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Category Explosions- Various
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Created 2010-09-29
Owner chuck
Title of the Dream Ballistic protection from dimensional entities
Description of Dream

This is a dream I had many years ago but I was never sure what it portended untill I saw a ballistic version in a popular movie. In the popular movie a long-range sniper bullet was fired toward a target and the victim had supernatural powers that needed to be overcome. The projectile (bullet) was enclosed in an exaggerated spiral design that mimicked my dream.  A standard lead bullet tip is incised with an embedded thin copper wire such that it creates an electric flux as the rifle bore spiraling sends it spinning towards the intended target. I wasn't sure of the winding pattern (counter or clock wise) or bore twist ratio but suspect it has to do with the northern v.s southern hemisphere correolis affect such that a static electric charge is built up at the tip during flight and penetrates a target's "unpenetrable" electronic shield as it spins through the earth's magnetic field. I had the definite impression we ( USA) would be fighting a "seemingly" invincible inter-dimensional foe that could only be defeated by the logical extension of natural physical laws such as discovered by Tesla; specifically his "pancake capacitor" which aggregated electrical potential to a progressively smaller cross section such as found in a bullet. This adjustment to any standard ammunition projectile will enable it to penetrate a protagonist's electrical defenses and kill the adversary. I am unsure of the timeline but certain of it's neccesity and eventual success. Blessings to all who find themselves in need of this defense.

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