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  Category Created Owner Title of the Dream ascendingdescending Picture 1
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2011-11-28 Philistine Watching the Maneuvers up High
No Picture

This dream was chrystal clear. Looking up from a suburban street of green manicured lawns and large brick houses we watched as the ships danced. The sky was deep summer blue with few clouds and the ships appeared as white motes, dozens of them. The action included circular formations of 5 to 10 ships, wing shapes like ducks migrating, random zooming from individual ships- in and out of the formations. The scene looked like a battle or some kind of practice for flying in formations. 


The street was quiet with a few other people looking up and murmoring amongst themselves. It seemed like a lovely warm Spring day in a nice newer neighborhood. The whole thing went on for what seemed like 5 minutes of watching the ships, looking around occasionally, and more ship watching.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2011-07-11 Philistine Chemtrail Shields Up!
No Picture

Lately my rememberences are of only short periods in my dreams, and yet, very vivid and easy to remember.

This was from a couple weeks ago, late June. I was outside and noticed a crowd of people looking up and pointing. I looked up to see a fairly messy sky, bright with moonlight, but stewn with chemtrails, or contrails, what ever you think they are, there were bits and pieces of them all over the sky. Suddenly a patch of the sky, about as big as Orion, had these man made clouds coalesce into a grid pattern.

It was a random shape with several sides to it. The grid was bounded on some sides, and loose on others. I then noticed small explosions in the grid. As if something were being destroyed in it, much like bugs in a bug light. I thought the explosions were actually huge, but very far up so they looked small.

This went on for some time before the dream changed and I don't remember any more. It was some kind of defence mechanism of ours fighting something from up there.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2011-06-30 muad dib the 3rd kind......
No Picture

the "objects" from previous visions have now clearly landed as beings are now quite visible.....i am in a place with persons familiar to me instead of strange locals and people i don't recognize......being was about 5.5' tall (as i compared it's height to mine) with dark reddish brown skin that wasn't smooth but had small non-symetrical bumps or lumps...chin was rounded and the head was off a bulbous nature...ie take a human head, and inflate the side of the temple areas out by 4-5" on each side respectively....had some type of dull colored suit that was close fitting...also some type of artificial atmosphere breathing device, i assumed to myself it was not dependent on oxygen....one of us made a gesture towards the being which didnt react to except by pressing a triggering device it was carrying hung from its neck...the it was approx .75x.75x.25...the front or top side pointed towards us had a cone shaped object protruding out of this device....out of this cone came dark or black very small globules (approx 2-4") that changed shape as they came towards us, we ran for our lives judging how fear filled i felt...then i remember seeing young to old people by the hundreds, dead or dying, with skin turned bluish white like and very large black circles under the eyes as though having been gassed/infected by some horrid disease or biological weapon....



add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2011-05-15 bluegrassconspirator The Sky Fell
No Picture

This dream really resonated with me, as I have had maybe one UFO-based dream that I can recall and it was so vivid.  So I'm in my hometown with my wife and we apparently live there at the time.  It's dark, around 9pm in the spring or fall.  It's kind of warm and it's been raining.  We've had an argument, so she's at home (wherever that is) and I have left and gone to a mildly secluded location behind the fairgrounds.  I'm sitting in a parking lot outside of my car, smoking a cigarette and star gazing.  All of a sudden, many of the stars in the sky "fall"...it almost looked as if the sky "zoomed in" and some of the stars are moving rather rapidly and making crazy manuevers.  I realize that these are UFO's.
Next thing you know, they start shooting at each other with what appears to be some sort of laser.  As the laser leaves the craft it's neon blue in color and right before it strikes the other craft, it turns bright red.  It actually looks like the colors on the side of a neon tetra fish.  So I'm watching this transpire in utter amazement, when I hear a low rumble.  It sounds a bit like thunder but it's getting louder and closer.  I turn and move quickly towards my car door and as I open it, I see animals of all types running towards me...cows, horses, different foul flying (ducks, geese)...some look as if they have chunks of flesh bitten from them.  As I'm getting ready to plop down into the drivers seat,
I see a man on a horse in the midst of all this and he's yelling at the top of his lungs for me to run.  And then, just like that, they have all gone past me.  I stand there (still haven't plopp'd just yet) and turn to look back down the road that leads outta here.  I saw someone walking away towards one of the main roads and then I see another "person" kind of walking towards that person.  Once the two finally appear to meet each other, I saw a laser go from one to the other (the same kind that the UFO's were shooting at each other) and one of the people disappears.  Well, that scares the crap out of me, so I turn to get back in the car when I hear the gallop of a horse.  I turn to see this horse charging me out of nowhere and I jump behind my car.  The horse runs past just a little, slams on the brakes, and turns and just looks at me.  I get in the car (finally!), slam the door and call my wife.  I tell her what I'm seeing and she acts as if she's too busy to be bothered.  I tell her to meet me at my grandparents house immediately, and she say's that she will.  So I bust ass across town to get to my grandparents house (which really isn't their house in reality) and I go to the back yard.  I see my wife walking up and then I see the next door neighbor approach.  He has an odd looking gun with him.  I scream out to my wife to run, but he's already at where she is.  They struggle and then I see the laser light.  It hits her and blows her back beside the house.  I can see her feet laying on the ground and then they disappear.  I turnaround and run towards the front door of my grandparents house and the neighbor is already there.  He greets me with a howdy and says that we should go in.  When we enter the house, I see three people sitting on the couch watching TV.  They are seemingly entranced by something stupid on the TV.  The three people are my grandmother, grandfather, and my brother (dream brother only though).  The neighboor then levels this odd looking gun at my dream brother and I grab it.  The barrel bends around and is pointing at my arm.  He pulls the trigger, but instead of the laser light coming out, a beam of pure white light comes out and hits my arm but does nothing.  He pulls the trigger again (all while we are struggling) and the same thing happens.  He looks at me and says, "You must be one of the special ones" and then I wake up.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2011-04-29 muad dib mankinds last run
No Picture

after having numerous lights in the sky visions and a feeling of wanting to get away from these lights this latest and most disturbing of the sequence from the past 3-5 years occured during daylight hours....an end to wondering what these lights are and why i felt compelled to get away from them as fast as possible or try to remain hidden.....it was light and i was in a small town with sidewalks and grass covered lawns....i was running and was fully aware that my life could end.....aside of me and nearer the street was another person also running for their life.....something told me that i needed to hit the deck fast and play dead as you might when a bear is attacking....i remember the smell of the grass as my face was planted in it...i dared to peek out towards the street and saw the person running aside me get shot by some unknown weapon from a silvery craft that was moving about 15-20 feet above the paved street....the xraft apparently thought i was dead and i worried that in might still detect life signs but it kept on going and continued "shooting" and killing....last thing i remember i rolled into the bushes..........

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2011-03-24 Dustynuke Peripheral vision
No Picture

In this dream i was in a large covered area, roughly 20 feet wide by 30 to 40 feet long. The side of the structure was open and there were cloudy skies. It was daylight.  It felt like an airplane hanger,except higher off the ground... but im not sure. I and many others were watching intently, waiting, not speaking, i felt very content to stand and wait.

Something in my periphery caught my eye and when turned to look it I couldnt see it. There were many objects appearing in my periphery, every time i looked directly at it, i wouldnt be able to see it. I remember thinking to soften my gaze like i was concentrating on the air about 10' out in front of my face.

Then i saw them. Large gunmetal discs hovering and swaying, some gently rocking. They were thick in the middle, with They had large windows on the sides around the circumference. I could see inside. It looked messy in some of the windows (similar to new building construction with exposed metal studs and fiberglass insulation... but not exactly) I could see movement.

I leaned over to the person standing next to me and said something to the effect of , "there they are". The person responded saying something like, "there what are?" I explained to him how to soften his gaze and to watch them in his perpheral vision.

Thats all i can remember.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2011-01-08 noprophet Enourmous Ships
No Picture

Walking down the street with my family at night near my home.  We look up into the sky and can some what make out a contrast in the darkness.  Suddenly two gigantic ships come into view (around the size of 6 or 7 moons each) that seem to be near each other, but may be very far apart and it's simply an illusion of perspective and size.

The one that seems to be closest i sort of boxy with rounded edges and what appears to be two huge vent-looking thrusters on the back.  The other is an enourmous, seemingly "flat" (in comparison to it's width) diamond shaped object.  Like from a playing card deck - except one end of the diamond is much shorter than the other.  We stare in awe as they take off into the darkness and disappear after a few seconds.

Nothing remembered past this point.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-12-22 Crimsonrick Recurring UFO dream
No Picture

I have been having a recurring UFO drean for several years now. They are so vivid, I wake up & have trouble returning to sleep afterward. They vary some but the basic dream is the same. I am outdoors, usually with other people around. Sometimes it's family members but often unknown strangers. We are watching the night sky as there appears to be a battle going on between UFOs. One constant in the dreams is a type of craft that changes shape and appears to have almost a swimming,undalating motion. It's usually very large and has red lights around the exterior. This craft is exchanging some type of fire with other craft in the sky. Occasionally this craft lands nearby and at this point I usually wake up. Those of us on the ground are feeling very threatened by what is happening and are trying to determine our best course of action. I have this dream about once a month, sometimes more often.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-12-16 Anya UFO's
No Picture

I have UFO dreams quite frequently. This one was a short one. I was in a parking lot with my aunt. We parked and got out of the car and there were many people standing at their cars looking up in the sky. I looked up and saw numerous UFO's. All capsule shaped and the tops of the capsules were clear. You could see the aliens that were driving the vehicles. They were lying down in the capsules while flying. I just remember being very angry when I saw them. I see UFOs quite a bit around here, have lots of pictures. When I see them, that is the feeling that I get. Almost anger. That was the dream. Very short.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's 2010-11-19 ubuntudream Everyone Was in Awe
No Picture

I recall my wife and I picking up our small mini pin dog as well as our two cats to drive to a big park and sit with other people to watch the four large objects in the sky move around. Sometimes they would mimic each others moves, other times one object would move around in the sky on its own. I remember everyone was in complete awe. I dont know why we did not head out of the area, instead staying with other neighbors to watch the sky. Very strange dream. UFOs appeared to change from smooth mercury like ships to planet like objects to try to show us where they came from.



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