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  Category Created Owner Title of the Dream Picture 1
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2014-05-13 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Tsuami
No Picture

I have had a repeated dream since i was a small child, I am standing on a beach and a huge 100 foot wave is coming.

Year 1979 Age 6: In the first dream i ever had i tried to grab a tree and broke every bone in my body when the water hit me.

(Note: I had the above dream 5 times in 1979)

Year 1981 Age 8: I tried to brace myself against a rock but when the wave hit me, my head hit the rock and everything went black.

(Note: i had the above dream 2 times in 1981, & 1982)

After I had my daughter:

Year 1992 Age 19: My daughter and mother were playing on the beach and i was sitting in the car, i was trying to warn them but i was locked in the car and couldnt open the windows... as the water went out, the car i was in, was being pulled down with the water going out. I woke when the waves started covering the windshield of the car.

Year 1994 Age 21: My daughter and I were on board walk with a double deck of wood. made of big strong logs. we saw the waves coming in, everyone was running trying to get away. I knew the wave was too big to run from so i pushed my daughter up against the pillar and pushed my body onto hers trying to hold her to the pillar but when the wave came i couldnt hold onto her and the pillar and she drifted away.

(Note: I had the above dream twelve times from 1994-1996)

Year 2003 Age 30: I was on a floating city, it was three stories high with roads, trees, houses, and businesses. I was walking near the edge when i saw the wave coming. I held onto a tree but woke before the wave hit. Like this one http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/eUPbBfrsN00/0.jpg

Year 2009 Age 36: I was at a mountain sky resort, i was at the far east of the valley. There were ski lifts going from hotel to hotel. I took my daughter and ran to the top floor of the building. I at a large window and facing east. As the wave came over the hotel i could see people in the wave falling from the roof top ski lift. People were screaming and running everywhere. As soon as the first wave was over i left the hotel and ran for the mountains because i knew the next wave would be much larger.

Year 2014 Age 41: I was crab fishing from a small boat just off the coast of California, when i saw the wave, i ran into the cabin and braced myself against the closet and the bed. I could see the base of the wave out of the window of the boat, i felt the boat begin to roll, i was dislodged from the space and my head hit the ceiling, water began pouring in but i couldnt get my footing because the board was still rolling.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2014-04-29 sherriann Water Bulge
No Picture

It was difficult to find a category for this vision I had the night of April 28/29, 2014. The vision was of a bulge (not a wave) of ocean/sea water approaching what I would call an atoll although it was unclear whether it was a land mass or an island. The land was shown as two hill like arms of very green forested land that would surround a bay. I've included a picture that is somewhat similiar but my view was a more sideway view like if the picture was spun clockwise. The day was clear, sunny and peacefull. Even the water bulge was slow and calmly moving toward shore.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2013-11-24 kimspirit The Carolinas.
No Picture

I had begun to spontaneously project/oobe in 2011.  Quite out-of-the-blue. Since then, many, many dreams, dream-journeys, more "real" than real life.  I will begin to post them.  11-23-13 dream-experienceI was with my husband, who crossed over 6/11.  We were in the Carolinas...but it is unknown to me whether it was South or North.  A charming seashore town, full of salt marshes and bayous, and on the waterfront, but it is not clear to me whether this was oceanic front or bay.  Retro 40s styled town.  And, we looked at the harbor only to see the ships and fishing boats wallowing in mud, where there used to be water.  An unspecified disaster had ensued there.  The town looked as a ghost town.  Incredibly, Croatians - from Europe - had begun to arrive there, hoping to begin a new life for themselves by buying houses and fishing boats from their previous owners, who had fled for parts unknown, due to this crisis or disaster.  The Croatian immigrants stood around silently, a little scared, and not quite prepared to assimilate into their new home.  Nor, could they speak English. They appeared very Greek-like in their physical appearance.  After viewing all this, we returned to our hotel, and packed quickly.  I crammed my belongings back into a very large collapsible med. blue luggage, and another tote.  I packed our cat I had brought along with us on this trip/holiday.  And, so we left, arriving at the home of our longtime friends in another unspecified region, but presumed to be in New England, as it was northeast-like.  I was trying to check into a motel there.  I had brought our Carolina hotel key along with us - labeled F13, of all things.  It was gold.  Would it work on the new motel room?  We tried it, and was able to get it to work.  Described what we had 'seen' to our friends.  After dinner, the husband began to pack his own luggage, in excitement; wanted to "travel" to the Carolinas to see what we had seen too.  I awakened, still fully within the strange vibrational state.  And, I wrote as many notes I could down into my journal, so that I would remember.  NFI.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2013-10-30 Delta Don Water in the mountains of Sand
No Picture

October 16, 2013

I was walking by myself through a vast open bluff covered with snow with blustery winds blowing  .  I was pulling a large blue tarp with me and I noticed a beautiful Owl; it's feathers and face with many shades of blue.  It was tired, cold and about three feet tall.  I waited for it to get on the tarp and I then pulled us through the snow till we arrived to an area where the water was running.  There was a very defined line between the snow and the beginning of green grassy knolls with small water ways running though it which reminded me of the rice fields in Japan.  I walked into the green trench which was still damp from water and pulled the blue tarp and Owl with me into a room, my mother was there standing watching, observing.  There was a cage of animals not from this world. A magnificent flying dragon like fish and a being which was rather fierce and very intimidating which was a greenish brown color trying to get out.  It used it's energy from it's hand and was slowly creating a hole in the doorway to break through. On the outside of the cage there were creatures flying around antagonizing them and keeping them in, beautiful shimmering creatures of many hues of blues and purples and pale greens.

I walked away and I was at the base of the sand mountains, dunes again.  This time I could see the water on the other side edging closer and wearing away the tops of the mountains pulsing and pushing to break through.  The walls of the mountain started to collapse and water came running through everywhere to the building and it was as if there was an inland sea all of a sudden because the water had brought large amounts of sand with it and many people were drowning.  I dove into the water looking for someone that I knew and I could not find them but I saw a hand and went under and pulled a man up through the water I could see he was still alive and I could see his face looking at me through the water as we were lifting him up out of the water.  We had to go back in to help others there were many.  The water had reached the buildings which were white almost marble like.  They were up on a crest or a hill a rather large complex which I have been dreaming about the past couple of years.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2013-05-06 Don Kioti Water incursion Los Angeles
No Picture

I dreamt I was staying with a friend and had to go to work. Couldn't find my warm clothes when I went to my Motorctcle to ride into work.  Gave up on the warm clothes and drove down Mullholland Drive towards the ocean (west)  I figured it was better to go this way into LA than to fight the traffic by going south on the freeway.  When I got to the end of the mountains I rode into water that was 6-8 inches deep.  I was still a mile or two from the coast highway and could see the ocean far in the distance.  The water was dark(black) and too deep to negotiate on the bike so I drove back onto mullholland and woke up.  This dream was on April 29th, 2013. I don't own a motor bike and don't live on Mullholland Drive, but I am familiar with it when I used to live in  the Midwilshire are of Los Angeles and had a business in Hollywood.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2013-04-27 Alfred L. Brown Startling Fish
No Picture

I have Apneaq and use a CPAP and so do not dream very much.

I don't get much REM sleep and wake frequently at night, and so when I have any dreams it is unusual to me.

This dream was very short duration in just the last seconds of sleep before waking this morning.  I cannot emphasze enough how fast this ws, and then i immediately woke.  It will take way longer to tell it that it took to see it.


I was on a point of land on a dry dirt road, not too dusty, just a dirt road.

I perceived I was on an levee above water but could not see the water in front of me or to my right.

The levee or point I was on went so far and turned left and the road followed the edge of the levee. The sky was clear, blue and sunny, but not too warm.  It was morning.  There were no trees in my view.  The grass was yellow, waste high, and gone to seed on both sides of the road, and down to the water on my right.  Again, I knew the water was there, but not if it was a lake, sea or river.  I could percieve being 6-10 feet above the water level on the levee.

As I walked to the point where the levee and road turned, a bird, a fowl, flew from over the water to my left, flying not high, right to left.

I perceived the bird to ba about as high as power lines on housing area wood poles, about 30 feet up.  The bird was only a small black silohet of I think a waterfowl like a small duck.

As it neared the edge of the levee, a fish that I recognized as a barracuda or muskelunge (fresh-water barracuda, like a giant pike) came out of the water like a missle, and struck the bird. The bird was not large only a mouthfull for the fish.  The fish did not take it in its mouth but struck it and they both went to ground on the road in front of me about a hundred or so feet away. 

The Scene had a sepia tent but I saw the color of the sky, the grass, and the sun.  The fish was silver and huge, 6-8 feet, 2-300 lbs, thick bodied, with three sets of fins down its sides.  I still did not see the water, but a huge trail of water a spray came up in the air behind the fish.  The fish hit the ground, turned and took the downed bird in its mouth, and leaped back into the air like it came in an arc about as high as the bird flew, back from the roud, down below the grass horizon, and out of sight.

I was stunned like a car crash had happened in front of me. The sound of the splash as the fish cleared water, the thud as it hit ground, the concusion of a body that big hitting fround and displaceing air, and then the thrust back into the air, made me step back as if to lose ny bakance and fall on ny rear,  I took a step back and squated and ducked as if the fish could have knocked me off ny feet, but it was actually far enough down the road that it was nore a startle response than a concussion.

Once the fish and bird dissapeared down the embankment to my right I heard the splash as it reentered the water, almost as a roar of rapids or a waterfall.

Then it was over and I awoke.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2013-04-16 redspiralhand Dreaming with intention to remote view the future
No Picture

I have had increasing abilities to do some remote viewing successfully...Just last week I helped a friend find some money she'd stashed in her house a few years ago and could not find.  I call that "remote viewing" because I do it in the same manner that I've set intention to do "remote viewing" in my dreamtime.  I've successfully remote viewed to help find out what happened to lost animals (using a photo of the animal) and other things.


So I decided to set intention for dreaming one night in March to "remote view" this place I'm in, the area and 1/3 acre garden space as to what it would look like this summer.  It was a brief dream but I saw a lot of mud below along the river and estuary and low lying streets (we are 200' above sea level here and near the mouth of Nehalem bay) and some damaged structures.  It appeared that there had been some severe flooding that was responsible.


I received a message that the weather this summer would be hotter and humider than usual.... 


I'll try this a few more times to see what I get.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2013-04-08 colorado0721 The tide rolls in....
No Picture

I rarely dream of water in any form, and this dream surprised me. I NEVER have dreams about disasters, and was doubly shocked by the dream content.  Very graphic and intense but lacking any fear or sadness.  I was "there" but far enough away (and I felt I was previously informed of the event and safe because of this) to be unharmed.


The dream started on a warm humid evening in a rural setting or suburb of a larger city. Semi dark outdoors...but business continued as if it was daytime. Humid like near the ocean in the Southern U.S.  I was working on a project for my employer from a home office.  A consultant came in and we spoke for a short time.  Strange situation but not the big action in the dream.  When he left I noticed a small upstairs area of the house was sagging ( yes, like seriously sloped ) and I ran outside to see what was causing this.  Sinkhole from what I could see.  

I drove to Walmart to pick up a few things for repair, and noticed how few cars were in the lot.  Drove back home, and walked out toward the city park to find my son to help with repairs.  I had to cross a small wood and stone bridge that spanned a pond ( tidewater type area), and found my son staring a gaping hole in the middle of the bridge.  The tidewater under the bridge was WAY up, and slapping through the hole, sloshing over the bridge.  We quickly got off the bridge to safety.

As I watched the water kept rising, like the tide was coming in.  But it came in too fast and way too far.  Overruning everything washing things away.  We drove back toward town to escape the waters ended up back near the Walmart, on a higher bluff overlooking the area.  The tide came in....and starting washing over the land.  Cars were washed away...people screaming and running.  Power flashes from the direction of the big city (somewhere in the Carolinas I felt).  The water rolled up to the edge of the bluff and contined to rise, covering the buildings below.  I looked into the water and saw bodies...cars....floating and banging together.

I knew we were safe (higher ground) but was amazed and atunned by the event.  I really haven't dreamed of disasters before and this was astoundingly real and very detailed.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2013-03-15 Delta Don Aftermath of water...
No Picture

March 7, 2013

I was walking in a city and there was a bear that appeared and it was attacking my friends so I chose to chase it off.  As I was chasing it away the sun came up and I was standing in the remains of a city.
I could not tell where I was but there was water everywhere running down the streets as if it were draining to lower areas.  I could see the remains of bridges and city streets with a few people looking for survivors and a puppy was found.  To my right and in front of me I could see twisted metal and light poles hanging from an overpass, one which had a women hanging from it and she was being lifted up part of her right foot was missing.  There was another survivor a woman being pulled from over the water where she was hanging from a metal pole that was also twisted and hanging over another overpass over a highway and this women was still intact but her flesh had been torn away from her legs where her bone was exposed from her knees to her feet.  All of the dream I could not make out any tall buildings. The ones that I could see were only four to five stories tall and there was destruction everywhere I looked with just a few survivors.  This was a very intense and traumatic dream due to the details of the survivors.  I have had several dreams of water but not to the intensity of the trauma of the experience in such detail.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 2013-03-15 Kimberly Mad river, Arcata Ca
No Picture

Just a brief dream of climbing along the bank of the Mad, south side, near Giuntoli lane, but not within view of a bridge. So as I'm looking down at the water I notice it is flowing up the channel.  Very subtle change at first, but then it begins to roil and turn to chocolate and the water level begins to climb.  I seem to be the only one who is concerned. I am not with anyone, but there are other people around on both banks. Perhaps waiting to see what was going to happen?  I woke up as I am scrambling up the bank to leave the area.  No earthquake in the dream, just the rising water.



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