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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Sun Fire 2014-05-23 Grim Reaper Sun like thing scorches everything on earth
No Picture

My dream-10:26 AM 6/23/2006-Sun like thing scorches everything on earth-

I just awoke from a very scary dream. In this dream, I thought that
a planet like thing hung in the sky and it was very huge and close to Earth. It was frightening to look at.
Then, I thought that we all knew that this thing was going to destroy the planet.
Suddenly on the 4th day, actually it was at night. The sun seemed to take on a human like face that was androgenous, but I thought it was this planet thing that had changed into the sun and she or it started coming towards the earth. Somehow, it seemed to hover over cities and at the same time it seemed to cover the planet. And whereever
this being stared, a blinding hot light seemed to incinerate things and people. Yet, I don't recall anyone actually dying. But the terror was horrific. And when we thought we had
escaped for a while, she turned her deadly beam upon us. And I remember a woman saying that your soul better be right.  I started praying but I woke up before I was incinerated.
I thought it was mass chaos worldwide. And I thought that in the dream that I was hoping it was some horrible nightmare and tried to awake myself but I couldn't. It was real. When I finally awoke,  I was in tears and thankful to be alive. I even had to go outside to check if things were okay. This dream has disturbed me and terrified me!! I don't ever want to have it again!!


add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Sun Fire 2012-03-24 Guineith Auroras above Geraldton, WA.
No Picture

I dreamt that I saw the Aurora Australis in the skies above Geraldton, Western Australia. Everyone was outside at night, looking at them and OOHHHHing and AAAHHHing and it seemed as if I was the only one who was not in a good mood. I pulled one of my friends aside and I explained that this was not a good thing, that it was actually a premonition of doom. My friend seemed confused and so I explained that to see the Auroras so far north was an indication of intense solar activity and that we should all be very very worried indeed. The auroras were red, not their normal rainbow colours and somehow, this made things worse. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Sun Fire 2011-12-22 Guineith Rocks from the Sun
No Picture

My son ( bigger boy) had this dream last night.

He dreamt that he was at home, but that home was different. "Home" was a sophisticated laboratory, full of chemistry equipment and high tech computers. A picture on one of the computer screens showed massive rocks full of fire being spat out of the surface of the sun. They were headed for the earth and when they hit the earth, there was great devastation. One of the scientists cried out, "We have a week to warn everyone" and another cried out, "We have a year until it comes!" The amazing and interesting part of this dream is that my son had it in the early morning hours of December 22, 2011, or in New York time, early afternoon on December 21st, 2011! In other words, exactly one year from December 21st 2012!

The earth was shattered into pieces and each piece had it's own atmosphere. Various countries or land masses had their own planets and humans continued to live there. Australia had it's own planet and so did New Zealand. Part of Africa had it's own planet, but part of it was utterly destroyed. All of North America was utterly destroyed but all of South America had it's own planet. It was difficult to tell what happened to Europe and Asia.Parts of the Pacific Islands had their own planets and parts were destroyed by tsunamis

Ok, now for my interpretation and commentary. I believe my son was seeing at a high energy state what will happen to the Earth on December 21st, 2012. I believe the firey rocks are CMEs and that the shattering of the earth into seperate planets is the shutdown of communications between continents. Maybe "shutdown" is too gentle a word. Maybe annihilation or deep frying or shattering would be more appropriate. Anyway, the era of globalism will be ended at that point. It is also interesting to note that all the surviving "planets" were southern hemisphere. All the planets that were either devastated or not able to be seen were northern hemisphere. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Sun Fire 2011-11-22 Swann Sun at 11:39
No Picture

I am seated at a grand piano while a singer is being accompanied.  An enigmatic man sits next to me and says, "Where is the sun at 11:39?"  He continues...  "You are going to Italy.  Are you going there to broil?"  I tell him I am going there to sightsee, but I am feeling that something does not bode well for the earth.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Sun Fire 2011-03-30 Becbeq "Class Delta" Solar Flare
No Picture

My son and I, along with some other unidentified people, are at my grandparents’ farmhouse.  We hear a weird thumping noise and run outside to look.  We know the government is flying some secret aircraft and we want to see if we can spot it.  Instead, we see the bottom of a white craft that starts to swerve, loop and comes down on the ground a bit away from us.  From the bottom it looks like a miniature space shuttle with vents in the bottom.  It’s a type of personal hovercraft – almost looks like a pontoon boat when it lands.  A woman at in a white lab coat at the controls calls over the women in the group.  

Her name is Dr. Patricia (can’t remember) and she’s warning us that a “class Delta” solar flare will reach Earth soon.  It will wipe almost everybody out.  She tells us “Life as you know it is over”.  She’s tired and her face is weary.  I talked to her for a while.  She points out the sun, which is setting, and states that the flare will hit “tomorrow at 2:00”.   Then she leaves to warn some other groups and bring back her son.

When I walk back into the house, I find myself in some type of partially underground, cavernous bunker.  It is roughly round in shape with a sky dome made of some clear material at the top.  Cafeteria tables are set up on one side.  Hallways lead to other wings of the shelter.  In the middle, there is a line of what looks like assembly line machinery – lots of gray metal, pulleys, switch boxes, levers & arms.  An older gentleman and I are looking over the machinery trying to figure out how it works and reading the labeling on the switch boxes (the boxes are red with silver covers).  The purpose of the machinery is to unfold and raise a dark gray material to cover the sky dome and we have it partially raised.  I realize that I’m the leader (I don’t tend to take leader positions) and that I am because I wanted to make sure my autistic son was not denied shelter.

The majority of the population is not aware of the threat.  As a group, we realize that we cannot save everyone.  A decision is made to use the quiet time before the general population wakes up to the fact there is a problem (if they do) to send some of our people out to stores like Sam’s Club to purchase last minute supplies to fill in any holes in our planning.  We select calm, collected people and send them with pickup trucks to various stores.  No more than two to a store, no more purchases than a small restaurant would buy.

I make some calls to family members and friends of the group who can be trusted with opsec to gather them at the shelter.  Gotta love my mother in law.  Even in my dream, she brings the best food when she comes!  When I was woken up, the group was eating, waiting for the folks we sent out to come back and just waiting.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Sun Fire 2011-03-04 Krys Extremely Close Planet Flyby & Codes
No Picture

Lincoln NE

last week

There was so much to these two dreams but I couldn't wake up to write them down even though I kept telling myself, in the dream, to wake up.  I can only remember the tail ends of them.  The first one was a planet that passed by the earth so closely I could see the faces of the people on it and they were smiling, beckoning and welcoming.  Most of the dream was in color but this part was black and white and shades of gray.  The second dream was strings of code or anacronyms (?) in BOLD CAPS with the translations following in small case.  The only one I can faintly remember is OANFU or OANFI.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Sun Fire 2011-02-25 Nicoll Big CME
No Picture

I had this dream a few months back. I was in the kitchen of my father's old house. He passed away back in 2002. I was just standing in the kitchen with my father watching him cook something like stew and he turned to me and said, "it's going to be one BIG CME". That's it. I get the impression that he was trying to tell me that the CME was going to destroy most of life on Earth.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Sun Fire 2011-01-25 Anita Mathews Sun Blast - Children Saved
No Picture

I was in a very modern office building, with many other workers, up in the mountains.  You could look out these large windows and see the snow topped mountains not too far off, the view was just beautiful.  As we were looking out at the view the sky started to change and I knew that the damaging blast from the sun had started.  I ran to be back of the room and sat down behind a wall as the blast happened.  It was a minor one and so not too many windows were blown out.  As I sat with a young woman (20ish) we started talking and I told her that I knew that the end was near and then told her that the sun was going to destroy most of the earth. 

I got up and headed back to where my desk was when the sky started changing, indicating another blast so I headed back behind the wall.  A bigger blast happened and people started coming through with their clothes all blackened. 

My husband showed up and we decided we should find a better place to hide during the blasts so we started looking in closets and such but everything was occupied.  We eventually ended up way in the back where there were groups of children were being trained.  And just about the time we arrived the children were being lead out because it was time for them to leave.  I saw 3 groups of about 6 children each being lead out, but I knew there were more.  Someone asked where they were going and I said that they were being sent away from the planet because it was the end of this planet, yes, just like in the movie.  Then I woke up.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Sun Fire 2010-12-30 TamiM Hexagonal sun
No Picture

I was driving in the car, and looked out the window. The sun was shaped like a hexagram. I briefly thought it looked like our program had been "hacked." Then it popped into my head that "they" said, "when the sun looks hexagonal, the end is near." I remembered being told that and now I was seeing it with my own two eyes!

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Sun Fire 2010-12-18 wendlo Ring around the Sun
No Picture

In this dream I see scientists watching through a telescope at the sun. They seem to be arguing there is a ring around the base of the sun. Then there is a series of numbers that seem to fly by all jumbled up.. yet they add together to get the same number. They decide to tell everyone but the news never seems to get in the papers. Their bosses say it is all hog wash that it can't happen while they say this there is a hush as a man in a suit meets them to hand them lots of peices of paper that they greedily stick into their pants pockets and sacks.

Seems like eon's pass when going outside the moon is pink sparks fly from the streetlights then there is darkness. people all come out to stare at the sky wondering what happened..mass confusion



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