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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-09-08 rebeccaS Hairy robots will consume us
No Picture
I was with a group of people. I don't know how many of us there were because I never actually
saw anyone specific (until later in the dream). I heard people talking around and to me. At least
two distinct male voices. We were in an abandoned? building that had a lot of stuff everywhere.
It was a hodgepodge of stuff from people's lives. We were on at least the second floor. There
were several large windows, some of which were busted out. We were in hiding from some sort
of being that I think was a robot but it didn't have arms and legs or any discernible features. I
think I remember seeing hair like ropy things all over. The building we were hiding in was very
close to these robots but as long as we didn't do something (can't remember what) they couldn't
detect our presence. I remember being yelled at to stop because whatever I was doing was
what they could detect. I remember wanting/needing to stay away from the windows.
At one point in the dream, towards the end, I was trying to cover all the windows that still had
glass in them with thick blankets so that the light from inside couldn't be seen from the outside.
Maybe the robots could detect light? I have the sense that we were in the dark in the building.
The kind of dark created indoors when you don't turn on any lights and it's not quite pitch dark
outside. Anyway, as I was putting up the blankets I looked over my shoulder and saw my friend
from work and I called out to her to come and help me. The dream ended as we were covering
windows together.
In the dream I was myself, not an observer. My friend from work was really my friend and
looked just like her. I remember that if the robots got in or detected us they would consume us
and that inspired abject terror. It was to be avoided at all costs
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-09-07 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver P1 House of horrors - farm/hotel/brothel
5:13pm 9/6/14
Just dozing off I see a cat ready to pounce in a mouse in the gutters, the mouse jumps up and runs and the cat is chasing the mouse across a busy intersection of the main 4 lane road and the expressway. Oblivious to cars, moving so fast neither one gets run over. I am holding a mouse by the tail in my car. I was going to give it to the cat.

7:00pm 9/6/14 upon Waking
I see little baby frogs on the carpet, they are chasing moths around on the floor. The moths were acting sick and running into things and then would fall or drop to the floor, fluttering their wings, running from the baby frogs, who were trying to catch them and eat them.
I find myself in a male brothel, all the of male “Men of the night” dress up like handymen and do work around this hotel which sits on a major farm, the men only claim their income from the little bit of farm land that they share-crop, they also get free rooms in the farm/hotel. These “Handyman, Share Croppers are the male prostitutes, they get sent out to go from room to room sexually pleasing the woman of the farm/hotel when their husbands have stepped out.
They are committing fraud on their taxes, by not claiming the income of over $200.00 a night on average instead one tells me he is only claiming the share cropping, which nets him 10,000.00 a year. This makes him, and the other men look poor so he can get Obama care, and food stamps. He makes additional money; $50.00 per girl, for bringing in catholic school girls for the basement dungeons for the owner and his guests to torture, rape, and kill. The school girls are outside and the bus has just arrived. The girls are from a private catholic school nearby, and show up on a tour coach styled bus, and they are all wearing light blue soft sweaters. The girls are all between 12-14 years old. The male prostitutes are watching them from a window deciding which ones they will grab.
There are two male prostitutes that come to my room, one is an older man, blonde hair, slim but solid muscles, we have sex but he doesn’t know how to get me off, he doesn’t have an accent so I believe he is from California. I am trying to get rid of him and I keep bumping into the younger guy trying to get his attention, he is good looking solid and thick, muscular build, very pleasing on the eyes and try’s very hard to please sexually, he has a very draw styled accent, but mentally he is slow as molasses and doesn’t get my attempts to lure him away. Because of these two accents I believe this is in the United States, but I the farms reminded me of the horse farms in Kentucky, which I saw an Arial view of when I was coming to the farm/hotel/brothel.
I am now lying with my husband and I look up at the younger male prostitute and I wink at him and he winks back, I start to giggle. My husband who is drifting off to sleep asks me what is so funny, so I tell him about a man and woman that went to sleep in a bed in the closet over a year ago, and that they are still there, and are sleeping with a severed head.
This was one of the first things I saw when we checked into the room. Upon noticing we didn’t have enough clean towels, I went to the owner’s room, and he was sitting on the toilet, reading a book, and asking me very odd questions about becoming a permanent guest, and what I wanted to get out my experience here. He was oozing evil, & distain.
This hotel is a house of horrors used for all kinds of experiments by the government because it is haunted. On the first floor, they have already proven ghosts are real, and they are moving onto the next area of their study, which is simulation of how to deal with women who are emotionally out of control and on the edge.
They put woman in these haunted rooms, and the woman, become possessed by the haunted spirit. One woman has locked herself into her room, and she is yelling through the door. I am going to kill my baby, she has a “Reborn Baby” in a sling around her neck, and the lesson is how to teach the other woman soldiers how to talk this woman down, and how to take her down without harming the baby. This is a simulation or training program for woman soldiers.
I am now sitting on the floor in my room, next to an old couch, and I see mini Persian kittens, they can’t grow because of their dread locks, the owner walks by and comments how cute they are and will always look like kittens and that is why he won’t cut their dreads off. The Kittens are meowing in pain; I want so bad to help them, they are aggressive little cats because of all of their suffering.
This is the house of horrors, old guests died in their bed, and they are still in their beds, in every room, someone has been murdered. I feel like I am inside the mind of a psychopath, or inside the paradise of a psychopath. One man’s heaven is another man’s hell!
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-09-06 Eagle1 Insurance Companies Whining?
No Picture
Intention: To dream about next big news article about the recent surge in religion. http://nationaldreamcenter.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=200

In a screened-in porch, still warm outside, not hot. It’s definitely nighttime…there’s low light from the table…a candle?

I was sitting at the table with my dad and his wife (my stepmother). He was talking at length of a specific story about something the insurance companies are going to be made to do. It was news story that he was discussing, as an example of what ALL the companies are gong to have to do. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what he said about insurance companies because of what comes next.

He’s finishing up the story and I notice that he’s been trying to lever out a cork in his wine. He’s having problems with it, but I don’t help because I thought he really doesn’t need more wine anyway. Suddenly, as he gets a major piece of the cork out, he says, “…and that’s something not even the older guys like me wouldn’t do,” while he tosses the cork piece into a small cup that is now overflowing with cork pieces and dangerously close to the edge.
Just as he finishes saying that sentence he realizes that the cup of corks will fall off the table, and so he uses his LEFT hand to push it back on the table. And this is where it gets weird. I notice that he’s somehow cut off his thumb. Its definitely not a fresh cut. This has been gone for a long time it appears. The area is healed but still pink looking.
I’m mesmerized by this. But when I look even more, I notice that EVERY single finger has been severed! He has no fingers on his left hand! Why in the world did they not tell me that this happened? He must have cut them off trying to use his wood cutting tools.
It doesn’t end there, because now that I look at his RIGHT hand, it looks like a piece of ham, too…without any fingers!

After I woke up, I realized that the dream played tricks on me because I had watched him prying at the cork with his right hand. He apparently had fingers earlier in the dream, but my subconscious needed me to see both hands without fingers towards the end.
The other anomaly is that as soon as he gets the bulk of the cork out, the wine bottle transforms into a medium-size drinking glass that was 1/3 full of red wine.

Possible metaphors:
1. Wine: WHINE. Insurance companies are going to be whining. Smaller cup that's 1/3 full might be significant.
2. Fingers severed: Some new law may be like severing fingers on the insurance companies.
3. Timeframe: It was felt like perfectly comfortable weather…not too cool at all. I’m thinking that would have to be within the next month or so.
4. Type of insurance: My dad was a life insurance agent (hasn’t been doing it for decades now). Not sure if that means that only life insurance will be affected.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-09-06 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Louisiana - Layered Dream
8:52pm 9/5/2014
I was sleeping and was awakened by my sister in law talking, she was saying something to her brother like “Did you hear about this in the news”
In the dream I was just in, I was in a very large house, with rich people that had many rooms. The couple had their own Rikki master / massage therapist. I saw the Rikki master kissing the woman, and thought OMG she is cheating on her husband, wait unless he does full service message and the husband knows about this.
I remember wanting to describe this house with its leafy raised wall paper; it was an old plantation home. It had been in their family for years.
I woke up from my sister in law talking again, then fell back to sleep.
I was suddenly in the back water of the Bayou, in a small handmade home with a front porch that opened up to the water of the bayou. I was running around trying to get things done and I had a child screaming at me that she was hungry. I told her to wait that I was going to cook soon.
A man had just left who was there to remove the microwave I am making a bed, and I go back into the kitchen to start cooking, and notice the cabbage in on fire! The Cabbage is sitting on top of a glass jar, and the glass jar is sitting on top of a marble tray. I pull the cabbage down to the floor and put it out. Someone else walks in and pulls the glass off of a metal fork that is sticking out of the wall, and puts it into the sink.
My father’s bayou house is right across from mine, and the power has gone out to all of our houses, and he jumps into the Crock infested water in nothing but his little man shorts, and swims across to my house. He shows me this old prong in the wall still has electricity going to it, and the guy who removed the microwave pushed the glass/marble against it, and created an internal fire, which took out the power for everyone.
I thank him for his help and see my child running around with a friggen price of bread, yelling at me to help her make the Peanut butter and banana sandwich, because she can’t eat like this!
I am so mad at her; I sit her at the kitchen table and ask her did you use all of the bananas?
Yes she says… with no guilt what so ever.
Did you eat all of the peanut butter too?
Yes she says, almost.
I can see massive clumps of peanut butter sticking out of the child’s mouth and she is choking on the peanut butter.
I tell her, well you ate all the other food in the house except what burned in the fire and now there is nothing for you to eat except what you already made. She starts screaming and crying, so I pull off my belt, she cries out No Momma, I use the belt to strap her little behind to the kitchen chair, and tell her she can’t get up until she has eaten all of the food she prepared.

Upon research the Metal prongs are from a 1960’s built-in wall heater.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-09-05 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Woman is about to disappear in the woods.
No Picture
6:50pm 9/4/2014
I am at a camp site location where there is a large bolder that splits two roads or two towns. I am with my husband and my son (I don’t have any sons this is how I know I am in someone else’s body) Something happens to our campsite bathroom, so I have to walk on this long dirt road through the mountains in order to get a ranger cabin where I can use the bathroom to take a shower.
Before heading out on this road, I use my phone and I look through it like FLIR camera, it has a special button on it that can take regular pictures and FLIR pictures. I saw something next to a tree with my eyes, and I want to capture it on camera so I can zoom in on the photo and see what it is.
When I look at the photo there is nothing there, yet with my eyes I saw an upright shape. I am carrying my towel and a shower bag; it is mid-afternoon, around 3pm. I notice where the shadows are on the ground which helps me to determine this time frame.
There are people walking all around me in this mini-camping town, and there are people walking around down by the ranger cabin, but they are moving north and south up the mounting, not east to west on this long dirt road which I have to cross to get to.
My husband decides to walk me to the showers, because I am exhausted. He leaves our son with another family member who was there camping in another location. We do not speak as we walk down this path. There is an awkward silence between us. I not very happy with him, but I do not know why.
Once I get to the showers and go inside and lock the door, I notice there is a camera inside that looks out, so you can see who is at the door. As I am taking a shower I see a woman at the door, and she is using the rug and a rock to lock me in. I do not see my husband anywhere outside waiting for me, as if he just wandered off.
I freak out, and get out of the shower and get dressed. I try to push the door open but I am locked inside this bathroom. When I turn around it is not the bathroom any more, but a weird doctor’s office. It has a small bed like in the nurse’s station of an elementary school. It is so small if I lay on it, my knees will hang off the bottom. There is a toilet next to the bed, and a counter with a small sink.
The camera is still there so I am watching the camera, when suddenly I notice a big hair man (Bigfoot style, which I have never seen in real life) standing outside of the door, trying to get in! I run up and make sure the door is locked. The creature gets mad and pounds on the door. I rush back against the far wall and slide down between the wall and the web/table thingy.
I can’t get myself out; I am stuck back here and not strong enough to move the table to free myself. I think I feel asleep or lost consciousness out of fear. Either way I wake up by a tall white man with a short beard pulling me out of the stuck position I was in, he was really struggling to get me out because I was in an awkward position.
Once he frees me I look around the room, and it has changed again, now I am in his daughter’s private patio and the ranger cabin is his home. I am very confused by my surroundings, and I thank him for helping me. I gather all of my stuff and after I walk out of the door which is now a gate to a private yard, I realize where I am.
It is now dark outside and I am afraid of walking back to my camp, I am afraid that whatever I saw on the camera in the bathroom was still out there. I got the feeling that the red haired woman who locked me in the bathroom was somehow helping these beasts to take people. I stood there in the light from the front porch of his cabin, wondering where the HELL my husband was, did he not give a crap about me at all. Did he really leave me here to be taken and possibly eaten by a wild beast?
I turn to the man and ask him, if he could please walk me back to my camp. No he said, I can’t leave my teenage daughter here alone, I am very sorry your life is so messed up.
I woke up in a sweat…. Feeling like I had trespassed onto this man’s land, invaded his home. But worse, this woman is going to go missing in the woods, while her family is camping. There will be high strangeness around her disappearance; no one will be able to get to the bottom of what happened to her. She has no choice but to walk this dark road and her Spidy man sense is telling her she is going to disappear and be killed and she is right.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-08-30 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver Someone elses hard on
8/30/2014 10:25 am

Most of this dream I can not put down here...

So I will summarize it.

BDSM, An apple, like a stuffed pig, and like the city. A couple who are turned on by other people, but can only be "together" when they are turned on by other people, the man gets aroused by a woman named Sookie, and the woman gets turned by watching another woman beat her man with floggers, while playing publicly.

Unfortunately I believe this will be a news headline about strange fetishes or of something going terribly wrong in the BDSM New York scene.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-08-29 captain_obvious Playmeat
No Picture
I dreamed I was in a sorta lab setting, playing with something that was proto-flesh, used for creating living organisms. If Playdough is what you use to play with making shapes and forms, this would be called Playmeat. For some strange reason I was making spiders. Huge spiders. Don't ask me why. I think it was something about them being the simplest things you could make or something.

Part of the playmeat got detached from one of the spiders and it went crawling off. I don't think this was a good thing, but I was waking up and the dream ended.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-08-28 Eagle1 Eating Meat
No Picture
My intention was to incubate a dream to explain yesterday’s linguistics “Crow + spending + warn.”

In my dream, I was watching other people eat meat, and I was carving out bites for myself to eat. The meat was literally all kinds of different animals, from chicken to beef to pork. Two disturbing anomalies that showed up in the dream

1) the chicken that was being eaten was still alive and still had feathers on it. The consumer was brushing away the feathers and putting his/her teeth into the flesh. The chicken obviously moving around all the while.

2) Someone was carving a piece of meat that was unfamiliar to me. I quietly watched, but telepathically, the person communicated that the meat was from a human being. I’m speculating why my dream self didn’t revolt at this revelation. I did turn away, but not because of disgust but because someone else was wanting to show me another meat.

That was the dream…just watching people eat all different kinds of meat. Weird as weird can get, but apparently (at least to my subconscious), “Crow spending warn” is referring to eating meat.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-08-27 Edna Serial Killer
No Picture
I have been doing Dallas intent.
For the last 3 dreams I have gotten some very jumbled and weird dreams. The only thing that was consistent was the thought "serial killer".

1) setting was in a Victorian looking place and dress but in a modern city/town. I was being used as bait.
2) setting was a modern city/town and I was looking for a story for a news report.
3)I can not remember any setting or location, just the words "serial killer".

It has been a very restless 3 nights.
add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD 2014-08-27 NativeAmericanDreamWeaver GIANT MOUNTAIN LION STALKING BRIDE
No meditation before bed time: SPECIAL NOTE HERE: Took a Tylenol PM to sleep before bed. (this is not normal for me, but I really needed the rest)
8/27/14 7:00am
I am being given a ride in an old beat-up white pick-up truck, 1971 Chevy or 1970 ford. I do not look over at the driver; I just know that I am in the passenger seat. I feel an intentional avoidance at looking at the driver, as if I do not like the person or I am upset with the person driving, but I do not know or understand why.
We stop at a small shopping center on the side of the highway; (truck stop) I go into an office building, there are three doors in front of me, I go into the first door and I ask the woman in the first office if I can use their restroom, she tells me it is the third door. I use the bathroom, which is all white, very standard and a little dirty. There is a mirror in front of the sink and I notice that I cannot see my reflection in the mirror as I am washing my hands, yet I can see the rest of the restroom behind me.
I get back into the pick-up truck and we are on a highway in the county. As we are going down the road and I am looking out the window, I see a giant mountain lion stalking two women; one is wearing a wedding dress, the other a bride maid. They are on an old paved side road, there are sections of yellow grass, and of small trees and shrubs that the mountain lion can hide in, but he is on the road behind them. The bride looks exhausted and the bride’s maid is yelling at the bride and very upset, she is ready to leave the bride, and is walking about 15 feet in front of her. The sight of the giant mountain lion really scares the heck out of me, and leaves me very excited about what I have just seen.
The windows are rolled up so I cannot warn the woman, the car is moving too fast to take a photo or make noise to warn them. Only the window wing is open, the only fresh air coming into the truck, it is hot and stuffy but the main window is broken and doesn’t roll down. When we get into town I crash the wedding. I found out the bride was fine, and neither of them got hurt. The wedding happened already and this is the after ceremony at someone’s house.
I am dancing with the children on the dance floor. I go to a phone booth and make a phone call, and I am told a ride will be waiting for me, to take me home; I have some time to enjoy myself before my ride will be here.
(Scene changes)
After the wedding, I find myself in someone’s back yard. This is not the same place as the reception for the wedding. There is a kid’s loft which is three stories high and reminds me of a tree house but without the tree. My daughter is there, and she is outside playing. She is her current age. My sister is also there, she gives me a tour of the tree house. My niece is also there, I can hear her voice but I cannot see her. My niece is on the 2nd floor of the loft, and is laughing.
My daughter, sister, and niece have been creative decorating and painting the inside of the loft. My daughter has tagged the outside of the loft, so it look more like a teenage hang out rather then something for small kids. My favorite room is the reading room on the top floor.
I can look out the small windows and see yellow grass and sparsely leaf covered trees with red, brown, and yellow leaves. Fall has arrived. The small room is stacked with square comfy pillows, and a few book shelved made of spice racks hang on the walls. (This reminds me of a loft I had in preschool, as a child I had my very fondest memories of sitting and reading for hours, I never wanted to play with other kids, instead I wanted to sit and read. This was a peaceful place, my sanctuary.)
(Scene changes)
My sister drops me off at the parking lot of the roadside strip mall, which was in the beginning of my dream. I see a big rig swerve off the road, there was almost a major accident right in front of me, which shook me to the core with fear, it was run off the road by the white pick-up truck from the beginning of my dream, I get the feeling the driver is drunk, he pulls into the parking lot and waves at me, and I ask him to wait a moment that I need to use the restroom.
This time I see his face barely through the windshield. He has dark hair and dark eyes, a white male with a slight sun tan, he looks very Italian, I know he is taller than I am, although he is sitting in the truck and I don’t know his exact height. I know who this man is but I cannot place him in my life. I feel so awkward all of a sudden knowing this is the man who will be driving me home. (Like a child being driving home by the man who has been molesting her) VERY UNSETTLING!
I go back to the same office, and walk into the third door, but everything has now been converted into an office, the woman inside claims this was never a bathroom. I look at the wall that splits right down the middle of the room, and used to divide the bathroom stalls, I know that she is wrong, but she insists that I am wrong, she is the owner and has always owned the business she tells me, and it has never been a bathroom.
I feel very confused by these sudden changes. I am also now suddenly afraid of the man in the white truck, I didn’t really have to use the restroom, and I just wanted a moment to be alone. I think to myself, now what do I do?
I don’t know why I feel differently about these situations. Knowledge maybe; once I know something is wrong I cannot go back to being comfortable with it.
The sound of the cars on the road is suddenly very loud in my head, what do I do now?



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