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Category Sun Fire
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Created 2010-12-18
Owner Krys
Title of the Dream My Heart is still pounding
Description of Dream

Lincoln, NE, 5am

I just now jumped in terror off of my bed from the following dream.  But I have to say a few things first.  I haven't submitted any dreams lately for several reasons; 1)TPTB are just having these "prophetic" dreams projected for distraction purposes  and using this site to see how successful they are, (I didn't say I believed this just that it crosses my mind),  2) Clif (we still love you) George, George Celente (possibly, but less likely than the other 3 because the man gets really pissed - but if true, good tactic!) and Julian Assange are all, consciously or unconsciously, a part of the distraction techniques, 3) I've decided to participate anyway because I'm intrigued to see where this and everything else goes.  Like the recent dream with George in it re "it's all an illusion anyway", I'm tending more and more to believe that.  

5am today - A sudden picture, like straight from the Spaceweather site, of the sun doing strange things and a frantic voice stuttering, shouting, "ALERT!  The sun!  The direction has changed!"  I had the sense that it could be a CME, BUT I also had the sense it was something entirely different.  I also had the sense that they all had known about this but none of us had ever heard of it.  It was so shocking, it's 5:23 and my heart is still in the process of trying to calm down.  

one or two weeks ago - I lay in bed awake feeling a hundred little electrical points of something like static electricity all over my body  and a hyper crystal clear consciousness.  I wondered if there had been a sudden, devastatinbg CME or something that had entered our atmosphere and was doing this to everyone.  I couldn't tell the difference between sleeping and waking that night.  A woman, 30ish, white blond hair (I've had white-blond haired women speak to me in dreams before and give intense eye contact), got very close to me, riveting eye contact, and spoke to me.  It was so intense, like she was speaking IN to me, training me, programming me.  It went on for a long time but I don't recall all any of the words.  I knew this didn't matter because I knew it was penetrating my subconscious.  It wasn't unpleasant, it was fascinating, but that is the moment I started thinking the thoughts I shared at the beginning of this, pretty much a screw you attitude, I'm not going to jump up and submit this.  I'm not going to submit anything anymore.  .

a few nights ago and earlier last night - going to sleep thinking the truth could really be quite shocking, you know.  That's okay, I can handle it.  I want to handle it.   I'm in it for the long haul whatever it is.  Starting to drift off to sleep again projecting this; I want to know, I can handle it.....  I suddenly saw the up-close face of a snow white being that looked like one of those grey aliens everyone has seen pictures of, but it had blue eyes like me.  It seemed to be laying inside something.  (Now don't freak like I did) I had the feeling this being was the true me experiencing life here.  Living through me vicariously.  That this life is a projection for experiencing life because these beings can't do it themselves anymore.  That the real process of truth unfolding is just that- who are we really, and it ain't angels or light beings or evil entities.  It's just another species/lifeform which is the true us, AND I had the impression this was an awakening for them too.  They don't realize the truth either.  They've become so identified with living as a human.  See the full circle?  The white being seemed as shocked and wondering as I did.  WHY?  Because they are, not just like us, they are us.  We are them living and experiencing through these various bodies called George, Kristy, Mary, Clif, Julian.  As I was thinking these thoughts I felt something physically weighing on my brain, entering it, crowding it, pressure particularly in the frontal lobe and I said, "No.  Not all at once.  It's too much.  I'm too scared. The point is to blend, correct?  The point is to survive this. To experience realization and survive it and go on. Increments please."  And it stopped. 

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