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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2012-02-12 Backenstein Computer Crash
No Picture

Floating in spirit form about the atrium of a packed hotel, holding a drink, spilling it over all, while trying not to, the spirit crashed.  / Computer had a virus in the dream, a gift, but an unwelcome one.  The computer crashed/didn't function/data unreachable.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2012-02-05 dreamweaver NASA closed down
No Picture

Feb. 5, 2012 

I was in a tall Gov't building in Washington DC. I worked with engineers and the like at NASA and it was being closed down due to budget shortages. We were on a high floor, standing around saying our good-byes, some were telling stories. I went to the windows and pulled up some blinds and the grounds below and for a long distance were covered with all of the people from the offices and gov't buildings around. They were applauding all the people of NASA. I told the people in the room to come see what was going on outside. Finally, we began exiting, going down stairwells, people still trading stories as they walked, and we were applauded as we left the building. Later in the dream, we were all walking, as if into a subway tunnel. No one was driving, everyone was walking. I felt so sad. I knew many of those people could've made fortunes in the private sector but their love of space, adventure, and the challenge of going to the Moon led them to work at NASA, and that was all over now.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2012-01-31 Grace Concrete Crash - Danger Zone
No Picture


It's been a while since I've posted any of my dreams. But this morning's dream before waking is one to share. Please keep in mind I often dream in metaphoric style and symbolisms and often precognatively.

so yeah, I was dreaming this morning that my husband and I were supposed to help transport a person or persons from point A to B. I recall there were 2 vans. One transport and one cargo, both of them white in color. At one point, not sure of the route, we pulled over in some town, any town, USA, to take a break and discuss itinerary and routes.

While we were outside of the vehicle standing around talking, I decided to take a look around at my surroundings. I noticed, to my right, a grain elevator that was built upon a hill and was somehow way up at the top from that, kind of way up in the air. I looked all around from there and then focused back on the Grain Elevator.  

I noticed some sort of construction or remodeling going to take place with the attached house (?), when all of a sudden some sort of destruction equipment had broken up concrete foundation and all this broken concrete, some in large and some small pieces, started floating on an invisible vortex in the air, as if there was no gravity what so ever.

I told my husband..."Look!!!!" - "Quick, LOOK what's happening!!!!".  I no sooner tried to give a warning when these floating concrete pieces that had been whirling around in almost slow motion, started crashing downward, and the debris was being thrown everywhere. I heard one piece thud on the ground behind me and shuddered to think there were still more pieces falling where that came from, with really no place to run to for safety. Much more to dream I can't recall...

January, 31, 2012


add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2012-01-18 leo different
No Picture

I saw three or four things at seperate locations. Earthquake like shakes of the ground with a panic stricken crowd. Followed by a volcano drop a ash cloud down into a populated area, it was dark and the lights of town vanish in the ash. Also a bunch of ships, like pointed bow large ships at sea. Then lastly a blast cloud like a bomb went off. Huge blast and large cloud. Not sure what it all meant. Panic struck people in dreams also.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2012-01-05 JohnPM Post Apocalyptic President Sharp
No Picture

In the dream the United States appears to be a third world nation, feels post apocalyptic. My family is on vacation, almost like you would visit historic places now. We are in a hut listening to the customs of the people there and they are getting ready to perform a ritual involving a big jug of water. My mom says that it looks heavy and to help the girl carry it out. So I grab it and a smaller jug of vinegar and we walk out of the hut into a field where a giant tub is. I dump the jug of vinegar into the tub and then start to pour the big jug of water into the tub. While doing this I look in the tub and there appear to be two, dead, chopped up people in there.

This shocks me a bit so I either ask the girl about it or read the plaque on the front. The answer I receive is that this giant tub contains President Sharp and his vice president. President Sharp caught a virus and went crazy. He got into a fight with his vice president and killed him. President Sharp later died of the virus. The people cut them up and put them in the tub. This water could never be used and had to constantly be replinished or the virus would escape.

Of course it is my luck that I get splashed on the hand and side while pouring the water in. No one notices and I decide it is best not to tell them because I get the impression that if I did I would be joining President Sharp in the tub. My hand and side start tingling and we go back into the hut.

I awoke from this dream and my hand and side were tingling. I decided it was best to go back to sleep and see where the dream takes me. The second dream was related but I don't remember it very well. I awoke from this one and my side and hand were still tingling so back to sleep.

In the third dream I was standing in a giant underground room on a ledge. The lower level is filled with water, but there is an island in the middle. My hand and side still tingle and there appear to be either the local residents or zombies on the ledge with me. Someone tells me to jump so I jump in to the water. I then remember that I have my cell phone on me so I pull it out figuring it's dead, but surprisingly still works and has a lightning bolt flashing on the screen. I make it to the island and when I get out of the water I notice that my hand and side are no longer tingling. I rejoice and then I woke up. My side and hand no longer tingled.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2012-01-01 AnnM Bombs dropping
No Picture

1/1/2012 about 5:30am.  I dreamed that something woke me up and I walked to the bedroom window to see what it was.  I looked towards the town and there were large planes dropping bombs and the bombs were exploding causing massive damage.  I said to my husband "Wake up, we have to go, they're dropping bombs".  He said something to the effect of "why bother, if one of those bombs hits the house we'll be just as dead hiding in the basement as we would staying here in the bedroom".  I remember thinking it was strange that they started bombing the night after a holiday, that the event would have had more impact on the people and the media if it had been on the holiday itself.

We live in a small town in a fairly rural area of New Hampshire, so it's not likely that anyone would be bombing us in any case.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-12-30 Ellie Dreamed on 8/17/2011
No Picture

This morning I dreamed about watching an airplane take off. It was an American Airlines plane, and it took off very steeply and tried to start a turn but wound up falling upside down right where it had started. No people were hurt, and I watched out the window as everyone got off and collected their loved ones and possessions. I was then outside and set my purse down by the wall of the airport terminal. I then was walking with the passengers in a hallway and remembered my purse and went back to get it. In the process, I realized that a few of the passengers were coming back for their items also and I helped them locate their items. It was an interesting dream and it feels like one of those dreams that mean something, but I’m not sure what it means at this time.

Comment (12/30/2011): I find it interesting that AA filed for bankruptcy late in November, and that my Dad is a retired AA pilot.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-11-09 Carla Two Dreams in One Day (today 11-9-11)
No Picture

The first was after I had awakened early and went back to sleep.

I dreamt I was in a large 25 or more story building.  It was white and there were people, almost appeared to be children crawling out of the windows trying to get out.  I was feeling fearful and seen one person drop from the building and I woke up.

The second was after breakfast my husband asked to lay down for a nap with him before he went to work.  It wasn't that long after we had been awake.  Maybe 4 hours later.  I didn't think I would be able to fall back to sleep but I did.

I dreamt I was on a highway where the bridge had already collapsed. I could see from my car windshield the traffic sliding down towards me from the other part of the bridge ahead of me.  There were to semi tractor trailors sliding and starting to spin out of control.  My thoughts were to watch carefully so I can move in the opposite direction as the possibly fall on top or in front of me.  It felt like a movie and very real.  Then suddenly I felt as if I was home and I could see smoke filling up the room.  I began to feel myself panic and I woke up to find there were no smoke.

I haven't had dreams like this in awhile.  The sense to share seemed important.  I would like to share a few others that happened in May and July of this year, perhaps another time.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-10-26 Finite Statist Machine US Government House Cleaning - New Interim President
No Picture

Not sure what category to put this dream.  Collapse/crash seems closest but that seems to imply disaster and this dream was more about avoiding disaster.  It was all good.

I dreamed I was watching a group of Military people making mass arrests of politicians, academics, economists, and banksters who took this country the brink of disaster.   There was a kind of martial law, but it wasn't a tyranny, they were reinstituting the US Constitution and restoring rights to the citizens, but they very clearly weren't putting up with any BS from those who were profiting from the destruction of the USA.  American media was clearly warned to stop peddling fear, confusion and backbiting.  

There was annoucement that Senator Dick Lugar would be the interim USA President during this transition phase back to a rule of the Constitution, common law justice, and sound finance practices.

I don't know much about Dick Lugar, he's not often in the news, so I looked him up at Wikipedia after waking from the dream.  He seems most notable for being heavily involved in getting nuclear, biological and chemical weapons banned around the world.


add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash 2011-10-16 Annie Mouse not gonna happen
No Picture

vivid dream. my friend Katie, was preparing a sales brochure and had physicial control of a large superyacht. it was well over 200 ft, somewhere in europe. I could see it from above, moored at a private dock maybe in croatia?

the asking price was over 50 million dollars.  The name of the yacht was "medallion", my friend and I were talking about the yacht, economics collapse etc  and the owner who was a heavy hitter in the shipping industry. My friend told me, that the owner, said there will be no crash, in either europe or USA and that the next year will be successful. for some reason my friend gave the owner a lot of credence.

I happen to work in that genre and as far as I know there is no yacht named medallion anywhere.    

I have no idea what this means.




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