..give us dignity it is their fault..
Now I am waling behind the mob boss leader as he goes into a huge room with a long table in it.. he calls to order a meeting at the table is leaders of all the mafia groups and gang leaders.. He says to them there has to be respect..there has to be order.. it is lost and needs to be found.. the people split.. next I am by one of them walking into a big buisnessmans office.. He is shoving money in his pants with gold coins all around dancing an irish jig he has a picture of his home a huge mansion and yahts.... the boss says to him.. hire people.. If you continue this disgrace to the homeland you will have to pay a tarif to every ship load of goods brought in.. then you see them counting ships entering ports.. they go back to the industrial boss and give him a tarif for every boat load.. he deny's..

Another day dawns.. I am with them watching the boats come in.. they go into the same office with the dancing industrial leader but he isn't there any more there is another one in his place he has a picture of a modest home with a fishing boat in the driveway..this one hands over a list of people he has hired and a bucket of gold coins..mafia man then takes it to the table.. there are huge amounts of buckets with gold in them.. they get food and then I see the gang members and mafia men taking them and dropping them off at the doors of the elderly the old woman looks happy .. people are working.. and you see food in every corner.. all yards have a garden and gardens on the roofs and there is a cow on main street with a milk maid milking.. everywhere I look I see people growing things.. and working.. there is a family walking by the mafia leader they wave and say thank you for our dignity..

I walk around the corner to see the capital building and the Congressmen look hagard and worn they don't have any gold with them and their suits are rags.. 



add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-09-01 James Howard What would YOU do?
No Picture

I had this dream where I was in a store near my home with my son talking to a friend. It was night and it had been raining. On the drive home my son and I were passing through a wooded area and saw a large glowing light in the sky to the north. We were puzzled by it and as it faded I noticed, in a break in the clouds, a long contrail coming from the southwest and strecthing across the sky right to where the glow was. It looked as though a missile had passed and a nuclear attack had begun. I woke in an extremely agitated state with a question ringing over and over again in my head - "What would you do? What would you do?" The question didn't imply, "What would you do if you had thus and so?", but "What would you do with what you possess right now?" As I thought about the implications, I got up and began to jot down ideas. Two hours later I had a rough outline for a novel. I ended up writing and publishing that novel and it is doing pretty well on Amazon and Kindle. I've also began prepping in earnest, trying to cover many possibilities. Generally, people who read the story also begin prepping. People seemed to be bugged by a vague sense of impending disaster. I hope it was just a dream.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-07-22 Guineith Damascus the Ruinous Heap
No Picture

I saw the city of Damascus as a "ruinous heap". There were no words in this dream, I just somehow knew it was Damascus that I was looking at. There were fires in many buildings and a state of utter chaos. Even the mosques were burning and fire was in the minarets.

The silence was kind of strange. There was no weeping or crying, no sound at all, and no sign of life. I didn't even see any dead bodies. It was eerie.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-06-30 wendlo garden divided
No Picture

The dream I had dealt with me working around the house I had a huge garden and everything was going ok. then one morning I wake up and there are two sun's in the sky and it seemed like I was looking west as the sun rose instead of east. Looking out the window I seen a family coming up to the house noone was around answering the door they asked if they could eat some of my grass in the yard. I said instead of grass why not come in for some vegitable soup. they began to cry and thank me for this gesture. They ate and became part of the household helping me to work in the garden. They told me about the cities and of the horrible living conditions. after the collapes of the water pipes and the destruction of the water supply line people began to panic. fights and thefts the collapse of the city officials they decided to leave. Wandering around not finding anything. They went to Houston only to find it was an ocean with buildings acting like islands in the sea. Looking for some sort of  shelter they stumbled across our small garden by mistake.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-06-19 wendlo History revisited
No Picture

In this dream everythign is going ok.. Some storms with floods and a nasty hurricane on the east coast seems there was a drought on the west coast similar to what is in the headlines right now.. Anyway.. things seem to be normal.. the wife comes out ans says.. Honey you need to go to the grocery store to buy some Pickles for the picknic.. So I run down and when I walk in the door I find that everyone seems really serious.. frantically filling their carts with goods. I go back to the shelf to grab some pickles and find that there was only two bottle on the shelf but that the price of the pickles had gone through the roof.. Like a three dollar bottle was twelve dollars.. I get a cart and start to fill it up to.. but then it is like everyone is trying to grab what I have in the cart.. the manager comes over to me and I ask him what is going on. he says haven't you heard.. No.. well you need a gaurd to take the food out.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-05-04 dreamweaver vague notions about changes
No Picture

February 15, 2011

Asked for a healing dream again last night. I slept for an hour but was up and down for most of the night. I may have fallen asleep after 3am.

There was something about Egypt. Later there was something about world changes but now I can’t remember what. I just remember thinking how this is the 2nd night that I’ve asked for healing and ended up dreaming about scary things in the future.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-05-01 metadreamer collapse, build school, aliens around
No Picture

It's several years after a societal collapse. People are mostly homeless, or living in abandoned buildings, and despite an overall sense of friendliness it's still tough living. Like third world conditions but even less organized. Me and some others decide to open a school, to give all the homeless kids something to do instead of wandering around aimlessly. We have a room with a generator outside, running a TV and VCR/DVD player with some education vids. Fast forward 10-15 years and the school's doing well, town is rebuilding too. The senior teachers, who were born in the 70s and 80s, now had graying hair. And periodically this human-like alien woman would come to town like some high official, and it would always be a big deal when she showed up. She had some supervisory role to make sure reconstruction was proceeding. Her name was "Saht." Dream ended there.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-04-24 Lisa T Communist Takeover
No Picture

In the dream, the country had been invaded and some areas had already been taken over, by a communist regime. For some reason, we were in some kind of camp before our area was invaded. Someone came and warned us: they were coming tonight, and when they get here, they would NOT be kind.

In the women's bunkhouse, we had foam mattresses on the floor. I had a friend from Nicaragua or somewhere beside me on a thinner mattress. Mine was twice as thick, and it was because I was American. Non-Americans were not as privileged. It didn't seem right, or at least, I felt sorry for my friend so I decided to share her thin mattress instead of enjoying my nicer one. My friend's toddler got bit by a spider from sleeping on the floor.

A couple of people from Multiply were in the dream, in the bunk next door. It was Iggy and Shadow! I told them I felt safer knowing they were over there (as if they would defend us from armed enemy soldiers, haha.) They had their own individual wooden bunks off the floor.

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, we heard the soldiers arrive. They were blasting their radio on a rock station. They came in the building and tied our wrists to a rope attached to the ceiling. I thought we were going to be left hanging there, but we had something to stand on. After awhile they let us down and then were interviewing us individually.

They didn't have uniforms on, just a ragtag army though well-armed. They were mostly in their early twenties and looked like regular guys except for a few who looked criminal. Some of them wore plaid flannel shirts. They saw us as enemies, but I tried to treat them as friends, trying to let the light of Christ shine through me (unworthy vessel though I am). They started being a bit friendlier as they got to know us. Most of them weren't as fierce as we were warned, but some of them were very threatening.

In an effort to stay alive and free, I offered to teach them English. For some reason, my Nicaraguan friend looked offended.

I was walking through the camp and one soldier called me over to a temporary building they had set up. He wanted to show me something, he said. I was wary, as he was one of the criminal-looking ones. Then he showed me a door to an office and said I could work there if I wanted to. He said I wouldn't have to be outdoors all day and could go to the restroom anytime I wanted. (Gee...I guess I should be grateful, I thought sarcastically. Apparently otherwise we would be on a strict restroom schedule! Such is life under communism.)

I guess the guy went and did something else, and there were some Americans just walking away from the camp in broad daylight. Do I dare follow them, after being offered a good job with restroom freedom and everything? I followed long enough to reach a vehicle that we piled into and drove off, up a long winding road.

Eventually we reached a 3 way intersection. A couple of men in another vehicle told us if we keep going, we'll get to the city that's being taken over right now. If we turn right, where they were coming from, it goes to a town that was already taken over some time ago. We chose to turn right, as there would be a lot of violence in the other city.

We came across an elementary school building, and drove around the parking lot. The windows were all smashed in and there was no one there except an old man behind the building who was scavenging for car parts. We decided not to park there because our vehicle would end up dismantled in no time.

The End



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