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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2014-08-15 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Subliminal messages
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8/14/2014 11:31pm

I am the only one working, trying to support my family. There is a long commute to and from work over a bridge and down into a parking garage. On my way to work I see a “Red, White, & Blue subliminal message in the sky that reads Keep spending you are propping up the economy”.  I park my car in the underground parking garage. When I get off work and go to my car, it is submerged in water. Now how do I get home to my family and how do I cover my bills if I can’t make it to and from work? I think to myself. Feeling in dream: I was drowning in debt.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2014-08-05 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver 14%
No Picture

8/4/2014 9:04 pm

I had a very long detailed dream which i will add later, but during the dream i heard a news report from CNN in the background of my dream, even though there was no radio or TV on.

Special report: Currently we show that more people in the US are becoming entrepreneurs 14% more of the population are now listed as “Contractors” on average in California making “$0.14 cents more per hour” yet even with these changes; people are struggling more and more in this tight economy.






add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2014-07-31 Ed Montalvo 07312014 Your Back Yard Rags to Riches
No Picture



In this dream, I found myself visiting a 3rd world factory of some sort. In the dream, I was going to use the restroom, but it was so disgusting that it was impossible to use it. There were feces all over the place including the walls and floors, and it looked like neither of the two stalls I looked at were able to flush.


I left the restroom and was given two ticket stubs of some sort upon which $200 was written on one of the lines. I’m not sure if one of the tickets said Billy Joel on the top line, but it seemed like there was the name of a musician. I felt like the factory was a textile mill with children working there. The conditions were awful.


Next, I found myself in a fancy restaurant. It was located in a very wealthy area of town and I think it was named “Your Back Yard” or “Our Back Yard”. It could also have been “My Back Yard” but definitely “XXX Back Yard”. It had a nice entrance, and stairs going up to the left, beyond which you could see fields of grass. There was a ground level dining area as well, but we went up the stairs where the better views were. We sat down and were served some very fancy meals that I think were lamb? The meat was arranged to form a three sided pyramid, and the vegetables were arranged in a fancy design. This was like food sculpture.


After we ate, I next found myself entering the home of a wealthy family. I was wondering about removing my shoes since I didn’t want to soil the floor at all. At the far end of the room was a seated man (husband) and to his left (my right) was an older gentleman with grey hair sitting in a lounge chair. To my left was a bench along a wall then an opening to a kitchen.


Apparently, the family was in their 1st week of living in the house and the wife felt it necessary to call their organization in order to see if we (me and one other person) had to pay in order to be there? From what I gathered, they belonged to a members only organization that required guests to pay a visitors fee. The old man tried to tell the wife that no fee was required because that rule only applied to a meeting where an extra plate or meal was required for a guest.

Since he was a member for a long time, he knew the rules. He explained that since he was in their home and is a member, that would be considered a meeting, but since there was no food being served, we would not have to pay $36 each to attend the meeting. Nonetheless, the wife was in the kitchen using a wall phone to call someone.

The husband ignored the wife and stood up to greet us. He was accommodating and asked us to have a seat. We talked about how they had just moved in, and where they had come from and other such niceties.

Eventually, we went outside to look at the beautiful lawn and talked about the exclusive restaurant where we’d just dined.

Before I knew it, I was flying over the mostly green but patches of brown rolling hills. I was flying freely and landing from time to time before shooting back into the air. I felt like this was a new ability of mine (to be able to fly at will) and I was there to show my skill and not be intimidated by the wealthy people. They were no better than me, in fact, I was amazing.


I also felt like maybe these people were the owners or management of that squalid factory. I got the sense that they were enjoying this luxury of the backs of many.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2014-07-28 Firebird home loans - rule changes
No Picture

  I currently live in the Portland, OR area, work for myself, financially well off, plus paying off the home mortgage early in the next year.   However in this dream, I am living in downtown Seattle.  I come home from work on a Friday, and I am just sitting down to relax when 4 black people come in the front door.  A mom, her dad, her brother and her son to start looking around the house.  I figured I must have left the front door unlocked, and I ask them what they are doing.  She replies that they are considering taking over the house payments since it has so mush equity.  I told her that I only missed one payment and I have this month's payment.  She says the rules have changed and she can have this house if they like it.  I then start helping each person out of the house throught he fr5ont door, as they don't want to leave.

   After they are gone, I consider contacting my real estate friend to ask him about delaying this process thorugh a bankrupcy lawyer, if that wil help.  

    I get the sense that the timing for this dream is in the next 12 months.  I don't have concerns about this dream happening to myself, and I have enough cash to pay off the mortgage now, I just would have a pay a early payment penality.  I think this dream is to prepare me for the shift in the economy/ financial markets.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2014-07-26 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Flea Market / Thrift Store
No Picture

Nap time dream: 7/26/2014 11:50pm

The first dream I let fade away, I am kind of tired of the doom and gloom dreams, but I really enjoyed the second dream so here it is:

I am walking through a flea market, and picking out items, I grab two wonderful bathroom items that match, they are closer to the thrift store door and they wanted a lot of money for these two items at a thrift store. One of the items held TP and the other was a multi-stacked wire basket with little clips so you could shut each level, one for Q-Tips, one for Cotton Balls... Etc. I really liked both of these items but instead of carrying them around and deciding before finishing shopping, i set them back on the shelf.

When i decided the unique peices were worth the money and went back to find them they were gone. UGH! I continued to search both the thrift store and flea market, but towards the end it seemed like all the good, new, unique stuff was gone. :(

I was still happy though because i was shopping at a thrift store and saving money. I love to save money.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2014-07-09 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver New Business - Follow your Dreams!
No Picture


7/9/2014 10:38am

I create a new style of cleaning, and a cleaning product.

(I will not put the product information since this is still a useable idea) 

I attempt to demonstrate how it works with friends, family and others within my community. We gather into a circle for the demonstration. No one is impressed with my demonstration or the product. I walk away from the circle disappointed, I go to Starbucks and I am told there is a phone call for me, I take the phone call and am asked for a meeting about my product.

I meet with two tall men in business suits; one of them is Billy Hayes. They agree to sell my product; they get the money and give me a percentage of it. I am told to prepare for a brick and mortar business. I start shopping for a store front property that I like. I see a brick wall but it is not a bad thing, I like the old style and only one wall is made of Brick in a downtown store front. The town looks like Los Gatos, CA. or Walnut Creek, CA.

A postal worker walks up to me as I am standing outside of this new store front looking at all of the foot traffic on this street. He hands me an envelope, I open it to find the first weeks check from my product for $17,133.00. I realize this is very profitable, I look up to find the mailman and thank him but I am now standing outside of my bank. This money feels like getting a royalty check, but it is not, it is 20% of the total sales for the first week.

I want to use this money for my current small business, but I know I need to use it for the business that is making me money now. I decide to keep a small office in the back of this business to keep my current business going, and I feel it is best to hire other people to run this store front business for my new products, my store front does demonstrations, but also ships products from online orders. I do not like the new business, which is why I want to hire others to run the business; I really enjoy my current business and want to keep doing what I love so I am happy.

I am happy that I am making money with my idea, and glad someone else knew how to market it and sell it. I am not concerned by how much or how little I am getting, I am just thankful that I have this business arrangement and the business is so successful, so I may one day be able to retire comfortably.

Conclusion: Follow your DREAMS !!!

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2014-06-19 Maggie Moo Missouri Lottery
No Picture


SOME SONG ABOUT not dying. In Missouri. I have won something like the lottery and I am being given all these gifts/money/property. Then I wake up and song is still playing in my head.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2014-05-13 JC1005 Horse Racing
No Picture

I had this dream about a week ago. In it I owned the winning horse in a race and I was telling everyone I now had won two derbys! I take this to mean California Chrome will win the Preakness on Saturday. Somehow the number 14 was prominent. There aren't usually that many horses in this race so I don't know the significance of that number. Also I remember the number 3 for some reason. I have had two dreams in the past couple of years about sports winners but they were both football games. I don't remember ever having a horse dream but this was very vivid and I woke up thinking this dream was "one of those dreams". So if anyone plays the horses, good luck!

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2014-05-13 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Stall Tactics
No Picture

5/12/2014 6:50am

I went into a business marketing conference. I was "Sold" a package where they offered me a makeover with expensive jewelry. (This was a tactic so you would be excited about the make over and not pay attention to how much money they were taking from you.) A Necklace of Ruby and Diamonds. This was part of the marketing package because in order to be successful in today's business market you have to look the part. (was the moto)


When i decided i didnt want to continue the marketing conference, they used a stall tactic of claiming there was no one there who could reverse the charge of the necklace. They made me wait from 10am to 8:40pm trying to get me to give up and walk away so they could keep the money. I almost gave up, but saw through what they were doing and called them out on it. I was at the jewelry desk and i stood my ground and told them:

"I have been a beach bum with nothing living out of the fish in the sea, and i have had the cars, boats, the big 3 bedroom house with three kids a husband a dog and the white picket fence, there is nothing you can do for me that i can't do for myself bigger and better then what you are claiming you can offer me, so refund this necklace or i will sue you and i have a witness to your stall tactics"

At that point I was taken into a room, three men in black suits started a high pressure "Scientology" type of sales tactics using shaming methods in order get me to give up and walk away so they could steal my money.

The frustration level woke me up before the dream could finish.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams 2012-01-26 sunflower No Nickels
No Picture

A few nights ago (maybe Jan 22 2012) I had this dream.

I was at my local small town bank. The usual teller greated me. I asked for some rolls of nickels. She informed me that they were no longer available. Like in No longer available from the Mint. That was the only coin I went a way with knowing that it was no longer available for distriubtion.l



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