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Category Fires on Land
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Created 2010-11-16
Owner Alphecca
Title of the Dream Arc Light
Description of Dream

I had a weird dream the other night; something I have not dreamed before.  I dreamed I was standing on the hilltop where my house is and I was looking across my big marsh to where my market garden field it.  It seemed to be either late June or early July as everything was nice and green and the day temperature was pleasant and not too hot -- our growing season here is short.  From the position of the sun, it was early afternoon.  Suddenly I saw an arc of light come from the sky and hit my field.  It was not a straight beam of light similar to light from car headlights or a flashlight, but rather an arc of light similar to a rainbow, except that this light was mostly vaporous and white, sort of like a light fog but definitely structured in that it had concrete boundaries.  The outer edges of the arc were very blue violet in color and I got the definite impression that the arc was actually larger than I could physically see; it reached further and affected a larger area.  The arc started moving across the field and whatever it touched began to die.  The green plants sort of steamed and began to shrivel, and I heard the words "soil sterilization".  Even the earthworms died.  The arc started making its way toward me and I just knew that being zapped by that arc was not something I'd want so I turned and ran inside the house and into my basement, but even doing so I somehow knew that being in the basement would not protect me from the arc light.  I didn't know what I could do to protect myself.  And then, of course, I had to wake up before I could solve the problem!

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