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Created 2010-11-15
Owner hercule
Title of the Dream GM?
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My daughter dreamed this last week:

She was watching a quiz show in which the prize was won by a couple who had to make a choice.   They won three GM longbed trucks which were filled with "krill".    They could keep $10,000 or have the thrill of watching the "krill" be dumped into a huge wall-sized aquarium filled with sharks and smaller fish who would then indulge in a "feeding frenzy".    She could see through the glass that there were many people on the other side who were avidly urging them to dump the "krill".    She woke up before the decision was made.   She had a vague idea that "krill" was something smaller than the slimy little wrigglers the trucks were filled with---found them repugnant---but the word "krill" is not in her habitual consciousness and that puzzled her more than the dream itself.    She was dismayed by the eagerness of spectators to watch the "feeding frenzy".    I told her that GM is planning an IPO but she does not watch the financial channels, does not know what an IPO is, and I do not understand that sort of thing either.   This is the same daughter who once lived in the house in Spokane where I dreamed about gold being refused for a loaf of bread about a month ago.

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