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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Planes & Such 2014-08-05 Bonnie Near Miss at Airport
No Picture

On 28 July 14 I had a dream that seemed very real.  I was coming into to land at an airport and I looked out my window and saw that as one plane was on takeoff another was attempting to land on the same landing strip.  They were both very low to the ground and in line with plane that I was coming in on.  I knew that they were going to crash and that the debris from the planes would hit us and we would crash too.  In the back of my mind I could see all the wreckage.  Fortunately, just before they hit each other they veered off in different directions.  I could feel the awe in the fact that it was nearly impossible that those two planes did not hit each other.  Great pilots was what I kept thinking because they were commercial airliners (sorry couldn’t see the logos for which airlines) and the near miss was so close to the ground.



Note: This news is somewhat similar: http://globalnews.ca/news/1493941/tsb-investigates-near-miss-at-winnipeg-airport/

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Planes & Such 2014-05-27 Aiolos Plane In Nashville
No Picture

I drempt this on 5/27/14, roughly around 6 in the morning.

It started off in a quiet subarb, in what appeared to be the South in the U.S. I was inside a house, watching a t.v. with family members. I walked outside to throw ouit the trash, and a friend waved at me. At this point, we both saw an airplane in the sky. It was en route to the nashville airport, but then it slowed down. It started to fall, and we both yelled. The plane made an effort to climb upwards, but still crashed. It seemed to crash near a house surrounded by trees. My friend and i ran in, trying to save people. One of the children inside ran out with his guitar. At this point i saw dead bodies everywhere; the shock woke me up. I felt unease as i awoke, hopefully it doesn't come true.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Planes & Such 2014-05-13 Sandy flight MH370
No Picture

On the morning of Mar 11 2014, I awoke at 0230 in the am as I would always do for work.

I was in a panic like I had been running and all sweaty and wiping sand out of my eyes. I had a towel beside mme on the bed?

I dreamt that I was in the desert where a sign had read "kasiikstan" it was windy and I was dressed in a long robe with a rope for a belt

I was told by a "local" that I was here on work assignment and that the plane is not in the water like those "fools think.m it's here and he pointed to a "bunker" looking shelter. I could hardly see for the sand blowing very hard around me. 

I remember saying, the families have to know! 

I felt as if I was running awaay from this man.

Next thing you know, im awake and in my bed with a towel in my hands?? 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Planes & Such 2013-04-27 redspiralhand Flight on experimental military plane
No Picture

I was experiencing this dream as a young male with two other males and a female pilot of an experimental military craft.  We were going on a test flight...the craft had a sort of triangular shape and was dark in color.  This craft had an ability to fly up into areas outside of our atmosphere.  The first part of of the flight was to achieve an altitude just at the edge of the earth's atmosphere and then some kind of atmospheric conditions had to be just right for the flight to proceed to the area up above the atmosphere.  We were in place and the word came back from "control" or base that the conditions were not right for the flight to proceed.  So basically we were to abort the test flight.

The female pilot told us that it would be fine, she was going to proceed with the second part of the test-flight. 

The three of us passengers looked at each other and told her we were, "not comfortable with that decision."  This seemed to make the pilot angry and she flew back down to base and dropped us all off, abruptly, on a paved area that was quite a ways from the original tarmac.  We had to walk quite a ways and pass through one of the military security check gates where there were several MPs and even a dog guarding. 

We didn't pay much attention and the two other men just walked past them into the gate and the main MP confronted me and stepped in front of me and asked who we all were (we had suits on.)  I told him, "Those guys are 'government', and "I'm with them."  He said, "Not CIA, are you?"  CIA seemed to be bad and government okay.  I told him, "I'm ex-FBI, that's all.  No CIA here."  He relaxed and let me pass.

Note: My son told me that such an experimental craft does exisit, that he thinks it's called the "Aurora" or something like that.  I've never heard of it, before.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Planes & Such 2013-03-09 Westcoastliberal Synchronicity Plane Bump
No Picture

I woke this morning (3/9/13) a little after 9 PDT and remembered a dream I just had where a very large plane (jetliner or c130) approached at such a low altitude I immediately looked up and saw the belly of the fuselage crossing over above me with a "screech" sound like it didn't quite clear the tv antenna or chimney.  It didn't crash but I remember being fearful that it would.

After I got up, I noted that two planes, a JetBlue & India airways bumped into each other at JFK at about the same time I was having the dream.

I've been noticing many little "synchs" lately such as this.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Planes & Such 2012-01-18 Chislic a bomb dropped on Syria
No Picture

I was in an aircraft... presumably an airplane? I see a bomb loaded being loaded. A guy walked past me carrying a large bomb. Opened a hatch and slide the bomb inside. Pushed a buttom and walked away. I went over to the were he was. Noticed a green circular sreen with what looked like a map of Syria.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Planes & Such 2011-11-17 LARRYJOE FIGHTER PLANE
No Picture


add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Planes & Such 2011-06-12 Alaira1 A plane with attachments
No Picture

I had a ton of dreams last night, but can only remember two things.

One thing I remember was being at an airport or on the outside of an air strip & watching a large plane landing. The plane resembed both an older model fighter plane & an army transport plane. It was a very large plane. As the plane came in to land I noticed it had these attachments at the undercarriage of the plane.

One attachment resembled an air mattress or life raft. It was between the plane undercarriage & the other attachment. As the attachments detached from the plane this raft like thing inflated & floated forward. At first I thought it was just floating, but it seemed under intelligent control. This thing didn't land, nor did it float up to the sky like a balloon let loose. It continued forward.

The other attachment was under the raft like attachment. (Plane, raft, other thing) It is a little hard to describe. It looked sort of like a cross between the space shuttle & a missle. It had four arms that attached it to the plane around the raft thing. As it detached from the plane the arms folded out then down under itself & it flew forward as well.

The plane was not painted any color, so had no distinguishing marks, though I assumed it was American made. The raft like thing was a dark grey color with ridges around it's outer edge, it was of an oval shape. The attachment with arms appeared silver then white at times.

The second thing I remember was being out on the ocean. I kept thinking there was land to my right side, but could never see it. There were huge waves coming at us to my left. The ship/boat I was on sped up trying to get past the huge waves that threatened to destroy us. In my mind I kept thinking, strongly, to hold off the waves & it seemed to work. The waves kept coming & I kept influencing them to hold off.

These are all that stand out from the dreams.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Planes & Such 2011-04-26 Gabriel Crash
No Picture

I was in a small jet (corporate Lear jet?). I was sitting on the left side, window seat, just in front of the wing. We were going down fast, not nose over, more of a controlled decent but very fast. I saw water out the window and we were flying only a few feet above it. We were going much faster than a landing at an airport. I heard someone say "brace for impact!!" The next thing I knew I was scrambling trying to get out. There was a huge hole where either the front or the back of the plane used to be. I can't remember which. I only know that the only thing on my mind was to get out of there before the water overtook us. There were at least 3 others on the plane. I know I was not the only survivor.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Planes & Such 2011-04-17 dream0922 helicopter attack
No Picture

My dreams are very few and far between.  I don't even remember one a month, but this one popped up two days ago.  My family and I were living in a three-story town home somewhere in Southern California.  There were palm trees and skyscrapers like Century City or Los Angeles.  I was looking out one of the many large windows at a building that was at least 30 stories high when a large white tree on the roof split in half and crashed to the ground.  Then I noticed several helicopters painted red/white referencing medical emergency flights.  But then one of the copters shot out rockets at the skyscraper and it broke in two.  Smoke filled the air and I realized several helicopters were targeting skyscrapers.  I ran up the steps to the kitchen where my mother and brothers were but to my surprise there were two men at the table eating our Chinese lunch.  The men were Israeli. Their names I don't remember now but it was something like Yassif or Yazzi.  We are of German heritage.  The men carried weapons.  They were unshaved, muscled and intimidating.  It was assumed that they were part of the attack, spreading out now on the ground level.  I thought to myself, how evil to use medical helicopters as a camouflage.  I was torn debating running for help or staying to protect my family.  I had not watched any movies or television programs about anything at all like this and haven't a clue where this image came from.



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