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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2010-11-06 Marcus Gold is worthless
No Picture

I had this dream the night of November 5th. The dream started when I was watching TV, and there was a breaking news section about the US dollar becoming worthless. It was the same type of breaking news that had equal ergency to 9/11. There where news feeds every where on the screen, and there was a camera shot of a skyscraper that was tall, had black narrow windows, and was wide and tall; but not as tall as the taller buildings of a city. Then the camera was inside a news room with two men sitting on stools. They looked calm, trying to down play the whole situation, and trying to convice everyone that this was "ok" and had a "this will be hard but will get better" sort of tone. So finally, they started talking about gold, and how gold had suddenly become worthless. I wasn't sure if gold just suddenly became a worthless junk metal, or if the gold value of the dollar was so low that it was virtually not backed by gold. I remember that gold had one percent value, or something to do with the number one. I'm not sure. Dispite the calm manner of the men there was a aura of panic, as if the WTC was hit again. It seemed that even a noob to economics knew that the dollar was dead, and money was now worthless paper, and things where going to be very diffrent.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2010-10-07 Krys What are money futures? I'm clueless.
No Picture

When I first saw the Money theme (and with only 4 submissions) I thought, Jesus, George...  and knew I would never submit a dream in that category.  Here I am.  I have never played the market and have no idea what it means.  Probably the nachos I ate for dinner.  This sounds ridiculous to me but here it is:  In my dream a little old, very old lady with a New York accent said, "Money futures.  Money futures is the way to go."  Now I'm going to Google money futures and see what it means. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2010-10-04 Alaira1 It's the numbers that stand out.
No Picture

Much of this dream I do not remember. Here is what I do remember:  I am on an Island city. I meet a woman, she looks like she works in a service type position. She is wearing a white button down shirt, black pants & her hair is brown & pulled back in a ponytail. As I meet her we move from being outside to a somewhat indoor office window and she is upset because she is not getting paid until after a time that was set forth in an agreement.  The office window person is the, sort of, go between. Kind of like a Temp Service of Contractor of Services.  The woman behind the window is actress Laura San Giacomo but quickly changes to actor Matthew McConaughey. I speak to him on her behalf, telling him that he dropped the ball on this as she had made a request to be paid at this time and it was agreed upon. In my dream mind I can see the face of the man that she worked for and is to be paying her/the contractor later that day. The woman is supposed to meet with her ailing mother and this is why she made a request to be paid early. She is understandably upset. Again I make a plea to the window person. As I turn to speak with him I see a large piece of paper with numbers and lines.  All the numbers begin with 0. The other numbers I remember are 2, 5, 7, 8, and 9. Not in that exact order.  They are are a data processing type paper. The lines I spoke about are similar to a division symbol, but they have two straight verticle lines and one long horizontal line above the numbers. (∏) This symbol is the closest thing I could find to what I saw. This difference is the two verticle lines were not covered and the horizontal line came right after the verticle lines and was longer to accomodate the numbers below.  002957 025897 and so on. All numbers were the same number of digits and all began with zero. That's all I remember.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2010-09-25 scipio U.S. Government Holds Fake Gold
No Picture

Dream night of 9/22/10.  It had vivid detail unlike my regular dreams and I remembered it, which is unusual for me.

As it started I was standing next to a waist high glass covered display case.  I was with a worker, who I did not know, who was removing the glass cover with an electric drill.  Inside was a gold coin on display, which I understood was a gold plated fake.  I was holding in my hand a genuine gold coin, which I owned, that we were going to swap into the case.  A guard walked by and looked at us, but we seemed to be just workers doing our job, so he nodded and walked off.  The case was in the open space of what seemed like maybe the Smithsonian Museum, but more likely the Federal Reserve building in Washington, but I understood it to be the Federal Government.

We swapped the coin; in effect making things right, correcting the error, by taking out the fake coin and putting in a genuine gold coin.  The worker sealed the case, and as he picked up his tools and started walking off, I looked down at my coin in the case, turned on my heel and started walking out.  As I stepped away the image of my coin in the case was still in my mind’s eye, and I suddenly realized that my replacement coin was the wrong date of the fake coin.  Too late now to do anything, I continued walking out but in my head I realized the higher-ups would spot the change in date on the coin, open the case to check it out, that my fingerprints were on my coin and there would be repercussions for me -- I would be in trouble for breaking in and swapping the coin, I would be in trouble for having gold coins in my own possession, and because of my crimes, I would lose my Federal pension.  I am very law abiding and would NEVER do anything illegal, but felt right about what I had done.  The dream ended.


When I awoke, I tried to figure what the dream meant.  Is the gold held by the Federal Government gold plated fakes, or a false total on their inventory?  Will it be illegal for citizens to hold physical gold?  Will withholding Federal pensions be used as punishment to control behavior of citizens?  Will the higher-ups cause the trouble but the lower level guards/government workers be more likely to turn their heads and not cause trouble?  Was the dream manifesting my desire that the Federal Government fix its overspending/deficit ways, or was the dream the result of the pizza I had for dinner???

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2010-09-18 das2010 Silver Price - A sharp, sudden drop
No Picture


I was sitting in a car. An old friend from high school got in the car. He was alarmed. He knew I purchased silver. He said something like "they said silver will be $3 an ounce". I didn't know what he meant at first, then I asked if he meant that silver futures prices had declined to $3. He said that was what he meant and asked what would it mean if that happened?. I said that the economy will have entered a period of unprecedented deflation. That we were in another great depression. I told him to keep what he  had and buy more, that it would go back up.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2010-08-23 chills Bank Run
No Picture

My wife and I entered a bank to make a withdrawal and saw all of the cash drawers were open with empty money dividers on the counters.  We asked the employees what was going on and they replied "There isn't any money left...they've taken it all." (meaning that there was a run on the bank).  Then we turned to look outside and saw several panicked people out by a bus stop bench frantically searching in the grass and weeds.  We asked the bankers what they were doing.  They told us that they were trying to find coins that had fallen out of the pockets of those that had sat at the bench.  My wife and I where shocked at the sight, but had a feeling of relief that we had a reserve of gold and silver coins.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2010-08-16 Life Force Energy Healer Found Gold & Silver in shipping container
No Picture

Was scavaging for anything I could find (food, shelter etc)- found an old shipping container without a floor.  Started digging at eht floor and uncovered lost gold and silver coins, engravings and other presious metal objects.  Everyone else I was with eventually came in for the shelter and I told them where to dig.  All carried out the gold and silver.  I had already found the best pieces to be used for barter

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2010-07-22 Sandra Lee Payment Tables
No Picture

...I was eating in a restaurant and I can remember being finished eating and thinking it was time to settle up. I pulled out a hallographic card of some kind and stuck it in a slot in the table. The table returned my card and we left.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2010-07-04 kisorokid Your money is no good
No Picture

The identical dream has occurred twice in the past week. I have gone to a store to buy something (in one case, a bottle of wine). I am told that I cannot use money. It is not longer any good. I must barter something to get the goods. Several purchases at different locations were attempted. Much of the dream was built on frustration of trying to find something that the seller wanted and spending a lot of time looking for a substitute for my money to buy the goods.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2010-06-09 DtheDruid CHALLENGER COIN
No Picture

This is a repost of the dream, the original was one of the first 50 to get delelted.

I was selling a gold "Challenger" coin on ebay.  I remeber watching the price climb until the very last bid.  It sold for $58,240.  I remember think to myself what I could pay off with the money.

The next morning I looked online and found there was such a thing as a Challenger Mission coin issued by NASA.



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