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  Category Created Owner Title of the Dream ascendingdescending Picture 1
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-11-06 vettman Project Blue Beam
No Picture

This dream started out with everyone talking about the multiple UFO sightings around the globe, and how some people were completely oblivious to the fact when so many people had witnessed the events.   Then in a very short amount of time, images were being seen in the sky, to me it was obvious that they were holographic projections.  A floating, spinning pyramid (much like as reported to have been in the sky above Moscow in the past year) in conjunction with another very large projection of a message in many different languages, much like a power point presentation.  Soon thereafter, people all over the globe began to have mataphysical  experiences. Then within a matter of days, what first appeared to be the Moon rising on the horizon soon turned out to be a very large sphere and upon recognition that it was not the Moon, we soon noticed that spheres were rising from all directions.  The spheres were a pale blue color and had small geometric shapes such as triangles and pentagons that were grouped together and lit up.  From just one side of the sphere, you could see 5-6 different groups and the would move around the surface of the sphere while changing different colors.   

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-11-04 irlin they are only 2 feet tall
No Picture

meeting with a group of people who are "alien" hunters...we are in a darkened room/cave....the leader, a young man, shows/gestures with his hands:"they are only 2 feet tall" and explains that they use jewels to find them....he shows me trays of various jewelry, color coded i.e each tray holds a different color...one tray of ruby colored stones,earrings are especially nice, but the platinum bracelets are cool too..Then a woman in a all-in-one suit comes close,.She laughs and states "those are the best" then starts to explain how weight matters too, "why I weigh 150 lbs and it helps" Somehow I would know how " it" helps..Time is up, for the meeting...Now comes the hunt.....They all disperse toward the door/light.....and I awake with the images of trays full of jewelry,shining, deep bluish red light, still in my eyes.....

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-10-25 Hunter Shuler landing spaceship
No Picture

in the dream im driving down the road in the day. then i look to my south and theres a huge saucer like craft with lots of colors and panel like things all over it. its start to decend and land somewhere behind some trees. I turn left on the next road to try to get to the craft. dream ends. i kept having the thought in the dream that the saucer might be manmade somehow.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-10-02 Krys This is no dream - it just happened
No Picture

I just joined this site a short time ago and started entering my various dreams.  Then I started reading other peoplesd dreams a few days ago.  I read the 6/21/10 UFO dream of Marcus and responded to it.  In Marcus' dream he states a CNN newscaster talks about UFO's.  When I was done I went to my hotmail and opened the first e-mail from my best fried, Mary.  She said, "I can't believe CNN just announced, "Are UFO's Deactivating Our Nuclear Weapons?"  When I read this all I could do was sit back, smile and say, WOW!  Of course I had tell Marcus and the rest of you.  I mean, I can't even ask the question, What does this mean? 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-10-01 Krys Reality & Dreams
No Picture

So-called real:  I dropped some friends off and drove home.  It was 9:30pm.  I pulled in the driveway and got out of the car.  I felt something funny and looked up for some reason.  Approaching overhead and very very close to the ground was a long cylindrical metal object, absolutely silent, surrounded in fog with soft colored lights blinking.  I just watched it go by, so silent, slowly cruising, not even air movement.  I got very excited and ran into the house, looked up the associated press and called them.  I told them what I had just witnessed and the guy on the other end was excited, "We were getting calls from New MExico about this!  It seems to be moving SW to NE!"  I was in Lincoln, Nebraska.  He took my name and address and hng up (my name was in the paper the next day as one of the callers).  That night I dreamed of people but I knew somehow they weren't human.  They looked human but had an energy about them that was different; still, direct, intense.  A blond woman looked at me and it was the eyes, something more was in them, direct, observing.  She was beautiful and totally human looking but nit human.  Then a younger woman came and stood before me.  She looked very much like the older woman but funkier in a retro/goth way.  She stood in front of me and without words said, Show yourself.  I felt extremely shy and looked away from her.  Show yourself,  she "said" again.  And I looked at her, knowing I was just like her but had forgotten.  Energy shot out of her eyes into mine and I felt painlessly electrocuted.  I stood my ground until it was over. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-09-30 Krys Real Dream Real - it's all good
No Picture

(Waking state)  I was living in Upstate NY and painting old farmhouses with a group of friends.  We talked about the ghost woman who would sometimes watch us paint.  We knew she was there because we would suddenly smell her cigarette.  She just watched us painting her home.  Then one of us pointed up into the sky and we all looked.  There were 3 craft whizzing about way up high.  I thought it was cool but never thought about UFO's at that time.  That night I was exhausted from painting and fell right to sleep.  (Dream)  I was on a table and sedated, calm, unafraid.  Three tall beings were around me.  I understood they were considering how to proceed with me.  They decided and moved to my head area.  One leaned toward my face and I heard the thought of another one, gently, carefully.  And then I swooshed down into unconsciousness.  (Waking state)  The next morning I headed down the mountain in my car to get gas and only wanted $5.00 worth until payday.  An old truck flew around a curve and me should have collided head on but something threw us a part.  I stopped and jumped out of my car and ran back to see an old man sitting dazed in the truck.  I asked him if he was okay and he just looked at me and nodded his head.  In town I pulled into the gas station and went in to give my 5 to the clerk.  I started pumping gas.  2 1/2 seconds later gas was gushing out of my tank, the pump lights were flashing and I stood there in shock watching the gas run across the concrete.  I shut off the gas and ran inside, my words falling all over each other, "I'm sorry, I only wanted $5 and that's all I have, but it says $28, I don't know what happened, I'm so sorry.....are you okay?"  The man just looked at me and blinked and shook himself as if out of a dream and waved me away with a that's-okay-I-don't know-what-just-happened-forget-about-it.  That night in bed it felt like a snake was moving inside my forehead.  In the morning I felt different, not quite myself.  The snaking movement in my forehead and nightly dreams of other beings and space and odd sensations and sensitivities continued for years.  I never of thought of UFO's.  One day, making a bank deposit for the store I was managing, I was thinking I couldn't take this anymore.  I felt crazy.  What is happening to me?  After making the deposit I walked into a bookstore on my way back and just browsed to settle myself.  I gazed at a shelf of books.  I felt a strange man looking at me and turned to him - he was 2 feet away.  He was dressed in a 3 piece dark suit.  He just looked at me, nodded and smiled a little.  It wasn't a pick up, it was just weird.  Nice but weird.  I turned back to the shelf and picked up any book to put distance between myself and the dark suited man.  And then I read the cover, Strangers Among Us, by Ruth Montgomery.  My whole body rushed.  I was relieved, thrilled and terrified but mostly terrified.  After work I went home and through my stuff down and announced out loud, I can't handle this Sh*t.  I can't be walking around day in and day out with this snake in my head, all these weird dreams and body sensations, and feeling what other people feel.  It needs to stop now.  I just want to be a normal person.  This is too much.  It's either going to kill me or make me go crazy (ya think?).  And it did.  Right then and there it stopped and never came back.  And being the typical contrary human That I Am, I miss it.  Well, once it came back.  That night I went to sleep and dreamed of a pink light beaming into my heart and exploding it.  Pink light suffused my room and the garden outside.  I saw the being who delivered this light and thought, Oh hell...  But it never came back again.....that I'm conscious of.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-09-26 Lorien UFO's and End of Major State Power
No Picture

I'm usually reluctant to post dreams which might just be my subconscious knitting stuff together that I've read about. But, an interesting dream nonetheless. Especially with news of ufo's messing around with nuclear missile facilities. That would be a good start to eliminating major state power. In the dream, I'm watching a gigantic round alien craft floating down out of the clouds. They begin to broadcast a message. It's saying "You have completed the wrong course. Major state power is over." I got the impression that minor day to day governmental functions like lights and water would be allowed to continue but no more big wars and such. Then it's saying "A million years ago disease wiped out your best and brightest, since then you have been a dimmed species." "Justness and Justice is the natural product of evolution, your concepts such as strength, weakness, superior, and inferior are the signs of a damaged intelligence." 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-09-13 Josephez777 Pyramid
No Picture

Just wanted to share a dream that I had September 11, 2010.

I was at a party with some family members and I needed to call my wife so I went outside to call her. My dad, brother, and daughter followed me outside. It was daytime with clear skies. I believe we were in LA. As I was talking to my  wife over the phone, suddenly huge aircraft in the form of pyramids appeared in the sky, flying at terrific speeds and then staying still, they made really interesting noises. They were yellowish green color with a glow. I was glad that my dad, brother and daughter were with me to witness these aircraft.

After that dream I had another dream in which I was in Mexico at another party for when my niece Daisy turned 15.

 Note: My niece will turn 15 on September 23, 2012.

 I think  that no serious UFO event will occur until after September 23 2012.

 Over a week ago I had another dream in which I was drafted into the Navy as a commander to help fight against an Alien Invasion.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-09-13 Teka Space Invaders
No Picture

I was at a basketball game in the small town I grew up in. The people there I'd gone to school with as a child but hadn't seen since.  I was told my cousin had been in a car accident and I should try to go get her.  Two childhood friends and I decided to go.  We had the keys and remote to my car but couldn't find it.  We kept pressing the 'horn' button on the remote to try to locate my car. 

We were sneaking thru buildings carefully avoiding the adults (we are adults ourselves but this is the feeling of the dream). Our search took us up and down thru different types of buildings.  We finally found the car up high in a parking structure.

As we were driving thru the garage we saw a huge green flat machine explode into the sky.  Meaning it just appeared with a very loud 'CABOOM'.  It was flat but it had cubes on the top side.  As it appeared and flew away I yelled 'NOW THAT'S A SPACE INVADER!' (Referring to the archade game we used to play at the pool hall)  Just as it began to fly out of sight there were multiple BOOMS that were accompanied rach by their own machines. All the machines were different in color in shape.  There was a yellow one and a red one that I saw very clearly. 

We immediately discussed the route we would take to reach our destination, which had changed from finding my cousin to getting to my parents house.  We talked about many different ways to go and agreed to the route that would take us out of the town and onto dirt roads.   The fact that it would take us much longer to get there we felt it would be safer.

As we drove we saw big explosions with black clouds billowing down.  This was strange, opposite of what you would expect from something impacting the ground. As we carefully drove past the first black cloud hanging in the air we were surprised to see that the smoke was actually bunches of small birds (black hummingbirds) aligned in unision. Some were flying, some were hanging in geometric shapes on the sides of buildings and from electricity power station structures.  I immediately knew they were being used for some kind of communication.

We did arrive at my parent's house and as I opened the car door to get out....  I woke up.  DANGIT!!

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-07-13 bobt They have arrived.
No Picture

In my dream, it was night. I was in my home with my family and several other people. Without warning, some "officials" arrived to search and interrogate us. They didn't say why, but when they were finished they directed all of us to go with them to a holding site. We left the house, and in the sky, we could see the reason for our detention: massive space vehicles were orbiting the earth. We were told that the extra-terrestrial beings were taking over the earth and would be directing all of our affairs from now on.

At the detention centre we were processed and told to wait. I rebelled rather strongly, physically attacking anyone who seemed to be part of our detention. Somehow, even though they were hundreds of miles above the earth, the "alien beings" could tell I was being rebellious and began torturing me by remote control. I felt terrible pain.

A while later, I was allowed to go outside. Off in the distance I saw an entire city in flames. I was told that the people of that city had rebelled en masse and were being punished for it.

It was made clear to me that the whole of planet earth was now under the control of these beings. While they were not particularly malevolent, they would not tolerate rebellion.

The overall feeling from the dream was of a terrible vividness. It has been many years since I have felt such strong sensations from a dream, and the prophetic undertone was like nothing I have felt before.



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