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add to favorites 3368 2014-10-03 DreamBase 2.0 Global reset? Eagle1
I found myself late for class. But this wasn't class...it was some sort of strange classroom setting. Where are we? I asked no one because I didn't want to seem confused or lost. I played it cool. As I listened to the group talking before class, I realized that I am in what is called the rumormill reading room. Hmmm, I don't see anyone reading. This is strange. Then I was looking a computer screen and it said, money overflowing. I read this out loud and everyone said that the reset has happened. I said reset? Is it October 7? someone yelled, "the money is here...we just have to find it!!" Everyone started walking around the room casually thinking of where the money is hidden. It was strange, like I could tell they were all wanting to get to the money first, but they were all playing it cool, too. They wanted the money, but didn't want to trample each other to find it. For some reason, I said, "Hey everybody, I don't think this is what the reset means...there's no money stashed anyhwere." Then someone in the back of the room with a baseball cap on said, "Oh my gosh, I've got it!!" He jumps out of his chair (apparently having received the clue from his computer) and runs to the front of the classroom. He frantically looking behind things. I ask, "Are you looking for sliver or gold?" He says, "Uh....cash actually." Within what seems about 20 seconds of frantic looking, he swings open the bottom cabinet and looks behinds some books. "GOT IT!!" It's a smallish gray bag, and he unzipps it. There's hoards of cash in this bag...it's just hanging out in clumps. He has friends, and the friends ensure that everyone in the classroom gets the pre-determined number of bills. As I recall, the determined number was 2 x $100 bills (or were they $1,000 bills? Pretty sure they were just $100). However, there were more than enough. The friends began distributing in bigger clumps. I got a nicely-folded up batch of bills. I put it in my pocket. I was wondering if they had enough money for all the other people, and telepathically from somewhere else, the suggestion in my head say, "There is plenty for all."
add to favorites 2938 2010-05-26 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. Airplanes Falling Out of the Sky tomcat1762

I am standing outside in my backyard in the suburbs of NYC and I see explosions all over the sky, then I realize that all of the airplanes are what are exploding and all of the various airplane parts, specifically engines and fuselage fragments begin to 'rain' out of the sky in fiery chunks.  The pieces are landing everywhere around me and as far as I can see.  It was somehow reminiscent of some apocoalyptic scene from an unknown movie where the air is filled with smoke and there are falling pieces of debris leaving flaming trails as they plummet to the ground.

add to favorites 2555 2010-06-02 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash Dream of Red Spirals in the Sky mydream

Last night, June 1st 2010 I had this dream...

I was just seeing a still shot (if you will) of a night sky. In the upper right hand corner of the sky, there were two red spirals, just like the blue spiral seen over Norway recently.

There was what appeared to be flat icy artic terrain with only one small house/building to the far left of the picture.

The message I recieved in the dream was, "When you see this red spiral, trouble from the East comes". That is all... my dream state had me staring at this image for what seemed like forever... and the message repeated itself in audio form over and over and over again.

Of course my mind wanted to know what the threat was, what trouble from the East can we expect? No answer or imagery came, only an "impression" and this impression was of a hostile extra terrestrial presence from the "East".

This is all I have to say on this dream.

add to favorites 2095 2014-10-02 DreamBase 2.0 Resurrection? kimspirit
(For your discernment; my husband had a NDE in 1991, at the age of 41, after having a series of massive heart attacks. He asked God for authorization to return to this physical life, as he had "much to do" and was told to return, but had been given "marching orders". He and I followed through on those "marching orders" ever since. Six months after K's momentous NDE, he surprised me by picking me up at work (I was an executive banker), and taking me to Atlantic City, a place I had never been to before, 5-6 hrs. away. First day, I was chased down by a female security guard, who called me by name, explaining she had an NDE few years prior, told to return and find "Kim", shown my picture. As you can see, I no longer believe in coincidences or that dreams are merely brain gibberish. Everything has significance. The difficulty, of course, is within the translation. From last night:) Awakened, at 5:01 am, after hearing the song Galveston (Glenn Campbell) playing, replete with imagery of the area. Not ready to get up for the day, I made a note of it, and returned to sleep. This experience next: My husband "K" suddenly materialized on my/our property, out of the blue. He looked about the same, robust, healthy and vibrant, perhaps one or two years younger, wearing work blue jeans and a grey torn work sweatshirt. I was dumbfounded, crippled with shock that almost brought me to my knees. He, on the other hand, was immediately walking about the property and the structures, examining everything for changes or maintenance I had done in his absence. He was going over EVERYTHING, as if with a fine-toothed comb. I asked, "How could this be? Why are you here?". Response, while he was still walking, becoming reacclimated, "It is just as Dr. Simon Atkins told you, we are all coming back." (Note: Dr. Atkins, "in real life", is an atmospheric scientist, specialising in electro-magnetic energies.) I was still in complete shock, almost paralyzed with it, beseeching my husband, "Do you have any awareness of how long you have been gone from here?". His reply, while still walking, "It simply does not matter; it felt like a half an hour." Then, "It is the resurrection". My confusion was profound. K asked to go into the mother-in-law cottage we have; and we entered. He went immediately under the kitchen sink to examine plumbing work I had done, expressing displeasure with it, saying, "it was a mess" and it needed his attention. Then, we walked out, and he went directly to the farm truck I still had, his favorite while he was "still among the living". Getting into the truck, he got it running, put it into forward and reverse", turned it off, and jumped out, saying "the brakes are unsafe and it should be sold right away". He said it was no longer safe or roadworthy. I explained that I had had to sell our other vehicles, due to the financial circumstances after his passing, and this would leave us with no vehicle to use. He replied that I should not worry, "we would find a replacement vehicle." While he was still under the hood, I went into the cargo area, frantically cleaning it out with a whisk broom; for it was messy from straw and hay. I was ashamed of its condition, but had little time for these chores running the farm by myself. No further information. Experience was VERY VIVID, much like real life, full color. Dialogue much like real life. Not a "dreamy" quality to the experience. No vibrations detected upon awakening.
add to favorites 2056 2010-05-22 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash Foreign troops in rural Virginia Johnny

In this dream I am sent as part of my job with the highway department to deliver county maps to the commander of a regiment of Venezuelan troops. I have a very vivid memory of exactly where I met the troops. (I woke up went down to the basement and smoked a cigarette. Back to sleep and I dream this.) I am at the highway department facility with my coworkers all of us armed and hiding behind equipment engaged in a gun battle with someone. The Venezuelans maybe, not clear on that. There is very vivid detail of our battle. I gave a hand grenade to a friend I had been in the reserves with back in the 70's. He said I don't think I can do this, I said I'll draw their fire pretend we're back @ Fort Leonard Wood. We have to do this, this being take out a machine gun. We did it. Then someone yelled look up and 6 paratroopers we floating into the highway complex. We killed all 6 before they hit the ground. And that's the end of the dream. I don't dream much but when I do its a doozy. I felt kind of wierd for days after I dreamed this.

add to favorites 1883 2014-04-16 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo The Case of the Cruise Ship/Ferry Dream george@ure.net
I have never before started a Peoplenomics report with something from the World of Woo-Woo (WoWW). Our normal fare around here is a tight focus on making money and out-thinking the markets. But this morning's case is too interesting to pass up. It's another example of prescient dreaming. People really do have dreams about events just before and while they are happening.   When the alarm went off at 4 AM I was having a most curious dream: Elaine and I were on a cruise ship/ferry boat that was trying to leave port. I say cruise ship/ferry because there distinctly were cars on the lower deck, but it was also barricades so that waves couldn't get it. There was also something of an open deck due to loading of supplies of some kind up near the bow.   As the dream progressed, my wife Elaine and I were wandering around the inside of the ship and we became separated while she went to the ladies room. Eventually, with the ship still not under way, we worked our way aft to where passengers were supposed to check-in... about 2/3'rds of the way back.   I remember wanting to go ashore to get our bags which were in the car nearby, but the setting was unfamiliar and I wasn't sure were the car was. And the dock looked like nothing I had seen before: The ship had been backed into its slip and just landward of the stern there was a large steel or metal beam of some kind...like supports for a walkway.   Also, I remember being very frustrated by the whole situation and then awoke; ticked off at Elaine for this whole boat-boarding fiasco.... --- As I got up, I told Elaine about the story..and how she had delayed us from our departure with all of our luggage and I was angry about it. We should have stayed in port and gone on a different cruise. But she had bumped into friends of the ship including (oddly) a suave Frenchman and his wife/girlfriend, though she seemed to be from the US.   It was all very odd, and I didn't think anything about it.   The rest of my morning routine, as always, was plug & play. I used the bathroom, took the vitamins and a big glass of water, poured half a cup of coffee and wandered into the living room where a big screen is driven by a media server and clicked up Google headlines.   The lead item stopped me in my tracks:   "Hundreds missing after ferry stinks off South Korea's coast..."   And when you click over to the link, pay particularly close attention to the lines of the ship. Yes, it's a ferry but it also certainly has the side profile of a cruise ship. --- Oddly, I wasn't particularly "struck" by this whole sequence; it has been slowly increasing over the past 5-years or so for no particular reason. But I popped open the door to our bedroom and told Elaine (who was still awake) about the head and the appearance of the ship.   "That's just plain WEIRD," she exclaimed.   There we left it, except to note that there may be some calendar effects to prescient dreaming. Remember, a few years back, my dream about the Gulf of Mexico disaster came in this timeframe... That dream happened on the 19th of April, ahead of the actually April 20th rig accident.   Go look at the pictures of the Costa Concordia capsizing and compare the picture (slow loading, sorry) on this page with this morning's pictures of the South Korean ferry.   Definitely more than a passing resemblance... --- In the case of the Deep Water Horizon dream (2006) my dream took place a few days after the full moon. Dream on the 19th following the full moon on the 13th.   More recently, my dream (several hours in advance) of the road closure on our March gambling expedition to Arizona, happened the morning of March 12 - four days ahead of the full moon.   The full moon this month was on the 15th, so one day after with today's dream.   My personal research has demonstrated - beyond any calculable odds - that there is something "non-local" about human consciousness. It's a symbolic connection and it seems to be spontaneous and perhaps tied in to the calendar though only very approximately.  
add to favorites 1813 2014-09-06 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash Has Atlas shrugged? Unparalled technolgy is here signaling the end of an era collapsing and beginning of a new ; a crash to be remembered like Oprah. Unforgettable! one awakeneddreamer

I placed the dream incubations in this category for want of putting elsewhere. I do this for documentation purposes

Before bedtime I meditated, focusing on a candle flame in order to calm the daytime monkey mind. My intention was to receive anything significant that will unfold within the next week to the end of the month (Sept) anywhere, not necessisarily in the U. S.

Dreams began vivdly on 9/1/14, continued 9/2/14 and throughout. All interconnected to the same theme. A crash, new technology/data coming out/and/or collapse of some kind. The attention grabber for me was the repeat symbols and the over all sense of impending -> something. It certainly felt important, urgent.

9/1/14 - It seems the data/message is coming in dribs and pieces, vividly one night at a time yet it also 'feels' HUGE. The feeling upon waking up is ominous/important/attention grabbing, I cannot stress this enough.

A prominent figure came in last night with instructions to defer to the meek for they will hold the power. The figure was an older stately woman that reminded me of Maya Angelo only this woman was/is a living saint- type, respected and revered.
The symbols were colors BOTH nights...
a string of 4 and 5 items each night of autumn colors- rust,yellows, golds, oranges, greens.
This could be either an event in 4-5 days, weeks,  or around the turn of autumn equinox.
Has something to do with a crash (economic, political, or vessel).

The first night, Monday [9/1/14] had a female version of Kahuna (not sure what the Island term would be for such an ennobled revered Grande Dame) but it explains the dark skin color.
The symbols-- Monday- She had on a grass skirt. All frawns were of the autumn colors in segments of four and five. She had the meek/humble women/girls put on skirts such as hers. The men all fell back to let them pass like a canopy of men to form columns for the women. The women were to perform great healing and leadership for the calamity to come.

Tuesday night [9/2/14] was again, in a humble surrounding but more sophisticated than the island village. I sensed Africa as I heard that wonderful melodious tribal music only this was in a town or city and could have been in the U.S deep south. Offerings were to be made to the Grandmother but she stepped back to instruct it go to the meek.The offerings were in 4-5 ceramic vessels each of the autumn colors, carried by young girls.Within the offering vessels was a white substance.
More incubation last night- gave me more revelation.

In the news Joan rivers died and I was asked if the Grandmother figure could be her to which I replied, "NO, not Joan, I got OPRAH WINFREY !" This after  more dream incubation the night before.
I saw DNA strands too- there is NEW TECHNOLOGY coming out- to be revealed soon that will change the face of this world and how we operate in it. It will change our consciousness! Now that word is in recent memes.
Changing our DNA too. The meek surely will inherit the world. This technology cannot be harnessed any longer by any PTW.
Too ubiquitous, too powerful, too cosmic in nature.
So the women- (grandmother energy) will balance the scales of the testosterone energy that dominated for eons.
Starting with children = seeing the children with their offering bowls- the white substance was
the Philosophers Stone! White gold powder.
Great metaphor for the changes coming in.
It is difficult to give you a headline for it. Headlines are not turning out to be my forte; the content IS! If I gave you one it would have Oprah in it with TECHNOLOGY, and something along the lines of 'unexpected' or unparalleled...and the word crash.
Too many variables in the quantum soup right now.
In all the dreams-
The village chief and last night the mayor/governor/CEO was not allowed entrance into the ceremony, only the humble that represented the common man/woman.The common workers were all in charge of manufacturing/distributing the new technology. All is on a level playing field. No lack. Like in a John Galt world; Atlas finally shrugged!

add to favorites 1778 2010-06-25 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - UFO's An Approaching Summer Storm Dr. Frankensteam

When you hear a thunderous roar coming from directly overhead it's only natural to look up, isn't it? At first all you could see was a gray cloud boiling, churning in the sky. Thunder? An approaching Summer storm, perhaps? No, wait! What the...what is that? Looks like an aircraft carrier, but inverted, and massive. I think I held my hands over my ears, or maybe just raised them over my head in astonishment--unbelievable--my eyes must be deceiving me. How does something that big just hang there? I'd seen big planes before--the Space Shuttle on it's 757 transport--even seen the Antonov 225 it's a big-bad-boy, but this--this was 10 times that size. They're here! The hair on my arms was standing straight up, and my ears popped. That's no typical airplane--it's alien, I thought.

The Aliens had gone public (we would later learn just how long they'd secretly been here), and in the days following the first landings, the World had gone 'ape-shit' with fear over the uncertainty of what might be coming next. The doomsday cultist ranted and raved; churches filled to overflowing, the militaries of the World were mobilized and poised to defend the Earth, but the bombs never fell, nor did death-rays burn the flesh from the bones of Mankind; instead, the lights stayed on, there was plenty of food and gas; they had, afterall, come in peace, and with one simple message to the people of Earth. The Universe, the aliens would tell us; was teaming with life of all kinds; sentient, living breathing biological life; impossibilities of unimaginable strangeness, some nothing more than what you would call smoke, some large a planets.

As the weeks following the alien revelation of their presents ticked by; the ant pile of frantic people quickly calmed down, and a media feeding frenzy of sorts settled in on the Aliens. At first, they were referred to as Invaders--later--Space Brothers by the press--and their amazing technology. WOW! Did they have tech; like we never dreamed of.

Special representatives of the Human Race where invited to function as liaisons between Them and Us. Selected by lottery, 144,000 people representing all nations and races, joined the Alien Introduction Liaison And Education Program. I agreed to interact with (even travel to their planets (they had more than one)) with Them. Yea, I saw that episode of the Twilight Zone, "To Serve Mankind" where the foolish trusting humans fall for the alien propaganda, only ta be duped into traveling back to their planet to be eaten. I know, I know--all my friends said don't do it--it's a trick. Never in my life had I ever won anything--all those Lotto tickets--and not a cent ta show for it. I figured sometimes, ya gotta say, what the heck.

I had an all-expense-paid vacation to the most beautiful planetary system you could ever imagine, and lived ta tell about it. Not bad I thought, for a guy with just a high school education. I felt mighty proud talking into one of those gizmos they gave me to record my reflections on Them.

Mankind had grown up, maybe even been saved from self destruction, by the knowledge that other creatures had survived their own technological developments; over came the urge to violent behavior, and then come here, with love and peace in their hearts, to little old Earth, to tell us that if They could do it, so could We.
I considered it a great privilege and honor to have been lucky enough to participate in the Evolution of Humanity. We had become, Us.
add to favorites 1748 2010-05-21 DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER another water nightmare :horses ellen b prosser

This morning saw yet another in a seemingly unending series of disaster nightmares involving water.  Last night's was rather mild.  I was either in the keys, or the west coast of florida.  I was involved in working out the logistics for evacuating a large number of horses from the area.  There was some dire event in the offing that required us to evacuate the horses.  Don't know if it was related to the current oil spill situation.  The dream had a "before the storm" urgency to it, exactly the energetic we used to experience prior to a big hurricane coming thru when I was a child in florida.  Felt like a very big "storm to end all storms" was coming in.  This is just the latest in a long series of water related nightmares that started before the current oil spill in the gulf.  I have had water dreams occassionally in the past, but never back to back for what feels like weeks on end. ellen

add to favorites 1606 2011-02-19 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Moon / Planets Multiple Moons & Large Planets planetgazer

This is a recurring theme in my dreams but this one had significant differences. One was that in my dream, I was attempting to capture the sight on my cell phone camera. By the time the camera function started up, a cloud bank was getting in the way. What I saw was four full or almost full moons in a row, horizontally, and low in the sky. Another significant difference from previous dreams was that a second phenomenon appeared a full 180 degrees away on the opposite horizon. This changed during the dream but at first it looked like the planet Jupiter, appearing as large as or larger than the moon, with perhaps another moon or two, I can't recall now. Later, it became an unusually dense and bright star cluster, with most of the rest of the sky appearing vacant, almost as though the stars in the that part of the sky had gathered (or been herded) into a smaller filed of view. I also had a hard time getting a picture of this view.



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