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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2011-07-17 Windstalker Wasted Landscape
No Picture

I'm standing in a ruined flat landscape. I'm thinking that this destruction is as bad as a nuclear strike. There is nothing standing from where I stand to the horizon in all directions other than ruined overpasses and concrete pillars scattered about. There are trucks making their way down the ruined highways by the hundreds and it's wet everywhere. There are puddles all around but the land has been scoured clean. I see broken pipes sheared off at the ground, oozing their contents into the puddles and mud. Much of it looks like oil products. Many of the concrete pillars look like the supports used in refineries and chemical plants. I get the impression that this used to be a very large petro-chemical refining district. The freeway is clogged with 18 wheelers and service trucks coming in. They are having to exit and try to get around the ruined overpasses but the feeders are thick with mud and water. It's all a real mess. My impression was that this was a very large tsunami, but I really don't know.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2011-04-16 Unami Japan disaster zone.
No Picture

I was sleeping in this till about 1:30pm really tired and had this dream about Japan shortly before I woke up.

It started with me in a dark room could be night time watching the live news of Japan on a large flat panel.

It shows a rapidly developing seen of destruction every where. Bombed out cityscape kind of scene, like from the future in Terminator whithout the robots and soldiers though. Its also raining and drissly and dark over there. The camera zooms in on one seen what looks like bodies of construction workers strewn all over the place many with yellow and white hard hats. What look like first responders or other workers turning over some bodies and checking for signs of life. There is also a scene where one of those giant dump trucks you see at open pit mines is turning in circles with the driver slumped over dead, blood all over him and you see some workers trying to get to the driver to stop the truck.

Theres also a scene showing some king of monster flying around reeking havoc. What comes to mind is a griffon or that creature with a stinger mentioned in the book of revelation. I here myself in the dream shouting ITS THE END TIMES! ITS THE END TIMES! excitedly at this point.The dream seems to drag on showing more news coverage of Japan and then just as I'm waking up. I feel this sense that the news is no longer sencored or restricted. That the Powers that Be have more or less abanoned our world either for underground bunkers or elsewhere, there just gone. The minion class, politicians bankers etc, are running around like headless chickens or deers caught in headlights because they no longer have anyone over their shoulder telling them what to do and theyre so used to being told what to do by the powers that be. Only the first responders seem to be trying to contain whats happening. I also get the sense Its not just Japan being devestated. A very dreary dream as a whole.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2011-03-27 Saaphiel Volcanic Dawn Clouds
No Picture

I just had a particularly vivid dream about standing on the sidewalk outside my Mother's house in Calgary (of all places) curious to watch the dawn sun, because it was so very orange, nearing red... and it was hazy out, not in a 'fog' kind of way, but in a 'dirty' way.  Then, came the roiling black and grey clouds from the area between the sun and the school building across the street, then over the building across the street... heading directly towards 'us'. 

I turned and ran, telling everybody to get inside immediately.  Just as I got in the door, the blast of hot, gritty wind shot past the door.  I hoped that the trees at the front of the house would protect the windows, as I knew there was no OSB board in the basement that we could use to board them up if they broke due to flying debris.  I told everybody to wait until the worst was over, but made sure I knew where the shovels were because we'd need to clear the roof of ash so it didn't collapse.

Eventually, the roiling ash clouds dissipated to just gently falling ash, so I had my mom find a ladder, and we got up on the roof together to clear ash off of it with grain shovels.  Although I wondered how useful it would be, since the ash was 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up the building at various points. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2011-03-27 Gabriel Seattle earthquake
No Picture

I had a dream there was an earthquake and I was in the rubble of a building trying to climb out. My son was above me reaching down and yelling "take my hand!" I took hold of him and he began pulling me up to street level. It was a very short dream. Just what I wrote here. If there was more to it I can't remember it.  I currently live in Seattle. My son is planning to come down for a visit. He arrives the first week of April. I had this dream in January.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2011-03-24 neighbor earthquake in garden with tropical fruit
No Picture

I was visiting a blogging friend (we've never met in real life) and in his yard I noticed amazing cherimoyas, which I had known in Thailand.  We were talking about the fruit as well as whether or not he'd ever met my local crossing guard (named Marshall).  Then a rolling earthquake happened, subtle but unusual.  There was no indication of damage or anything, it was not a particularly alarming dream, but I had a sense that something scientific was disrupted.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2011-03-11 Jennifer Schulz Maui Tsunami
No Picture

My oldest daughter has always had prophetic dreams since she was very young. She lived with me until about 5 years ago. She had repeated dreams of a ship pulling up to the shoreline in the Kaupo area of Maui (southeast) and taking on a lot of people and then disappearing under the water. She has always had prophetic dreams since she was very young. She lived with me until about 5 years ago. She had repeated dreams of a ship pulling up to the shoreline in the Kaupo area of Maui (southeast) and taking on a lot of people and then disapearing under the water.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2011-02-04 lynners333 landslide?
No Picture

i had this dream about a year and a half ago, but it has stuck with me {: so i live in the lower yakima valley in washington state, and i live on a hill on about 4 acres with most of it alfalfa. so i'm outside on the side of the house, and the land out there gives away, and what is revealed is loads of gemstones of all sorts. man it was beautiful!!! {: maybe i dreamt this because i love rocks and gemstones and whatnot or because i find all kinds of awesome rocks around here? but then there is the issue of the landslide, hmmm curious ehh?

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2011-02-04 lynners333 iris
No Picture

this is my first post so hope i put it in the right place{: i don't know if it was a dream or what, but about a week ago in between that state of wakefullness and sleeping the iris sesmic monitor popped into my brain at a 9.4, and that was it. i think it was somewhere on the asian continent. okey dokey there you have it{: also this is the first time i've had this type of dream/imagining {:

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2011-01-23 wendlo fall of a great nation
No Picture

In this dream I see great discord amongst our leaders in Congress. They know the truth but keep trying to bend to the whims of men with money that have purchased their obedience. Jobs have fallen aside to bend to the wealthy and the world has fallen into a deep depression. Then I see the country in turmoil and men marching to war. droughts and pestilence seem to be everywhere.The self esteem of a nation has fallen. 

Men from the east preach peace but what they have is wicked thoughts and desires. A wise man tries to mend the gap but finds he is talking to a wall built of greed secretly planning his downfall.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2011-01-15 wendlo Men of Planning
No Picture

I know this is weird.. I never had dreams like this as often as I do now. I used to have dreams of like this every once in a while but most of my dreams are of a good nature like building things etc. The past year though I have been getting more and more frequent dreams of catastrophe's and weather. I take my dreams pretty serious and have been very fortunate. When I was young I would get some that were so real then find myself with dejavu when I would go into buildings or meet people that I could tell you everything about them or knew exactly where stuff was in buildings because I had been there. Now last nights dream was not catastophic but more of panning.

In the dream I am walking the halls of a grand building granit floors and beautiful art on the walls to a meeting room with a huge table. At the table were general's and other people of importance at the head of the table was the president. I am not sure which president because he really didn't have a face but you knew he was the president. There I sat on a chair along the wall. The breifing was serious they knew something was going on and had to prepare. There was news of talks of war and we had to plan on sending more troops on another side there was a man telling of a possible enviromental catastophy. the President's shoulders slumped in sorrow and everyone at the table looked sad. they told of how they would be able to protect some in bunkers that they had built. but that it was imperitive to save the human race. The plan was to sent seven groups each to be split up into divisions of men and women. More women than men. the physician, a surgeon, a mechanic, construction worker and engineers, pharmacologists and philosopher scientists and mathamiticians electricians and one that studies herbs and how to convert them. all to be placed in different spots along the globe different races and religions. One group was to go to the space station, one to the north south east and west, the small groups were sent to places build just for them. after they had gone to the corners of the earth the great day came. This day men are walking somberly into battle. the leaders head off to the bunkers that they had built. some make it but some don't mostly because in the preparation of these they didn't really take into account the knowing when and with the pent up greed waited to long to move in. Then there is a flash lightning in the northwest sky. I am no longer sitting in the hall of planning but on a sidewalk facing the lightning. there is a rush as the animals people are caught unaware the information hadn't really been put out because of fears of mass panic. 

Electricity is gone and people turn to nomadic houses are ripped from wind and a quaking of the earth Volcano's erupting the birds and animals are fleaing from some unseen menace It is a dark time.. cold becomes hot wind bugs no power. People trying those in the bunkers find that they had built on a shifting land and are sealed in screaming for help and having no way to get them out. People above ground some are just rushing left and right turning more animal like in nature. a child sitting in the street crying catches my eye.

Then I am no longer standing on the sidewalk watching this but it is dawn. and small communities are more communal. A group of people sitting in a circle as I teach today we are building a green house and everyone is working together as a group.



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