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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2010-05-28 Gabriel Building explosion
No Picture

Had a dream the other night that I was walking down the street in New York city. It was a warm, bright sunny day. I was waiting for the light to change so I could cross the street and looked up at the building across the street. It was about 12 stories tall, nothing too unusual, I had the impression that it was a government type office building. Suddenly the 3rd & 4th floors blew out. Glass blew everywhere. Can't recall anything else.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2010-05-25 sophia response to a nuclear explosion
No Picture

My partner and I were outside with a group of people. All of a sudden on the horizon we hear many small explosions going off.  We look up and see a mushroom cloud and know that there has been a nuclear detonation. The people around us are filled with fear. I am filled with fear also and I can feel my mind saying "Oh my God, Oh my God". Then I hear myself say "I'm not going to die like this again...I'm not going to die in fear again." I turn to the people around me, filled with love and tell them "I love you. I love you all. I love you so much."

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2010-05-24 Victoria1120 Hotel Explosion
No Picture

Had a dream that I was standing on a large rock, everything around me was dark, like night. Someone was standing with me but I do not know who it was or what they looked like. They directed my attention to a scene in front of me, a person of inportance, I believe our [admin edit] was going to stay in a large hotel. He walks into the room he is staying. Then the hotel explodes and he is dead. I turn to the person showing me this and I am really sad that it happens. I ask them why, why did it have to happen like this and they replied, "Because this is what had to be to make him great". I have had dreams like this in the past, and they stand out over my normal dreams. They bother me for days.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2010-05-23 BingoBarnes Dallas Texas
No Picture

After reading another post regarding a blast in Dallas I recall a particularly vivid dream about a year ago with the same general subject. 

Have lived in Dallas, I knew in my dream I was on the East side of downtown, underneath some of the interstate exchanges in an industrial area. I was driving around in a panic looking for a shelter. I didn't know why. It was as if I knew something was going to happen and I needed cover. I couldn't find any so I pulled my car in close to a concrete wall under an overpass putting the wall between me and downtown Dallas. 

A few seconds later, a huge (nuclear? asteroid impact? never was sure) explosion tore through the entire city. My vehicle managed to survive, as well as I but as I drove out minutes later it was a new world with scenes reminiscent of the photos of Hiroshima. There was very little signs of life and any wooden structures, trees, etc. were just gone. It was sunny. There wasn't much smoke other than small fires. The skyscrapers were blasted, all the glass gone and some partially broken/bent/melted in the sky. 

What followed in the dream was my mission to drive back home (near Mockingbird Ave. and SMU) to find my family. I woke with a profound feeling of hopelessness and loss.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2010-05-21 Gabriel Dallas Texas Blast
No Picture

I was on the outskirs of Dallas, Texas. It was daytime, clear and sunny weather. Suddenly the air raid sirens began to wail. I looked around and started running. In front of me was a one story cement brick building with a sign on it that read "==Fire Station). There was a long cement planter approx. 20 feet long with blooming floweres and plants. I ran up the 4 steps and burst through the doors into an office/reception area. There was a long counter with 10-12 desks behind it. To my right was a long hallway approx. 50-60 feet long. To my left was a waiting area with 4 very large windows facing the street. Immediately I heard a huge explosion and the building began to shake violently. The windows blew in and I was knocked hard to the floor on my stomach. The concussion and wind began slidding me backwards down the hallway. I could feel my arms being scraped against the floor and hear the building coming apart around me. I thought "This is it. I'm going to die". Suddenly everything stopped and became quiet. I looked up and saw that the building I was in was destroyed. I thought "Oh my God, I'm alive".

I've never been to Texas so I don't know when flowers there bloom. Maybe year round I just don't know. The blast was nuclear. I won't even guess how many megatons. I had the impression I was on the outskirs of the city not down town. I could physically feel, hear and smell everything in this dream. It was 3-D as if I was experiencing it in my waking body. I have never in my lifetime nor in a dream, had the feeling that I was going to die. This dream means something. What I don't know but I'm not going to Texas any time soon!

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2010-05-21 TheComedian Gunfight with 2 gorillias
No Picture

I was running around an apparently abandoned farm where several animals had gone feral.  I was trying to release/protect them from a pair of basically rabid silverback gorillas.  These gorillas were engaged in an inter-simian conflict, attacking each other mostly, but then one would veer off and attack one of the bystander animals.  Finally, one noticed me, and I was forced to shoot and flee simultaneous, finally dropping the beast with my last bullet, right between its eyes.

I can't remember dreaming of animals before, ever, and this was exceptionally vivid.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2010-05-21 Saille War Begins
No Picture

It was daytime, late afternoon either summer time or early fall.  I was at my mother's house outside with my family.  Black triangular-shaped planes were flying over head.  At first the planes looked like they were conducting a routine miliarty flyover, but something didn't feel right.  Then the bombs started falling into the cornfields and around the houses.  People were scurrying to find cover.  I said:  "It's official.  The War has started."  I went inside and started covering the windows with black cloth and turning out the lights.  I was instituting "blackout" protocal. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2010-05-21 Nakaula University Protestors
No Picture

I was among a crowd on a University grounds.  We were unhappy with the government and protesting en-mass.  Suddenly an overflight by screaming aircraft began dropping small parachute bombs among us.  At this point I recognized I had the same dream just the night before, and I thought "here we go again".  The small parachute-bombs were of two types.  Some were shock-grenades that would stun people, or kill them if too close.  Some were gas grenades that were very irritating and could also be lethal in close concentration.  The crowd panics, amid cries of "They're trying to kill us all!" and the people try to scatter, upwind, and downhill towards a river in town.  A buddy and I made for cover towards a large multi-story building with a broadcast tower on the top.  I knew how to get in, or had a key, and the two of us made our way to an upper floor.  The building was deserted.  From the upper windows, we observed the crowd streaming down street when suddenly a squadron of  'aircraft'  in tight formation flew down the street, over the crowd, firing on people and killing them.  Some made it several blocks down to the river and were fired upon while they were in the water.  My buddy and I were shocked, and said  "They're trying to kill  us all off!"  We decided to hunker down and stay hidden in the building under the broadcast tower.

The 'aircraft' were strange, wingless, triange shaped pods rather like something out of Star wars.  Red and Silver in color, they seemed to be anti-gravity as they floated at relatively slow speeds over the crowds, and made the same screaming noise that the Star Wars fighters did.

This two night repeat dream occured a week or two before the riots in Thailand, where protestors took over a TV broadcast facility and burned it, and protestors were entrenched at a university.  Many were shot and killed.  Posted  5/20/2010



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