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Category EARTH
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Created 2011-01-13
Owner Nicoll
Title of the Dream Huge Sink Holes
Description of Dream

This dream is two parts. First part had me standing among other people in a very bright library.  I got the feeling that these people were teachers or part of a council of sorts. At any rate, I was told to look at this beautiful globe. I would say this globe had a six foot diameter and shimmered as if it was made of mother of pearl and other semi-precious gems/stone. And it moved as if it were alive. Almost like I was watching Earth from above. My focus then centered to Oregon, near Portland, and I watched an enormous sink hole suddenly appear, swallowing the entire area. The area was hundreds of miles in diameter.

The second part had me back on Earth suddenly in Ecuador where I was witnessing another enormous sink hole in real time. This one was much larger than the one in Oregon. The funny thing is that the hole stopped right at the edge of my toes so I was saved from falling into it.

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