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Terra entity in HalfPastHuman work; quakes, volcanoes, new lands rising or sinking, even mud or landslides go here...
Terra entity in HalfPastHuman work; quakes, volcanoes, new lands rising or sinking, even mud or landslides go here...
Terra entity in HalfPastHuman work; quakes, volcanoes, new lands rising or sinking, even mud or landslides go here...
Terra entity in HalfPastHuman work; quakes, volcanoes, new lands rising or sinking, even mud or landslides go here...
Terra entity in HalfPastHuman work; quakes, volcanoes, new lands rising or sinking, even mud or landslides go here...
Terra entity in HalfPastHuman work; quakes, volcanoes, new lands rising or sinking, even mud or landslides go here...
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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2014-05-11 deepsleeper Watching the earth from above
No Picture

May 11, 2014

I dreamed I was with a group or forum of people and we were looking down on the earth and watching all sorts of disaters but we were calm.  We knew that it was all appearance and that notheing really is lost, just going through the process that is necessary.  The group of us were discussing the events we were watching down below.  We could see all manner of explosions all around the earth.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2014-05-05 deepsleeper Earth raised up
No Picture

I dreamed of a huge being of a bluish white color, I could see through him, like a spirit being.  He was about two times larger then the earth and he was holding the earth up above his head.  The dream felt very positive, as if the earth was being uplifted.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2013-11-25 kimspirit NORTHERN ATLANTIC RIDGE.
No Picture

Dream-Journey from last night.  Kindly note that the environment I found myself in was "not of this world".  I was contacted by an unknown young man, who identified himself as being my friend, L's son.  He bore no resemblance to L's son - who crossed over several years ago.  He was shorter and heavier, with med. brown hair and light amber eyes, wearing a safari jacket.  Around 30 years of age.  He told me he was investigating a murder in the Pac. NW, and needed my help.  So, I was "transported" to his location, in the Pacific NW.  While meeting with him, I received a "telephone call" (note; direct spiritual contact, it's how the brain perceives it) from Q, L's other son, telling me that a 9 mag EQ had just hit the NORTHERN Atlantic Ridge.  He wondered what the effect might be on CUBA.  Per my notes, in my journal kept next to the bed.  I, then, rec'd a "dream call" from another contact Tom, who asked me what I could tell him about the monster squake that just hit - Atlantic.  I could tell him nothing at this point.  There was more to this dream-journey, with lots of specific details, but I will leave that out as it is not relevant to this category, Earth/Changes.  Note:  I received an email alert this morning, indicating that a BIG quake had - indeed - struck out at the Atlantic Ridge, but the SOUTHERN RIDGE, not Northern as in last night's dream journey.  The mag was not a 9, but a 7 plus. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2013-11-19 Keswickman Santa Barbara Tsunami
No Picture

Dream, Oct 25th,2013  1 hr before 7.1 EQ in Japan

Santa Barbara, California.. early evening, dark...it’s quiet. Milpas street.. floating debris, like roofs, in a torrent of water... no screams or sounds of people, I do hear sounds of buildings being destroyed and torn apart.

ABOVE EDITED WITH 3 paragraphs deleted

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2013-01-06 Chazbo Two more earthquakes
No Picture

For more than a dozen years I have almost daily viewed www.earthquake.usgs.gov. Friday afternoon I was tired and Friday evening went to bed 1 1/2 hours earlier than usual (about 6 hours before the 7.7/7.5 quake in Alaska.) Yesturday (5 JAN 13) I dreampt of an image of this earthquake page with two recent 9.0+ quakes off the US/Mexico west coast and another somewhat west of the Galapagos Islands. Regarding timing, the 7.5 Alaska quake was still yellow with multiple orange aftershocks. This would indicate the two new quakes occured within a week of the Alaska quake.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2012-10-21 albey In Coming Asteroid Newscast
No Picture

I had a dream that started with a newsflash of a large incoming asteroid that was going to impact the earth.  The Newscast seemed to have a red aura in the screen,  then there was as second newscast with the same red aura with the newscaster stating that the asteroid would  was projected to strike off a location showing a map which looked like southern Mexico;/the Balize area For some reason I could see the image of the asteroid, it was oval/elongated in shape.  I had a sense of calm and panic at t he same time in the dream.  In the next part of the dream I was standing on a shore type location with a co-worker and I explained that the news stated there was an incoming asteroid within 24 hours.  He was next pointing out to the ocean and stating look.  There was a quick image of a black item in the sky that was unclear, but more important there was a stream of ships, one after the other leaving the shore locations going out to sea.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2012-09-13 Unami My 2nd Earthquake Dream
No Picture

Sometime on Sept 11th 2012 I had my 2nd Earthquake dream just as vivid from the earthquake dream I had posted a couple of years ago here. Only this time it lasts only about 5 seconds. This time I'm in bead sleeping on my stomach being shaken a wake because of a violent Roar and side to side shaking. Then it suddenly stops. At first I wasnt sure if it was real or if I dreamt it. So I asked others, aparently it was dream. Now 2 days later a light bulb went off in my head. The shaking from both dreams was identical only in the second there was the sound of a violent roar. Reminds me of the 1994 Northridge quake to those that lived through that. 2 key differences though. The Northridge quake happened when it was still very dark outside with an eary blue glow from the moon, and it was a violent up and down shaker. But based on this 2nd dream and the past dream this quake is during the day possibly in the mid morning hours with thick overcast. And 2nd this quake has a violent side to side motion not up and down. My eureka moment came when direction of the shaking was identical with both dreams via flying objects in my room and stuff. So I pulled out my lensatic compass and based on this if i'm reading it right, the shaking motion goes from the 8degrees NE to 40degreesSW violent side to side. Im still in Newhall southern California area code 91321 which is the same for both dreams, for those enterprising individuals who want use this info with an overlay of known faultlines in the area. Plus theres been a strong sulfer smell in the area and according to Stevequayle.com this is from gas releases from faultlines preluding the BIGONE. So I suggest to anyone living in the area should stock quickly on food and at least 1 to 2 weeks worth of water cant count on Fema why should you. Interesting tid bit also. The main water pipe that feeds the San Fernando Valley and the Greater LA basin passes through Newhall. Its very big and looks similar to the Alaska pipeline only this one feeds water. I hope it doesnt break cause man o man LA will be in a lot of trouble if it does.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2012-02-25 Backenstein California Earthquake
No Picture

Really not sure if this even happened.  I'm confused about this afterthought from what would have been ~7AM PST +/- 2 hours.

Radio/or TV announcer:  something like, "Earthquake was centered north of Monterrey."

Full disclosure:  I just looked at the USGS and saw a 4.3 far north of there at Petrolia before writing this.

In analysis, that seems too far north and too small to be related to this dream blip, one would think.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2012-02-23 William Paradise Lost
No Picture

On President’s Day, 2/20/2012, just after midnight I had what I believe to be a dream from God involving a room in which there is a wall mural of a tropical island paradise. Here is how I remember it; a man came running into the room where the tropical island paradise wall mural is. He was an average build man, with medium to light complexion and a short beard. He looked scared to death; he had a look of stark terror and fear on his face and was in a panic, but did not or could not say anything. I think I called to him a couple of times loudly and asked; “what is wrong?”  He did not answer. The next thing I saw was the wall mural of the tropical island but I could not see any of the scene, it had turned a smoky--cloudy black and gray. 

Later the same night I had another dream; I remember seeing a Google Earth picture of a city and I heard “check the distance from Oklahoma City.” My response was; “Why Oklahoma City, what does that have to do with anything?

Two days later i did check the distance from Oklahoma City and found some truly amazing things in relation to these dreams which I have written up at this link http://endtimesforecaster.blogspot.com/2012/02/dreams-of-paradise-lost.html

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH 2012-01-27 Philistine Earth Spirits Angered
No Picture

I dreamed a long sequence dream involving what I saw as Earth Spirits. I was with a small group of hikers in the woods. The terrain was rocky and hilly like foothills of a mountain. It was summertime as all the leaves were green and fully grown.

It started small. The spirits were, one by one, taking form and harrassing my group, ultimately killing one of us. (I very rarely dream of human death) The first manifestation of this energy rose up from the forest floor like a wind blowing leaves, then sticks striking us, and we ran. We became very aware of the intense feeling we all felt to leave the area. The sky darkened as with a rain cloud.

As we ran we heard the force grow in power, crashing around behind us. We caught glimpses of a monstrous form composed entirely of sticks and leaves and detritus in the woods that had come together in this energy. And it was growing as we ran.

We eventually came to a roadway that crossed a rocky creek. We thought we could get away on this road or hide under the concrete bridge. This is the ugly part. The monster had assumed the shape of a giant moose (made of leaves, sticks, and dirt). It rose up before us, 50 feet tall, sheer terror. Just as we regained composure and began to move again, the head of the moose swept down and grabbed a man in the group and consumed him. We scrambled under the bridge.

As we tried to squeeze up into the corner under the bridge, where the concrete "creek bed" rises to meet the roadway underneath, (like where you'd go if there was a storm or tornado) the monster had changed form into a 12 foot (4 meters) tall chicken. It had glowing red eyes and was looking more feathery than like forest materials, and it was looking for us. I either tried to distract it, and sacrifice myself, or I was abandoning my mates, because the dream ended with me running down the ramp and away from the chicken, and it began to cluck and follow me, stamping towards me like a dinosaur.



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