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Category Money Dreams
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Created 2010-11-06
Owner Marcus
Title of the Dream Gold is worthless
Description of Dream

I had this dream the night of November 5th. The dream started when I was watching TV, and there was a breaking news section about the US dollar becoming worthless. It was the same type of breaking news that had equal ergency to 9/11. There where news feeds every where on the screen, and there was a camera shot of a skyscraper that was tall, had black narrow windows, and was wide and tall; but not as tall as the taller buildings of a city. Then the camera was inside a news room with two men sitting on stools. They looked calm, trying to down play the whole situation, and trying to convice everyone that this was "ok" and had a "this will be hard but will get better" sort of tone. So finally, they started talking about gold, and how gold had suddenly become worthless. I wasn't sure if gold just suddenly became a worthless junk metal, or if the gold value of the dollar was so low that it was virtually not backed by gold. I remember that gold had one percent value, or something to do with the number one. I'm not sure. Dispite the calm manner of the men there was a aura of panic, as if the WTC was hit again. It seemed that even a noob to economics knew that the dollar was dead, and money was now worthless paper, and things where going to be very diffrent.

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