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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-07-10 psolis Alien Invasion
No Picture

This is a reoccurring dream that I've had about 3 yrs. It always starts off the same way - a still dark night. No moon & the only light is from the stars. They are unusually bright & beautiful tonight. I lay in bed staring up to the sky. As I doze off, I zoom out of my room and can see the sky clearly - uninhibited by my roof. 

The sight is amazing and I am in awe! The chirping of the grasshoppers and the croaking of the frogs has, all of a sudden stopped. The night is eerily too quiet.

Laying there I rub my eyes - I must be seeing things, the starts are moving. I saw it jump! Almost as a game of hide & seek, one jumps behind the other. Then the truth is revealed! The stars are not what they seem to be. A few very bright stars start to flicker. They are now all moving slowly - not like stars - but like something else. The air get cool & a chill runs thru my bones. The stars start flying around much faster. They seem to be dropping out from behind larger ones. Many tiny, little stars zooming towards the earth. Holy Crap - they are not stars - they are alien ships & they are attacking! 

The sky is now littered with thousand of alien ships. All start attacking and mayhem is everywhere. Fighters, transport ships and smaller more nimble attack ships, while the larger ones just circle around. Laser beams crisscross the sky and a full fledge air battle ensues. On the ground our troops are racing across the field, but to no avail - tanks, personnel carriers, even ground-to-air missile launchers are all blasted into oblivion. In the sky our fighter planes are struggling to stay airborne. Sadly they are destined for more of the same. They are blasted out of the sky! Fighter pilot, parachuting out of their planes, are being picked off like helpless plastic ducks lined up at a Coney Island shooting gallery. Poor guys, everybody is dying - falling like flies. Life terminated even before they hit the ground.

The sun is now rising to a blood red sky splattered with our hopes of saving ourselves. What a massacre!

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-06-26 Finite Statist Machine White Quartz City - FEB 2010
No Picture

This dream occured in February or March 2010.  My dreams qualitatively changed about that time.  Most noticeable for me was the change in the pre-dream state, when I closed my eyes I used to see random colors, fuzzy, no coherence, no discernable patterns.  In early 2010 the pre-dream (that stage of first falling asleep) changed to being one of geometric patterns, fractals, hexagons and other discernable patterns etc.  Its seems almost like my head got a new video card.  And it still remains that way.  I don't know why.  I am wondering if anyone else has noticed a qualitative change in the resolution and detail of their dreams in 2010?

I had a dream where I awakened until a bed, not unlike the hospital beds in Star Trek.  It was a blue mattress about the color of blue you see on those tarps that cover sailboats when they are idle.  The bed itself seemed to be seemless white quartz, as was the room and the arching doorway.  There were humans there who were quite delighted that I woke up.  I sat up on the bed and looked around. The smiled very kindly and didn't say a whole lot to me but seemed very kind and non-threatening.  It was clear that they were quite pleased with my presence with them and they seemed to know me or know who I was - which is more than I can say about them.

I was able to see outside the widely arching doorway, which was more an alcove that a close room off a main hall.  In the main hall to the right was large arching windows, and all the construction seemed to be crystaline white quartz.  The city (or was it a ship? I really don't know - it was friggin huge) had humans in some kind of a jump suit type uniform walking through the corridors.  The pace was not frantic.  There was some source of indirect lighting in the quartz it was pleasantly bright but not too bright on the eyes.  But I was unable to determine where the light came from.  They didn't seem to use light bulbs.    To the left was a large curving window that I was able to see a large portion of this city and it was fantastically modern, gracefully designed and beauitful. 

The part that really confused me about the dream was that I had that sense of super consciousness that I had experienced in a near death experience a year earlier, and I didn't think I'd get to experience that again in this life - that sense of the mind being non-local - a quantum state of thinking.  If only my brain worked that well all the time.  But unlike my near death experience the prior year the memory of the dream on the crystal city faded after a few days, so I am pretty sure it was not another NDE.   The dream could have been on a UFO, or it could be something in the future, I don't know.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-06-25 Dr. Frankensteam An Approaching Summer Storm
No Picture

When you hear a thunderous roar coming from directly overhead it's only natural to look up, isn't it? At first all you could see was a gray cloud boiling, churning in the sky. Thunder? An approaching Summer storm, perhaps? No, wait! What the...what is that? Looks like an aircraft carrier, but inverted, and massive. I think I held my hands over my ears, or maybe just raised them over my head in astonishment--unbelievable--my eyes must be deceiving me. How does something that big just hang there? I'd seen big planes before--the Space Shuttle on it's 757 transport--even seen the Antonov 225 it's a big-bad-boy, but this--this was 10 times that size. They're here! The hair on my arms was standing straight up, and my ears popped. That's no typical airplane--it's alien, I thought.

The Aliens had gone public (we would later learn just how long they'd secretly been here), and in the days following the first landings, the World had gone 'ape-shit' with fear over the uncertainty of what might be coming next. The doomsday cultist ranted and raved; churches filled to overflowing, the militaries of the World were mobilized and poised to defend the Earth, but the bombs never fell, nor did death-rays burn the flesh from the bones of Mankind; instead, the lights stayed on, there was plenty of food and gas; they had, afterall, come in peace, and with one simple message to the people of Earth. The Universe, the aliens would tell us; was teaming with life of all kinds; sentient, living breathing biological life; impossibilities of unimaginable strangeness, some nothing more than what you would call smoke, some large a planets.

As the weeks following the alien revelation of their presents ticked by; the ant pile of frantic people quickly calmed down, and a media feeding frenzy of sorts settled in on the Aliens. At first, they were referred to as Invaders--later--Space Brothers by the press--and their amazing technology. WOW! Did they have tech; like we never dreamed of.

Special representatives of the Human Race where invited to function as liaisons between Them and Us. Selected by lottery, 144,000 people representing all nations and races, joined the Alien Introduction Liaison And Education Program. I agreed to interact with (even travel to their planets (they had more than one)) with Them. Yea, I saw that episode of the Twilight Zone, "To Serve Mankind" where the foolish trusting humans fall for the alien propaganda, only ta be duped into traveling back to their planet to be eaten. I know, I know--all my friends said don't do it--it's a trick. Never in my life had I ever won anything--all those Lotto tickets--and not a cent ta show for it. I figured sometimes, ya gotta say, what the heck.

I had an all-expense-paid vacation to the most beautiful planetary system you could ever imagine, and lived ta tell about it. Not bad I thought, for a guy with just a high school education. I felt mighty proud talking into one of those gizmos they gave me to record my reflections on Them.

Mankind had grown up, maybe even been saved from self destruction, by the knowledge that other creatures had survived their own technological developments; over came the urge to violent behavior, and then come here, with love and peace in their hearts, to little old Earth, to tell us that if They could do it, so could We.
I considered it a great privilege and honor to have been lucky enough to participate in the Evolution of Humanity. We had become, Us.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-06-21 Marcus UFOs on the news
No Picture

I had this dream in the morning of June 20th. It was very short. I remember hearing Government discloses UFOs. UFOs have declaired war from space. After hearing this, I looked at a CNN news feed with a newscaster standing in front of the White House at night. The news caster was an older gentleman with a round face, bald or balding, and wearing a black coat. His voice was deep like that of Walter Cronkite or something. I wake up. (I seem to be having a lot of dreams lately).

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-06-17 Deb UFO News
No Picture

I closed my eyes & saw a UFO but the underside of it was newspaper print. It was like I was standing right under it, then the vision was gone.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-06-03 Hunter Shuler EMP and Silvery Disks
No Picture

Ive had a dream that has reoccurred four times over the past year and three months, with the first occurring in February of 2009 all the dreams were similar in nature, so I'm going to discuss the one I remember best here.  It starts with myself and two friends outside in one of their yards.  Everything is normal until there's a loud crackling noise in the sky and everywhere we look there's static-like electricity in the sky.  All of a sudden a jet airliner falls out of the sky maybe a mile away, followed by a fighter jet in the opposite direction, and it too crashes.  This is where the dream got really vivid.  Everyone starts to panic while I'm just staring off into the sky.  Then I see several silvery disks overtop the city about 10 miles away.  One of the disks jolts overtop us instantly.  I grab my cell phone to call my dad and tell him there's a disk above me and as I try to speak I feel as though I'm getting sucked away.  And I wake up........  (The last of these dreams occurred in March of 2010)

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-06-03 nowisthetime UFO's picking up passengers
No Picture

I had this dream in 1970 and have never been able to forget it because it was so real! (I was 11 years old at the time I had the dream).

I found myself walking out of my parents back door onto their drive way.  I was an adult in the dream holding the hand of a child.  Other people were coming from their homes and yards to meet in this same spot as we all looked into the sky watching the approaching spaceships.  The spaceships were large (100 feet wide) saucer shaped and silver but not shiny in color.  As they approached, the transformers on nearby telephone poles each exploded one by one as the ships got closer.  Everyone remained calm and we all knew we were about to be transported aboard the ships.

It's odd, but years later when the song by Neil Young came out don't know the name of it but the lyrics go something like this: "Well I dreamed I saw a silver spaceship flying in the yellow haze of the sun, there were children crying and colors flying all around the chosen ones, all in a dream all in a dream, the loading had begun.  Flying mother nature's silver seed to a new home in the sun." I felt it exactly described the dream and it truly gave me the creeps that this was prophetic.  It's 40 years later and I remember the dream as clearly as the day I had it.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-05-31 Lorien Space Whales
No Picture

I had a very vivid dream where I'm standing in the desert watching a bunch of small alien ships flitting about in the atmosphere. There are many different colors and designs and I'm thinking "How cool". But, I can tell the people around me are freaking out. Then, I see this huge whale lying in a valley between two mountains. It's so big it fills up the entire valley. I wake up thinking what the heck was that? Imagine my surprise when I downloaded and read about the web bot predictions concerning "space whales".

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-05-31 Lorien Very Weird Dream
No Picture

Myself and someone else are sitting in rocking chairs on a front porch overlooking some green forested mountains. I'm saying "The Queen of England is on her way here." I start hearing this rushing/roaring noise getting louder. Suddenly an alien craft comes flying up from behind the mountain in front of us. Its disc shaped, silvery on top. On the underside it looks like a smaller silver wheel in the middle of the much larger wheel of the craft's body. (Wheel in a wheel like in Ezekial?) Radiating between the two are spikes of different colored energy. I remember thinking "Oh, that's a shintjowoin (rough approximation) drive." ??? A small belligerent creature that looks like a two foot tall monkey in a silvery-white space suit is standing in front of us. I keep trying to communicate with it but it's not clear. (perhaps how they view humans?) I say "I can't figure out what you want. What...is one of your goals to protect the animals?" It starts nodding its head and picks up a small animal and starts kissing it. ??? Hard to misinterpret that. Then the scene changes. We're still on the porch and I can see a smaller, boxey craft in the sky. It flies down to ground level quietly and begins lightly touching these red posts sticking out of the ground making them light up. Then it's gone and the scene changes to day. I go out and look at these red posts. There's a psychic imprint on the posts. They're connected to underground facilities. The imprint is saying "Your government is using underground facilities off subways/sewers and old World War II underground facilities to inprison people." Then the dream is over.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-05-28 djartklom pink ufo's at sunset
No Picture

I was walking in what looked like a wooded subdivision, late in the evening.  As I approached a narrow, unmarked road near a house, I felt compelled to look over my shoulder.  I saw something like a mirror mounted on a tree trunk, and reflected in this mirror was a bright, pink-hued object.  Simultaneously, I noticed a young woman with one or more children who lived near this house, standing near this mirror.  They were staring at the sky, and I then turned to see what they were looking at.  It was then that I saw the entire sky filled with glowing, metallic pink disks that were flying in formation towards the western horizon.  Two craft in particular stood out.  My field of view narrowed to examine them more closely; one appeared to be the same as the rest of the UFO fleet, the other looked like a more angular terrestrial craft, like a space shuttle.

I'm sharing this experience because of the unusual nature of the imagery it held for me.  I have never dreamed of UFO's, nor had any particular interest in them. 



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