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Created 2010-06-15
Owner Finite Statist Machine
Title of the Dream Rachael Maddow and Mohawk Airlines
Description of Dream

I dreamed I lived in rural New York (I'm a die-hard westerner) and that I was working for Rachael Maddow who had resurrected the Mohawk Regional Airline.  I don't know New York very well but wherever it was it had maple (birch?) trees and it was in the future.  People were no longer living in oversized macmansion houses, they bought houses based on their actual need for space.  I was living in a little yellow brick house that was almost like something you'd see in the Colorado moutains, the floors were knotty pine.  

I was the IT manager for Mohawk reservations and flight operations in this dream and we were all excited about restarting an airline that served small communities without hub and choke connections (which are easily disrupted by bad weather).   This seem to be a time in the future when wage arbitrage is abolished and the rule of Wall Street functions solely for creating wealth by building up companies.  Airlines were no longer dishing out free seats to their banks credit card customers.  Fuel didn't seem to be in short supply nor was it expensive but I don't recall seeing a plane in the dream. Short term planning was out and people were making a living the old way by working for it. 

Rachael had given up her MSNBC job since the "reforms" were instituted and the meritocracy had been put in place in Washington DC.  There was no more juicy political infighting anymore so Rachael decided to start an airline.  Even stranger was that she had two kids, a husband, and was an entrepreneur. I didn't claim this dream is logical.  But she seemed like a very nice woman to work for in her job as CEO and owner of the company.

There was a very peaceful, calm vibe to the dream.  Like America had returned to sanity.

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