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Category Fires on Land
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Created 2011-01-03
Owner janyhony721
Title of the Dream jetfighter crash
Description of Dream

In my dream I was at work at a convience store (haven't worked there in almost 15 years). I was in the parking lot, early in the morning when I heard a loud jet engine. I could tell that it wasn't a commercial plane and I looked up to see a jetfighter banking away to the northeast. Suddenly the engine cutout, and the plane quickly lost altitude, it seemed to glide briefly, then nosed in. I could see that it was going to crash very near the KU campus, only a few short blocks to the southeast of me. Suddenly, only a couple hundred feet from the ground, the afterburner turned on, causeing the fighter to dive even faster into the ground! There was a huge column of fire and smoke from the impact. I couldn't see the actual impact just the explosion up on the hill. I had the strong urge to take cover in case of falling debris. I kept expecting to hear sirens, but there was an eerie silence. I opened my cell phone, not to call, but to check the time. It was 5:05am. There was more to this vivid dream, but that's the most relevent part.

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