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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2014-08-04 Rae Band of embers
No Picture

I don't have a date on this dream, it was some months back but it is one of those things that just won't leave me alone, I remember it at least a few times a week for some reason.  I decided to finally share it here after reading the sky flash topic.  I didn't really know how to catagorize this one.  It wasn't a long dream but it was highly emotionally charged. 

The dream took place here at home in upstate NY, not far from the Cooperstown area.  I was indoors, in bed, not quite sleeping when the room lit up in a flash like lightening, only it wasn't a blue light.   It was a warmer shade of light and I "felt" the flash like a soft percussion but i don't recall any sound with it.  I got up but didn't feel any urgency.  I went to the kitchen and made a pot of tea and took my mug with me to the door.  I glanced out the window and felt puzzled...  the "green" of the forest was gone.  I stepped out into the yard and looked around and was bewildered at "how could that happen" as there was a band as far as the eye could see in every direction of burned matter....  about four feet from the ground, the band was about three feet wide.  The band was red hot embers, ash and coaled.  It was across all the tree trunks and everything else I could see, like somone had used a paint roller to run a stripe of glowing, sparkling deep burn across the entire landscape at a specific level.  Tendrils of smoke were rising from the burned bands.  I felt a sense of mourning more than fear.  I knew it was from "the ships" as in space ships but I was puzzled as to what the point was.   I was afraid people wouldn't understand and would react in a hostile manner.  I was worried that they would panic and not see what was supposed to be accomplished....   but I didn't understand what this ring of fire was supposed to accomplish, either.   There were a lot of thoughts and emotions.  The general feel wasn't "doom" as much as hopeful. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2014-07-31 Ed Montalvo 07172014 Camera Weapon
No Picture

In this dream, I am holding a large mechanism that looks like it’s a camera/sound system but is really a weapon. In the dream, I’m being told that this is going to be a one take shoot, and that I had better make sure that everything was set up perfectly because we’d only get one shot. I was working with another guy who knew this was a weapon, but I didn’t know it was a weapon. I wasn’t sure of what was actually happening.


The camera had a rotating antennae grid, dials and ports, view finder and Mic jack on a pedestal.

Anyway, in the dream, the action is about to start Yet I’m still fumbling to put the phone jack of a white cord into the camera. The guy is worried I’m not going to be ready, but I double check the right hole and insert it.

Next, I’m looking through the view finder and I’m asked to position it near some crates.


The partner presses a button and a projectile shoots out of the camera weapon and there’s a big explosion. The other man shouts at us. The next thing I know, my partner and I are being drafted into a military unit 1st and 2nd. Not everyone was being

drafted, we were being punished. I said, “We wanted to be drafted?”

He said, “Yeah, there was no other way we’d have gotten out of here.”

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2014-05-23 Save Life It has begun
No Picture

"This dream has been my Final "futureistic dream, because, I have not had a rememerable dream since!"


  In this dream I was hme babysitting two young boys, my kids must have went to school or something.  1 boy was about 8months and the other was about 3.

It was just me and these two boys. No one wlse was around,and it felt very lonely. I was not feeling well, and decided to lay down while the boys were trying to nap as well.  I had just started a disaster movie, to watch and perhaps get some rest.  When all of a sudden, a loud whistleing sound started screaming in growing louder by the moment.  I glanced over out of my window, still lying down, when I noticed a HUGE Ball-Like Metor or Rocket slam into the ground! The explosion was so vivid and close!  I could see the ground and rocks trun into ash in an instant.  A Huge mushroom-like cloud was heading ourway.  I saw the impact, in all its detail way too close for comfort.

I jumped up right away knowing I had no time to spare!  I ran through my house, grabbed the boys, and yelled for my dogs to follow me out to the car. At this time I was almost in a panic and was wondering where my kids were.   I hurried and shut the car door, to drive away, but  and noticed the cloud was upon us.

Then I woke up.

  " FYI  When I had this dream, the last thing I watched that very night was "American Pie"  a comedy....where this dream came from...well id assume the very same place all my dreams have been fore warning.   However, as i stated above, I have not had a memerable dream since this very 1!   Interesting enough, just two days after this very dream, a rogue metor slammed somewhere in Russia " 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2012-01-18 drsmithson Battles Above
No Picture

On the morning of January 16, 2012 I had the following, very vivid, dream:

I was at an unfamiliar house with my wife and 9 month old son. Also there were two people I know but who are not, as far as I know, related or know each other in any way. The house is situated on a hill, overlooking a valley where my home is. The other two people there with us are preparing to work out on some gym equipment that was outside. We all walk outside and see suddenly what appears to be two fragmented beams of light shooting into the air, one from each of the two nuclear power plants in the valley. The beams rise above the two power plants, turn towards each other and then turn again into a parallel paths going over our heads towards an unknown destination.

This continues for several minutes while we discuss what could be happening. Then the nearest power plant to us (and the one less than a mile from my home) explodes spectacularly in a huge fireball, but it doesn't appear to be a nuclear explosion. As the fireball begins to die down, as if a newscaster was speaking directly into my head, the words "we don't believe that the fire will cool down enough to go near the plant until this March." That's when I woke up.

(Disclaimer: I read George and Clif's work regularly so the March date may have been planted into my subconsious. Regardless, it was one of the most vivid dreams I've ever had and wanted to share.)

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2011-12-12 1d1a1n1 Part of a terrorist plot?
No Picture

Last week I fell unexpectedly ill and ended up losing a bunch of weight.  I have not been eating much in days (if anything at all).  I am not on medication of any sort except for the occasional shot of pepto - yum.

Since the illness, I have been having exceptionally realistic dreams.  Furthermore, I am able to remember these dreams with incredible clarity.  It is rare that I remember a dream at all.

In this dream, a man gives me instructions to dial a number into a phone when I see him again. For whatever reason, I agree to do so.  I pull up into the parking lot of a condo complex - it seems slightly warm or subtropical of a setting.  The condo complex has 2 units on the ground floor and 2 units on the top floor (from what I can see).  On the top floor, there are balconies and large glass walls / sliding doors.  Construction workers are doing work on both units and placing new glass in.

I see the man that gave me the instructions appear in the top left (corner) unit.  I am supposed to dial the number of the unit into a phone for him.  I look closely and the unit is 161.  I got the impression that 161 was ver significant here.

I dial 161 and there is a large explosion.  My vision goes black.  Now I am sitting next to my fiancee and I turn to her and say "wow, that was unexpected - I cannot wait until next week!" as if we were watching a television show.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2011-04-04 Anon Fireball explosion
No Picture

Dream was incurred on April 3rd 2011. In my dream, I recall walking along the streets of a big city full of tall skyscrapers when suddenly a huge fireball explosion is seen from behind one of the buildings. The explosion and fireball produced was pretty big, and I remember grabbing a hold of my brothers by the hand and running away in fear. Others could be seen running away as well from the fireball explosion that ocurred and there was a strong sense of fear among the all the people that were running away. Nobody knew what had been the source of the big explosion. The dream had a sense of being a premonition or warning and to take preparations.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2011-01-18 Hunter Shuler tsunami of fire and Ted
No Picture

this is a really weird dream it seemed to go on forever but most of it is fuzzy in memory.  The dream starts out with  me being in a town that bordered mountains.  THen the media starts saying there is immediate doom because of an astroid or solar flare.  I immediantly head to the mountains to take shelter in a cave or higher ground.  As Im walking in a valley below the mountains I am joined for some reason by Ted (the guy from "How I Met Your Mother"). We keep walking until a police man in the woods stops us he says "why are you running? its just a bunch crazies who think the fire is coming."We try to explain to him about the emmenet doom but he refuses to change his mind, so we keep walking. suddenly theres a huge explosion in the distance behind us. I look back and see a tsunami or river of fire coming right toward us. At this time we are in a very thin hollow mabey 100 yards accross with mountains on both sides.  Then Ted and I split up, he runs up one side of the mountain while I run up the other. I couldnt stop thinking Im going to die. Right before the river of fire gets to me I barely make it to the top of the mountain out of harms way. The next part of dream takes place about a month after the fire.  Im still up the mountain but Im the only survivor.  THen a voice like a narrator to my dream says "at first I couldnt catch any wild game but soon I could kill 20 animals in a day for food."  Then the last part of the dream im walking on a ridge top in the snow and see someone in the distance. My heart jumps with excitement because the whole time I thought I was the last survivor. I catch up with person and ends up being Ted.  I ask him "how did you survive?"

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2010-09-29 chuck Ballistic protection from dimensional entities
No Picture

This is a dream I had many years ago but I was never sure what it portended untill I saw a ballistic version in a popular movie. In the popular movie a long-range sniper bullet was fired toward a target and the victim had supernatural powers that needed to be overcome. The projectile (bullet) was enclosed in an exaggerated spiral design that mimicked my dream.  A standard lead bullet tip is incised with an embedded thin copper wire such that it creates an electric flux as the rifle bore spiraling sends it spinning towards the intended target. I wasn't sure of the winding pattern (counter or clock wise) or bore twist ratio but suspect it has to do with the northern v.s southern hemisphere correolis affect such that a static electric charge is built up at the tip during flight and penetrates a target's "unpenetrable" electronic shield as it spins through the earth's magnetic field. I had the definite impression we ( USA) would be fighting a "seemingly" invincible inter-dimensional foe that could only be defeated by the logical extension of natural physical laws such as discovered by Tesla; specifically his "pancake capacitor" which aggregated electrical potential to a progressively smaller cross section such as found in a bullet. This adjustment to any standard ammunition projectile will enable it to penetrate a protagonist's electrical defenses and kill the adversary. I am unsure of the timeline but certain of it's neccesity and eventual success. Blessings to all who find themselves in need of this defense.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2010-06-15 TamiM nuclear
No Picture

I was at a mini-mart with my son waiting for my husband to pick us up. To pass the time, I played an arcade baseball game. I hit a single and was proud of what a "scrapper" I was, just like Pete Rose.  We were having trouble getting cell phone signals, so I started chatting with a tall blonde man out in the parking lot. All of a sudden it was dead silent.  ALL sound stopped.  We started looking around and on the far horizon I saw a mushroom cloud rise into the sky.  My blood froze.  I said, "Oh no!" Sick, SICK feeling in the pit of my stomach. A wave of air picked us all up off the ground.  I woke up actually saying out loud, "This is it."  My feeling was as if it really happened, from an experiential point of view.  Very haunting feeling.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Explosions- Various 2010-06-02 Roberta Destruction of New York City
No Picture

In the mid 1980's I was working in an auto parts factory in central Indiana-a job from which I have since retired.  I had a supervisor named Steve, who was a young family man with a toddler son.  There would later come opportunities for us to go to a related plant in the state of New York.  But before those came, I had a dream around 1985 or 6.

In the dream, we had taken the jobs in New York.  Steve was still a supervisor.  He was in a hospital in New York City, for minor reasons.  I was chosen by co-workers to take him flowers and a card.  When I arrived at the hospital, his son was with him, helping him check out of the hospital.  But the son was a man in the dream, not a toddler anymore. 

The dream had a sense of foreboding.  Everyone was tense, as though something bad might happen.  Steve was fully dressed, packing his suitcase that laid on the bed, readying to go home from the hospital.  We chatted briefly as his son was down the hall getting his discharge papers.  His son came into the room, and looked like such a fine young man.

Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light through the windows.  None of us were looking toward it, but we knew what it was.  There was a door to the basement stairway just outside Steve's room.  I yelled, "The blast wave!"  And we headed for the stairway.  I was ahead of them.  After the first four steps was a landing, then the other steps went down to the right of the landing. 

I made it down the first four steps.  One foot touched the landing, and I was still facing forward toward the wall.  Something like a huge, searing hot hand slapped me in the back of my body.  Almost without feeling any pain, before even hitting the wall, I was dead.  Incinerated. 

To this day, I recall every second of the dream.  I do not call myself a prophet.  But if you never believe a word anyone tells you again, or never again believe in prophecy, please believe this:  New York City is toast.  Act accordingly.

Disciple of The Nazarene,





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