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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-08-18 Harry Revelation on Possible Future Social Upheaval?
No Picture

Meditative Vision: 8/13/2014

[Preamble: This was my very first meditative vision. I've included a great deal of my feelings surrounding this unexpected experience and also my reflections immediately thereafter.]


I saw a woman strangling her baby, who was crying and throwing a fit. I slowly went up to her and as she turned to look at me, she turned into a lion and jumped toward me. I stood there peacefully, reach out my hand and touched the lion on the head and she became a friendly puppy. Then the words appeared, “I am peace...” [“Shan-ti hum” was the mantra for the meditation], then from the background another word emerged getting larger and larger until I could see, “maker.” “I am peacemaker.” When that went away, a stone appeared in the shape of a tombstone. On the stone were engravings. They were stylized so I couldn't make them out at first.

As I watched the inscription undulating on the stone, I saw a child turn into a lamb, a cat turned into a fish, and then a man in formal attire with a top hat and cane, which made me think of a mayor, for some reason, turned into a steelworker, then into a farmer. I continued the mantra, “Shan-ti hum” but after the bell rang, the word, “I am peacemaker” sunk into my heart and filled it. It was accompanied with a sense of joy.

[BRIEF REFLECTION: I liked the visions. Hopefully it will happen again, because it was an enjoyable experience this time. I've had them previously but didn't know what was happening and it scared me. I plan on trying to learn how to use or control this condition productively.]

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-08-09 Bonnie Visit of Spirit
No Picture

08 Aug 2014 I had a dream that felt real-I wrestled in my mind over whether it was real or not. I hate when that happens-how is it that I can’t tell the difference? My husband came into the room to say goodbye to me before leaving work. He was getting ready just like he always does, arranging his things, putting on his clothes etc… He came over to kiss me goodbye and hug me when I realize it’s not really him physically-it’s his spirit coming to say goodbye for the last time. By that time I knew it was a dream but it did not diminish the amount of sadness I felt. The last time I had a dream of a spirit of someone dying it made the hairs all over my body stand up – this did not happen so I do not take it as a premonition.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-08-04 Firebird UFO beams up people from ship
No Picture

   I was traveling from NYC to Newark for a plane trip.  I took the train to the water front and I thought I was walking on a bridge over the river to Newark, however, it was a ferry ship instead.  Somehow in mid journey , I am no longe ron the boat / bridge and I am on the Newark side of the river.  I am looking back as I realise my roller luggage is still on the boat.  Just then multiple beams of light trasport everyone on the boat up to a UFO.  NO longer concerned about missing my flight, I muse that I could have been one of those people beamed up and now missing.  I feel that it is too soon for me to leave my wife and daughter wondering what happened to me.  Lucky not to get beamed up for now!

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-07-13 Buffalo Running Deer Exit Interview
No Picture

Today (It seems) I had an exit interview. For the past month, in my waking world, I have felt as if I have been bombarded with vibrations designed to evoke emotions/false feelings/anger. I can usually identify the "broadcasts/vibrations" and work through them, but this is not an easy process, especially when real stresses in life become amplified. (work load, quality of work, and deadlines)

Today's naptime was a dream you can wake from, fall back to sleep, and the "dream" would continue from seemingly the same point. I was sitting at a desk, with a polite/smiling person across from me. I felt as there were questions asked and responces from me. The dream was just at the edge of my awareness, so I don't remember more than that. 

Now, I feel as though a great pressure has been released. I don't feel an interference pattern surrounding me, amplifying my sense of fustration with the world or my life. :-)

I will admit a sensitivity to the moon phases, with the 1/4's being the roughest, and full moons extreme emotional awareness.

I would say this is the first time I've noticed an overt "experiment" experience in my waking state that "coordinated" with the dream world. I've had dream "contact" experiences before. I've traveled to mars, had "doctor" visits, interviews to an art school, and unintentionally seeing the observers taking notes while I'm sleeping. But this experience has brought a new level to the "petri dish"

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-06-29 Rhonda Scary Dolls
No Picture


I'm on a bus/train and I'm talking to this Asian girl and she is hanging backwards out the window of the train/bus (like a tram actually) and letting her hair blow in the breeze and I think I want to do that to. Then we are at her home.  We are outside in the front of it and she has a small pool and it's full of family members.  I get in the water.  I like to swim but the water is not deep enough it's only 2 ft deep, almost like a hot tub. Then I get into a car and realize I am with a few friends, one is a real life friend Pat and I think my friend Stephen is there too.  It is his car and we are in a car lined lane near a field/park and he doesn't realize there is not enough room to drive through and crashes badly into a parked car and I drop a cigarette and it rolls under the seat.  I retrieve it.  I hope the rug is not too badly burnt under there.  He is upset but we go into a shop/diner closeby anyways.

We are there in the shop/restaurant and there is a doll that and it is possessed with something evil.  It's an upsetting time.  There is something really bad in the air and a feeling of foreboding.  After a while others show up and my ex boyfriend is there too.  (I haven't had him in a dream in months so it's weird)  I introduce him to everyone.  Something is going on there like a charity event with almost a party atmosphere.  The police come and they hand everyone package like a big unfoldable card, it's some kind of complimentary gift for attending the charity.  When I open it up a witch doll flies out and is released and when I close the card, it is like she is gone.  Everyone does the same.  They think it is a great trick and no one can figure it out.  It's an illusion?  I take mine apart and find out how it works and when I pull the mechanism out, it's the bruised bones of a doll baby and I know that something bad has been released into the world.  I wake up then.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-06-23 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Origami Dreams and Will Power
No Picture

6/23/2014 1:19pm

My dreams are folded into Origami, I am the one making the Origami, folding and tucking to make everything appear perfect on the outside. All of the secrets that I hide from the world, they are folded with in the sheets of my bed, my bed is folded up like Origami.


DIETS DONT WORK: At the end of my bed are all of the diet fads i have tried, a woman talk show hosts is showing the world which of these diet fads didnt work and why. A tv show about teen girls refusing to eat a healthy diet, instead sucking on a candy lolipop because they dont want to feel hungry.

Lack of Will Power is the real reason nothing has worked.

This came in the middle of a project uno dream, so the news headline may have been on TV and the talk show was probably a commerical for the show.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-06-23 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Dream Guide
No Picture

6/22/2014 7:45pm (Nap Time dream)

I am standing in a woman's living room, as i look around the room i see a photo on a small book shelf, the photo is of a young girl, her mother, and sister. Next to the front door there is some mail, i walk over to the small table and glance at the name on the mail. The woman's name is Jennifer (Last name i will omit for privacy reasons)

I walk through her kitchen and glance around, everything is neat and tidy, nothing out of place. I do the same with her bathroom and the rest of the house. When i get to her bedroom i find she is not in bed, the window is open and it is night time. I walk into the master bathroom, she is asleep in the tub with candles lite around her and soft music.

I touch her on the shoulder and wake her up, she is scared at first and yells who are you and how did you get into my house. I imagine a place in nature and we are there, i imagine her in a white flowing dress and she is wearing it.

I tell her "I did not mean to disturb you in your home, but i have been sent to you because there is something you are trying to learn or work through and you are having trouble, I am only here to help you, if you would like my assistance." Yes she says, I was brutally attacked two months ago and i have not been able to leave my house, I have lost my job, and I dont know what to do.

I asked her to discribe the attack, she tells me she was out with her sister and they were having dinner, after dinner they were walking back to the car when she and her sister were grabbed and dragged into an ally, both woman were assulted and her sister was killed in the brutal beating.

I asked her if there was any place outside of her home that made her feel safe. She said Yes this place makes me feel safe. We were standing in a field, next to a waterfall, with the sun sets bright beautiful reds, oranges, and pinks, in the sky. I told her i wanted to show her something from a distance and not to be afraid that she could not be harmed her by anything or anyone.

Okay she says. I open up a window to show her another place in nature just as beautiful, but in this window there was a deer eating some grass. She commented how sweet the deer was. Just as she was reaching out to put her hand through the window and touch the deer a bear come up behind the deer and grabbed the dear and bit the deer. The noises of the struggle were disturbing to her, so i closed the window.

Why did you show me this? she asked, I replyed because even though you maybe able to find beauty in any place you go, you always have to be mindful that danger is everywhere, even in nature. She told me she didnt want to live in a world that was so ugly.

So i opened another window, she didnt want to look. Her sister was on the other side of the window and could see her and speak to her through the window. When she heard her sisters voice she opened up her eyes and ran to the open window and hugged her sister through the window. They exchanged a few words between them, her sister said it is time for me to go, but i will see you very soon and i will be waiting for you.

She began to cry as i closed the window, I asked her "Why are you crying" and she told me; "because the warmth and love i felt inside of the room my sister is in was so comforting i wanted to climb through but i couldnt" I knew what her sister had told her, and i asked her if she was ready to go home?

Yes, she said. We zipped back to her home and were standing in her living room, the door was wide open and she was afraid again. I took her by the hand and told her nothing here can hurt you because i am with you, this is the time to face your fears. I took a step toward the front door and she came with me slowly. We both stepped outside, every fear she had was all around us. She covered her eyes and dropped to ground in a fetal position. I said to her, you have to tell all of these things one at a time that they cannot hurt you.

Slowly she stood up and looked around, she was crying and yelling at each of the fears. I too was yelling at them, that they could not hurt me. I noticed i could not feel Jennifer's hand any more, i turned to look at her and she was gone, and so was the fear. When i looked at the house i realized i was looking at my own house. I thought to myself, "Had i really just helped someone else, or was it me i was assisting the whole time?"

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-05-30 sherriann Deterioration
No Picture


May 28/29, 2014
I find myself in the same old  hotel I visit in my dreams every once in a while. This time, I take the stairs instead of the old gated elevator to my usual room on the second floor but this time, an uncountable number of strangers (one man who reminds me of Aron in the TV series Revolution) are taking the stairs with me and as it turns out, heading down the hallway for the same room # 4 in the far corner of the box like building. Seriously, we've all been booked into the same room?   The hallway has always been dark and dingy - paneled walls and rusty yellow carpet. I notice that since the last time I visited, most of the room doors have been boarded over.  Just as we reached the door I commented, "I don't think the bed will hold ten people."  The lock has also been changed on my door. Now it's a tall narrow silver box with three or four different types of locking devices. I have so many keys that I can't find the right one for any of the locks until a blond lady helps me out. I woke up just as I was putting a key in a lock.


add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-05-22 Buffalo Running Deer Finding a Path out of Hell
No Picture

I had this dream in 2013 while in Bakersfield, CA.

Two men were escaping the grasp of hell with me. We needed money for the minions(?) of an army (?).

 We were caught and were bound to an ATV (as we or then we passed through time?). When we stopped traveling, we escaped minions grasp by drove down a hill that had a very rocky terrain and with twisted trees.


We were led into a cave. We tried to find the exit, but were lost in an illusion maze. There were more with us, escapees and warriors that were leading us out. The exit was guarded by Rock warriors. They formed from the elements of the mountain. They were particularly hard to fight, pointless actually. One's best option was to momentarily destroy them & make a quick exit. They had only to reform from the rock walls to fight again.

 Caught again & with our heads were on the chopping block, I had a conversation with the axe man about logistics and earned my release. 

The exit/ending lead me to a burned tree on a small hill. The leaves and branches looked like burned paper cutouts of people holding hands.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo 2014-05-20 Save Life Concentration camps
No Picture

 Nov. 11th 2001

In this dream it was sometime in the not-too-far future.  The enimies had taken over, and were gathering up all who were left alive in America and putting them into concentration camps.  

Here, we were forced to either convert to "their ways or be shot.  As many were conforming to their ways to avoid being shot, many still resisted.  I saw, in greusome detail, of what happened to the people who did not conform.

I then decided, to take the few who resisted and teach them a better way to ecsape.

Then I woke up.




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