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Category Sun Fire
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Created 2011-01-25
Owner Anita Mathews
Title of the Dream Sun Blast - Children Saved
Description of Dream

I was in a very modern office building, with many other workers, up in the mountains.  You could look out these large windows and see the snow topped mountains not too far off, the view was just beautiful.  As we were looking out at the view the sky started to change and I knew that the damaging blast from the sun had started.  I ran to be back of the room and sat down behind a wall as the blast happened.  It was a minor one and so not too many windows were blown out.  As I sat with a young woman (20ish) we started talking and I told her that I knew that the end was near and then told her that the sun was going to destroy most of the earth. 

I got up and headed back to where my desk was when the sky started changing, indicating another blast so I headed back behind the wall.  A bigger blast happened and people started coming through with their clothes all blackened. 

My husband showed up and we decided we should find a better place to hide during the blasts so we started looking in closets and such but everything was occupied.  We eventually ended up way in the back where there were groups of children were being trained.  And just about the time we arrived the children were being lead out because it was time for them to leave.  I saw 3 groups of about 6 children each being lead out, but I knew there were more.  Someone asked where they were going and I said that they were being sent away from the planet because it was the end of this planet, yes, just like in the movie.  Then I woke up.

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