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Category FIRE
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Created 2010-06-11
Owner Raven
Title of the Dream Swallowing Earth
Description of Dream

I call it a dream but i am not sure whether it is a dream or a vision that I was sent back with. I was dying but I was sent back. I was told that it was not my time. I had more to do. I was sent back with this dream/vision and a word. The word is BALANCE. I was told that the world needed to find balance to survive.

In the dream/vision I was standing on a cliff along with one of my sons. We were looking down on what appeared to be a valley. The sky became dark but the dark color was red. A large red looking cloud that moved from east to west. As we looked down on the valley a hot wind began to blow. We saw people on their knees and the ground turned into red steaming dirt. Holes began to open in the earth and everything was being swallowed  by it. The trees even some of the earth itself. The people on their knees began to scream and cry. I can hear them now yet. My son and I started to shout at them. To tell them they must stand up. That they had to get up now before it was too late. Only a few listened. They slowly rose to their feet. But the  ones that was the majority remained on their knees just screaming and crying. Those were swallowed  up by the steaming hot earth. I can still see them be sucked under the earth.

I was not the only one to have this dream/vision. My son the one that stood on that cliff with me also was having it too.

I have another dream/vison the past two week. This one was just one of so much violence,anger , blood. So much so that I smelled the blood and I got up and went to search to see if I had any on me. Somehow I think the two have a link. I feel with everything in me that they are both showing me the things that are coming.Maybe because mankind can not find that Balance. I only know that they leave me with a very heavy heart.  





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