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Category Fires on Land
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Created 2010-06-30
Owner ablelba
Title of the Dream stirring burning pot - robbers
Description of Dream

From email

Dreamed 2/10/2003, 2:33 am EST

In the dream, I was living at my parents' house. They were throwing a large
party, and many people from our old church were there, talking and laughing. I
was in the kitchen that night, trying to make up some punch for the partygoers.
I was cooking up some sort of syrup on the stove--A complicated mixture. I
thought that if I got this concentrated syrup to the right stage, I could pour
it into a large aluminum pitcher that was partly filled with ice cubes, stir it
up, and serve it at the proper temperature--lukewarm, just the way everyone
liked it.

Well, I poured it into the pitcher, and was stirring it around, talking to a
young man of the military who had come to the party in battle fatigues. We
were having a great time, until he interrupted me, pointing at the pitcher. "I
don't think your drink is coming out right."

I looked down, and the pitcher was not lukewarm, it was boiling hot. The more
I stirred it, the hotter it was getting, and in fact, the bottom of the aluminum
pitcher was beginning to glow red from the heat of some totally unexpected
chemical reaction.

We wove our way through the partygoers (who ignored us, continuing their banter)
until we reached an end-table near a large fireplace. The pot felt heavier and
heavier. I set it down on the end-table, and continued to stir. "Surely, the
ice will cool this reaction off," I thought, "if I can just keep stirring the

It kept getting hotter and hotter. The end table smouldered and caught fire,
and the young army man had to throw the table into the fireplace to keep it from
burning the house down. We took that pot from one fireplace to the next, trying
to find a safe place to let it cool (there were three), but all other fireplaces
had roaring fires in them.

The pitcher was glowing almost white hot at the bottom, and the metal was in
danger of melting. With great difficulty, we made our way through the
partygoers. None of them offered to help; The young army man had to push some
of them out of the way to keep them from getting burned. Finally, we made it to
the back yard. I was barely able to get the pitcher set down on the ground in
the open. We watched the mixture melt the pitcher, and consume itself. It took
a long time for the fire to go out, and the heat was intense.

After some hours, the fire went out. The young man said, "I have to go now."
It was late. The party was over. My father and the rest of our family had gone
upstairs to bed. I walked the young man to his car, a humvee with camouflage
paint, and he zoomed away.

I was about to close the garage door and go inside, when two men came out of the
darkness and approached our family cars. They had already decided to steal both
cars, but were arguing about which of them would take the SUV, and which would
take the economy car. The short, thin guy took a pry-bar from his jacket, and
began to break open the door to the SUV.

I said, "Hey, you can't take those cars!"
The tall, bulky guy stared at me, and said, "Who's going to stop us--YOU?"

"Oh, FINE, then," I said, and quickly went inside to call the police.
I tried to lock the door behind me, but the regular lock wouldn't lock, and even
the deadbolt just barely made it into the doorframe.

I picked up the phone to dial, but it was out of order. Someone had apparently
taken it off the hook for the party. The message said to call the phone company
on the next business day for re-activation.

I looked up from the receiver to see the door boom open. The tall bulky one was
coming through the door, looking around, then staring at me as he came slowly
towards me.

I began to yell for help--and at this point, my wife was shaking me awake as I
had really been yelling!

While still half asleep, I began telling her that this war was a bad idea; That
something totally unexpected, bad, and dangerous was going to happen, like the
mixed drink that became an unquenchable fire; And that letting our armed forces
go over was opening us to unexpected danger at home.

I felt so safe at the party in that dream; but the safety was an illusion-- The
pot I stirred became a flame that almost burned down the house. And at the end
of the dream, all my technology failed me-- Both cars were stolen, the locks
failed to keep the door closed, and the phone failed to work. I found myself
alone with a robber, shouting for help.

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