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Category Explosions- Various
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Created 2011-01-18
Owner Hunter Shuler
Title of the Dream tsunami of fire and Ted
Description of Dream

this is a really weird dream it seemed to go on forever but most of it is fuzzy in memory.  The dream starts out with  me being in a town that bordered mountains.  THen the media starts saying there is immediate doom because of an astroid or solar flare.  I immediantly head to the mountains to take shelter in a cave or higher ground.  As Im walking in a valley below the mountains I am joined for some reason by Ted (the guy from "How I Met Your Mother"). We keep walking until a police man in the woods stops us he says "why are you running? its just a bunch crazies who think the fire is coming."We try to explain to him about the emmenet doom but he refuses to change his mind, so we keep walking. suddenly theres a huge explosion in the distance behind us. I look back and see a tsunami or river of fire coming right toward us. At this time we are in a very thin hollow mabey 100 yards accross with mountains on both sides.  Then Ted and I split up, he runs up one side of the mountain while I run up the other. I couldnt stop thinking Im going to die. Right before the river of fire gets to me I barely make it to the top of the mountain out of harms way. The next part of dream takes place about a month after the fire.  Im still up the mountain but Im the only survivor.  THen a voice like a narrator to my dream says "at first I couldnt catch any wild game but soon I could kill 20 animals in a day for food."  Then the last part of the dream im walking on a ridge top in the snow and see someone in the distance. My heart jumps with excitement because the whole time I thought I was the last survivor. I catch up with person and ends up being Ted.  I ask him "how did you survive?"

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