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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE 2014-05-21 mermaid5000 Plane crash/afterlife
No Picture

I'm with my husband on a plane that has just taken off from somewhere in NYC... Immediately, there's something wrong with the plane, it's shaking and out of control... we circle around the Statue of Liberty and it's clear we're going down... I don't experience a crash - but we're suddenly in an afterlife, the entrance to which my grandparent's old side door... Everybody on the plane is filing through... I see a big machine and ask if they have reverb (i'm a singer, so I can't imagine heaven without a reverb machine) and they say "of course - it's heaven"... they also have my husband's favorite vitamins because "of course, it's heaven"... there are two chubby latino girls who are supposed to be famous singer/twins that I've never heard of standing at what look like voting machines... that's the end of the dream...

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE 2014-05-15 Elyse I'm Just Fine!
No Picture

I had this dream in 2011. It is probably one of my most favorite dreams, because the man that I got to meet was so awesome.

I dreampt that I was walking through a Hospital. I always make it a point NOT to go to hospitals unless I absolutely need to, so as I wandered the halls, I questioned my being there. I came to a room and immediatlely knew that I had been looking for THAT room. There was an elderly man in a hospital bed. He was slightly plump and had a kind face, white hair and a square jaw. He was also wearing a breathing tube. He was surrounded by people dressed in black crying over him. He looked aggravated until he saw me, then he grinned ear to ear and waved me over. I looked behind me because I couldn't be sure that he was waving at me-- I had never seen that man before in my life... but I inched over by his side regardless.

As I stood there, he told me how glad he was that I had come. He talked to me about fishing and making gumbo, stopping every now and again because someone would cry out. He told me a few fishing jokes and some stories about his family, but eventually he got very upset by the other people hanging around him. Finally he had had enough, and raising his voice just slightly out of frustration, he said to me " TELL THESE FOOLS THAT I AM DOING JUST FINE!"

I woke up confused. My boyfriend (now husband) was getting ready for work when I told him my dream. As with most of my dreams, he shrugged it off and told me I was wierd. I was a bit aggrivated, but decided not to let it bother me, it was no suprise to me that he or anyone would find me wierd.

He called me a few hours later. He normally called around lunchtime, so it was strange for him to call so early (around 8am). He was very quiet on the phone. I had to ask him a couple of times if he was ok. His voice cracked a bit when he answered " I don't know..." I will never forget that day. He then told me that his Uncle had died. He had just found out moments before he called me. He would be coming home early. I felt sick to my stomach.

When he came in, he was very pale and he asked me to tell him the dream again. (He had only been half-listening to me before. At the time, he didn't put much faith in my dreams...) I told him the dream again and he asked me if I would tell his mother. It was her favorite brother who had passed. I wasn't sure if it were my place to tell her that dream or if it would upset or anger her. I had once told people my dreams, but sometimes people get very disturbed or angry... I had learned to keep them to myself, so I told him I could not.

His mother did not live far, so he went to visit her and came back looking even more upset, I asked what had happened and he eplained to me that she was very upset that she had lost her brother and was crying uncontrolably. He asked me again to tell her my dream, so I agreed. I walked in very frightened of how she would react and had her sit down. I told her my dream, and just as expected she cried uncontrollably and I felt HORRIBLE and ended up crying with her. But then she hugged me, wiped her eyes and cracked a smile and assured me that she was no fool.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE 2014-05-15 Azeele Meeting an angel
No Picture

This one started with me living in a huge house.  My boss was the head of the house and 2 coworkers where there.  Than there was a car chase and I drove to a meeting hall. I met an angel that told me to look into his eyes. We then looked into each other's eyes.  I remember he had blue eyes with a silver spiral around his iris. He said the silver or light blue around the iris is a sign of our divinity.  I asked why it  went away some times.  He said because you become tired.  Than I was walking into a hall of records of creatures and plants, I saw a familiar woman infront of me however I do not know her in this life.  I asked if I could go home (to the spirit world) with her and she said not yet. You have important work yet to accomplish.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE 2013-10-12 Delta Don A great upheaval.
No Picture

Oct 11, 2013.

I was driving to the South in Northern Colorado and around me everyone was in their cars, RV's and tractor trailers.   Frantic people were driving so fast they were almost hitting each other but somehow managed not to.  

We then came upon a great wall of debris, thrust up as if the Earth itself had created it.  I climbed up the wall  of debris and could see construction crews trying to clear the way, but it was vast and gigantic, I knew it was too large for mankind to repair.  I could see within the Earth itself, as if its inner tendrils were stripped bare like massive roots of the Earth intertwined and exposed.  But yet, it was nothing I had ever seen before and it was massive and blocking the way.

I then saw an old friend, we spoke briefly as she also rode her bike to the South. 
I was outside of a hospital, there was mud and water everywhere. They were trying to evacuate everyone.  A young child I know appeared and came and sat beside us and she began hugging and comforting the person next to me.  She is a very special child whom is two years old but has the wisdom of a very old being.
Next I was laying down and there were tubes everywhere, I looked to the side and I could see a valley, on the other side of the mountains from where I was laying.  I see that there is sand as if they were sand dunes or a great mountain of sand. On the other side of the mountains I could see vast amounts of water pulsing against the mountains and water filling up the valley.  This time the valley became full of water and it was very close to cresting and coming over the mountains between us. 
In a previous dream, July 2013, the water had not yet breached over the sand mountains and the valley but this time the valley was filled with water and was getting ready to spill over.  I feel a sense of this event getting closer, closer than we can imagine. 
I then walked into a corridor and there was my image in a mirror and they told me to walk into it.  I kept walking into my image several times in the long hallway and as I walked into the fifth one I ended up in a very large place filled with all kinds of people whom were shoulder to shoulder.  They were all walks of life, ages, sizes, colors and they were all dancing to the same beat of music playing in the air.  Separate yet together and connected by one beat.

My dream of the mirrors have been repeating in the past few weeks and they all go back to a true experience I had when I was nineteen years old in Arizona. 
I was taken into a large cement clean room and was placed in front of a large covered circular object which was about twelve feet tall seated in a solid carved large wooden structure which was supporting it.  They stood me in front of it and unveiled it to me and told me not to move and to do exactly as I was told and to not cross the painted line.  I saw a perfect mirror as if it was made of liquid and I was told to raise my left hand and as I did I saw my other self looking at me smiling radiantly and beautiful and my other self raised its left hand but on the opposite side.  I could barely stand to be in the presence of my self.  I asked who it was and I was told that this is how they see you.  The device was covered and I was then taken into a room and told a planet was on the other side of our sun and it has always been there and that our government has always had an agreement with them.  They are benevolent beings and they can intercede if they choose to and to remember that they are benevolent not malevolent and to not let anyone tell you otherwise.  I remember saying I am only nineteen years old and why would I need to know this? The scientist told me that I needed to know and that in 1985 evidence of this would be released in the Library of Congress but it would have to be looked for.
 I am only including this information with my dreams because I have been having dreams of my initial experience and it was not what I remembered.  Instead I was put in a straight jacket with chains attached and was forced or pushed  though by three men in black suits to the other side where there was a tall white being which kept saying to them, what have you done to him, what have you done to him? I then laid down next to this tall white being whom was neither male nor female attached to tubes everywhere.  After a while we stood together and it showed me my higher self which then collapsed and I was still standing. After that it took me to an observation area where I could see there are many realities of many beings coming together at one point realities that we only dream of.  I would refer to this as zero point.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE 2013-04-12 day dreamer walking home
No Picture

I find myself walking on a well worn path thur a grassy field, its night time and there are lots of people i dont know, walking on the same path . All heading in the same direction,there is space between us. No one talking or even really noticing one another.I try to call my wife to see if she is ok and where she is at,no phone reception,go figure.There are some make shift rest stops,lot of people milling about .Some are not very nice and it is very stressful.I decide to keep moving and follow the path ,it goes into the distance over alot of rolling hills,its start to lightly snow and even though its night i can see quite well,like moonlight but brighter. By now most of the people, i can no longer see,i assume that they are far ahead of me, but all that are left seem to be on their own.By now i am happy that my family isn't with me ,cause i am really starting to worry about whats happening and why i am walking somewhere ,As I watch i see some people just fade away, thats when i realize that we are all dead and coming to terms with our new reality,going to heaven or what ever would be next. And the dream ends, i guess i am still on that path.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE 2012-11-29 Delta Don What I have been seeing.
No Picture

 Florida I see a subdivision of mansions in a gated community where everyone is moving all at once into moving vans.  In the south where there are very large old tree with moss the streets are filling up on a sunny day as if they have become rivers.  High in an alpine prairie of short grass a river runs wild and gigantic rapids 20-100 feet tall but upstream going where it did long ago.  I wrote about New York a year ago about the water coming inland but not from a tsunami.  I still have the dreams about California falling off and water.  Giant tsunamis from the east of the US hitting Washington DC.  I had dreams the other night of tornadoes filling the skies as if like tendrils from a squid but everywhere and there was one main tornado they were surrounding that was gigantic and in the center of a large valley and there were lights in the clouds in spherical shapes lighting up the clouds.  At the moment of standing next to the river in the valley I was called on the phone and was told about something happening in Denver, confusion, lost people.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE 2012-08-31 RECKERS The elevator ride
No Picture

Night of 8-29-12

               I was in an elevator with one or more others, the elevator had just fallen a great distance possibly 20 stories or more & we were about to hit bottom.  It stopped about 4 feet from bottom and I and a man lying on top of me rearranged ourselves for the imminent crash, I placed my leg under his head knowing it would break my leg but cushion his head thinking we will be dead anyway so what does it matter.  Then we continued the fall at full speed the balance of the 4 feet to the bottom.  Stop & all of us two or more got up, (no pain, no dirt, just got up)  the elevator doors opened and we walked out into an office we knew, but it all now it had a rosy hue, a color shift and an older woman at a desk 18 feet away +- gave me a knowing wink & smile as we walked away.  The end of life in one realm & the continuance in a parallel one?

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE 2011-05-04 dreamweaver ghost?
No Picture

January 3, 2011

Woke at 3:30am again and then tried to sleep on the couch. I dreamt of  a man on an iphone in our house and he peaked out from behind somewhere and then walked right through my husband. I then yelled at him and others I saw and they didn’t hear me. I believe I was seeing another Universe or something, don’t know. 

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE 2010-12-14 Anya My Grandmother
No Picture

I lost my grandmother 5 yrs. ago this month. She is missed terribly. I had a very vivid dream that she came to my bed and woke me up (I'm actually not sure if I was dreaming, or if this really happened). I was so happy to see her and told her how beautiful she looked. She looked the same (she was 89 when she died), but did not look old and was just radiant and almost shiney. She told me that she wanted me to come with her because she wanted to show heaven to me. I went and all of a sudden, we were in this wonderfully beautiful place. There were trees everywhere and a stream running very swiftly. I noticed that the water was so clear that I could see to the bottom of it. I remarked to her that it smelled wonderful there. She smiled. Then I saw a road, this appeared to be a rural setting. I looked at it and said, "Oh my God, the streets really are gold!" She said, "Yes, they are". The streets were so very shiney that they looked as if they were made of glass. I was amazed that they really were gold. She took my hand and said that we needed to hurry, she wanted to show me something. When she took my hand, I noticed that her hands were beautiful. My grandmother had rheumatoid arthritis and her fingers were turned very badly. In the dream her hands were perfect. I said to her, "Your hands are normal. They look beautiful!" She just giggled. We walked for a few minutes and off in the distance was a huge tree. Nothing else, just the tree. It was so beautiful. All white. All the leaves were so white that it looked like snow. As we got closer we stopped and she said, "Look". I looked at the tree and all of a sudden, the leaves started falling off and flying. I was in total awe that the "leaves" were actually doves. Millions of them. They all took off flying at the same time. Beautiful. I said, "So beautiful". My grandmother said, "I knew you would love that".  That was all there was to it. I woke up and was so very peaceful and felt so happy to have been where we were and to have seen my grandmother again.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE 2010-10-01 Krys Greek Dreams for the Non-Greek
No Picture

One night I dreamed my Aunt Bette was getting married.  My Aunt Bette was middle aged and wasn't even seeing ayone.  The next moring while having coffee with my mom I told her about my dream and she shushed me and crossed herself.  "When you dream of a wedding it means a death.  Don't say anymore."  Two days later my Uncle called to say my mom's (and Aunt Bette's) mother died.  A few months later Aunt Bette got married.  Dreaming about a wedding means death is a Greek thing I'd never known.  I was adopted; a Viking among smallish olive skinned people. 



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