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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2013-03-13 Firebird Florida Tsunami
No Picture

   In late Feb, 2013, I had a dream where I was in astral form above the state of Florida, about 5,000 feet up.   I saw a tsunami coming directly toward Miami, Fl at about 100 plus feet tall.   I mentally started contacting the people below to go to higher ground , which in Florida is a tall condo or office building or an underpass.   The wave hit Maimi from the SE direction and traveled inland at a diagonal  up to Tampa - Orlando - Daytona Beach - Jacksonville before dying out at around 10 feet tall.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2013-02-11 beaverlodge 'two tsunamis'
No Picture

Good Morning George,

 Thank you for sharing the tsunami dream today.   I had "one of those dreams" a month ago, two consecutive tsunamis on the BC/US coast.  Being just after New Years and all, I've kept it to myself, don't want to freak the near and dear.  The dream, in my mind, is still in living colour.  The vividness of colour means to me it's still a possible occurrance.


Regarding your 'two tsunamis' dream and for information's sake I would like to add my dream observations of the 'two tsunamis' I viewed coming through Vancouver.  I am a concious dreamer and an observer of events viewed in a dream state and sometimes I'm a participant.


At the time I became aware I was dreaming, I was on the roof of a small apartment building by myself  I was watching the debris from a tsunami flow by.  It had completely covered downtown Vancouver and the surrounding delta flat land.  The apartment  was on higher ground, out of the debris flow from the first tsunami.  I looked over my shoulder and another tsunami wave of debris was coming.  It was so high, it towered well beyond the height of the apartment roof I was crouching on.  I knew I was done for.  At that point I moved from victim of event to observer again and watched as this second enormous wave diverted away from the apartment building.  I continued to watch this incredible river of debris, knowing I was dreaming.  Still asleep, I know I'll remember the imprint, then I drift off to quiet land.  Here's a few observations I've made looking back at the scene.

Sunny day, not winter

Mid morning sun, 

Clear view, very well lit

I'm facing WNW, wave is coming in on my left, from the WSW


If I ever live in Vancouver again I know where I would want my residence to be.  I'm glad to mention this to you George.  My partner doesn't like me to start his day with a prediction.

See ya,


add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2013-01-14 Philistine The tide just rose and rose
No Picture

I only remember looking over an ocean beach area, large rocks and cliffs cascading straight down to a small sandy beach. At some point the tide comes in, and never stopped. The next time I see the view, from the same spot, the beach is gone and the waves are half way up the rock face I am on top of. I'm not afraid, but it is startling to see that the ocean rose so high in a few short hours.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2012-12-26 Jessica Unquenchable Thirst
No Picture

Last night I dreamt I had terrible, unquenchable thirst. I felt the effects of this thirst throughout my entire body; the emptiness in my stomach, the dryness of my throat, and the weakness of my limbs that strived time after time to grip another bottle of water. In only a short amout of time, I had consumed an enormous quantity of water to which point I became incapable of moving. The physical pain I felt was excruciating; on one hand I was experiencing the raw sensation of complete and utter thirst, on the other hand I suffered from the consequences of drinking in attempt to relieve my thirst. In fact, with each gulp of water I consumed, my physical pain increased. My husband and I decided to call the doctor for a house visit, as I was in no shape to make even the slightest movement. Upon arriving, the doctor examined my physical state with a mere glance, he seemed to have understood the situation completely. He spoke with such stern certainty that I didn't dare ask any questions, "If you continue to drink, you will drown yourself." I believed him. Unfortunately, the sensation of thirst was stronger than my fear of death and thus I continued to drink. . .

I would like to add that when I reflect upon this particular dream, I begin to feel the physical pain that was brought on by my drinking water.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2012-11-11 planetgazer Major Dam Failure
No Picture

On Friday night, November 9 - 10, I had dreams with three unusual elements. The first two have already manifested in this world. The details of those are not important but the situations were so random as to be far beyond any element of chance or coincidence. This tells me that I was in a very perceptive state. Therefore, the last part is of concern. It may be (and probably is) related to a situation going on in my family right now. Nevertheless, because of the possibility that it's not, I thought I should share this information.

I dreamed that I went to Canyon Lake, which is west of Sam Marcos Texas. I was telling a couple from New York about why the dam was built at that location. The Guadalupe River had carved a fairly narrow canyon through the Hill Country of Central Texas. I was telling them that it was the largest earthen dam in the world. It is not but for some reason, I was under the impression was. I was at an overlook high above the dam. (There isn't one like that but in the dream, it did not seem out of place.) It was then that I noticed the dam had suffered some serious erosion on the downstream side of it and that the dam didn't look right. Much of the road on top of the dam was gone . . . eroded away. I then realizes that there had been a flood on the other side of the dam that had severely damaged the whole structure. I was wondering how the thing was even staying together when suddenly a large section of it a begin to slough off into the water. The lake began draining out through a very large breach in the dam. I was wondering if the people downstream had been warned. Under the circumstances, I figured that they probably had been. It was then that I woke up. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2012-08-28 Philistine Flooded Roads all over
No Picture

This week I've had three nights of dreams about flooding. In this series of dreams I am doing nothing out of the ordinary, I don't remember much about them, but I do wake up remembering the water from each one.

Last night it was me and a child walking down a dirt road that bordered a field. We couldn't walk through the farm land, and on the other side was a big freeway we couldn't walk down. So we walked down the sandy brown dirt farm track around the edge. Besides the sandy brown mud, there was only the crop growing on each side- dark green and grassy like young corn. There was water in the dirt road. At first it just filled the dips and potholes, but then became larger and larger puddles. The water became progressively deeper as we walked and talked. It was a pleasant day with no worries. Eventually we were forced to go around the very large puddles and off the road. The child and I didn't want to simply walk down the middle of the path and get wet up to our knees.

The night before I dreamt that I was driving an 80's model American sedan and it was just after some kind of storm. There was a flooded part of town that gave no warning as we approached. We just saw the car ahead splash into the muddy floodwater and stop. So we stopped in a foot or so of water, hit reverse, and got out of there. I could see the flooding went on, although shallow, into a wide area we'd have to drive very far to get around.

I don't remember much of the first one now. There was no flooding caused by a storm or anything, just lots of water and people moving goods on it like roads.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2012-08-14 Canuck sudden flood sept 2012 due to solar flare
No Picture

I had this dream in May 2012,

I saw sudden flooding a 2 foot rise in global water levels, in the dream I asked my spirit guide if he sent me the dream he said yes. I asked if the sudden rise in water was due to solar flares and he confirmed. My guide kept telling me this would occur in September, I asked specificlly if this would be sept 2012 and this was confirmed.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2012-07-27 Windstalker Migration Due To Rising Water
No Picture

This is an old dream but in light of recent focus on risinf water I feel it is pertinent. It was intense enough that I took early retirement and bought land at 500' elevation near Mexia, Teague Palestine area.

I was wading in water aout waist deep leading a group of people to higher ground that I knew of that had been prepared ahead of time as Sanctuary. The area where we were, for some reason, seemed to be in the Navasota area. (I live in Galveston County.) We were headed North on foot and there were others, not associated with us, that were also headed North.

The water was a slow flood. Not much current, rising slowly and seemed to be salt water. I don't know the source of cause.

We encountered military personnel who were attempting to redirect us to the West to trasnportation to an emergency facility where we would be taken care of. The personnel and I had a discussion to the effect of,  "Look you guys have your hands full already and you don't need further burdens. We have a place just North of here that is high elevation and is stocked with food and fresh water. We can take care of ourselves and a few more that may show up."  After further conversation we were allowed to continue North to our destination.

This was one of the dream types that often come true and was so graphic that a few years later I took early retirement and bought land at 500' elevation and have been equiping it with supplies and infrastructure for long term habitation.

I'm still working on that project today and have not had second thoughts yet....

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2012-07-26 Annie Mouse Recurring flood scenario
No Picture

I have had this dream and vision for years. I thought at first it was the result of a hurricane but now I have changed my mind.

I am looking at a beach community, somewhere, 50's style buildings, two story, light yellow in color, apartment or condo or motel style. right next to ocean,  I am facing in such a way that the  the ocean is on my left side there is a simple long walkway to a small sized single glass front door. the glass is still intact. the door opens  outward.  the walkway is obscured  in white sand  but is passable as if sand has washed across it from rising tides.sand swept in appearance. there are  mounds of sand dunes surrounding the front of the building  I cant tell if the windows are in tact or not. they are double windows on the second floor. the dunes have been there long enough that blades of sea grass are growing in them.  I am told people cant live here anymore and therefore it is abandoned.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2012-04-20 Debora Leaving the flood behind, heading for high ground.
No Picture

I was standing on what I felt was the south bank of a river that runs through a town. I am looking uphill toward the main street of the town there is a roadway between me and the some multi story glass buildings with people working in them.  It is not raining, but it has been recently and the air is full of moisture and the sky is gray and low.  The river to my back was running high and fast.  This all looked vaguely like the layout of the river through Lawrence, but first, we don't have glass-multi story buildings anywhere in town, and there with but 3 exceptions, the buildings down town are no more than 3 stories.  Anyway, suddenly, the glass buildings start filling with water and the people inside start climbing stairways trying to get above the water.  I turn away from the flood... which strangely is happening on the high ground and yet down by the river where I was, the water was still mostly within the banks. 15 or 20 people are sitting in camp chairs or on the ground on blankets watching the river. They all have packs and all are dressed for cool weather hiking... the temperature is cool but  not cold. These people felt like "my people" -- my "tribe".   We watch the water a while and then one of the people, a man, stands up and says "Ok, Let's go; you know what to take." we picked up our stuff, rolled blankets, packed up and started walking upriver. End of dream.

The thing that bothered me about this dream the most was the direction we were walking "upriver" ... it was east. But for rivers here in the Midwest "downriver" is east.  I recently had a dream about moving to Oregon (which was similarly clear and real) and I think between the two of these dreams I get it now... spouse and I are headed west, but why or when I do not know... I  i do feel that the flood dream is after some kind of world changing disaster because, well, that is how it felt. Not that we were leaving the flood behind but that we were leaving "everything" behind. 

Note that this is the second flood dream I've had.



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