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  Category Created Owner Title of the Dream Picture 1
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2011-08-17 Delta Don Everywhere I traveled there was water.
No Picture

August 17, 2011. A.M.
I was walking in an older neighborhood and everywhere I looked there was water. I left and continued walking and everywhere I walked there was water and everywhere I traveled water was everywhere. This continued throughout my dream water was everywhere no matter where I went. Very similar to my California dream in reference to the water being everywhere as we traveled.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2011-08-17 Hilladelphia Tidal waves/ enormous waves
No Picture

Reoccurrenct theme... I am barely strong enought to duck down and through otherside. Visuals are stupendous, magnificent in size. Perfectly momentous wave forms ~ potent yet composed of - just water. The energy & integrity of the waves forms is always realistic.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2011-08-17 Hilladelphia High tide/Low tide
No Picture

View from my window suprisingly wide angle of a pleasant beachside shoreline, small outcroppings and surf worn rocks, low flat tidal area...suddenly upon second glance it is fuller than mere high tide & seems to be advancing higher still - yet not with great rapidity. Next view: water has suddenly receded, tsunami fashion. I am slightly confused as I think, it goes out first, then rushes back in? (Not the other way around?) but it is fully happening and I am talking, almost yelling myself hoarse into my cell phone - very aware this is a event of some magnitude - trying to alert others. Next, after telling at least two people, my daughter & a man - phone ceases to function - digital display indicates malfunction and in effect it is OFF

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2011-08-05 Backenstein Saudi Ruling Family Falls
No Picture

Thurs, Aug 4, (yesterday) approx. 6AM PDT (+/- 2 hours) I dreamed that I was on a beach w/ the ruling family of Saudi Arabia (~WHY!!?)


Anyway, we saw odd things floating by (like a boiler??) and mutually considered it humorous, probably, until we saw a ?20'? tsunami wave approach.  (NOTE:  The wave's water was clear like a large erratic, not like a true tsunami as it approached; it was really like a very large but surfable wave.)


The wave hit the shore, and the ruling family was probably killed.




Just after this dream, as I awoke, (and I felt that this vivid dream had essentially a one-day immediacy,) the equity market nosedived significantly.


(I am not currently aware of any negative news affecting/regarding the royal family of Saudi Arabia; and as fellow human, I wish them well.  I hope they are nice to their people.)

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2011-07-20 LeotheLion Tsunami Dream
No Picture

Before you Read:  Please notice that the date of this dream was exactly five days before the Fukashima earthquake/tsunami.

Date:  March 6, 2011

In the dream, my son and I were playing on a non-specific beach.  Suddenly, with no warning, I saw the sea being "sucked" out.  I knew exactly what that meant?  I immediately grabbed my son and and looked for "higher ground".  I saw a castle nearby.  In the space of about one second I calculated that we'd have barely enough time to get to the top of the castle before the tsunami hit.  We ran.  A few other astute people ran with us.  We reache the top of the castle at exactly the same time that the tsunami hit.  The tsunami was just a few feet higher than the castle and estimated the castle at 30 feet high.

Post Script

I had this dream just 5 days prior to the Fukashima quake/tsunami and I live no where near the ocean.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2011-06-21 thewatchman Tsunami
No Picture

Tsunami Hitting The East Coast Of The U.S. Reaching Around 1000 Ft High Traveling 2000 MPH   

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2011-06-01 Windstalker Another Rising Water Dream
No Picture

I keep having dreams of rising water.

This one has water rising over a bridge on a bayou. I'm standing off to the side watching and wondering if it would be possible to cross. The water is only about 8" over the pavement but it had visibly risen in the previous few minutes. There were people across the bridge wanting to cross to my side but I felt they were going the wrong direction, The land behind me had rising water also and high ground was across the bridge.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2011-05-04 dreamweaver floods
No Picture

February 14, 2011

I set my intent to have a healing dream last night. This dream takes place in Central Texas.


My brother and I were in this house. We knew there were to be floods and we wrapped some things in plastic and we had row boats, etc. I decided we should have the boats up a bit somewhere. The water came and we were swept down into the ravine. It drained to the right (where the shopping centers are) and we were swept that way. I had a huge thing on a wooden shipping platform all shrink –wrapped. It was lots of survival stuff and it either got hung-up somewhere or got swept away but I couldn’t find it.

We ended up with others who had prepared and I was trying to figure out what we were going to do for currency. We were in a mall-type of place. In the dream I knew I was dreaming and so I changed it and I had the water recede almost immediately and I went out to look for my stuff and to go back to the house to find things.

There was some plot afterwards….in the mall, interacting with some people and trying to decide how to pick up and carry on with life and culture.

I think I was in the house and thinking about how we have to take off all the sheetrock downstairs and that the top hadn’t flooded at all, and wondering where we’d get supplies after all this flooding, to repair the walls and damage.


add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2011-04-25 Krys West Coast and Central Plains Underwater
No Picture

Lincoln, NE, 1:30am

I was in CA going to my condo (but I don't live in CA. I own a condo in Nebraska, and had been co-owner, until very recently, of a houseboat in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.)  I went into my condo in CA and it was very different from the condo I actually own in Nebraska.  I knew I was in CA on the coast.  I left the condo to walk into town for something.  (Now the dream becomes very confusing in my dream/mind).  When I exited the building with my purchase I was caught up in all of this brown water full of debris.  The streets were full of water over everyone's head.  An old woman, hooked up to an IV and oxygen was being rescued by paramedics and they had her on a floatation device.  I felt desperate to get back to my condo, or was it my houseboat I was looking for?  I saw the houseboat careening on the water down the street and it was going to hit me but it flattened and dove under the water right before impact.  Now I was struggling to get to my condo but couldn't find it.  It had moved.  I asked people where my condo complex was located and they pointed SW so I moved in that direction but it was gone.  The land had shifted and moved.  Piles and piles of white sand were piled up on the beach and it was almost entirely covered with deep, fluffy snow.  Was I in Nebraska now?  But why was there a beach and a huge body of water?  Many of the buildings were wrecked but many were still standing.  You just couldn't move out of them.  The big dunes on the new beach kept the water from retreating - held it inland.  The dunes were dry and some people were on them playing in the snow.  They were amazed and full of wonder.

Lincoln, NE, 9:00am

I was shown the reason for all of the hardships and calamity was because we had forgotten the word (underlined, bold and caps) - WE.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2011-04-13 Kim Maddox Huge Tsunami
No Picture

Although I like to peruse the dreams on this site, I never thought I would post.  I'm not privy to detailed dreams and only once or twice in my life have I had a dream that seemed to be a premonition (I dreamed of my Grandmother's passing, which was not expected and did occur a couple of months later). 

In my dream I was with my teenage son in a coastal town unlike any I have actually been to.  I have spent a great deal of time on the California coast and for some reason, in the dream I just assumed that's where I was.  The details of the location do not resemble any city I know of on the west coast of the U.S., however.  The town actually resembled what I imagine a Mediterranean coastal town to look like.  The slope of the land into the sea was extremely steep so there was not much actual beach.  Despite this, there were many swimmers in the ocean bobbing up and down in the waves.  The slope was so steep that the waves were not even really breaking before they reached the shore.  Quite near the shore were concrete walkways which led to stairways that ascended up the hillside which was developed with concrete statues and ornately decorated concrete sea walls.  The area seemed to be very touristy and had an "old world" flavor.  I seemed to be about half way up the hillside which I estimated to be about 50 feet higher than the sea surface.  My son and I were watching the swimmers and taking in the scenery when we noticed the waves becoming larger.  There were people on the walkways below that stopped to observe.  As one of the waves grew, it became apparent that it was so large it was going to flow across the walkway.  We watched as this occurred and many people ran to escape it but even then it didn't seem extremely dangerous because it was only perhaps 6-12 inches of water on top of the walkway.  Several of the swimmers crashed onto the walkway with this wave and I told my son "there are going to be some injuries down there".  We then looked out to sea and noticed a much larger swell forming.  This swell never broke but simply rose to meet the land just a foot or so below where we were standing.  As this happened we observed people all around below us trying to escape.  There were people on the low walkway that we could actually see through 50 feet of water trying to make their way to the stairways to escape.  We saw people emerging from the water on these stairways making their way up the hillside.  Just when I thought it couldn't possibly be any worse, another swell made the water level increase about another foot or so, bringing the water to our feet as we ran uphill.  After this swell, the water stopped rising but I woke up before I could witness the sea return to normal levels and I had no idea if the people on the walkways below perished. 



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